Proposed Transfer of Military Sealift Command Functions to Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service: Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, First Session, Opseg 5

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1971 - Broj stranica: 549
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Stranica 6703 - Take appropriate steps to eliminate unnecessary duplication or overlapping in the fields of procurement, supply, transportation, storage, health, and research...
Stranica 6438 - School, the Command and General Staff College, Armed Forces Staff College, and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.
Stranica 6403 - First, the creation of an adequate and well-balanced merchant fleet, including vessels of all types, to provide shipping service on all routes essential for maintaining the flow of the foreign commerce of the United States, the vessels in such fleet to be so designed as to be readily and quickly convertible into transport and supply vessels in a time of national emergency.
Stranica 6703 - it is necessary for the national defense and development of its foreign and domestic commerce that the United States shall have a merchant marine (a) sufficient to carry its domestic water-borne commerce and a substantial portion of the water-borne export and import foreign commerce of the United States...
Stranica 6404 - The Joint Chiefs of Staff are the principal military advisers to the President, the National Security Council, and the Secretary of Defense.
Stranica 6635 - America cannot — and will not — conceive all the plans, design all the programs, execute all the decisions, and undertake all the defense of the free nations of the world.
Stranica 6431 - Purchases of and contracts for property or services covered by this chapter shall be made by formal advertising in all cases in which the use of such method is feasible and practicable under the existing conditions and circumstances.
Stranica 6659 - Defense determines it will be advantageous to the Government in terms of effectiveness, economy, or efficiency, he shall provide for the carrying out of any supply or service activity common to more than one military department by a single agency or such other organizational entities as he deems appropriate. For the purposes of this paragraph, any supply or service activity common to more than one military department shall not be considered a "major combatant function" within the meaning of paragraph...
Stranica 6913 - Defense shall take appropriate action (including the transfer, reassignment, consolidation, or abolition of any function, power, or duty) to provide more effective, efficient, and economical administration and operation, and to eliminate duplication, in the Department of Defense.
Stranica 6431 - In all negotiated procurements in excess of $2,500 in which rates or prices are not fixed by law or regulation and in which time of delivery will permit, proposals shall be solicited from the maximum number of qualified sources consistent with the nature and requirements of the supplies or services to be procured, and...

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