To the Adventurous

Hutchinson & Company, 1923 - Broj stranica: 286

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Stranica 286 - Messrs. Hutchinson & Co. are pleased to give the following particulars of many important New Books for the...
Stranica 290 - In addition to forming an authentic record of the late Harry Hawker's flying career, including the British Height and Duration Records, his Pioneer Flights in Australia, the Round Britain Seaplane Flight, and the Atlantic Flight attempted in a machine with but one engine, which resulted in his being missing for a whole week, every chapter is full of hitherto unrecorded incidents and anecdotes, and of intense human interest. The fact that he, starting with practically nothing,' achieved undying fame...
Stranica 298 - The story of the family of Howard is also the story of England. The author traces the thrilling history of this great line from the days before the Conquest to the death of the nineteenth Earl of Suffolk in the Great War. The first Duke of Norfolk fought and died by Richard's side at Bosworth ; Lord Edward and Lord Thomas Howard fought the famous pirate Sir Andrew Barton ; their father was the victor of Flodden j Lord Howard of Effingham defeated the Spanish Armada.

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