The Annual American Catalogue 1886-1900: Being the Full Titles, with Descriptive Notes, of All Books Recorded in the Publishers' Weekly, 1886-1900 with Author, Title, and Subject Index, Publishers' Annual Lists, and Directory of Publishers

Publishers' weekly, 1888

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Stranica 83 - Appletons' Physical Geography. Illustrated with engravings, diagrams, and maps in color, and including a separate chapter on the geological history and the physical features of the United States. By John D. ¿uackenbos, AM, MD, Adjunct Professor of the English language and Literature, Columbia College, New York, Literary Editor ; John S.
Stranica 136 - Physical geography ; prepared on a new and original plan; il. with maps, diagrams, and eng. in colors, and including a separate chapter on the geological history and the physical features of the United States. NY, Appleton, 1887. с. 140 p. Q. bds.,. $1.60. The services of ten well-known specialists and
Stranica 86 - (The) I live in ; or, an elementary physiology for children in the public schools ; with special reference to the nature of alcoholic drinks and narcotics, and their effects upon the human system. Cin., Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co.,
Stranica 83 - Weather: A Popular Exposition of the Nature of Weather Changes from Day to Day. By the Hon. Ralph Abercromby, Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, London. "International Scientific Series.
Stranica 108 - A thousand miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on rivers and lakes of Europe," " The Rob Roy on the Baltic, a canoe cruise through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, the North sea and the Baltic,
Stranica 124 - Oils : Comprising both Fixed and Volatile Oils, their Physical and Chemical Properties and Uses, the manner of Extracting and Refining them, and Practical Rules for Testing them : as well as the Manufacture of Artificial Butter. Lubricants, including Mineral Lubricating Oils, etc., and on
Stranica 6 - (The) decisions, cont. the cases of general value and authority decided in the courts of the several states from the earliest issue of the state reports to the year 1869;
Stranica 69 - •Graham, Rob. Hudson. Graphic and analytic statics in theory and comparison ; their practical application to the treatment of stresses in roofs, solid girders, braced iron arches and piers, and other frame works
Stranica 6 - •American (The) reports, cont. all decisions of general interest decided in the courts of last resort of the several states, with notes and references by Irving Browne. V. 56. Alb., J: D.
Stranica 7 - •Appletons' atlas of the United States; consisting of general maps of the United States and Territories, and a county map of each of the states, all printed in colors, together with railway maps and descriptive text outlining the history, geography, and political and educational organization of the states, with latest statistics of their resources and industries. NY, Appleton,

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