Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]

Wood, Mrs. H:
A life's secret. N. Y., G.
Munro, [1887] 215 p. D. (Seaside lib., pocket
ed., no. 1027.) pap., 20 c.

Wood, Mrs. H: The mystery. N. Y., J: W. Lovell Co., [1887.] 277 p. S. (Lovell's lib., no. 902.) pap., 20 c.

*Wood, H. C., M.D.

Nervous diseases and

their diagnosis: a treatise upon the phenomena produced by diseases of the nervous system, with especial reference to the recognition of their causes. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1887. 11-17+501 p. O. cl., $4.

*Wood, H. T. Modern methods of illustrating books. N. Y., A. C. Armstrong & Son, 1887. D. cl., $1.25.

*Wood, Rev. J. G. Man and his handiwork; showing the history of the human race from the weapons and utensils used by man at different periods. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1886. Il. O. cl., net, $3.15.

Wood, J. J. A child of genius: a sketch-book for winter evenings and summer afternoons; 'il. by Hooper. Hudson, Mich., Wood's Bookstore, [N. Y., C: T. Dillingham,] 1887. 3-105 p. T. pap., 30 c.


A collection of short papers on various subjects: A child of genuis; A day's pleasure; The Yankee schoolmaster; The old church bell; My grandmother's boots,



Wooldridge, C. W., M.D. The missing sense, and the hidden things which it might reveal : spiritual philosophy treated on a rational basis. N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1887. c. 97 p. D. cl., 60 c.

The main purpose of this little book is to show, from observed fact and necessary reason, the existence and reality of spiritual intelligence apart from matter. On the same basis the author examines the functions and scope of spirit, and the relations of the present life to the life beyond, having ascertained the reality of spirit to a future life before indulging in speculations about them. The speculations are curious, many of them ingenious and interesting, and certainly sufficiently bold and advanced to satisfy our "advanced thinkers" in this line of occult science. The book is in the line of Psychic Studies," although more thoroughly speculative, while that rests on a basis of ascertained facts, in whole - in part.

*Woodford, Ja. Russell, D.D. Sermons on subjects from the Old and New Testaments; ed. by Herbert W. Luckock, D.D. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1887. 2 v., D. cl., $2.50.


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Woolf, Philip, M.D. Who is guilty? [New ed.]
N. Y., Cassell & Co., 1886.
4-247 p. S.
pap., 25 c.
See notice, P. W., "Weekly Record," May 29, 86,
Woolley, Celia Parker. Love and theology:
a novel. Bost., Ticknor & Co., 1887. c. 439 p.
D. cl., $1.50.

Woodhouse, R. I. What is the church? or, plain instruction about the church, especially in England; her doctrine, her discipline, her offices; with notes and supplementary chapter on the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, by J. A. Spencer. N. Y., Appleton, 1887. 2-155 p. T. pap., 40 c. A short catechism for the young. *Woodman, P. M. Lawyers' diary for the state of Wisconsin, 1887; pub. annually by C. L. Powers. West Bend, Times Print, [1887] c. '86. 60+199 p. D. cl.

Arthur Forbes, after leaving college, where he has studied for the Congregational ministry, finds that he cannot preach the doctrines of that sect, but longs to preach liberal Christianity. He is engaged to Rachel Armstrong, daughter of a typical New England deacon. She breaks the engagement, and Arthur goes out West, where he takes charge of a church started by Judge Hunt, a fine character. Arthur's sister is the typical unmarried woman of New England, with "advanced" views. An Episcopal clergyman, a Methodist minister, and advocates of various shades of creed are drawn with fairness and decided talent. The "love" portions of the tale end satisfactorily, but it is in the "theology" that the interest centres. There is a scene in the graveyard at Florence where Theodore Parker is buried in which an excellent description is given of the belief and methods of this earnest reformer,

Woods, W: S. How Bennie did it. Bost., D. Lothrop Co., [1887.] c. 439 p. D. cl.. $1.50. The writer of this story is a business man of long experience, and he was moved to its preparation by the fact that that experience had shown him that there is much in currently received business principles-even among those whom we call good men-that is wrong, and so wrong as to be not only injurious to him upon whom, but by whom committed. He places the hero of his story-Bennie Stout-in positions to exemplify this fact, and to show how a boy of good principle and a strong will can not only resist temptation himself, but can even exert an influence over his elders,

Woolner, T: My beautiful lady; [also,] Nelly Dale. [Poems.] N. Y., Cassell & Co., [1887.] 191 p. S. (Cassell's national lib., no. 82.) pap.,


Woolsey, S. C., ["Susan Coolidge," pseud.] A short history of the city of Philadelphia,from its foundation to the present time. Bost., Roberts Bros., 1887. c. 2-288 p. D. cl., $1.25. The materials for this sketch of the birth and growth of Philadelphia were originally collected for the use of the tenth United States Census. The information given is in condensed and skilfully classified form. It is in eleven chapters. The one on the Centennial Exposition gives the idea, and the facts and figures of that gigantic undertaking. In the one on Philadelphia for 1880 to 1886, a list is given of the public institutions, libraries, etc., and a description of the Zoological garden, the cemeteries, the fire department, etc. A good classified index. *Wordsworth, Christian. Church history to A.D. 451. 3d ed. N.Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1887. 4 v., O. cl., $8.50.

*Woodward, P. H. The secret service of the post-office department as exhibited in the wonderful exploits of special agents or inspectors in the detection, pursuit, and capture of depredators upon the mails; [also,] An account of the famous star route frauds. Springfield, Mass., Winter & Co., 1887. 600 p. il. O. cl., subs., $3; leath., $3.75; hf. tky. mor., $4.75. Woodworth, S: The old oaken bucket; il. by L: K. Harlow. Bost., S. E. Cassino, [1887] No paging, il. obl. S. pap., tied with silk cord, $1.50.

Alternate pages of designs printed in colors, and outdine studies all illustrating the old poem,

*Wordsworth, W: Through the Wordsworth country; poems of Wordsworth which contain topographical allusions to the English Lake District, with 56 eng. from drawings made by Harry Goodwin, and letter-press by William Knight. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1887. O. cl., $10.50.

*Works, J: D. Practice, pleading, and forms adapted to the new revised code of Indiana; with a full citation of all the latest adjudicated cases in Indiana, and numerous authorities under the practice at common law and in equity, and under the codes of other states. 2d ed. Cin., Rob. Clarke & Co., 1887. c. 2140 p. O. shp., net. $18.

3 V.,


*Works, J: D. Removal of causes from state
courts to Federal courts; with forms and ref-
erences to decisions, and appendix cont. the
Removal Act of Congress passed March 3,
1887. Cin., Rob. Clarke & Co., 1887. c. 6+
54 p. O. hf. shp., net, $1.
Worthington, Sophie. The summer at Hearts-
ease. N. Y., Phillips & Hunt, 1887.
267 p. il. D. cl., 90 c.


Rosalie's visit to Birdie Wyllis, the introduction of Mario and his pranks, Belle Atwood's call, the loss of Thomasina, the diversions of a picnic, some incidents of doll life, and other pleasing events follow with rapid succession in "The summer at Heartsease."

Worthington, T. K. Historical sketch of the finances of Pennsylvania; with an introduction by R: T. Ely. Balt., American Economic Assoc., [J. Murphy & Co.,] 1887. c. 106 p. O. (Publications of Assoc., v. 2, no. 2.) pap., 75 c.

Worthington's album. N. Y., Worthington Co., 1887. c. 216 p. il. O. bds., $1.25.

A series of interesting stories, original poems, biographies, natural history sketches, etc., etc.

Worthington's annual, 1888. N. Y., Worthington Co., [1887.] 216 p. il. O. bds., $1.50; cl., $2.50.

A series of interesting stories, biographies, papers on natural history for the young, il. by upwards of 500 engravings.

Worthington's natural history: being stories and
histories of the animal kingdom at home and
abroad; also interesting poems and anecdotes
profusely illustrated. N. Y., Worthington Co.,
[1887.] c. '86. 216 p. O. bds., $1.50.
*Wright, C: A corporal's story; experiences in
the ranks of Co. C, 81st Ohio Vols., 1861-64.
Phil., Ja. Beale, 719 Sansom St., 1887. 130 p.
O. cl., $1.50.

Wright, Julia McNair. The heir of Athole; a
story. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1887.] c.
320 p. 1 il. S. cl., $1.15.

The book has a purpose-to call attention to the problem of the tramp class. Philip's young life that runs alongside of Barry's has its own interest. But Barry the tramp is more the hero than Philip the heir of Athole. The author has given close study to the class she paints so graphically. Barry is not an antic play of fancy. He represents the intense heathenism that marches side by side with the enlightenment of the nineteenth century. Barry arrives at manhood so thoroughly let alone by both Church and State that his soul possesses as little as is possible besides its original innate ideas, while his native disposition is harmless. Here he comes in contact with the Bible and with religion, and we see the development of his Soul-life.

Wright, Julia McNair. In black and gold: a
story of twin dragons. Bost., Congregational
S. S. & Pub. House, [1887.] c.
400 p. il. D.

cl., $1.50.

The vices of drinking and gaming are likened by the author to the "twin dragons of Virgil; although intemperance is named in the story as one of the motors for gambling, the latter vice is given prominence because Julia McNair Wright deems that there has been too little said on the subject. A tenement of Boston is the scene of the story, which paints vividly some distressing events in the life of a noted gamester, and the brave endeavors of a child to combat her troubles successfully; also her vain efforts to reform her father, and her attempt to provide her brother with a musical education. Doro's odd ways, quaint sayings, and original mode of gaining a livelihood add much to the book.

Wright, Julia McNair. A made man ; a sequel
to "The story of Rasmus, or, the making of a
N. Y., The National Temp Soc. and
Pub. House, 1887. c. 2-308 p. il, D. cl.,

[blocks in formation]

The Story of Rasmus was noticed October 9, 1886. In this sequel Rasmus has found his brother Robin well cared for, has himself become manager of the farm of a rich broker, and now plans to have a home and do what he can to make little street-Arabs respectable members of society. A dwarf, Starry Spheres, teaches many valuable lessons. As in all the author's works," prohibition" is taught on every page.

Wright, Julia McNair. Mother Goose for temperance nurseries; il. by C. S. King. N. Y., National Temp. Soc. and Pub. House, 1887.


68 p. il. sq. D. pap., 25 c.

Consists of thirty-one temperance nursery rhymes, with a picture for each, and a motto for every day in the month. The rhymes are the old Mother Goose rhymes, having a temperance sentiment added to the end of each


Wright, R. S. The law of criminal conspiracies and agreements; to which is added the law as found in the American cases; by Hampton L. Carson. Phil., The Blackstone Pub. Co., 1887. C. 320 p. O. (Text-book series, v. 1, no. 11.) pap. For the series, 12 v., $15.00. Wright, W: Burnet. The world to come. Bost, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1887. c. 9+307 p. S. cl., $1.25.

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Sermons by the author of "Ancient cities, from dawn to the daylight;" recently pastor of the Berkeley street church, Boston. They are varied and unsectarian. Contents: A happy New Year; The model church; Praying Peter's keys; Spiritual ploughing; JerichoTrust Gideon's men; Saul's self-pity; Samson-Selfdeception; To parents; To children-saving faith; Franklin Snow; What shall 1 do to be saved? What Christ does to save us; The missionary spirit; Easter sermon-transfiguration, etc.

V. 20.

*Wright's directory of Milwaukee for 1887.
Milwaukee, Wis., C. N. Caspar, 1887.
966 p. O. hf. roan, $5.
Wright's new map and guide for Kansas City,
Mo., and Kansas City, Kan. [4th ed.] Kansas
City, Mo., H. T. Wright, 1886. c. 25 p. fold-
ing map, S. pap., 50 c.

*Wright's pocket trade lists of Milwaukee for
travelling men, no. 1. Contents: (Caterers to
the inner man.) Milwaukee, Wis., C. N. Cas-
par, 1887. 55 p. S. pap., 50 c.

*Wyeth, J: A., M.D. A text-book on surgery:

general, operative, and mechanical. N. Y., Appleton, 1887. 8+777 p. il. O. cl., subs., $8. *Wyeth, Newton. Essentials of business laws for Illinois; cont. a brief and plain statement of the law in force, and forms. Chic., A. Bancroft & Co., 1887. c. '86. 11+930 p. O. cl. *Wythe, Jos. H., M.D. Dose and symptom book. 17th ed., rev. to date. Phil., P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1887. 226 p. Tt. cl., $1; tucks with pocket, $1.25.

*Xenophon. The cyropædia, books I. and II.; with introduction and notes by the Rev. Hubert A. Holden. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1887. 68+84+355 p. S. cl., $1.50.

Yachts and yachting; with 110 il. by F: S. Cozzens. N. Y., Cassell & Co., [1887.] c. 4159 p. il. Q. cl., $1.50; $2. Edition de luxe, $5. Mr. Cozzen's illustrations comprise pictures of all the famous yachts of recent times; the papers which accompany them are: A history of American yachting, by Capt. R. F. Coffin; The Mayflower and Galatea races of 1886, by C: E. Clay; American steam-yachting, by E: S. Jaffray; British yachting, by C. J. C. McAlster. The work is finely gotten up; bound in blue cloth, with a yacht in full sail in white and gold, stamped on cover.

[blocks in formation]

Yan Phou Lee. When I was a boy in China,
Bost., D. Lothrop Co., [1887.] c. 4+111 p.
por. D. cl., 60 c.

Yan Phou Lee, is a young Chinese who came to this
country several years ago for the purpose of educating
himself. After preliminary study of the language under
private teachers he entered Yale College, and made rapid
progress with his studies, taking high rank for schol
arship. He describes in an entertaining manner the pc-
culiarities of child-life in China. the methods of educa-
tion, the relations existing between parents and children,
juvenile amusements, and a variety of other things con-
cerning which the reader will be curious. Although writ-
ten for the reading of young people, the volume will have
deep interest for readers of all ages.

*Yaple, Alfred. Code practice and precedents,
embracing all actions and special proceedings
under the civil code of Ohio, and applicable to
the practice in all code states. Cin., Rob.
Clarke & Co., 1887. 2 v., 1536 p. O. shp., net,

Year-book of treatment for 1886: a critical
review for practioners of medicine and surgery.
Phil., Lea Bros. & Co., 1887. 5+304 p. Ď.
cl., $1.25.

Presents to the practitioner a complete account of all
the more important advances made in the treatment of
disease; also a review of the same by competent author-
ities. Each department of practice has been fully and
concisely treated, and care has been taken to include
Such recent pathological and clinical work as bears
directly upon treatment. A full reference is given to
every article noticed.

Year-book of the United Brethren in Christ
for 1888; with valuable statistics. Dayton, O.,
United Brethren Pub. House, 1888 [1887]
64 p. D. pap., IO C.

*Yonge, Charlotte. Cameos from English his-
tory; forty years of Stewart rule, 1603-1643;
6th ser. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1887. 8+
400 p. D. cl., $1.25.

Yonge, Charlotte M. Chantry House. N. Y.,
Norman L. Munro, [1887.] 230 p. S. (Munro's
lib., no. 690.) pap., 20 c.

Yonge, Charlotte M. The dove in the eagle's
nest. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1887.] 244 p.
S. (Munro's lib., no. 691.) pap., 20 c.
*Yonge, Charlotte M. The herb of the field;
reprinted from "Chapters on flowers," from
The Magazine for the Young, rev. and corr.
N. Y., Macmillan, 1887. 10+311 p. D. cl.,

Yonge, Charlotte M. Love and life. N. Y.,

J: W. Lovell Co., [1887.] 236 p. S. (Lovell's
lib., no. 899.) pap., 20 c.

Yonge, Charlotte M. Love and life. N. Y.,
Norman L. Munro, [1887] 2+236 p. S.
(Munro's lib., no. 689.) pap., 20 c.
Yonge, Charlotte M. A modern Telemachus :
a novel. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 218 p. S.
(Harper's handy ser., no. 108.) pap., 25 c.
See notice, "Weekly Record," P. W., Nov. 13, '86,
Yonge, Charlotte M. A modern Telemachus.
N. Y., J: W. Lovell Co., [1887.]
327 p. S.
(Lovell's lib., no. 858.) pap., 20 c.
Yonge, Charlotte M. A modern Telemachus ;
[also,] Henrietta's wish. N. Y., Norman L.
Munro, 1887. 327 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 704.)

pap., 20 c.

Yonge, Charlotte M. My young Alcides. N. Y.,
Norman L. Munro, [1887.] 218 p. S. (Munro's
lib., no. 693.) pap., 20 c.


Yonge, Charlotte M. The two sides of a shield.
N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1887.]
232 p. S.
(Munro's lib., no. 692.) pap., 20 c.
Yonge, Charlotte M. Under the storm; or,
Steadfast's charge. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1887.
3+287 p. il. D. cl., $1.50.

A story about the quiet folk in cottages and farm-
houses in the middle of the 17th century, during the wars
of the Cavaliers and Roundheads. Steadfast is a little
boy, to whom is confided the secret hiding-place of the
sacred vessels of the church. His father is shot down by
the soldiers and their cottage burnt, and the care of the
family falls upon Steadfast. He knows also that his father
has money hidden in the cave with the silver chalices, and
removing his little sisters and brother to a hut near the
cave, with the few cows and sheep left them, he not only
nobly fulfils his trust in guarding the treasures, but
succeeds in providing for the children. The story ends
with Steadfast's marriage and the restoration of Charles II.
Under the storm; or,
Yonge, Charlotte M.
Steadfast's charge. N. Y., G: Munro, [1887.]
197 p. D. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 1024.)
pap., 20 c.
Whatever is, was. N. Y.
Legget Bros., 1887. c. 14+481 p. O. cl.,

Young, G: A.

The author aims to expose the inconsistencies of the
great leaders of modern thought, and Herbert Spencer,
Haeckel, Darwin, J. Stuart Mill, etc., in their theories of
the creation. He has put his work in the shape of a series
of lectures and informal discussions between a number of
Credo," "Yag,"
philosophers whom he names "Jubal," "
Preacher Congo," and "Mr. Bob Bangyoursoul."
"Prof. Credo " presumably expresses the views really
held by the author, which are in accord with what is
generally accepted as Christian philosophy. Ridicule is
his favorite weapon. He shows wide reading and his
attacks on materialism are backed by innumerable quo-

Young America's picture-book. N. Y., Worth-
ington Co., 1887. c. No paging, il. O. bds., $1.
Short stories and poems fully illustrated and bound in
gay lithograph cover.

Young England's nursery rhymes; il. by Con-
stance Haslewood. N. Y., F: Warne & Co.,
1887. 96 p. D. cl., $1; bds., 75 c.
*Young Jonathan; the American book for boys
American News Co., 1887.
and girls. N. Y

300 p. il. sq. O. bds., $1.
*Yule, Mrs. J. C. Up hill; or, Paul Suther
land's progress. Phil., American Baptist Pur,
Soc., 1887. 416 p. D. cl., $1.50.

*Zickel's (S.) illustrirter deutsch-amerikanischer
familien kalender für 1888. N. Y., S. Zickel,
1887. 64 p. il. O. pap., 25 c.
*Ziegler, Ernst. A text-book of pathological
anatomy and pathogenesis; tr. and ed. for
English students by Donald Macalister, M.D.
Pt. 2, Special pathological anatomy, Sections
9-12. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1886.
391 p. $3.50.
*Ziegler, Ernest. A text-book of pathological
anatomy and pathogenesis; tr. and ed. for
English students by Donald Macalister, M.D.
N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1887. 1118 p. il. O.
cl., $5.50; leath., $6.50.
Horse, foot, and
Zogbaum, Rufus Fairchild.
dragoons sketches of army life at home and
N. Y., Harper,
abroad; il. by the author.
1888 [1887.] c. 5-176 p. O. cl., $2.
Episodes in the careers of the horse, foot, and dragoons
of France, Great Britain, Germany, and the United States.
are brightly told and explained by means of upwards of
seventy-five illustrations by the artist-author.
country is introduced by a national song with music..
The cover design is a drum resting against stacked rifles.

[blocks in formation]

Zoia, Émile. Christine, the model; or, studies of love. Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1886.] c. tr. 17-458 p. sq. S. cl., $1.25; pap., 75 c. Artist life in Paris is the theme and the characters are mainly Bohemian painters, journalists, and literary men, together with the women who have joined their fortunes to theirs. Claude Lantier, son of Gervaise and Lantier of "L'Assommoir" and brother of " Nana," is the hero. He and Christine pervade the book. Claude is a wild enthusiast with an ill-balanced mind. He has decided ability as an artist, but his monomania for founding a new realistic school of painting and producing a masterwork prevents him from attaining success, Biting poverty is finally his lot, and Christine devotedly shares his misery, tortured by jealousy of the women on his canvas, for whom he forsakes her and to whom he gives his passionate adoration. Under the name of Sandoz, Zola personally figures largely in the novel, and the statements made with reference to his life, literary aims, and methods of labor are said to be autobiographical.


Zola, Emile. Renée, (La curée); from the French by J: Stirling. Phil., T. B. Peterson & Bros., [1887.] c. tr. 23-298 p. sq. S. pap.,

75 c.

A study of life in Paris during the second Napoleonic Empire. Renée is the young and beautiful wife of a great contractor and speculator. He by intrigue and Bribery discovers the secrets of the government regarding property it proposes buying to lay out the new boulevards, and in a short time amasses a colossal fortune through his speculations. His gorgeous house, his extravagant dinners, the vices and follies of his son Maxime and his wife Renée, and the final degeneration and destruction of the whole family are described in Zola's most graphic style.

*Zschokke, H: Novellen und dichtungen. Amerikanische stereotyp ausg. N. Y., S. Zickel, 1887. 3 V., 472; 568; 658 p. O. cl., ea. $1.50.


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