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By Author, Title, and Subject, as recorded in the Publishers' Weekly.*

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Patent laws of all nations. (Ja8) O. shp. $13.. Brodix. Abbott, C: C. A naturalist's rambles about home. 2d ed. (Agzo) D. $1.50... ..Appleton.

Waste-land wanderings. (Ap2). D. $1.50..... Harper. Abbott, E. A. The kernel and the husk. (Ap16) S. $1.50.. Roberts.

Abbott, L., and Halliday, S. B. Henry Ward Beecher.
(My14) O. subs. $3; leath. $4; hf. mor. $5; full mor. $10.
Amer. Pub. Co.
Abbott's digest. See New York.
Abdominal surgery. Smith, J. G. $5.... Blakiston.
A'Beckett, G. A. Comic Blackstone. N. ed. (DIO)
O. net, $3.75..


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Acknowledgments, Synopsis of law
Deakin, E. p. 50c...
Across the Atlantic. N. ed. (Je4) sq. S. canvas, $1.

Acting, Art of. Irving, H. p. 25c.. Dramatic Pub. Co.
Acts, Commentary on. Sadler, M. T. $2.50.. Pott.
Adam, G. M., and Wetherald, A. E. An Algonquin



maiden. (F12) S. p. 20c...... Adami and Heva. Putnam, S. P. p. 10c.. Truth Seeker. Adams, B. Emancipation of Massachusetts. (Ja22) D. $1.50.... ..Houghton, M. Adams, C: F. Dialect ballads. (08) D. $1 .... Harper. Adams, H. B. Literature of charities. (Jl23) O. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies.) p. 25c..... Murray.

- Seminary libraries and univ. extension. (D24) O. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies, 5th ser., no. 11.) p. 25C. Murray.

-Study of history in Am. colleges. (D24) O. (Bureau of
education, no. 2.) p....................
Govt. Pr. Office.
Adams, H: C. Public debts. (My7) O. $2.50. Appleton.

[blocks in formation]

Adams, Mrs. Leith. Aunt Hepsy's foundling. (My28) D.50c.; p. 25C...........


- Same. (Ag27) D. (Munro's lib., no. 768.) p. 20c.

N. L. Munro.

- Geoffrey Stirling. (Ja22) D. hf. cl. 50c; pap., 15c.

Lippincott. Madelon Lemoine. (S17&24) S. (Lippincott's ser. of select novels, no. 77.) p. 25c...... ......Lippincott. Adams, Sarah F. Arise! my soul, arise! Easter ed. (Mr26) sq. O. p $.... ...Lee & S.

Nearer, my God, to thee. Miniature ed. (Mr26) Tt. p. ribbon-tied, 35c.....

·Same. (O29) sq. S. p. ribbon-tied, 75c.....

[blocks in formation]

Lee & S. Stokes.

E. & J. B. Young.

Little one's annual. V. 6.

O. $2.25; bds. $1.75... Our standard-bearer.

(D24) sq.

Estes & L.

N. ed. (O15) D. $1.50. Lee & S.

- Ready about. (O1) S. (Boat-builders' ser.. no. 6.) $1.25 ...wee & S. Addison, C: G. On torts. 6th ed. (Horace Smith.) 2 V. (Jl16) O. shp. $12......

...... Soule.

Addison, J. Selected essays. (My14) S. 75c. Rand, A Adelphoe, Terence. p. 25c. Ginn.

Adventures of Herbert Massey. Cameron, V. L. $1.25.

Tad. Converse, F. H. $1.25... Eschylus. Euminides. (Sidgwick.). endon press ser.) 75c..



(D24) S. (Clar


Seven against Thebes. (Verrall.) (Je4 O. $2. Macmillan.

Esthetics of the art of singing and of melodrama.
Delle Sedie, G. 4 v. ea. net, $2.

Afloat in a great city. Munsey, F. A. $1.25...Cassell.
Africa and the drink trade. Farrar, F. W. p. 1oc.
Nat. Temp. Soc.

- Travels in. Park, M. 2 V. ea. p. 10с..
After Paradise. Bulwer-Lytton, E. R. $1.25.

-school-days. Goodwin, C. $1...

[blocks in formation]

failure. Noble, A. L. $1.15..... Presb. Bd. of Pub. Afterwhiles. Riley, J. W. $1.25.... Bowen-M. Against her will. Howard, A. M. p. 20c... ... Lovell. Agatha and the shadow. (F12) D. $1.50. ....Roberts. Ages before Moses. Gibson, J. M. 75c....... Randolph. Agesilaus, Pompey and Phocion. Plutarch. Aglaja. Puchner, R. 6oc........ Agnew, D. Hist. of the region of Pa., Ohio and west of the Allegheny River. shp., $2.... Agriculture, Relations with chemistry. 2 V. $5.

Aids to common worship. Greene, R. G.
Aiken, Aunt Lizzie. Anderson, Mrs. G.

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* See supplementary alphabet at end of Index for books not reported by publishers till after close of the year, but of which titles are to be found in publishers' lists appended.

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- Pirates of the prairies. (Jl23) S. (Lovell's lib., no. 1011.) p. 10с....... ..Lovell. -The tiger-slayer. (Ag20) D. (Lovell's lib., no. 1032.) p. Lovell. -The trapper's daughter. (Ag20) D. (Lovell's lib., no. 1021.) p. 1oc Lovell. -The trappers of Arkansas. (Ag27) D. (Lovell's lib., no. 1045.) P. 1oc..... ....Lovell. White scalper. (N5) D. (Lovell's ib., no. 1069.) p.



Animal alkaloids. (Dro) D. $1.



Aitken, W:
Alabama. Sup. Ct. Rpts. (Shepherd.) V. 79. (Ag6)
O.shp. $4.50....

- as it is. Riley, B. F. p. 1oc....

...J. White.

......W. C. Holt. Alaska, Shores and alps of. Karr, H. W. S. $3.50.

[blocks in formation]

McClurg. Brown. incl.

Albany Law Journal, index and digest. V. 21 to 34 (O22) O. shp. $2.... ...Weed, P. Albert, Mary. Hidden terror. (My7) D. p. 20c. Munro. Alcestis. See Euripides.

Alcohol and narcotics, Effects of. Luce, L. H. p. 10C. Heath.


Alcott, Louisa M. Garland for girls. (D10) S. $1.25.
Lulu's library. V. 2. (O29) S. $1......... Roberts.
- [and others.] Our girls. (Dz4) sq. O. bds. $1.
Belford, C.
Alexander, A. Problems of philosophy. (Ja22) S. $1.
Alexander, A: W. Grant as a soldier. (Mr19) D. $1.50.
Alexander, C: B. Notes on N. Y. law of life insur-
ance. (My14) O. hf. shp. $2.50.....
...Baker, V.
Alexander, E. P. Railway practice. (F12) D. 75C.
Alexander, S. B. Ten of us (Jl2) S. 75C.; p. 25c.
Laughton, McD.

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- For Maimie's sake. (F12) S. (Munro's lib., No. 688.) p. N. L. Munro. Allen, H. R. American home and farm cyclopedia. N. ed. (Mr19) O. subs. $5 ; leath. $6. Thompson Pub. Co. Allen, W. B. The mountaineer ser., 5 v. (D3) S. $2. Cong. S. S. and Pub. Soc. Allen, W. F. Outline studies in the hist. of Ireland. (D17) S. p. 1oc....... Kerr.

Allies, T: W. The throne of the fisherman. (Ap9) O. net, $2.80.. ...Cath. Pub. Soc. Philadelphia, 1861– ...Murray. (D3) D. net, $1. Holt. bds. 25c.; hand..Routledge.

Allinson, E: P., and Penrose, B. 1887. (My7) O. $3; shp. $3.50... Alliot, Mme. L. Contes et nouvelles.

Almanac for 1888. Greenaway, Kate. painted, 75c...

- Temperance. Stearns, J. N. p. 10c.. Nat. Temp. Soc. Almanacs. See Bolles, A. S.; Cotillion almanac ; Greenaway, K.; Illus. Cath.; Spofford, A. R.; Stearns, J. R.; Truth-seeker; Zickel's.

Alphabet-book. Waugh, I. bds. $.......Lippincott. Altaic hieroglyphs. Conder, C. R. $1.50.

[blocks in formation]

and English corporation cases. (Hamilton.) V. 13

(Ja22); V. 14 (Mr26); V. 15 (Je11) O. shp. ea. $4.50. Thompson.

- Merrill, J. H. shp. $5........E: Thompson. encyclopædia of law. (Merrill.) V. 1. (My21). V. 2. (S3). O. shp. ea. $6.... Thompson.

railroad cases. V. 25 (Ja8); V. 26 (Mr19); V. 27 (Jl16); V. 28 (S17&24); O. shp. ea. $4.50....Thompson. bankers' manual. Wernse, W. F. in ms. $5... Wernse. bar association. Rept. (F26) O. Dando Pr. & Pub. Co. - biography, Cyclopædia of. Wilson, J. G. V. 2. subs. $5; $6; $7. ....Appleton. See Johnston, A.; Roberts, E. H. Gibbons, J. shp. $6.50.

commonwealths ser. - criminal repts. V. 6.

Callaghan, decisions. (Freeman.) V. 70 (Ja15); V. 74 (F19); V. 81 (Ap9); V. 83 (Ap16); V. 84 (AP30); V. 85(Je4); V. 86 (J19); V. 87 (Au13); V. 88 (Au20); V. 90 (D17), O. shp. ea. $5 ..Bancroft-Whitney Co. - Economic Assoc. See Ashley, W. J.; Bemis, E. W.; Warren, A. G.; Worthington, T. K.

[blocks in formation]

- law, Introduction to. Walker, T. shp. $6... Little, B.

- digest. Wernse, W. F. shp. $5.

literature. Beers, H. A. 6oc....

- Whipple, E. P. $1.50..

See Stedman, E. C.

Wernse. Phillips & H. Ticknor.

[blocks in formation]

bds. $1.50.. Ames, F. S. 1).

Wishes on wings.

Amicis, E. de.

Barnett. Buschbauer, H.


(D31) D. net, 8oc. Cath. Pub. Soc. Cuore. tr. by Isabel F. Hapgood. .Crowell.

(Ap30) D. $1.25...... Amor vincit. Martin, Mrs. H. p. 20c.

Harper: N. L. Munro.
and ashore. (D24) sq. O.
.....Am. News.
Henry, F. P. hf. cl.
Bayma, J. $1.50.
Analytical index digest to Cal. repts. V. 1 to 67 incl.
Gear, H. L. $10.....
..Bancroft-Whitney Co.
Anatomy of negation. Saltus, E. $2... Scribner & W.
Ancient cities of the new world. Charnay, D $6.

Amusing adventures afloat
bus. $1....
Anæmia, practical treatise on.

Analytic geometry, Elements of.

Harper. Ticknor.

- legends. Wilde, Lady. 2 V. $5.
Andersen, H. C. Fairy tales and stories, (fr. the Dan.)
(015) sq. O. $2.25.....
Estes & L.
Anderson, Mrs. Galusha. Story of Aunt Lizzie Aiken.
(015) D. $1....
...... Miss Ellen M. Sprague.
Anderson, L. W. See Holmes, G. F.
Anderson, T. McCall, and Christie, J. Diseases of the
skin. (Ag27) O. $4.50; leath. $5.50..
Anderson, W. Conversion of heat into work. (Mr12)
Van Nostrand.
Anderson, W: G. Primer of physical training. (015)
Tt. (Chautauqua text-books, no. 50.) p. IOC.
Phillips & H.
Andover Theol. Sem'y, Creed of. Fiske, D. T. p. 20c.
Cupples & H.
Ill. Pub. Co.
Andrews, C. C. Brazil. (F19) D. $1.50......Appleton.
Andrews, E., and E. Wyllys. Rectal and anal surgery.
(D.7) O. $1.25..

Andrews, C. Madam's ward. (Ap30) D. p. 25c.

Andrews, E. B: Brief institutes of general history.
(015) D. $2....
..Silver, R.
Andrews, Jane. Only a year and what it brought.
(D3) S. $1..
Lee & S.
Andrews, Lilian H. Only a farmer's daughter. (Ag27)
D. p. 25c
Rand, Mc N.
Anecdotes illustrative of N. T. texts. (Mr5) D. $1.50.
Ange. Lean, Mrs. F. p. 20C.
Lovell: Munro; N. L. Munro.
Angel guest. Lamb, Ruth. $1.25.I. Bradley.
in the house. Patmore, C. p. 1oc............ Cassell.
- of the village. Ohorn, L. M. $1.25....Cupples & H.
Anglice reddenda. Jerram, C. S. $3.25....Macmillan.
Angling, Art of. Holberton, W. flex. cl. 50c.
Dick & F.
Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Brannt, W. T.
-life in the sea and on the land. Cooper, S. $1.25.

[blocks in formation]



Architecture, Short hist. of. Tuckerman, A. L. $1.50.
Argles, Mrs. M. The Duchess. (022) (Amer. ser.,
no. 44.) P. 25C.....
...... Ivers.
Same. (022) D. hf. cl. 5oc.; p. 25c........Lippincott.
Same. (O22) D. (Lovell's lib., no. 1072.) p. 20c. Lovell.
Same. (O22) D. (Seaside lib., no. 1035.) p. 20c.
Same. (N5) D.
Same. (022) D.
Same. (022) D.

Munro. (Munro's lib., no. 795.) p. 20c. N. L. Munro. (Fireside ser., no. 32.) p. 25c. Ogilvie (Globe lib., no. 36.) p. 25c. Rand, McN.

- In an evil hour. (Ag13) S. (Seaside lib., no. 1009.) p. 20c..... Munro. A modern Circe. (S3) S. (Am. ser., no. 36.) p. 25c.

Ivers. Lippincott.

Same. (Ag13) D. hf. cl. 5oc......
Same. (S3) S. (Lovell's lib., no. 1065.) p. 20c. Lovell.

- Same. (Ag20) D. (Seaside lib., no. 1016.) p. 20c. Munro. Same. (S3) D. (Munro's lib., no. 776.) p. 20c.

- Same. (022) D. (Globe lib., no.

N. L. Munro. 31.) p. 25c.

Rand, McN. Johnston, W. net, ........R. Clarke. Scotland as it was and as it is. 2 V. Putnam.

Arguments to courts and juries. $3. Argyll, Duke of. (Ap9) O. $8.... Ariel and Caliban. Arise! my soul, arise!

Cranch, C. P. $1.25. Houghton, M. Adams, S F. p. $1.. Lee & S.

[blocks in formation]

Army of the Potomac. See McClellan, C.
-regulations, Index to general orders. Baird, W. 65c.;
.....J. Chapman.
Arnold, E. Lotus and jewel. (D17) D. $t.. Roberts.
Arnold, M. General Grant. (Mr12) S. p. 25c.
Cupples, U.
Arnold's promise. Braeme, C. M. p. 1oc......Lovell.
Around the world on a bicycle. Stevens, T. V. 1. $4.
Arrow Head Light. Hopkins, Miss I. T. $1.25.
Am. Tr. Soc.
Art for beginners, Hist. of. Clement, C. E. $4.. Stokes.
Modern schools of. Meynell, W. $6..

[blocks in formation]

.... Putnam.

Ashmeads (The). A., E. P. $1.Amer. Bapt. Pub. Soc. Ashton, J: Dawn of the 19th century in Eng. Pop. ed. (O22) D. $3.50..... -Eighteenth century waifs. (Ap16) O. $5. Scribner & W. Asphodel. Braddon, M. E. p. 20c.. .....Lovell. Assessment and taxation, Law of. Browne, W. W. shp. $5.50.... Williamson & H. Assier, A. d'. Posthumous humanity. (Olcott.) (D24) O. $3. ...Scribner & W. Assignments, Treatise on the law of. Burrill, A. M. shp. $6.50... .Baker, V.

Assyria, Story of. Ragozin, L. A. $1.50......Putnam. Asteroids, The. Kirkwood, D. 75C...... ..Lippincott Astronomical observatories, List of. Boehmer, G. H.


Gov. Print. Off.


- triangle. See Craig, J. E. Astronomy, New. Langley, S. P. At the holy well. Piatt, J. J. $r... manger. Lorenz, E. S. p. 5c... mercy of Tiberius. Wilson, A. J. $2.


Ticknor. .R. Clarke.


G. W. Dillingham. world's mercy. Warden, F. p. 1oc......... Lovell. - war with herself. Braeme, C. M. p. 20c..... Munro. Athletics and foot-ball. Shearman, M. $3.50. Atkinson, E. Margin of profits. (J123) D. (Questions of the day.) 75C.; P. 40C.....

Little, B.


Atkinson, P. Elements of static electricity, (My14)

V.5 (F26); V. 6

D. $1.50... Atlantic reporter. $3.50....... Atlas of the world. De Puy, W. H. $7.

Van Nostrand.

(Mr12) O. ea. shp.

..West Pub. Co.

subs. $6; hf. rus. ..Phillips & H.



Atonement for sin and sickness.

Auerbach, B. Auf Wache. bibliothek.) p. 35C....

Carter, R. K. $1. Kingdom Pub. Co. (D31) (Unterhaltungs


Dorfgeschichten. II. Am, ausg. 20 pts. (015) O. p.

ea. 10c...

Aufwache. Auerbach, B. p. 35c.....

Aunt Clara's school. Mallory, Mrs. M. J. $1.



Augusta county, Va., Annals of. Waddell, J. A. $2.50. Randolph & E. Aulnoy, Marie J. de B. Fairy tales. (08) O. bds. $1.50.... Routledge. Am. Bapt. Pub. Sec. Hattie, (pseud.) Our babies. (D24) sq. O. bds. ..Belford, C. Lippincott.


- Hepsy's foundling. Adams, Mrs. L. 50c. p. 25C.

- Same. Adams, Mrs. L. P. 20 c.........N. L. Munro. Serena. Howard, B. W. p. 50c... Tickner. Susie, (pseud) ed. I. picture primer. (D24) sq. O. bds., 25C...... ...Belford, C. Austin, A. Prince Lucifer. (D24) D. $2.. Macmillan. Austin, G: L. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. V. ed. (01) D. $2.. .. Lee & S.

-Life and times of Wendell Phillips. N. ed. (023) D. $1.50

Austin, Jane G. A nameless nobleman. (Je18) S. p. 50c...

[blocks in formation]

Baby life. (08) O. bds. 50c..
Baby's grandmother. Walford, L. B.
Bache, R. M. Young wrecker of the Florida Reef. N.
iss. (F26) il. S. $1..

Lee & S.
Back to the old home. Hay, M. C. p. 1oc.......Lovell.
Bacon, E. M. Dict. of Boston. N. ed. (Je25) O. $1.50.
bds. $1...
...Houghton, M.
Bacon, F. Christian paradoxes. (D31) S. p. 5c. Eckler.
Bacteria, Photography of. Crookshank, E. M. $4.50.
Bacteriology, Manual of. Crookshank, E. M. $6.
Badeau, A. Grant in peace, from Appomattox to Mount
McGregor. (D31) O. subs. $3; leath. $3.50; hf. mor. $4.
S. S. Scranton.
Badlam, Anna B. Lessons in language and reading.
(My14) sq. D. $1.65...
Badminton lib. See Bury, Viscount; Shearman.
Baedeker, C. New Guide. (Great Britain, England.
Wales, etc.) (D24) D. $4.......
.....Scribner & W.
Baedeker, K. Southern Germany and Austria. N. ed.
(08) D. 3.......

... Scribner & W. Bag of diamonds. Fenn, G. M. P. 25 c ...Appleton. - Same. p. 20c... Lovell. Bailments, Law of. Schouler, J. shp. $6... Little, B. Baily, T: L. Possibilities. (Ap2) D. $1.25. Lothrop. Bain, A. English composition and rhetoric. Enl, ed. Pt. 1. (J12) D. $1.40.. ...Appleton.

- On teaching English. (Je18) D. $1.25........Appleton. Bainbridge, Elizabeth G., comp. School-room games and exercises. (Ja8) D. 75C.... Interstate Pub. Co.

Baird, W: Index to the general orders amendatory of the U. S. army regulations. (Ap2) S. flex. cl., 65c.; interleaved, $... Baker, A. M. ......J. J. Chapman. How to succeed as a stenographer. (Mr12) D. $1.25 .... Fowler & W. Lothrop. (Mr26) S. $1. White, S. & A.

(D31) S. p. 25C... Baker, Ella M. Seven Easter lilies.

Baker, G. A. Mrs. Hephæstus, etc.

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