Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]

Little, Mrs. A. P.

World as we saw it.
– (The) went very well then.
-to come. Wright, W. B.
World's progress, Hist. of.
$20; full mor. $25....
-workers ser. See Brown; Phyllis; Frith; Tom-

Cupples & H.
Besant, W. p. 20c.
Lovell; Munro; N. L. Munro.
$1.25... ..Houghton, M.
Gately's. 2 v. $15; hf. mor.

Worship of nature. Whittier, J. G. $1; 75C.; p. 50c.

Worth winning. Cameron, Mrs. H. L.


Same. p. 20C....

hf. cl. 50c.; p.

[blocks in formation]

(O1) D. $1.50.

In black and gold.
Made man. (O29) D. $1.25.

Cong. S. S. & Pub. House.


Yeast. Kingsley, C. p. 25C.....
Yesterdays with actors. Winslow, C. M. R. $2.

Cupples & H.
Yoke (The) of Thorah. Harland, H. $1; p. 20c.. Lovell.
Yonge, Charlotte. Cameos from English history. (Je4)
D. $1.25..
- Chantry House. (F12) S. p. 20c......... N. L. Munro,
- Herb of the field. (Ag13) D. $1.50......Macmillan.
The dove in the eagle's nest. (F12) S. (Munro's lib.,
no. 691.) p. 20C.....
..N. L. Munro.

[blocks in formation]

-The two sides of a shield. (F12) S. (Munro's lib., no.
792.) P. 20c..
N. L. Munro.

- Under the storm. (S17&24) D. (Seaside lib., no. 1024.)
p. 20c.....

...Munro. Whittaker.


Young, G. A. Whatever is, was.

(DIO) O. $2.50.

Same. (J116) il. D. $1.50.... Young, A. Tour in Ireland. (J116) S. (Cassell's nat. lib., no. 76.) pap. 10c.

Young America's picture-book.

Carthaginian. Henty, G. A.

Legget. (08) O. bds. $1. Worthington. $2...... Scribner & W.

Nat. Temp. Soc. and Pub. House. Mother Goose for temperance nurseries. (N5) sq. D. P. 25c.... Nat. Temp. Soc. Wright, R. S. Law of criminal conspiracies. (D31) O. (Text-book ser., v. 1, no. 11.) p For ser. 12 v. $15. Blackstone Pub. Co. Wright, W: B. The world to come. (O15) S. $1.25. Houghton, M. Wright's directory of Milwaukee for 1887. V. 20. (S17 &24) O. hf. roan, $5. Caspar. (Ja15) S. p. 50c. H. T. Wright. travelling men, no. -man's fancy. Forrester, Mrs. p. 20c .....Caspar.

[blocks in formation]

— England's nursery rhymes. (D31) D. bds. 75c. Warne.
– folks' travel in Asia and Africa. Van Wert. bds. $1.25.
Belford, C.
Europe. Van Wert, R. bds. $1.25..Belford, C.
-Jonathan. (D24) sq. O. bds. $1 .........Am. News Co.
– knights of the cross. Wise, D. 9oc..... Phillips & H
- marooners on the Florida coast. Goulding, F. R. $1.25
Dodd, M.
Mrs. Jardine. Craik, Mrs. D. M. p. 20c.. N. L. Munro.
people's prayer-meetings. Clarke, F. E. 75C.
Young Sir Richard. Charles, H. F. $1.25.

[ocr errors]

1. Bradley. — wrecker of Florida reef. Bache, R. M. $1.. Lee & S. Youngster's yarns. Hope, A. R. $1.75.... Routledge. Yucatan. See Plongeon, A. D. le.

Yule, Mrs. J. C. Up hill. (My28) D. $1.50.
Amer. Bapt. Pub. Soc.
Zealot (A) in tulle. Wildrick, Mrs. $1; p. 50c.

Zickel's ill. deutsch-amerikanischer familien kalender
für 1888. (O15) O. p. 25c.....

Ziegler, E. Text-book of pathological anatomy and
pathogenesis. Pt. 2. (Mr5) $3.50.......... Macmillan.
Same. (Ap30) O. $5.50; leath. $6.50....
Zigzag journeys in India.

[blocks in formation]


Of Books of 1887, of which titles were not sent for record until 1888.
full titles, see publishers' lists herewith.

A B C of agriculture. D. 50c...

For more

..Judd. | Attic Greek, Introduction to. Brooks, J. $1.10 ...Holt.
Abbey, C. J. English church and its bishops, 1700-1800. Auld lang syne. Burns, R. Tt. 25c.; 35C.....
2 V. O. $9.
......Longmans, G. Aunt Tabitha's trial. Cooper, L. O. $1.50..... Earle.
- and Overton, J. H. English church in the 18th cen-
Auringer, O. C. Scythe and sword. S. 75c..Lothrop.
tury. O. $2.50...
....Longmans, G.
Ausgewahlte briefe. Schiller, J. F. v. $1....Putnam.
Abbott, C. C. Cyclopædia of natural history. D. $1.
Babyland for 1887. sq. O. $1; bds. 75c.......Lothrop.
*Bacon, Edwin F. Leitfaden zum erlerner der deut-
schen sprache. S. net, $1.20
Clark & M

Nims & K.

Adam Bede. Eliot, George. Alta ed. 75c. Porter & C.
Adams, Oscar Fay. Post-laureate idyls. S. $1. Lothrop.
Admiralty digest. Pritchard, W. T., and Hannen, J.
C. 3d ed. 2 V. O. net, $20...
Little, B.
Adrift in the wilds. Ellis, E. S. $1.. ...........Burt
Adventures of Columbus. sq. O, bds. 50c....Lothrop.
After play stories. sq. O. bds. $1........... Lothrop.
Ageaja. Puchner, R. 6oc....... Freidenker Pub. Co
Agnus Dei. Newbolt, C. E. net, 30c.

E. & J. B. Young.

Agriculture, A B C of. 50c
Aitken, W. Handbook of treatment. O. $2.75.. Treat.
Alcott, A. B. New Connecticut. S. $1.50...... Roberts.
Alden, Mrs. G. R. ("Pansy," pseud.) At home sto-
ries. sq. O. bds. 6oc....
Eighty-seven. D. $1.50..
Little fishes and their nets.


[blocks in formation]

D. $1.50...
S. 6oc..





[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Bateman, J. Why do you believe the Bible to be the
word of God? S. net, 30c.... ..E. & J. B. Young.
Battershall, J. P. Food adulteration. O. $3.50.. Spon.
Beams of light on early Methodism in Amer. Cooper,
E. $1.25...
Phillips & H.

Bedeutung wahrer religion. Carus, P. 15c.

..Porter & C.

*Beeton's Illustrated dictionary
ences. O. $3.50..

Allen, Willis B. Northern cross. D. $1.......Lothrop.
*Amateur work illustrated. V. 6. O. $3.50.

Freidenker Pub. Co
of the physical sci-
Ward, L. & Co
religion, philosophy, politics, and law. O.
....Ward, L. & Co
Before the altar. T. 40c............. E. & J. B. Young.
Bellett, J. C. The dead in Christ. S. net, 45C.
E. & J. B. Young.
Ben Burton. Prentice, H. $1
- Gilbert's victory. Bisbee, S. A. S. 75c................
Porter & C.
Bennett, L. A. My Redeemer liveth.

Ward, L. & Co
American history, Young folks' stories. See Alden,
Mrs. G. R.

- prayer book. Garrison, J. F. $1.25 ......Porter & C.
Andersen, H. C. Fairy tales. Alta ed. 75c.

*Anderson, J. J. New grammar school history of the
U. S. S. net, $1...
.....Clark & M
Anecdotes. Jones, S. 75C..........Rhodes & McC

- and illustrations. Moody, D. L. 75C.. Rhodes & McC
illustrative of Old Testament texts. O. (Clerical
lib.) $1.50...

- of Abraham Lincoln. 75C..



Rhodes & McC

Angel of love. Smith, Mrs. L. T. $1.25
Anglo-Saxon grammar. Baskerville, W. 75C..Barnes.
Anglo-Saxons, History of. See Palgrave, F.
Analytical mechanics. Peck, W. G. $1.40....Barnes.
Animal book. sq. O. bds. $1.25.


Appleton's instructive reading-books. See Johonnot.
Archery, Theory and practice of. Ford, H. N. ed.
...Longmans, G.
Freidenker Pub. Co

*Arlberg, Max. Josef Freifeld. D. $2.

Armstrong, W. G. Primer of physical training.
(Chautauqua text-book.) S. p. 10c.........
... Phillips & H.
Artist gallery ser. See Millet.
Artistic modern houses of low cost. See Shoppell, R.W.
Asked and answered. 30C............American Tract.
Astronomy. Neison, E.
At home stories. Alden, Mrs. G. R. 6oc ......Lothrop.


T. p. 25c.
E. & J. B. Young.
D. $1.50.
National School of Elocution

*Best things from best authors, no. 5.



Beulah land. Carter, Mrs. M. $1...
Beyond. Newton, Hervey. 6oc
Bible. Interlinear tr. of the Epistles. (Gr. text.) O. $4.
E. & J. B. Young..
J. Burns Book Co-

and the age. Collingwood. $3.50..
handbook. Dowling, W. W. $1; 75C.
- studies. Pentecost, G. F. $1; 50c
Birds of the Bible. Wood, J. G. $1.25...Longmans, G.
Bisbee, S. A. Ben Gilbert's victory. S. 75c...Lothrop..
Black cabinet, The. Hérisson, Comte D'. $2.50.
Longmans, G.
Boardman, Mrs. Life and labors of Rev. W. E. Board-
D. $1.25..
Boase, C. W. Oxford. (Historic towns.) O. $1.25.
Longmans, G.


Bohlen lectures, 1887. See Garrison, I. F.
Bolles, A. S. Financial history of the U. S. V. 3. O..
Popular history of France,
condensed and brought down to present by H. W.
Dulcken. D. 75C..
Ward, L. & Co

*Bonnechose, Emile de.
75C.......... Ward, L. & Co

[blocks in formation]

.Lothrop. Church of England, Dictionary of. See Cutts, E. L. *Cicero, M. Tullius. Scipio's dream; ed. by S. Hart.

Porter & C.

Biglow & M

Book for boys. Tt. 25c.; p. 10c... lover's lib. See Hazlitt; Wheatley. of martyrs. Fox, J. Alta ed. 75c.. - of S. S. gems. Palmer, H. R. 15c Book-keeping for the people. Denham, J. S. 50c. Baker & T Treat. Bow in the cloud. Sanderson, J. $1.75... Boyd, A. K. H. Our homely comedy. O. $1.25. Longmans, G. Boys' and girls' annual for 1888. sq. O. $31...Lothrop. Branch builders. Wood, J. G. $1.25.... Longmans, G. *Brent's Herod debates. O. p. 50c...Guide P. & P. Co 0. Bright hours for our little ones. sq. 9.50c.... Cassell. Brisk times. sq. O. bds. $1.25...... Bristol. Hunt, W. $1.25.. Broken vow, The. Little, W. J. K.

Brooklyn's guardians. Fales, W. E.


Lothrop Longmans, G.

E. & J. B. Young. S. $6.

Caxton Book Con Brooks, J. Introduction to Attic Greek. D. net, $1.10. Holt. Brown, E. National hist. of United States. D. $1. Nims & K. Brown, J. G. Medical diagnosis. O. $2.75...... Treat. *Browning, E. B. Poetical works from 1826 to 1844. D. $1.50...... Ward, L. & Co -Selected poems. S. (English classics ser., no. 64.) Clark & M p. net, 10c...

Browning, Oscar, ed. England and Napoleon in 1803. O. $5.25. ......Longmans, G. *Browning, R. Selected poems. S. (English classics Clark & M ser., no. 65.) p. net, 10c..... Bulwer-Lytton, E. R., (" Owen Meredith," pseud.) Lucile. Alta ed. 75c.. ..Porter & C. *Burgheim, Max. Cincinnati in wort und bild. Q. $15...

Burgheim Burns, R. Auld lang syne, 25c.; 35C... Lothrop. By thy cross and passion. Charles, Mrs. E. net, 30c. E. & J. B. Young. California, Standard map. See Rand, McNally. Calvin and Voltaire, Cry from the land of. 75c. Randolph. *Cameron, J. Nebuchadnezzar's vision. D. $1.50. J. Burns Book Co ·Canada and the states. Watkin, Sir E. W. $3. Ward, L. & Co Canton, W. Lost epic. D. $.......... Lothrop. Captain Trafalgar. Lanni, Andre. $1.50.......Cassell. *Carter, Alice P. The day before Christmas. (Young's juvenile plays.) p. 15c.....H. A. Young & Co Carter, Mrs. M. Beulah land. S. $1. *Carus, Paul. Die bedeutung wahrer religion. D. P. ..Freidenker Pub. Co Castlemon, Harry, (pseud.) See Fosdick, C. A. Cat tales. sq. O. bds. 75c...



Chance and luck. Chapman, E. N. $6.50..




Catechist's prayer-book. Holmes, E. M. net, 75c. Young.
Central station electric lighting. Hedges, K. W. p.
Proctor, R. A. $1.75..Longmans, G.
Human physiology. O. $5.50; leath.
Charles, Mrs. Eliz. By thy cross and passion. S. net,
...E. & J. B. Young.
Cheerful clatter for little folks. sq. O. $1.25....Cassell.
Chemistry, Theoretical. Remsen, Ira. 3d ed. $2..Lea.
Chess problem, The. O. $3...


Child stories. Moody, D. L. 75c.......Rhodes & McC
"Child's own speaker. Rook, E. C. and L. J. 25C.; 15c.
National School of Elocution
Childhood's pets. Patch, Olive. sq. O. $1.25. Cassell.
Children with the animals. Maskell, Mrs. A. E. A.
D. $1.

birds. Maskell, Mrs. A. E. A. $r
fishes. Maskell, Mrs A. E. A. $1

*Children's day concert-book. S. 50c.

H. A. Young & Co Chit chat for boys and girls. sq. O. bds. 75c... Lothrop. *Choice dialect readings. S. bds. 50c; p. 30c. National School of Elocution

Christendom, ecclesiastical and political. Egar, J. H.


[blocks in formation]


S. p. net, 20C...

[blocks in formation]

Allyn Burgheim



Haldane, J. W. C.

Spon. *Clara Augusta, (pseud.) Patience Pettigrew's perplexities. D. p. 25c....

[ocr errors]


Clark, Alonzo. Diseases of the heart. O. $2.75.. Treat. Classics for children. See Scott.

Clerical lib. See Anecdotes.

College series of Latin authors. See Horace. Collingwood, E. W. Bible and the age. O. $3.50. Pott. Commonhealth, The. Richardson, B. W. $2.25. Longmans, G. Concrete and works in concrete. Newman, J. $1.50. Spon. Connecticut, New. Alcott, A. B. $1.50.... Roberts. Cooper, E. Beams of light on early Methodism in

[blocks in formation]

Phillips & H. Alta ed. 75c.

Porter &C.

D. $1.50... Earle. $2.50.... Wiley. Earle.

Cooper, L. O. Aunt Tabitha's trial.
Cottage residences. Downing, A. J.
- to castle. Pearson, Mrs. E. C. $1.25
Counterpoint. See Harmony.
Courtney, E. Veterinary medicine and surgery. O.


.... Jenkins.

[blocks in formation]

75C, Ward, L. & Co Crooks, G. R. Why am I a Methodist? O. p. 1oC. Phillips & H. Crown of the year. Florio, C. 30c.......Biglow & M Cry (A) from the land of Calvin and Voltaire. D. 75c. Randolph. Cunningham, W. Holy land and the Bible. 2 V. 0. $5 Pott. Currier, Prof. Life of Constans L. Goodell, D.D. D. $1.50. ...Randolph Cutter-out, The. Maclear, Mrs. 1 v. $1.25; 2 pts. ea. Longmans, G. Church of England. D. ...E. & J. B. Young. Abbott, C. C. $1. Large-type ed. 2 V. ea.

55C.. Cutts, E. L. Dictionary of the net, $2.25... Cyclopedia of natural history. Daily light on the daily path. 75C.; $i; in I V. $2: $3 Daisy blue eyes. sq. O. 75c

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S. 50c.

H. A. Young & Co ..H. A. Young & Co ..Lothrop.

P. 30c...

E. & J. B. Young. Santa Claus: cantata. F. ...Biglow & M

Domestic animals of the Bible. Wood, J. G. $1.25.

Longmans, G.


Domicil, Law of. Jacobs, M. W. net, $5.



Little, B.


Dot. Lucas, Annie. $1.25
Doubtful plays of Shakespeare. Hazlitt, W. $1.25.

Routledge. *Dowling, W. W. The Bible handbook. D. $1; bds. 75C...... ..........J. Burns Book Co Downing, A. J. Cottage residences. N. ed., reduced. O. $2.50


Dramatic works. See Shakespeare, W.
Dumb Betty Lamp. Bacon, H. $1.25.........Lothrop.
Dunbar, Ja. Practical paper-maker. 3d ed., rev., enl.
S. $2....


.Spon. Dunn, L. R. The Inquisition. O. p. 10c. Phillips & H. Dwellers round the poles. Hartwig, G. $1. Longmans, G. Dye, F. Hot water supply. D. $1.. Spon. Dyeing of textile fabrics. Hummel, J. J. $2.50. Cassell. Earle, A. B., comp. Sought-out songs. O. 25c..Earle. Early English voyagers. D. $1.50..... ........ Nelson & S. - Tudors, The. Moberly, C. E. $1... ..Longmans, G. Earthquakes. See Volcanoes.

East Lynne. Wood, Mrs. H. Alta ed. 75c. Porter & C. Educator, New. Palmer, G. H. $.........Little, B.

Egar, J. H. Christendom, ecclesiastical and political.

.. ....

Electrical testing. $5......

Elements of analytical mechanics.


D. $1.75 Eighty-seven. Alden, Mrs. G. R. $1.50.....Lothrop. Electric lighting, Central station. Hedges, K. W. 20c. Spon. Kempe, H. R. 4th ed., rev. enl. Spon. Michie, P. S. $3. Wiley. Eliot, George Adam Bede. Alta ed. 75C. Porter & C. *Ellis, E. S. Adrift in the wilds. D. $1.. .Burt Elocution for advanced pupils. Murray, J. $1. *Elocutionist's annual, no. 15. *Emory hymnal. bds. 50c..... Empire State, The. Lossing, B. J. England and Napoleon in 1803. $5.25


[blocks in formation]

Entrees à la mode. Salis, Mrs. De. 6oc. Longmans, G.
Epochs of modern history. See Moberly, C. E.
Essays. Macaulay, T. B. $1; p. 50c........ Routledge.
Eternal sacrifice. Garrett, A. C. $1.25...........Pott.
Euthanasia. Munk, W. $1.75
Longmans, G.
Ewald, Alex. C. Life of Sir Joseph Napier. O. $5.25.
Longmans, G.
Ewald, H. History of Israel. V. 8. O. $6.
Longmans, G.
Exeter. Freeman, E. A. $1.25..........Longmans, G.
*Faber, Christine. Guardian's mystery. S. $1.25.
Fairchild, Mrs. E. A. Rose of Sharon. Tt. p. 25c.



Fairy tales. Andersen, H. A. Alta ed. 75c, Porter & C. *Fales, W. E. S. Brooklyn's guardians. O. $6. Caxton Book Con *Farley's Machinists and hardware reference directory. $15....... ..Farley & Co - Stationers and printers' reference directory. $15. Farley & Co Feathers and fur picture-book. Q. $1.25....Routledge. Fifty years of national progress, 1837-1887. Mulhall, M. G. 75c. p. 50c.... ...Routledge. Financial hist. of U. S. Bolles, A. S. V. 3. $3.50. First Greek writer. Sedgwick, A. $1.20..........Allyn Five madonnas. Photogravures, with verses. D. $1.50. Lothrop. *Florence, (pseud.) Manual for making paper flowers. D. p. 15c... *Florio, Caryl. Crown of the year: cantata. F. p. 30c. Biglow&M - Magnificat nunc dimittis. O. p. 40c....... Biglow & M





*Flower songs for memorial day. p. 15c..
Food adulteration. Battershall, J. P. $3.50. Spon.
For children all. sq. O. bds. 60c

Ford, Horace. Theory and practice of archery. N. ed.
O. $4.50...
...Longmans, G.

Foreign boys and girls. D. $1.

-lands, Young folks' stories. See Alden, Mrs. G. R. Fortifications. See Mahan, D. H.

Fosdick, C. A. ["Harry Castlemon," pseud.] Guy D. $1....

[blocks in formation]

Fox, G. H. Skin diseases. 2d ed. Q. hf. tky. $26.75.
Fox, J. Book of martyrs. Alta ed. 75c... Porter & C.
Fragmentary records. Wynne, T. R. $1.25.....Pott.
France, Popular hist. of. See Bonnechose, E.
Frank Fowler. Alger, H., jr $1......
Franklin, Nora.
Freeman, E. A.
- ed. Historic towns. 4 v. ea. $1.25......Longmans, G.
French and English dictionary. La Voye, M. G. de.

Little crib curtain stories. S. 50c.
Exeter. (Historic towns.) O. $1.25.
Longmans, G.

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Gratacap, L. P. Philosophy of ritual. D. $1.50... Pott.
Great speeches. Ingersoll, R. G. 75c...Rhodes & McC
Greece, Popular hist. of. See Rose, D.
Green, Seth. Home fishing and home waters. D. 50C.
Gresswell, G. C. and A. Veterinary pharmacopæia.
O. $3.50

Greville, C. C. F. Memoirs. Pt. 3. 2 v. O. $9.

Longmans, G. Grimshaw, R. Steam-engine catechism. Pt. 2. S. $r. Wiley. Guardian's mystery. Faber, C. $1.25.........Kenedy Guillet, A. Mine et contre mine. D. (Théâtre contemporain.) p. 25C..... Jenkins. ......Burt

Guy Harris. Fosdick, C. A. $.......
Hailmann, W. N. Primary methods. D. 75c.. Barnes.
Hair, The. Leonard, C. H. $1.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

p. 25c....


Harris, G., Tucker, W. J., and Glezen, E. K., eds. Hugo, Victor. Hernani. D. (Théâtre contemporain.), Hymns of the faith. D. net, $1.50; leath. $1.75; levant, $5. ......Houghton, M. Hartwig, G: Denizens of the deep. O. $1.

Longmans, G. Dwellers round the poles. O. $1... Longmans, G. Sea monsters and sea birds. O. $....... Longmans, G. Volcanoes and earthquakes. O. $1...........Longmans, G. Wild animals of the tropics. $1.25......Longmans, G. - Winged life in the tropics. O. $1.......Longmans, G. *Harvest concert-book, S. 50c.. .H. A. Young & Co day recitations. S. p. 15c....... .H. A. Young & Co Hathaway, M. E. N. Cats with gloves catch no mice. obl. Tt. soc.; bds. 35c... .......Lothrop. Havergal, Miss F. R. Miss Havergal's story. D. 6oc. Earle. *Haviland, Laura S. A woman's life-work. O. $2.50. Waite & Co *Hawley, H. H. Prohibition bugle-call. O. p. 18c. Biglow & M Hazlitt, W. Doubtful plays of Shakespeare. D. $1.25.

Routledge. ......Armstrong.

- Gleanings in old garden literature. D. (Book-lover's lib.) $1

*Heads and hearts. O. P. 30c......


[blocks in formation]

..Jenkins. Ward, L. & Co Human physiology. Chapman. $5.50; 6.50 ......Lea. Hummel, J. J. Dyeing of textile fabrics. S. $2.50.

Les misérables; tr: by C. E. Wilbour. O. $1.


Hunt, W. Bristol. (Historic towns.) O. $1.25. Longmans, G. *Hurte, W. Catechetical commentary on the New Testament. D. cl. $2; leath. $3.....J. Burns Book Co Hydrophobia. Suzor, R. $1.50 ..Lippincott. *Hymns for missions. S. bds. 30c ..... .Biglow & M Hymns of the faith. Harris, G., Tucker, W. J., Glezen, E. K., eds. $1.50; $1.75; $5.... ...Houghton, M. Illustrated dictionary of physical science. Beeton. $3.50..... Ward, L. & Co

- religion, etc. Beeton. $3.50..... Ward, L. & Co In blossom time. Songs and ballads. sq. D. $1.25.

many homes. sq. O. bds. 6oc

- peril. D. $1...

*Infant praises. bds. 25c.....

[blocks in formation]

*Industrial self-instructor and technical journal. V. 4. O. $3.50.... Ward, L. & Co.


*Ingersoll, R. G. Great speeches. 75c. Rhodes & McC - Wit, wisdom, and eloquence. 75c......Rhodes & McC Inquisition, The. Dunn, L. R. 10c....Phillips & H. Insanity, Manual of. Spitzka, E. C. $2.75..... Treat. Integral calculus. Roberts, R. A. Pt. 1. $4.

Longmans, G. Interlinear tr. of the Epistles. (Gr. text.) See Bible. E. & J. B. Young.

Ireland from the restoration to the revolution. Prendergast. J. P. $2..... ......Longmans, G. Irish people, Short history of. Richey, A. G. $5.25.

Longmans, G.

Irving, Washington. Works. 6 v. D. $7.50; lib. ed. $9; hf. cf. $15....

Is the God of Israel the true God?




Truth Seeker Co. $6. Longmans, G. O. shp. net, $5. Little, B. O. $4.25.Longmans, G. ..Burt

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bds. 75C.......

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Longmans, G.
Johonnot, J. Some curious flyers, creepers, and swim-
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Jolly little stories. sq. O. 50c......
Jones, R. J. C. Ships, sailors, and the sea.

Jones, S. Anecdotes. 75c...


O. $1.50.

.Rhodes & McC .Rhodes & McC

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- Sermons. 2 v. D. ea. $1..

..Appleton. Longmans, G. Routledge. 2 v. $5. Pott.

Holy land and the Bible. Cunningham, W.

Home experiments in science. Sloane, T. O'C. $1.50. Baird. ...Judd.

- Fishing. Green, Seth. 50c....

Homes underground. Wood, J. G. $1.25. Longmans, G. Horace. Satires. S. (College series of Latin authors.) 70c. Ginn. Hot water supply. Dye, F. $1.... Spon.. Hours with a three-inch telescope. Noble, W. Longmans, G. *House of Elmore. O. p. 30c.. ..Aldine How Dante climbed the mountain. Selfe, R. E. 75C. Cassell. *- to see Philadelphia. S. 10c..... Hartranft -we got our Bible. Smyth, J. P. 6oc.......... Pott." Howard, Mrs. Olive. Some animal pets.. sq. O. bds. 25C... ...Lothrop. Howe, J. W. Masturbation and impotence. O. $2.75. Treat.

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