The Global Public Relations Handbook: Theory, Research, and Practice

Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, Dejan Verčič
Lawrence Erlbaum, 2003 - Broj stranica: 564
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This handbook provides a comprehensive theoretical framework for studying and practicing public relations around the world. Organized by continent, chapters provide the history, development, and current status of the public relations industry. Contributors use the theoretical framework to present information on the public relations industry in their countries and regions. They also focus on such factors as the status of public relations education in their respective countries and professionalism and ethics.

In addition, each chapter considers the public relations profession in relation to factors, such as a country's political environment, level of economic development, societal and corporate culture, media environment, and activism. Each country-specific chapter also includes a case study typifying public relations practice in that country.

This volume sets itself apart from other volumes in international public relations with the inclusion of:

*coverage on the status of the public relations profession in 18 countries, covering Asia and Australasia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas;

*consideration of public relations practice in a global setting;

*coverage of public relations practices in economies in transition from socialistic economies to market-oriented ones in Eastern Europe and Asia;

*descriptions and analyses of public relations operations of multinational corporations, multinational public relations agencies and NGOs; and

*a contribution on the public communication efforts of the UNESCO.

Additional highlights of the book include:

*a foreword by the Director-General of the UNESCO;

*contributions from 35 leading scholars and professionals with first-hand knowledge about the status of the public relations industry in their region; and

*a thorough discussion on the transnational public relations activities of governments and NGOs.

With its global contributors and broad focus, this handbook offers invaluable insights on global public relations practice, enabling scholars and researchers to understand the nature of public relations as it is practiced around the world, the communication tactics unique to a nation or culture, and the linkage between such practice and the environment in which it takes place. The information contained in this handbook will also prove helpful to public relations professionals by introducing them to the unique environments they will face in the different regions of an increasingly globalizing world.

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