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Methuen, 1899 - Broj stranica: 191

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Stranica 6 - THE POEMS OF JOHN KEATS. Double volume. The Text has been collated by E. de Selincourt. ON THE IMITATION OF CHRIST. By Thomas a Kempis.
Stranica 2 - Milton, John, THE POEMS OF, BOTH ENGLISH AND LATIN, Compos'd at several times. Printed by his true Copies. The Songs were set in Musick by Mr. HENRY LAWES, Gentleman of the Kings Chappel, and one of His Majesties Private Musick. Printed and publish'd according to Order. Printed by RUTH RAWORTH for HUMPHREY MOSELEY, and are to be sold at the signe of the Princes Armes in Pauls Churchyard, 1645.
Stranica 5 - Handbooks of Theology Edited by RL OTTLEY, DD, Professor of Pastoral Theology at Oxford, and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. The...
Stranica 3 - A series of Translations from the Greek and Latin Classics, distinguished by literary excellence as well as by scholarly accuracy.
Stranica 3 - NATURE IN EASTERN NORFOLK. A series of observations on the Birds, Fishes, Mammals, Reptiles, and stalkeyed Crustaceans found in that neighbourhood, with a list of the species. With 12 Illustrations in colour, by FRANK SOUTHGATE.
Stranica 6 - Q." THE GOLDEN POMP. A Procession of English Lyrics. Arranged by AT QUILLER COUCH. Crown Svo.
Stranica 5 - The books are well printed on good paper at a price which on the whole is without parallel in the history of publishing. Each volume contains from i00 to 250 pages, and is issued in paper covers, Crown 8vo, at Sixpence net, or in cloth gilt at One Shilling net. In a few cases long books are issued as Double Volumes or as Treble Volumes.

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