The English Catalogue of Books [annual], Opseg 88

Sampson Low
S. Low, Marston & Company, 1925
Vols. for 1901-43 include appendix: Learned societies, printing clubs etc., with lists of their earlier publications.

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Stranica 155 - Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the Reign of Edward I. 2 vols, 8vo, containing upwards of 1,000 pages, closely printed In double columns, cloth, a new and cheaper edition.
Stranica 386 - A concise epitome of all matters relating to the Arts of Painting, Sculpture, Engraving and Architecture...
Stranica 53 - THE TRAINING OF THE TWELVE; OR, EXPOSITION OF PASSAGES IN THE GOSPELS EXHIBITING THE TWELVE DISCIPLES OF JESUS UNDER DISCIPLINE FOR THE APOSTLESHIP. 'Here we have a really great book on an important, large, and attractive subject — a book full of loving, wholesome, profound thoughts about the fundamentals of Christian faith and practice.
Stranica 119 - Every Man's Own Lawyer: a Handy Book of the Principles of Law and Equity. By a BARRISTER.
Stranica 303 - KING OF THE GOLDEN RIVER; or, The Black Brothers. A Legend of Stiria. RUSKIN SESAME AND LILIES. Three Lectures on Books. Women, &c. 1. Of Kings' Treasuries. 2. Of Queens
Stranica 398 - Report and Supplements which are obtainable only from the Meteorological Office, Air Ministry. Serial Publications : — Daily Weather Report to date, in three sections : — (1) The British Section (B. Report), issued at noon. (2) The International Section (I. Report), issued at 3.30 PM (3) The Upper Air Section, issued at noon.
Stranica 100 - Skinner's Directory of Directors. A List of the Directors of the Joint-Stock Companies of the United Kingdom, and the Companies in which they are concerned.
Stranica 160 - Price 7s. 6d. net. (Post free, 7s. lOd. home ; 8s. abroad.) (Industrial Uses of Air, Steam and Water.) DRYING BY MEANS OF AIR AND STEAM. Explanations, Formulae, and Tables for Use in Practice. Translated from the German of E. HAUSBRAND. Two folding Diagrams and Thirteen Tables. Crown 8vo. 72 pp. Price 5s. net. (Post free, 5s. 3d. home ; 5s. 6d. abroad.) (See also " Evaporating, Condensing and Cooling Apparatus,
Stranica 135 - The modern woodcut; a study of the evolution of the craft . . . with a chapter on the practice of xylography by W. Thomas Smith.

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