The Yugoslav Wars (1): Slovenia and Croatia 1991-95

Osprey Publishing, 25. tra 2006. - Broj stranica: 64
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Osprey's examination of Slovenia and Croatia's armies' involvement in the Yugoslav Wars (1991-1995). Following the death of the Yugoslavian strongman President Tito in 1980, the several semi-autonomous republics and provinces that he had welded into a nation in 1945 moved inexorably towards separation. After a deceptively clean break for independence by Slovenia in 1991, the world watched a series of other wars rip through this modern European state. In this first of two volumes, experts on the Balkan region give an unprecedentedly clear, concise explanation of the Slovene, Croatian and Krajina-Serb armies of these campaigns, illustrated with rare photos and an extraordinary range of colour uniform plates.

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While I'd like to say better of this booklet, the reality is that it tries to cover too much ground in too little space. That said, if you're looking for order of battle information on these campaigns this is likely your best available source. Pročitajte cijelu recenziju


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Dr Nigel Thomas is an accomplished linguist and military historian and is currently a Senior Lecturer in charge of the Business Language Unit at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle. His interests are 20th century military and civil uniformed organisations, with a special interest in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. He was recently awarded a PhD on the Eastern Enlargement of NATO. He lives in Tyne-and-Wear, UK. Krunoslav Mikulan is one of Nigel Thomas' excellent contacts in former Yugoslavia.

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