Slike stranica

scant respect for the commonplaces of travel. He cherishes a rooted aversion to everything which, as the late Lord Strangford used to say, wears a black coat, natural or artificial;' his civilised negro is an anthropoid ape, his missionary is a bird of prey,' and one of his bishops is a 'filibuster a counterpoise to the Protestant buccaneer-bishop' of whom we heard some years ago. The West African Islands as subjects for popular description are without novelty or interest-dry as summer dust or foul as winter mud.” — R. F. Burton in the Academy, Mar. 7.

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new and old; ed. by H. P. Chandler. Vol. 1. Farrar, J. M. Mary Anderson; the story of her life and professional career. 65+AN22F Fiske, J: American political ideas viewed from the standpoint of universal history; three lectures at the Royal Inst. of Gr. Brit., May 1880. E.F54

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Fremantle, W: H. The world as the subject of redemption; the functions of the Church as designed to embrace the whole race of mankind; [Bampton] lectures.

Grazzini, A. F., called Il Lasca. Tutti i trionfi,

Haggard, H. R.


carri, mascherate, o canti carnialeschi andati per Firenze dal tempo del magnifico Lorenzo de Medici fino 1559. 2a ed. 1750. 2 v. Griswold, W: M. Directory of writers for the literary press in the U. S. The witch's head. VH123W Far above the average. What with the supernatural witch's head, and the love-making and the tight. ing, and a tragedy of the first class towards the end, and some very fair dialogue, and a most pathetic and charming Zulu named Mazooku, there is much to be said for the book." G: Suintsbury in the Academy, Jan. 17. Hamelmann, H. De vetvstis titvlis et nominibus

principvm, comitvm, herovm, atqve illvstrivm familiarum quae olim exstitere in Saxonia, Angrivaria et Westphalia. 1592. :5G.90H1 Hamilton, A. Works; ed. by H: C. Lodge. Vol. W5-H185-3 VH189L


Hammond, W: A. Lal; a novel.

"American novels are much with us; it would be aggressive to say that they are too much. But there

can be no harm in saying that if they were all like Lal' there would be very little fault to find with them. and certainly no one could call them dull."-G: Saintsbury in the Academy, Jan. 17.

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Hunter, W: C. Bits of old China. Jacobs, E. Geschichte der in der preussischen Provinz Sachsen verein. Gebiete. 8GZSA9-J15

Kapp, F: Life of J: Kalb, Maj. Gen. in the Revolutionary army.

5G-K12K Keese, W: L. W: E. Burton, actor, author, and manager; a sketch of his career, with recollections of his performances.


La Garde, H: de. Le duc de Rohan et les Protestants sous Louis XIII. 8FC-L13

"M. de la Garde's account of the last struggles of the Huguenots of the South under Rohan against Richelieu is meritorious and useful."- Saturday rev., Dec. 13. Lang, A. Custom and myth.

"Mr. Lang would shear the sun of his mythological beams, and bestow them upon a hero without a name. Stories, he thinks, were originally told, not of any par ticular named hero, but of Somebody.' In primitive folk-lore the story or the incident was invented first; the name of the hero of the story came afterwards." — Athenæum, Feb. 21.

Leeds, J. W. The theatre; an essay upon the nonaccordancy of stage-plays with the Christian profession. Leonowens, Mrs. A. H. Life and travel in India; recollections of a journey before the days of railroads. [1884.] London. Corporation. London's roll of fame;


complimentary notes and addresses from the city on presentation of the freedom of that city, etc., 1757-1884; with critical and historical introd.

Low, S. J., and Pulling, F. S. The dictionary of English history.

"The articles are concise, accurate, and full of matter. The Priories, the Alienation of land, the Sheriff, the Tollages, the Succession wars, Berangeria, the Casket letters, the King never dies, the Exchequer, the New model, are a few of the articles.” — Academy, Jan. 3. Lubomirski, le prince J. Autour de Jérusalem; le Christianisme et la société. A8J48.1.96

Luther, M. Geist aus Luther's Schriften oder Concordanz der Ansichten und Urtheile des grossen Reformators; hrsg. von F: W: Lomler [u. a.). 1827-31. 4 v.

M'Sherry, K: El Puchero; or, A mixed dish from Mexico, Gen. Scott's campaign; with sketches of military life, etc. 1850. BD M24 Magruder, A. B. J. Marshall. (Amer. statesmen.) 65.M355M

Martens, F. de. Traité de droit international; tr. du russe par A. Léo. 1883.

"La traduction est bonne et l'arrangement extérieur du livre est tout à fait digne d'éloge." —— Revue de droit int., T. 16.

Maxwell, Mrs. M.. E.. B. Wyllard's wierd; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"In spite its obvious defects, is among the cleverest and most amusing works of the season." — Pall Mall budget, Mar. 20.

Maynard, G. de. Des notables et singulières questions de droict escrit, decidées et jugées par arrests mémorables de la cour du parlement de Tholose. 3e éd., rev. 1608. Mela, P. De situ orbis libri II. [cum notis variorum] curante A. Gronovio. VJ-M6-1722 Ménage, G. Ménagiana. 3e éd. 1715. 4 v.


Moltke, H. C: B., Graf von. Poland; an historical sketch; tr., with biog. notice, by E. S. Buchheim. 8MP H73 "From first to last of his essays there is no eloquence, no attempt to excite passion, no departure from the quiet language in which Field-Marshal von Moltke would now send in a report to his Sovereign. Captain von Moltke thought like a mathematician. The data are such and such, and therefore the consequences are so and so. That is all, and that is enough, for a more persuasive monograph was never written. He simply narrates, exactly as if he were describing certain defects of discipline which had made a particular regiment powerless in the field.". Athenæum, Feb. 21.

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H+M76 W5P.9819

Monticelli, T. Opere. 1841. 2 v.
Moore, F. Lyrics of loyalty. 1864.
Muntz, E. La renaissance en Italie et en France
à l'époque de Charles vi; illust.

"Not only artists, but patrons; not only scholars, but poets and historians; not only manners, but politics take their due place in the full and round picture he presents of the time. ... No work of the kind has ever yet been so well illustrated, and merely to look at the pictures' would be no mean education in the art and the manners of the times; but they are completely dominated by a text which is as entertaining as it is learned, for M. Muntz bears his knowledge lightly like a flower.'". Cosmo Monkhouse in the Academy, Feb. 21. Neill, E: D. Virginia vetusta, during the reign of of James I.; a suppl. to the History of the Virginia Co. 96T1-N31V


Neubaur, Dr. L. Die Sage vom ewigen Juden. "Fullness and minuteness of elaboration." Oct. 2. Norris, W. E. A man of his word; and other stories. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"A man of his word' is better constructed than the other tales, but it has the defect common to most of them of an abrupt conclusion. Some of the tales

close in a disastrous way that might be called tragic, if it was more artistic, but suddenness is not alone sufficient for an effect."- Athenæum, Mar. 7.

Norton, A. Verses. 1853.

W5P-N822 Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W. The open door; The portrait; two stories of the seen and unseen. VOL350P


Ovidius Naso, P. Przemiany. Przekl. B. H. Kicinskiego. 1825. 3 v. Paget, V. (pseud. Vernon Lee). Miss Brown; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"Not only a vivid picture of human life, but also both a severe satire and a tragedy. The subject of the satire is the falseness of the aesthetic ideal, while that of the tragedy is the sacrifice of a noble character on the altar of gratitude. These difficult themes are treated with great brilliance and originality, and with a literary and imaginative force which demand recognition. It is only to be regretted that both tragedy and satire are extremely and needlessly painful and unpleasant."— Cosmo Monkhouse in the Academy, Jan. 3.

Paris. Musée de l'Artillerie. Notice sur les collections. 1835.

Pasolini, P: D. Memoir of Count Giuseppe Pasolini; tr. and abridg. by the Dowager Countess of Dalhousie. 51-P26 5E P279

Pattison, M. Memoirs.

"Brief and fragmentary and uneven as these Memoirs' are (and written in the constant anticipation, perhaps cut short by the actual approach of death, they could hardly be otherwise), they yet depict as distinctly as, perhaps more distinctly than a fuller and more elab orate record might have done an intellect and temperament as extraordinary, and a life as unique in singleminded devotion to wisdom, as any that has been lived in our day. A deep human interest pervades the whole

of these brief memoirs, recording as they do the develment of the mind almost beyond comparison clear, subtle, and well-balanced, and the triais and sufferings of a character remarkably solitary, and yet intensely sensi tive of the opinion and judgment of others. The book is of value, too, as a commentary on the intellectual development of the times." — Pall Mall budget, Mar. 3. Payn, J. The talk of the town. VP29T

"Mr. Payn has turned the story of the Ireland forge. ries into a novel. ... One of his best. It is as viva. cious as any of its predecessors, as full of good spirits and buoyant fun, and its interest is as well sustained. It is, moreover, marked by a vein of pathos which seems to be more forcible and more natural than any he has previously worked. The book must have cost much labour, but the marks of it are not visible."-Athenæum, Jan. 31.

Perry, C. B. Twelve years among the colored people; a record of the work of Mount Calvary Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin, Balti


Pettenkofer, M. von. Die Cholera. [1882.] (Deutsche Bücherei.) VG3+9D48

Phaedrus. Fabulae expurgatae; acc. tract. de versu iambico, not.,et quaestiones. VJ.P4.1827 Polynesian, The. Vol. 1, 2, June 6, 1840 - Dec. 4, 1841. 2 v.

Same. New series. Vol. 2, May 24, 1845 –
May 16, 1846.

Proctor, R: A. How to play whist; with the laws and etiquette of whist; whist-whittlings, and forty fully-annotated games. (Knowledge lib.) sww.P94 Raulin, J: F. Historia ecclesiae Malabaricae cum Diamperitana synodo apud Indos Nestorianos. 1745.

Raynaldus or Reginaldus, W: Calvino-Tvrcism vs, id est Calvinisticae perfidiae, cum Mahvmetana collatio, et dilvcida vtrivsqve sectae confutatio. 1603.

Relacion del ultimo viage al estrecho de Magallanes de la fragata Santa Maria de la Cabeza, 1785 y 86. 1788. :BPM27-R Réville, A. Prolegomena of the history of religions; tr. by A. S. Squire; with introd. by F: M. Müller.

"M. Réville preserves the same attitude of complete neutrality towards both theology and philosophy. The work is very French; in saying which no disparagement is intended. It is the reproduction in a condensed form of lectures delivered at the College de France in 1880. On the whole M. Réville rather discourses on his subjects than discusses them. He is, however, honest in confining himself to what he knows, and his subjects are well chosen. The concluding sections on Theology,' Philosophy,' Morality,' 'Art,' 'Civilisation,' and Science,' are admirable discourses penetrated by the breath of boundless hope and courage. The translation is fairly executed." T. K. Cheyne in the Academy, Mar. 7.

Romanes, G. J. Jelly-fish, star-fish, and sea-urchins; a research on primitive nervous systems. (Internat. sci. ser.)

"Very largely a 'résumé 'of, or quotations from his pa pers in the Philosophical transactions.' It is to be feared that by writing both for the general reader, and the working physiologist the author may find himself blamed by the one for being too technical, and by the other for being too elementary."- Athenæum, Feb. 28. Rossi, G. F. B. M. de. Monumenta ecclesiae Aquilejensis, commentario hist.-chronol.-critico il. lustrata. 1740.

Sala, G: A: A journey due south; travels in search of sunshine. AP-SA3 Sarthiano, A. a. Opera omnia; in ordinem redacta, ac argumentis et adnotationibus illustrata a F. Haraldo. 1688.

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Seckendorff, V. L. von.

Ausführliche Historie des Lutherthums und der heilsamen Reformation, aus dem lat. ins deutsche übers. [von E. Frick]. 1714.


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Statesman's year-book, 1885; ed. by J. S. Keltie. Stearns, W. A. Labrador; its peoples, industries, and natural history. 1884. B4L11-ST3

Stephens, W. P. Canoe and boat building; a complete manual for amateurs; with plates. Stories by American authors. Vol. 10. V9ST72 Contents. Janvier, T. A. Pancha. Mitchell, E. P. The ablest man in the world. Stephens, C. A. Young Moll's Peevy. Kay, C: de. Manmat'ha. Boyesen, H. H. A daring fiction. Schayer, J. The story of two lives.


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Sundley, T., and Baruel, E. Dansk-norsk-fransk

Ordbog. 1883.

YCVDF SU7 "Plus s'avance la publication de ce dictionnaire, plus il nous semble complet et destiné à remplacer avantageusement celui de Borring, déjà un peu vieilli." - Rev. critique, 13 mars 1882. Sweden. Riksdag. Alla Riksdagars och Mötens

Besluth, samt Arfföreningar, RegementsFormer, Forsakringar och Bewillningar, 1521-1727; saml. af A. A. Stiernman. 172843. 4 v.

Tennant, G. The necessity of holding fast the truth; three sermons. 1743.

Tenner, A. Amerika. Der heutige Standpunkt der Kultur in den Vereinigten Staaten; Monographieen [von] deutsch-amerikanischen Schrisftsteller.


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Villon, F. Le jargon du 15e siècle; étude philologique. Onze ballades en jargon dont cinq ballades inédites, publiées pour la première fois d'après le ms. de la Bibliothèque Royale de Stockholm; précédées d'un discours prélim. par A. Vitu.


"L'entreprise de restaurer les ballades en jargon et de les comprendre était courageuse : elle a échoué." Revue critique, 20 oct.

Walker, J. M. Life of Captain Joseph Fry, the Cuban martyr. 1875. 65-F943

Walloth, W: Das Schatzhaus des Königs; ein Roman aus dem alten Ægypten. 3 v.

VGF W158 "The story is exceedingly dramatic. The principal characters, too, are well marked. But there is too much improbability in the plot."- Nation, May 22. Warren, W: F. Paradise found; the cradle of the human race at the North Pole; a study of the prehistoric world.

"Dr. Warren is confident that he has succeeded in solving the problem where the human race originated, or where the Garden of Eden was. Not a few will be startled to learn that the cradle of the human race was at the North Pole, but Dr. Warren sustains this theory with a surprising array of evidence, and this in turn throws much light on the most vital of the current problems of biology, terrestrial physics, ancient cosmology, comparative mythology, primeval history, scientific an thropology, and Hebrew and Ethnic tradition. Dr. Warren has given to this work the study of many years, and writes with an enthusiasm and assurance of victory which make his volume exceedingly interesting." Washington, G: Vie [par J. Sparks], correspon

dance et écrits; pub. d'après l'éd. amér. et préc. d'une introd. sur l'influence et le caractère de W. dans la Rév. des Etats-Unis d'Amérique, par M. Guizot. 1840. 6 v. Wayland, F. The pardoning power: where should it be lodged and how exercised? T Whittemore, G: H. Memorials of Horatio Balch Hackett. 1876.

Whittier, J: G. Poems. 1850.

65+H112 W5P-W614

Willey, F. O. Whither are we drifting as a na

tion. 1882.


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Woods and forests; a weekly illust. journal of forestry, ornamental planting, and estate management. Vol. 1. 1884. Yonge, C. M.. Stray pearls; memoirs of Margaret de Ribaumont, Viscountess of Bellaise. 1883. 2 v. VY8SV2 Young, J: R. Around the world with Gen. Grant. A0+18 1877-79. [1879.] 2 v.

Published by the Boston Athenæum, Beacon St., Boston, Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Office, Boston, Mass., as second class matter.

Abbott, J: S. C. South and North; or, Impressions received during a trip to Cuba and the South. 1860. B6S AB2 Adams, H. B. Norman constables in America; read before the N. E. Hist. Geneal. Soc., Feb. 1, 1882. 1883. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies.) Albermonti, I. Critica curiosa ad praetensam factu speciem et remonstrationem non existentis electionis serenissimi principis Josephi Clementis, etc. 1688.

Alexander, F. Roadside songs of Tuscany; ed. by J: Ruskin. Pt. 6. ¶VIN/AL Contents. Second part of the ballad of the Madonna and the gipsy. Ruskin, J. Notes on gipsy character. The story of Edwige.

Alif laila.

Tales from the Arabic of the Breslau and Calcutta (1814-18) eds. of the Book of the thousand nights and one night not occurring in other printed texts; now first done into English by J: Payne. 1884. 3 v. $V7G-AL4-PT Allen, E: H. Violin-making as it was and as it is; an historical, practical, and theoretical treatise on the science and art of violin-making. "Mr. Allen's historical speculations are no better and no worse than other peoples, except that they are crotchety. When he begins to describe the variety of the viol tribe, the book is a valuable and almost exhaustive summary of facts. The practical part of the book is excellent, and it is quite surprising that apparently so young a man should be such a master of his art, and so well able to teach others to make fiddles. No brief comment can give any idea of its substantial value, which is very considerable." - Saturday review,

Feb. 14.

American magazine, The, of useful and entertaining knowledge. Vol. 1. 1835. Annals of the army of Tennessee, and early western history; ed. by E. L. Drake. Vol. 1, Apr.

to Dec. 1878. 954T-D78 Audin, J: M. V. History of the life, writings, and doctrines of Luther; tr. by W: B. Turnbull. 1854. 2 v. 5G-1978A-E B***, Mme. Tableaux [etc. de la collection de Mme. B***, le] vente le 16-18 avril, 1877. Babeau, A. Les voyageurs en France, depuis la

Renaissance jusqu'à la Révolution. AF-4B11 Baedeker, K: West- und Mittel-Russland. 1883.

"One of the most valuable additions to Baedeker's collection of handbooks for travellers is the lately published West -und Mittel-Russland' with seven maps and thirteen plans. The extraordinary accuracy which has characterized the whole series is equally striking here." Nation, July 31.

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Bayard, J: F: A., and Chapelle, P. A. Mathilde, ou la jalousie; comédie. 1835. VFD+V43 and Jaime, P: J. R. Pour mon fils, comédievaudeville. 1841. VFD+V43 Bell, A. G. Memoir upon the formation of a deaf variety of the human race.

Benedict, XIV., Pope. Pastoral é instrucciones eclesiásticas para su diócesi; tr. del toscano por J. F. Raulin. T. 1. 1789.

Bible. N. T. Eng. The Right-Aim School Testament, comp. the New Testament, the preliminary brief of the Right-Aim School, the declaration of freedebtism, the free-debt rules, etc. 1834.

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Brassey, Lady A. In the trades, the tropics, and the roaring forties; [14000 miles in the "SunB-B73 beam," 1883]. Brockett, L. P. Life and times of A. Lincoln; incl. his speeches, messages, etc. 1865. 65-1634BR Buonarrotti, M. A., il vecchio. Selected poems; VIP B88S with trans.; ed. by E. D. Cheney. Bussigny, H. L. de. Handbook for horsewomen. SK B96 Caetani, M., duca di Sermoneta. Carteggio dan

tesco con Giambattista Giulani, Carlo Witte, Alessandro Torri, ed altri insigni Dantofili; con ricordo biografico di A. de Gubernatis. 1883. XVII.D23G Cambridge, Eng. University. Graduati Cantabrigienses, 1800-34; cura H: R: Luard. Cambridgeshire. Juratores. Inquisitio comitatus Cantabrigiensis, nunc primum e manuscripto unico in bibliotheca Cottoniana typis mandata; subjicitur Inquisitio Eliensis; cura, N. E. S. A. Hamilton. 1876.


Carey, M. The criminal recorder; awful beacon to the rising generation. 1810. EG C86 Chad, G. W. Narrative of the late revolution in Holland. 1814. :8H6-C34 Chapman, Rev. F. W. The Chapman family. 1854. 65-9Yc364

Chapman, J. L. Americanism versus Romanism; or, The cis-Atlantic battle between Sam and the Pope. 1856.

Clerkenwell. St. James Parish. True register of all the christeninges, mariages, and burialles, from 1551; ed. by R. Hovenden. Vol. 1: Christenings, 1551-1700. (Harleian Soc) :5E+9ZSA2J

Cobden, R: The three panics; an historical episode. 8EH.C63.2 Coppée, H: Grant and his campaigns; a military biography. 1866. 65-6767c Cornell University. Register, 1884-85. DV5c8.c Crawfurd, O. J: F: The world we live in; a novel. 2 v. Vc857w2 "Lively and sparkling throughout, and one can only regret that it is so short."- Athenæum, July 5. Crawhall, J. Chap-book chaplets. VEM+9c85

Contents. The Barkeshire lady's garland. The babes in the wood. I know what I know. - Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth. The taming of a shrew. Blew-cap for me. - John and Joan. George Barnewel.

"A reproduction in facsimile of the crudely printed and often humorously illustrated pamphlets that were hawked about the country by chapmen of a bygone age." - Olde ffrendes wyth newe faces; adorned with suitable sculptures. 1883. VEM+9c850

Contents. The louing ballad of Lorde Bateman. A true relation of the apparition of Mrs. Veal. - The long pack; a Northumbrian tale. The sword dancers. - John Cunningham, the pastoral poet. - Ducks and green peas, or the Newcastle rider; a tale in rhyme.. Ducks and green peas; a farce. Andrew Robinson Stoney Bowes, Esq. The gloamin' buchte. Critic, pseud. Discriminate; a companion to "Don't;" manual for guidance in the use of correct words and phrases. VE6.C86 Croker, B. M. Some one else; a novel. (Franklin

Sq. lib.)

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"Recalls Pretty Miss Neville,' but is not quite equal to it." W: Wallace in the Academy, Feb. 7. "D" Society. Historical sketch of Co. D, 13th Regt. N. J. Vols.; with muster roll of the Co. 1875. 954N2 H62 Dawson, G: F. Life and services of Gen. J: A. Logan as soldier and statesman. 65.1823D Day, D. L. My diary of rambles with the 25th Mass. Vol. Infantry, with Burnside's Coast Division, 18th Army Corps, and Army of the James.


Deming, II: C. Life of U. S. Grant. 1868.

65-G767D Des Essarts, A. S. I.. Les célébrités francaises; vies et portraits. 1862. 5F+90D45 Desilver, R. Philadelphia directory and stranger's guide, 1828.

Dexter, O. P. Genealogical cross index of the Geneal. dictionary of J. Savage. 66-58A91 Donaldson, A. History of the churches in Blairsville presbytery, read Jan. 28, 1874. Evans, Col. A. S. Our sister republic; a gala trip through tropical Mexico, 1867-70. BD-EV1 Frankfort. Societas Aperiendis Fontibus Rer. German Med. Aevi. Monumenta Germaniae historica, 500-1500. T. i. 1879-84. :86/9PD Fraser, Col. H. Memoir and correspondence of Gen. James Stuart Fraser, of the Madras army. 5DS-F863 "Contains matter of high interest and importance to the student of Indian history and administration." Athenæum, Feb. 21.

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Fullom, S. W. History of W: Shakespeare; with new facts. 2d ed. 1864. VE-S9F95 Gardiner, H: New England's vindication; ed., with notes, by C: E: Banks, M. D. (Gorges Soc.) 9601-G17 Geer, J: J. Beyond the lines; or, A Yankee prisoner loose in Dixie; with introd. by Rev. A. Clark. 1863. 9541.G27 Giddings, M. S. The Giddings family; or, the descendants of G: Giddings who came from St. Albans, Eng., to Ipswich, Mass., in 1635. 65-9YG36 Gilman, A. The Gilman family traced in the line of Hon. J: Gilman, of Exeter, N. H.; with an account of other Gilmans in England and America. 1869. 65-9YG42 Girard, J. Etudes sur la poésie grecque. 1884. XVPP G44


"Des morceaux où la solidité du savoir s'allie naturelle. ment avec la finesse du goût. ... M. J. G. est très touché des belles choses et tandis que d'autres, dans la littérature, aiment surtout ce qu'elle peut renfermer ou d'his toire ou de philosophie, il semble que, pour lui, ce soit surtout le côté de l'art qui soit le plus attrayant; mais il est à la fois trop consciencieux et trop fin pour ne pas vouloir admirer en pleine connaissance de cause, et son goût délicat ne dédaigne pas l'érudition: il se contente de la dissimuler discrètement.". - Revue critique, 3 nov. Girardin, J. Sans-Cœur. 1884. VFF G4438 Goodale, G: L. Physiological botany. 1: Outlines of the histology of phænogamous plants. 6th ed.

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