Slike stranica

Audebrand, P., and others.

Anderdon, J: L. Life of T: Ken, Bp. of Bath and Wells; by a layman. 2d ed. 1854. 2 v. 5E-K335A2 Autrefois, ou le bon vieux temps; types français du 18e siècle. [1842.] VF8+AU Baird, C: W. History of the Huguenot emigration to America. 2 v.

"The subject is worth writing about, and the volumes are clad in the beauty of scholarship. The manner of treatment, while not without some defects, is on the whole doubtless worthy of high commendation. The book is full of learning that has been brought together from obscure hiding places in various parts of Europe and America." — Č: Kendall Adams in the Dial, June. Ballads. 935 ballads. 18-.] Bible rule of life, The. 1874. Bird, H. E. Chess masterpieces; a collection of 150 games of the past quarter of a century, with notes incl. the finest games in the exhib. tournament of 1851, and the Vienna tournament of 1873, etc. [1875.] SX-B53 Blavignac, J. D. Armorial genevois; essai historique sur les armoiries, etc., de Genève. 1849. 7LKG-B61 VFF B6434M

Bonnières, R. de. Les Monach.

"Pages vives et brillantes où une plume alerte leur a retracé les triomphes et les souffrances des Monach, parvenus de race étrangère, dont l'intrusion dans une société nourrie d'autres traditions devient une cause de conflits et de deuils." Rev. d. D. Mondes, 15 jan.

Bryant, W: C. Poems; illust. by the Brothers
Dalziel. New ed. 1860.
Bunyan, J. The pilgrim's progress; with illust. by
D. Scott, life by J. M. Wilson, and notes by
T: Scott. [1859.]

Buttre, L. C. American portrait gallery, with bi-
ographical sketches. 1877. 3 v.
Canova, A. Le muse coi loro poeti e filosofi, tav.
10; [engravings from bas-reliefs in model,
by M. Torres, etc. 17-].
Cantab, The; nos. 1-9. 1808?
Cantacuzène-Altieri, Princesse O. Fleur de Neige.

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Clark, C: C. P. The commonwealth reconstructed. 1878. ER5-C54 Combe, A. Principles of physiology applied to the preservation of health, and to the im. provement of physical and mental education. 1834.


"Les Monach,' et le Baron Vampire. Même thème, donnée presque identique, épisodes cousins germains et variations issues de germaines. Dans les Monach,' un art plus délicat; dans le Baron Vampire,' une touche plus rude, mais sans être brutale." — Rev. pol. et lit., 14 fév.

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Ewald, A. C: sketches.

Davenport, A. B. Account of the 100th anniv. of the Congregational church, North Stamford, Ct., June 6, 1882.

Day, S: P. Life and society in America. 1880. 2 v. B5-D33 Deacon, W: F: Warreniana; with notes, critical and explanatory. 1824. VEC-9W2 Dibdin, C: Sea-songs; with memoir by W. Kit

chiner. 1823. Disraeli, B: The Runnymede letters; with introd. and notes by F. Hitchman. EAEGO D63

"In the worst possible style. Turgid, bombastic, full of the falsest taste, they are beneath contempt from a literary point of view. The violence and injustice of their language exceeds what one would have thought possible." Spectator, Apr. 18.

Du Boisgobey, F.


Le coup de pouce. 2e éd. 1876. VFF D855CLP Studies re-studied; historical 8E-Ewls A delicate mission.The revolt of Sir T: Last hours of Mary,

A knight-errant's The bloody assizes.

Contents. A bas les Juifs. The field of the cloth of gold. Wyatt. Rejected addresses. Queen of Scots. - Westward ho! pilgrimage. -The rye-house plotThe warming pan.

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Francesetti, L:, conte di Mezzenile. Lettres sur les vallées de Lanzo. 1823. AIL29-F84 Furman, G. Antiquities of Long Island; added, a bibliography by H: Onderdonk, Jr.; ed. by F. Moore. 1874. 967186-F

F. The Count and his cotempors. 1837. VEP-G113 Galerie de l'ancienne cour, ou mémoires anecdotes pour servir à l'histoire des règnes de Louis XIV et de Louis xv. 1786. 3 v. :8FD 1G13 Gem of the season, The, for 1850; ed. by N. P. Willis. 1850. w5-7628 Gigoux, J: F. Causeries sur les artistes de mon


"Anecdotes of Gavarni and Monnier, of Daumier and Corot, of Delacroix and Ingres, of Gautier and Vigny, of Pradier and Nanteuil, of Johonnot and Deveria, of Bonnington and Clésinger can hardly but be worth the turning over." — Saturday rev., Feb. 14.

Gladstone, W: E. Church principles considered


in their results.


Glossary of provincial words used in the county of Cumberland. 1851. YEQCD G51

Glouvet, J. de. L'étude Chandoux.


"M. de Glouvet returns to that peasant life which he knows so well, and which he draws with a less brutal pen than some others." Sat. rev., Apr. 11.

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Hawthorn, H., pseud.? A visit to Babylon, with observations, moral and political. 1829. AEL84-H31 Head, Sir F. B. Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau; by an old man. 1834. ADSABIR8 Hopkins, C: A. The march to the sea. (Soldiers'

and Sailors' Hist. Soc. of R. I.) 965-8804 Horsburgh, J. Memoirs comprising the navigation to and from China by the China Sea, and through the various straits, etc. 1805. :A5IN2+H Husk, W: H: Account of the musical celebrations on St. Cecilia's Day in the 16th-18th centuries. 1857.

Ingelow, J. Poems of the old days and the new.



"Jean Ingelow has an assured place among the poets of the household, whatever may be her place upon ParRosamund' is perhaps the best-although there are portions of The sleep of Sigismund,' which have a striking and quite peculiar beauty." - W: Morton Payne in the Dial, June.

Jeanne, G. Histoire des Etats-Unis. 1856-59. 4 v. 951.J34

John Bull magazine, and literary recorder. Vol. 1. 1824.

Kirkland, Mrs. C. M. Our new home in the west; or, glimpses of life among the early settlers; illust. by F. O. C. Darley. 1872. R71.63 Ladies' cabinet of fashion, music, and romance. Vol. 8-10, 1842, 43; [n. s.] v. 2-8, 1845-48. 1842-48. 16 v.

Lafuente y Alcántara, E. Cancionero popular; coleccion escogida de seguidillas y coplas. 1865. 2 v. VHXP-9113 Lamartine, A. M. L: de P. de. Le dernier chant du pélerinage d'Harold. 1825. VFP-L16D La Morinière, C. de. French prepositions and idioms. 2d ed. YFN-M82

"All the big grammars put together are of less avail towards a thorough command and nice comprehension of French than this volume of some two hundred and fifty pages, in which a perfect acquaintance is displayed both with the needs of the learner and the correlative duties of the teacher."- Spectator, Mar. 14. L'Estrange, Rev. A. G. History of English humour; with an introd. upon ancient humour. 1878. 2 v. XVEA L56 Letchworth, W: P. Sketch of the life of S: F. Pratt, with account of the Pratt family. 1874. 65-P88 Lièvre, E: Les collections célèbres d'œuvres d'art; textes historiques et descriptifs de F. de Sauley, etc. 1866. Lolli, G. Osservazioni sopra il giuoco degli scacchi. 1743. SX/183 Lyons, Capt. W. F. Brigadier General T: Francis Meagher; his political and military career; with selections from his speeches and writings. 1870.


Macquoid, K. S. Louisa; a novel. 2 v. VM24L "It is as a psychological study that Louisa' chiefly claims attention; and from that point of view Mrs. Macquoid merits praise for the clear conception she has formed of a peculiar type of disposition, and the consistency with which she has worked it out.” — R: F. Littledale in the Academy.

Marshall, G: W. The genealogist's guide; a general search through genealogical, typog., and biog. works, etc. 2d ed. 5E-9Y0м3-2 Martel, la comtesse de (pseud. Gyp). Sans voiles. VFF G998

8e éd.

"A lively and somewhat risky' book, which, however, keeps well on what we venture to regard as the right side of the line." — Sat. rev., May 16. Marvin, C: The Russians at the gates of Herat.

861H4 M

"While it bears the marks of hasty composition, yet, on the whole it is an admirable summary, and as an introduction and key to the telegraphic news in the daily papers it is invaluable." — Nation, Apr. 23. Maxwell, Mrs. M. E.. B. Ishmael; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

Mercer, H: G. The Lenape stone, or the Indian and the mammoth.

"The stone in question was found in Buck's County, Pennsylvania, in 1872, by a farmer while ploughing. It did not come under scientific observation until ten years later, in 1882, and then evoked contradictory opinions regarding its authenticity. The relic exhibits a remarkable carving on a 'gorget stone,' representing a battle between Indians and the hairy mammoth." Dial, June.

Meredith, G: Diana of the Crossways; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)


"Whether Mr. Meredith's apologia for witty and beautiful ladies who like to skate upon thin ice is a successful one may he doubted. But as a literary display, the novel is unequalled. It is written with a cleverness that is almost painful, epigrammatic sentences, phrases stuffed to bursting with meaning, make up with the least possible matrix of padding, a literary mosaic. The novel is decidedly the best Mr. Meredith has given to the world." - Spectator, Apr. 18. Meye, H. The stone sculptures of Copán and Quiriguá; hist, and desc. text by J. Schmidt; tr. by A. D. Savage. 1883. Moore, T: Cantus Hibernici; Latine redditi. Ed. nova a N: L. Torre. 1856-59. 3 v.

VEP-M784-L Mullhall, M. G. The English in South America. [1878.] 9F-M89 Munich. Königliche Bildergallerie. Verzeichniss der Gemälde. 4te Ausg. 1835. Neale, J: P., and Le Keux, J: Views of the most interesting collegiate and parochial churches in Great Britain; incl. screens, fonts, monuments, etc.; with historical and architectural description. 1824-25. 2 v. Nemesianus, M. A. O. La bucolica di Nemesiano e di Calpurnio; volgarizzata da T. G. Farsetti. 1761. VIP-N34 Nettleship, H: Lectures and essays on subjects connected with Latin literature and scholarXVJ N38 Contents. Note on Mr. Verrall's studies in Horace.Moritz Haupt. Early Italian civilization. The earliest Italian literature. - The Pro Cluentio of Cicero. Catullus. Suggestions introd. to the study of Aeneid. Horace. Verrius Flaccus. Note on the glosses of Placidus. The Noctes Atticae of Aulus Gellius Nonius Marcellus. Thilo's Servius. Critical mis. cellanies.

ship. (Clarendon press ser.)

"They bear on every page signs of the labor improbus,' which is at once the best of models, and the necessary condition of any real addition to our knowledge of writers often neglected, but here shown to be capable of yielding most valuable fruit.” — A. S. Wilkins in the Academy, May 2.

Neureuther, E. N. Baierische Gebirgslieder mit Bildern gezeichnet von E. Neureuther. 1831. New review, or monthly analysis of general literature. No. 17, May 1814. $X2A-B99 Noble, E. The Russian revolt; its causes, condiBB N66

tion, and prospects.


"What is good is commonplace, and what is new is irrelevant. One salient and valuable reflection occurs just at the last: that the hope of Russia is federalism, a voluntary federation of the reconstructed Slav republics which were destroyed in the building of the Tzardom. In view of these last few pages one wishes that Mr Noble had thrown away his first ten or twelve chapters and had really written on the Russian Revolt." N. M. Wheeler in the Dial, June. Norris, J. P. The portraits of Shakespeare.

VE+$93N79 Northern light, The; devoted to free discussion and to the diffusion of useful knowledge, etc. Vol. 2, no. 7-12, Oct. 1842 Mar. 1843; Vol. 3, May 1843 - Apr. 1844. 1843-44. 2 v. Norton, A. T. History of Sullivan's campaign

against the Iroquois. 1879.

952-82 O'Brien, F.-J. The diamond lens, with other stories; coll. and ed., with a sketch of the author, by W: Winter. VоB6

Paris, Parliament de. Relation contenant la svitte et conclvsion dv iovrnal de tovt ce qvi s'est passé au Parlement, 1652-53. Pattern book for jewellers, gold and silversmiths. [212 plates.]

Pedro 11, Emp. of Brazil. La mission actuel des souverains par l'un d'eux. 4e éd. 1884. E3-P34

Pettengill, S. B. The college cavaliers; sketch of the service of a company of college students in the Union army in 1862. 954R P45 Philbrick, J: D. City school systems in the U. S. DA-UN3C Euvres complètes. 1865. 2 v.

Ponsard, F.

VFD-P77 Porée, C: G. Histoire de Don Ranucio d'Aletez. 1738. 2 v. :VFF P82 VIP P88

Prati, G. Psiche; sonetti. 1876. Prince, M. The nature of mind and human automatism.

"Written from the standpoint of the physiologist, and is in close sympathy with the utterances of Lewes, Spencer, Huxley, and Clifford, but is in some degree original, and more than a re-statement of their views. The book indicates no little acuteness, is fruitful in scattered ore, and is in the main closely written. The author shows an acquaintance with English and American writers who have approached psychology from the phy. siological side, but is evidently not acquainted with the history of speculative thought." G. S. F. in the American, May 30.

Prins, A. La démocratie et le régime parlementaire. 1884. E6-P93


"Un livre petit en étendue, mais d'une haute portée, car il aborde le problème le plus redoutable du présent, celui dont la solution déterminera probablement tout l'avenir de notre civilisation. Ce problème, le voici. Dans notre vieille Europe, nous assistons à un envahissement général de la démocratie, nous constatons dance de fonder sur cette démocratie le régime parle. mentaire et nous voyons que cette tentative amène partout des résultats déplorables et n'arrive à fonder rien de solide. Le livre de M. Prins, que personne n'étudiera sans profit."— Geffcken in Rev. de droit int., v. 16, no. 6, 1884.

Pyle, H. Within the Capes.


"Distinctively not of the modern school of minute analysis. It is, indeed, an old-fashioned tale, simply told. The pages devoted to the short voyage, and the wreck of the ship, the struggle for life of a boat-load of the survivors, and the experiences of Tom and Jack on the island are strongly dramatic and true to actuality, one would say, and worthy to be classed with the best work of Mr. Clark Russell." American, May 22. Rita; an autobiography. 1859. VR51 Ritchie, L. Ireland picturesque and romantic. 1837-38. 2 v. (Heath's picturesque annual.) Rousse, A. J. E. Discours, plaidoyers, et œuvres diverses; rec. et pub. par Fernand Worms. VE-R762 "Les plaidoyers occupent la moindre place dans les œuvres d'un des grands avocats de notre temps. Mais ce qui nous paraît plus particulièrement remarquable dans ces deux volumes, ce qui leur donne, à notre avis, un intérêt historique et moral de premier ordre, c'est le discours prononcé par M. Rousse comme bâtonnier, le 2 décembre, 1871, ce sont ses souvenirs du siège et de la Commune de Paris,' qui forment la plus grande partie du second volume. Le discours contient les enseignements les plus courageux donnés dans une langue toujours irréprochable, ferme sans sécheresse, élégante sans recherche."- L. Renault in Rev. de droit int.

1884. 2 v.

Sanson, Voyage ou relation de l'état présent du royaume de Perse. 1695. :A6P SA5

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Shakespeare, W:

Venus and Adonis; the 1st quarto, 1593; a fac-simile in photo-lithography by W: Griggs; with introd. by A. Symons. [188-.] VE:SÓW Shew, J. Hydropathy, or the water cure; its principles, modes of treatment, etc. 1844. Simon, J. F. S. S., dit J. Le libre-échange. 1870. CX-815 Smith, Rev. C. B. Philosophy of reform; in which are exhibited the design, principle, and plan of God for the full devlopment of man as a social, civil, intellectual, and moral being. 1846. C.SM5

Smith, H. and J. Rejected addresses; or, The new theatrum poetarum. 4th ed. 1812. :VEA N42 Sophocles. Edipus the King; tr. into English verse by E. D. A. Morshead. VP 850T EM "Mr. Morshead's version has an ease and flow very rare in translations. It is a product of real poetic faculty, of high scholarship, cultured taste, and careful labour. The rendering is close enough to afford mate. rial help to the student; and the workmanship is such that the learner will never be betrayed into the mistake that Sophocles could be bald or frigid." - Robert Y. Tyrrell in the Academy, May 23.

Stapfer, P. Les artistes juges et parties; causeries parisiennes. 1872. VF3 ST2 Stephanini, J. Personal narrative of [his] sufferings; incl. accounts of the capture of Patras, of some of the principal events of the Greek Revolution, etc. 1829. 50.sr4 Steven, W: History of the High School of Edinburgh. 1849.

Stevenson, R. L:, and F. N. de G.

More new

Arabian nights: The dynamiter.
Same. (Leisure hour ser.)

"Again Mr. Stevenson shows his unique power of vivid and penetrative language, his absolute command of the right word. Never was a work of an inexact and even fanciful description' written in such dainty and lucid English, or with so light a play of wit."— J. W. Mackail in the Academy, May 23.


Stewart, D. Works, in 7 vols. Vol. 6. 1829.

Contents. Vol. 6. Progress of philosophy since the revival of letters in Europe. Subdued Southern nobility; a Southern ideal, by one of the nobility. 1882. wor sul Targe, J: B. Histoire de l'avénement de la maison de Bourbon au trône d'Espagne. 1772. 6 v. :8HXB T17 Taylor, S. Profit-sharing between capital and labour; essays, added, a memorandum on the industrial partnership at the Whitwood collieries, 1865-74; by A. and H: C. Briggs. CG T21 Tobacco talk and smokers' gossip. 1884. D978 T55 Treat, M.. Home studies in nature.


"It has all the interest of the most popular' science for the general reader, but is deserving of a higher sort of characterization than the term implies, being the work of a close and well equipped observer. It contains so much that is new as to constitute a real contribution to natural history."- Dial, June.

Tromholt, S. Under the rays of the aurora borea

lis; in the land of the Lapps and Kvæns; ed. by C: Siewers. 2 v. AAXL-T75 "Mr. Sophus Tromholt who is by birth a Dane, but by naturalization a Norwegian visited Lapland as a participator in the work of the International Polar Re search Expeditions, in order to study the phenomenon


of the aurora borealis. His main object was to determine the height of the phenomenon above the surface of the earth. Mr. Tromholt did not, however, open his eyes only to watch the aurora borealis. He examined everything that came in his way; and he took with him, moreover, a photographic apparatus, of which he made use at every opportunity, the result being that the two volumes contain, in a literary as well as in a pictorial sense, a very complete sketch of the conditions of existence in an arctic land that has been but

little visited by Englishmen. He devotes a long and learned though not by any means a dry chapter to his theories respecting the aurora borealis, and elaborately explains the series of observations which lead him to suppose that the average height above the earth of the lower edges of the aurora which he examined was slightly over seventy miles. The two volumes may be read with pleasure. Their scientific value is considerable; and they give the most minute account that has yet been published of the home life and habits of one of the few remaining savage peoples of Europe." - St. James's budget, May 23.


Turnament of Totenham, The, and The feest; early ballads printed [by T: Wright] from a ms. in the Library of the Univ. of Cambridge. 1836. VEN T84 Tuttle, S: L. History of the Presbyterian church, Madison, N. J.; discourse, Nov. 23, 1851. 1855.

Histoire critique de l'école d'Alex1846. 3 v.

Vacherot, E. andrie. Valois, A. de. Valesiana, ou les pensées critiques, historiques, et morales, et les poésies latines de M. de Valois, recueillies par [C:] de Valois. 1794. :VF V24 Varennes, G. de. La victoire du mari. 1884. VFFV42V

"Roman bien écrit, bien noué, un peu hardi.”— Polybiblion, Jan. Villavicencio, M. Geografia de la republica del Ecuador. 1858. BJ-V71 Vita Haroldi; romance of the life of Harold, King of England; ed., with notes and tr. by W. De G. Birch. SEIP-V83 Waters, H: F. G. Genealogical gleanings in England. Vol. 1, pt. 1. 65-9Y0w3 Watkins, J: Memoirs of the life and writings of Lord Byron, with anecdotes of some of his contemporaries. 1822. 5E-B993MM Weisse, J: A. Origin, progress, and destiny of the English language and literature. 1879. YE-4W43 Wilberforce, E:, and Blanchard, E. F. Poems. 1857. VEP W64 Willis, N. P. Prose writings; selected by H: A. Beers. w5.w676P Williams, W. M. The chemistry of cookery. "Can only be appreciated, understood, even, by persons of learning, and they do not need it."-American, May 30.

"A treatise embodying valuable and practical facts like these cannot be too highly commended.” — Dial June.

Worsley, H: Life of Martin Luther. 1856. 2 v. 5G-L978W

Published by the Boston Atheneum, Beacon St., Boston, Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Office, Boston, Mass.,

as second class matter.

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Abbott, E. A. Francis Bacon; an account of his life and works. 5E-B132AF


"He has not merely studied deeply all Bacon's published writings, but has shown great keenness of insight into the character that is revealed in them. Unfortunately, though his apparatus would have been com. plete if the subject of his biography had lived in the nineteenth century, and therefore in an atmosphere with which both author and reader are familiar, it is not enough when the subject of the biography has been dead more than two hundred years. The author who would succeed under such conditions must be not merely thoroughly but instinctively familiar with the problems of the age in which the personage he describes lived, and with the aims and ideas which were natural to it, however strange they may seem to us. It is in this necessary knowledge that Dr.Abbott most distinctly fails."—S: R. Gardiner in the Academy, June 13. Allston, W. Outlines and sketches. 1850. Alva y Astorga, P: Bibliotheca virginalis, sive Mariae mare magnum. 1648. 3 v. American Antiquarian Society. Account of the Soc., with list of its publications, by N. Paine. 1876. 964w9-P Brief notice of the library and cabinet, by N. Paine. 1873. 964w9-P List of books received from the Brinley library; added catalogue of the Mather publications, compiled by N. Paine. 1879. 964w9-P

Report of the council, April 27, 1881. 964w9-P Béranger, P: J: de. Euvres posthumes: dernières chansons, 1838-51; ma biographie, avec appendice et notes. 1858. VFN B45D Le Béranger des familles. 1859. VFP B451B Chansons, 1815-34; cont. dix chansons publ. en 1847. Ed. elzévir. [1858.] VFN B45C Bompas, G: C. Life of Frank Buckland.



"Great as was his kindness to the lower animals, and hearty as was his pleasure in them, he seemed to take them quite naturally just as they took each other. Frank Buckland knew what he could do, and did it. He was a naturalist with a practical bias, proposing rather to turn bis insight into natural history to some practical account than to extend the limits of the speculative principles which it opened up. He was never so happy as when he was improving the resources of the world, and improving the physical condition of some of the lower animals at the same time." Spectator, June 6. Boston pearl and galaxy; gazette devoted to literature, etc. Vol. 20, 21. 1836-38. 2 v. Boston recorder. Vol. 7-9. 1822-24. 3 v. Botero, G. Relations of the most famous kingdomes and commonwealths thorowout the world; tr. by R. I.; with add. of new estates, etc. 1630. :A B65 E Brongniart, A. Traité des arts céramiques ou des poteries. 2e éd., augm. par A. Salvétat. 1854. 2 v.

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Butler, L. C. Memorial record of Essex, Vt., [in the civil war]. 1866. 963E87-B


Caine, T. H. Cobwebs of criticism; a review of the first reviewers of the "Lake," " Satanic," and "Cockney" schools. 1883. XVEPV-C12 Coney, J: A series of 56 etchings; architectural sketches in France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. [1883.]

Contes de Figaro; par Du Boisgobey, Claretie, Coppée, Etincelle, Mary, Monselet, Richard, Villiers de l'Isle-Adam. VFF-9F46 Copper plate magazine, The; monthly cabinet of picturesque prints; views in Great Britain and Ireland. Vol. 1-5. [1794-99.] 4 v.

$AE-7c7 w5F c855z

Crawford, F. M. Zoroaster.

"Throughout the book, and especially in the opening chapters, which treat of the fall of Belshazzar and the old age of Daniel, Mr. Crawford has modelled his style closely and happily upon that of the Bible." — Athenaum, June 6, Cruikshank, G: Etchings, etc.

Forty illustrations of Lord Byron. [1824.] ¶VEP-B99C Cumming, C. F. G. Via Cornwall to Egypt.

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Darmesteter, J. The Mahdi, past and present; [tr.

by A. S. Ballin].

"A very slight sketch, and contains nothing that will be new to readers of Oriental history; but since not one in a thousand ever does read anything Oriental,it is well that so excellent a scholar as Professor Darmesteter should explain some of the commonplaces of Eastern theology. Pleasant and instructive reading, and Miss Ballin has translated it carefully, and added to its interest by her supplement of newspaper letters about the Mahdi and the siege of Khartoum.' Athenæum, June 13.

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Dickens, C: J: H. The haunted man and the ghost's bargain. 1848. $VD55H Donaldson, T. L. 12 views in Italy; engr. by W. B. Cooke. 1839. $AI+D71 Dramatic notes; a chronicle of the London stage, 1879-82; illust. 1883.

Du Boisgobey, F. Mérindol. 1883. VFF D855MS Du Camp, M. Souvenirs de l'année 1848: la révolution de février; le 15 mai; l'insurrection de juin. 1876. 8FK D85 Duranti, D., conte. Rime. 2a ed. 1755. vVIP+D93 Edwards, Miss M. B. Love and mirage; or The waiting on an island; and other tales. 2 v. VED94L "Is a little gem in every respect; the descriptions of scenery are prose-poetry, and the sketches of German society are both far-seeing and sympathetic.” - Academy, Nov. 8.

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