Slike stranica

Ramsay, A. The evergreen; a collection of Scots poems wrote by the ingenious before 1600; repr. from the orig. ed. 1875. 2 v.

VDSP 9R1.2 Regnier, Mme. La couleuvre; roman. 1882.

Le péché d'une vierge; roman.

VFF D24CO 1881. VFF D24P Le petit breviaire du Parisien; [orné de croquis de F. Regamey]. 1883. VFA D24 Rome as it was under Paganism and as it became under the Popes. 1843. 2 v. 8J-R66 Roosevelt, T. Hunting trips of a Ranchman; sketches of sport on the northern cattle plains; illust. SB+R673 Rituel funéraire

Rougé, O. C: C. E., vicomte d'.

des anciens Egyptiens; texte en écriture hiératique, pub. d'après les papyrus du Louvre, et préc. d'une introduction. 1861. Saint-Pierre, J. H: B. de. Paolo e Virginia. 1829. VFF SA27.1 Saint Prest, J: Y. de. Histoire des traités de paix et autres négotiations du 17e siècle depuis la paix de Vervins jusqu'à la paix de Nimègue. 1725. 2 v.

Sainte Beuve, C. A: Le général Jomini; étude. Nouv. éd. 1880. 5K.J681s Portraits de femmes. Nouv. éd. corrigée. XVFX SU2.2

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A propos des bibliothèques populaires. 1867.

Schlumberger, G. Les Iles des Princes.

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AQIL SCH3 "Où les Grecs du Phanar et les Francs de Péra, quand la chaleur les chasse de Constantinople, vont cher. cher l'ombre et la fraicheur, c'est là jadis que pendant bien des siècles, dans des monastères qui subsistent encour, se sont dénoués bien des drames de l'histoire byzantine. Tout en ménageant notre ignorance, et sans nous accabler de fastidieux détails M. Schlumberger s'est complu à en faire revivre quelques grandes scènes." Rev. d. D.Mondes, 15 sept. 1884.

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Searing, A. E. P. Land of Rip Van Winkle; tour through the Catskills; its legends and traditions; illust. B67C29/SE Seneca, L. A. Hercules Furens; a tragedy; ed. by C: Beck. 1845. VJ 82H 1845 Morals by way of abstract; added, discourse by Sir R. L'Estrange. 4th Amer. ed. 1807. VJ.S2MO EL 2 Shakespeare, W: Lucrece, 1st quarto, 1594; a fac-simile by C: Praetorius; with forewords by F. J. Furnivall. VE-S5X Works; with corr. and illust. of Dr. Johnson, G. Stevens, etc.; rev. by I: Reed 3d Bostyn, from 5th London ed. 1810-12. 9 v. (v. 4, 5 w.). VF S1810 VSM2S

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Smart, H. Struck down; a novel.

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"Struck down is at least brisk as a police report but it is miserable stuff." - E. Purcell in the Academy, July 18. Storrs, R: S. The divine origin of Christianity in

dicated by its historical effects.

"The method is not new; nor the facts on which Dr. Storrs bases his argument of a recondite nature. What is new and striking is the manner in which both the facts and the method are used. The facts are arranged in luminous order, and set forth with fervour and elo

quence. The union of close, cogent reasoning, and eloquent speech, is remarkable.". Spectator, Aug. 1. Tennyson, A. Lord. Lyrical poems; selected and annot. by F. T. Palfrey. VEP T252LY Vanburgh, Sir J: Plays. 1759. 2 v. VED V27 Van Slyck, J. D. Representatives of New Eng land; manufacturers. 1879. 2 v.

66/v36 Thiers, L: A. Hist. de la révolution du 4 sept. et de l'insurrection du 18 mars; dépositions devant les commissions d'enguête parlemen8FM1 T34 taire. [1873]. Veuillot, L: F. Melanges religieux, hist., polit., et littéraires. 3e sér. 1876. 6 v. VF-V643 Vv640

Les odeurs de Paris. 11e éd. [188-?] Vitale, F. A. Storia diplomatica de' senatori di Roma, dalla decadenza dell imperio romano fino a nostri tempi; con una serie di monete senatorie. 1791. 2 v. FJW+83 Ware, J. R., and Mann,R. K. Life and times of Col. Fred Burnaby. 5E-B931W

"His memory has had a narrow escape, for his biog raphers are sadly lacking in the sense of proportion, and display besides that absence of humour which is sometimes an abounding cause of mirth in others. And yet thanks mainly to free and on the whole judicious choice of extracts from his writings and speeches, they have produced a fairly clear and intelligible portrait.". Athenæum, Aug. 15.

Waters of Hercules, The; a novel. (Harper's handy ser.) ✓w31 Weiss, A. Etude sur les conditions de l'extradition. 1880. White, Stokes, & Allen. Guide and select directory; what to see and where to buy in New York City; with map, etc. ¶B67N42.6W Wilkins, W: N. Art impressions of Dresden, Berlin, and Antwerp, with selections from the galleries. 1860. Winchester (Mass.) Hist. and Geneal. Society. Winchester record. Vol. 1, no. 1-3. Jan.July 1885. T964w72-7w Windsor, A. L. Ethica; or, Characteristics of men, manners, and books. 1860. XVE-w72 Wright, W. The empire of the Hittites; with de

cipherment of inscriptions by A. H. Sayce; map by C. Wilson, and Captain Conder; and complete set of Hittite inscriptions, rev. by 88U-w93 by W. H. Rylands. Wylie, J. H. History of England under Henry IV. Vol. 1.

8E2B W97

"The first portion of what must be called the only history of the reign of Henry IV., if it be not altogether so attractive as some other historical works of our time, it at least redeems from darkness a portion of our annals as to which there was particular need of more satisfactory information. Mr. Wylie has availed himself both of printed and unprinted sources." - Athenæum, Nov. 29.

Yonge, C.. M.. The two sides of a shield. VY8TX In no way inferior to the many that have preceded it." Athenæum, June 6. Zoellner, J: C: F: Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen. B. 1: 2. 1r, 2r Th. 1878. 3 v. Hl.25

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Eschylus. Prometheus; with notes, by T. D.
Woolsey. New ed. rev. [1850.]
VP A2PR 1850
Afterem, G:, pseud.? Silken threads; a detective

Agge, A. A., and Brooks, M. M.


"As a souvenir of Marblehead this book holds a place which it would be hard to contest." — - Literary world, Aug. 22.

Arber, E: The first three English books on America, [1511]-1555; chiefly trans., compilations, etc. by R: Eden from the writings, maps, etc. of P: Martire, S. Münster, S. Cabot, etc. B21+9AR Archæological Institute of America. American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Preliminary report of an archæological journey in Asia Minor, 1884; by J. R. S. Sterrett. Papers of the School. Vol. 1, 1882-83. Ashton, J: Old times; a picture of social life at the end of the 18th century.

"Mr. Ashton has compiled from pamphlets, prints, and daily or weekly journals a record of great interest and value to the historian, full of side-lights and chang ing scenes unimportant, it may be, when viewed item by item; but combining in a large volume to present a picture of the times full of vivacity and truth."— Critic, July 25.

Ballou, M. M. Due south; or, Cuba past and
Barbey d'Aurevilly, J. Les œuvres et les hommes:
Les critiques ou les juges jugés. XVFV B23
Basil. A coquette's conquest. (Franklin Sq.
Bellairs, Lady. The Transvaal war, 1880-81.


"A large portion of the book is composed of what can only be regarded as padding, extracts from magazine articles and the like. She is quite satisfactory only when she is giving her own or to be strictly accurate, Sir William Bellairs's-experiences."- Spectator, June 27. Bernard, C: B. D. de la V., dit C: de. La peau du lion et La chasse aux amants. Nouv. éd. 1864. ¶VFF B453PE2 Besant, W. Uncle Jack; and other stories. (Harper's handy ser.) VB463U

"The liveliest book Mr. Besant has produced singlehanded."- Athenæum, June 6.

Beyle, M. H:, (pseud. de Stendhal). Le rouge et le noir; chronique du 19e siècle. 1883. 2 v. VFFSTAR

Bhagavadgitâ. The song celestial; or, Bhagavadgita; from the Mahabharata; a discourse between Arjuna, Prince of India, and the Supreme Being under the form of Krishna; tr. by E. Arnold. VÕSAP M27s Bourassé, J: J. Archæologie chrétienne, ou précis de l'histoire des monuments religieux du Moyen Age. 1847.

Brooks, C: T. Poems, original and translated; with a memoir by C: W. Wendte; selected and ed. by W. P. Andrews.


"The poems which divide these pages equally with the memoir always have a grace and beauty, but only rarely vigor or fire. Many were occasional, and fulfilled their uses with the day. Others have a tender interest of locality; but as poems, the humorous translations are

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"One of those strained, restless performances. A story of a crime that is moved finally from the shoulders of innocence to the head where it should rest. Tiresome." American, Aug. 22.

Curteis, G: H. The scientific obstacles to Christian belief. Boyle lectures, 1884. Daniel, S: Complete works; ed., with memorialintrod., etc., by A. B. Grosart. Vol. 1.

VE-D222 Del Mar, A. A history of money in ancient countries. CM-4D38 Denison, Rev. C. W. Winfield the lawyer's son, and how he became a major-general. 1865. 65 H195D

De Quincey, T: Confessions of an English opiumeater; repr. from the 1st ed., with notes of De Quincey's conversations by R: Woodhouse, etc.; ed. by R: Garnett. VD44C2 "Besides the text of at least the earlier Opium-Eater, it gives English readers the first detailed account of Musset's interesting early version of the book into French, and it contains the relics hitherto unpublished of Richard Woodhouse's conversations with De Quincey. Add to this a sufficient apparatus of notes and introductory matter from Mr. Garnett's own pen.". Sut. rev., May 16.

Desjardins, G. Le petit Trianon; histoire et description. $8FZV+D Du Boisgobey, F. La belle geolière. [2e éd.] 2 v. VFF D855BE

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La rue de Jérusalem; 3e sér. des Habits noirs. 1868. Fisher, F. E. (pseud. C. Reid). The

VFF F435RU land of the of the sky; or, Adventures in mountain byways. 1884. VR27L Flowers of anecdote, wit, humor, gayety, and genius. 1831. VEA 9F66 New York and the conscription of 1863; a chapter in the history of the civil 967.F94

Fry, J. B.


Garnett, L. M. J. Greek folk-songs from the Turkish provinces of Greece, Albania, Thessaly, and Macedonia; classified, rev. and ed., with historical introd. on the survival of Paganism by J: S. Glennie. VQM-9G

"It has the merit of introducing to the reader the important collections of the popular songs of Epirus by Aravantinos, from which the majority of the ballads which she has translated are taken. The mythological poems would serve to illustrate the numerous references to these to be found in Mr. Bent's book The Cyclades.'" - H. F. Tozer in the Academy, July 4. Gérard, J. La philosophie de Maine de Biran, essai, suivi de fragments inédits. 1876. Gerard, J. W. The old streets of New York under the Dutch; read before the N. Y. Hist. Soc., June 2, 1874. TB67N4-G

Gidel, A. C: Les Français du 17e siècle. 1872.

AFG36 Gomme, G: L. The gentleman's magazine library; a classified coll. of the chief contents of the Gentleman's magazine, 1731-1868: English traditional lore; added, customs of foreign countries and peoples. Gordon, Maj.-Gen. C: G:

Journals at Kartoum ; introd. and notes by A. E. Hake. London.

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8wsU2-G65 8wsU2-G65-2

"They have the charm of certain confessional autobiographies lately published, and they enable the reader to take his own measure of a man whose perfect truthfulness and integrity, whose disinterested spirit and and whose systematic suppression of miserable selfishness made him a phenomenon in the nineteenth century." -R: F. Burton in the Academy, July 11. Greenhill, J., and others. List of all the songs and

passages in Shakspere which have been set to music; the words in old spelling from the quartos and 1st folio, ed. by F: J. Furnivall, and W. G. Stone. Rev. ed.

VE-S68N Guthrie, F. A. The tinted Venus; a farcical roVG98T


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"Though as unnatural and improbable as a story well can be, is really not destitute of a certain kind of entertainment." -J. A. Noble in the Academy, July 11.

Hogenborg, N. Procession of Pope Clement VII, and the Emperor Charles v. after the coronation at Bologna, Feb. 24, 1530; repr. in facsimile, with hist. introd. by Sir W: StirlingMaxwell.

Hole, W: Quasi cursores; portraits of the high officers and professors of the Univ. of Edinburgh at its tercentenary festival. 1884. Howard, B. W. Aulnay Tower.

VH83AU A better

"The melodrama is of a good sort. novel than Guenn."— Lit. world, Aug. 22. Illustrations of Phallicism; ten plates of remains of ancient art with descriptions.

Jacquemont, V. Correspondance avec sa famille et ses amis pendant son voyage dans l'Inde, 1828-32; préc. d'une étude par [A. A.] Cuvillier-Fleury. Nouv. éd., augm. 2 v.

John Bull to Max O'Rell; in reply to

and his island.


John Bull

AE J61

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"Really satisfying and delightful work." Krüdener, B. J. de. Valérie; pub. par D. Jouaust. VFF K93V "De bien rares volumes appartenant à ce genre de littérature nous sont arrivés du passé; celui de Mme. de Krudener est de ce nombre. Valérie est une histoire simple et touchante. Mme. Krudener dit-on, s'est peinte dans son héroïne. Le livre, dont le style a vieilli seulement dans quelques rares passages, est écrit avec une élégance remarquable, bien que Mme. Krudener ait employé une langue qui n'etait point la sienne." - Polybiblion, Jan.

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Leon & Brother.

Catalogue of first editions of American authors. XU5-155 Lhomond, C: F. Viri Romae; adapted to Andrews and Stoddard's Latin grammar, etc., by E. A. Andrews. 4th ed. 1850. :YJ9.161.2 Linderfelt, K. A. The game of preference; or, Swedish whist; with a bibliography of English whist. $swP9 L64 Linschoten, J. H. van. Voyage to the East Indies; from the English trans. of 1598; the first book containing his description of the East; ed. by A. C. Burnell [and] P. A. Tiele. 2 v. (Hakluyt Soc.)


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"An agreeable little book, seasoned with a large store of original documents concerning Claude, second daugh. ter of Henri II. ... This princess died quite young.and she had neither the beauty nor the talent of her sister Marguerite, but she seems to have been one of the most amiable of her remarkable family, and beyond comparison the most biameless." - Sut. rev., Mar. 21. Manesse, L. Les paysans et leurs seigneurs avant 1789. 8FX M31 Martin, Lady H. F. On some of Shakespeare's female characters. VE+S73M36

"Lady Martin's criticisms do not aim at originality. What charms, is the delicacy of perception which enables her to bring out every nuance' of character, and the sympathy which has availed her to grasp the whole life history' of her heroines. The work is not altogether literary. It is full of reminiscences of Lady Martin's theatrical career, and of people with whom she was associated. We hear much of Macready's discriminating and judicious kindness, of the good nature of that charming actor Charles Kemble, of Lord Elton, and Lord Lytton, and of Mr. Phelps.". - St. James's budget, June 20.

Maury, J: S., Card. Essai sur l'éloquence de la chaire, etc. Nouv. éd. rev. 1827. 3 v. :X10-M44-2 Maxwell, Mrs. M.. E.. B. Cut by the county.



Meding, J: F. M. O. (pseud. G. Samarow). croulement d'un empire; Sceptres et couronnes, préc. d'une étude de V: Cherbuliez. 2 v. VGF M46U F

Michie, P. S. Life and letters of Emory Upton; with introd. by J. H. Wilson.


65 UP83 "It is as a tactician that General Upton will be longest remembered. His was the first American tactics adopted by the government. Its great merits are its singu lar adaptation to raw levies which our army in time of war must largely be and the rapidity with which troops can be handled, either in camp or under fire." Hartford evening post.

Molière, J. B. P. de. Euvres ; éd. originale, ré

impression par L: Lacour. 24 v. $VFD M73 Montesquieu, C: de S., baron de. Euvres com

plètes, avec notes, etc., par E: Laboulaye. 1875. 7 v. VF-M765-2 Morgan, T: J. Reminiscences of service with colored troops in the Army of the Cumberland, 1863-65. 965-8s04

Moulton, R: G. Shakespeare as a dramatic artist; a popular illustration of the principles of scientific criticism. VE S71M86

"The book consists of an analysis of five of Shakespeare's plays not very unlike that which has been given by many writers who are not inductive critics.". James's budget, Aug. 15.


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Norris, W. E. Adrian Vidal; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"A study of modern life rather remarkable for its realism; its analyses of character are clever without being overwrought, pitiless but never cynical.” — Lit. world, July 25.

Oriental languages. Bibliog. Selection of dictionaries, grammars, etc., in Oriental and Oceanic glossology. ¶XXY1-SE Oxford Historical Society. Register of the University of Oxford. Vol. 1, 1449-63; 150571; ed. by Rev. C: W: Boase.

Paget, V. (pseud. Vernon Lee). Miss Brown; a novel. 3 v.

VP143M "Distinguished by both faults and virtues of no com. mon kind." - Cosmo Monkhouse in the Academy, Jan. 3.

Parker, H. Nature of the fine arts.

"Besides the argumentative matter which forms the staple of the book, Mr. Parker advances some original theories of his own. With regard to colour both his views and his arguments are especially remarkable. ... The conclusion to which Mr. Parker arrives as to the nature of the fine arts scarcely seems to be an adequate result of the labour he has bestowed upon the discussion." — Cosmo Monkhouse in the Academy, July 4.

Peile, Lieut. S. C. F. Lawn tennis as a game of skill; with latest revised laws; ed. by R: D. Sears. SQT P35 The first book in French; a practical introd. to reading, writing, and speaking French. 1851. :YF3.P65

Pinney, N.

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These are practical sermons, - sermons of spiritual help, of moral inspiration. Even where the prob. lems tested are intellectual, it is their moral aspect that is dominant and engrossing." - J. W. C. in the Unitatarian rev., Sept.

Puget de la Serre, J. The secretary in fashion; or, an elegant and compendious way of writing letters. 5th ed. augm. 1673. :X15 P96 Rambaud, A. History of Russia, to 1882; tr. by L. B. Lang; ed. and enl. by N. H. Dole; incl. a history of the Turko-Russian war of 1877-78, by the ed. 3 v. 8B-R14-E2 Reuss, R. La sorcellerie aux 16e et 17e siècles particulièrement en Alsace. 1871.

Rideing, W: H: Thackeray's London; a description of his haunts and the scenes of his novels. AEL84 R43 "An interesting volume, valuable as a commencement. Far from exhaustive." - Notes and queries, Aug. 8.

Rinuccini, G. B., Abp. of Fermo. Embassy in Ireland, 1645-49; pub. from the original mss. by G: Aiazza; tr. by A. Hutton. 1873. 8DU5-R47-E


La chanson de Roland, texte critique, tr. et com., par L. Gautier. 13e éd. 1883.

VFO-R64G Roosevelt, R. B. Five acres too much; a consideration of the question of profit and loss as involved in amateur farming. New and enl. ed.

"The tone is that of burlesque, rather far-fetched, with, however, a happy hit now and then." - Literary world, Aug. 22. Rudler, F. W., and Chrisholm, G: G. Europe;

ed. by Sir A. C. Ramsay; with ethnological appendix by A. H. Keane. (Stanford's Compendium of geog. and travel.) AA-R83 Saint-Réal, C. V., l'abbé. Vie de Jésus Christ. 1678.

St. Victor, P., comte de. Barbares et bandits; la Prusse et la Commune. 4e éd. 8FM3 SA2 Sanborn, F. B: Life and letters of J: Brown, liberator of Kansas and martyr of Virginia. 65-B814SA Schaff, P. The oldest church manual, called the Teaching of the twelve apostles; the Didachè and kindred documents in the original, with trans. and discussions of post-apostolic teaching, etc., and illust. and fac-similes of Jerusalem ms.

Schrader, E. The cuneiform inscriptions and the Old Testament; tr. from the 2d enl. Germ.

ed., with introd. preface, by Rev. O. C. Whitehouse. Vol. 1. [2d ed.]

"The book takes the form of a commentary, a kind of collation of various passages in the Old Testament with the inscriptions bearing upon them. Serves as a corrective to the eccentric theories of Wellhausen and others." Westminster rev., July.

Scott, J. G: (pseud. Schway Yoe).

France and

Tonking; a narrative of the campaign of 1884, and the occupation of Further India. 84T61-sco8

"Very graphic and excedingly interesting pages. He records events of which he was probably the only impartial witness." - Spectator, May 2. Smith, G: B. Victor Hugo; his life and work. 5F.H873s

"If any English reader wants a fair epitome of Mme. Hugo's book on Victor Hugo's earlier career, and of the other French books dealing with his life in fact, a general account of Victor Hugo- then such a reader will find his requirements not inadequately supplied by Mr. Barnett Smith."— F. T. Marzials in Academy.July 25. Sophocles. Aias; with notes by J. B. M. Gray. VP S5A 1851 Stein, H: Table des travaux de la Revue de géographie, 1877-88. v. 1-13. 1884.

Stevens, H: Who spoils our new English books; asked and answered.


Theuriet, A. Nouvelles intimes: Les souffrances
de Claude Blouet; L'abbé Daniel; Lucile
Désenclos. 1870.

Les paysans de l'Argonne, 1792. 1871.
Poésies, 1860-74: Le chemin des bois; Le
bleu et le noir. 1881.

Thureau-Dangin, P. Histoire de la monarchie de

juillet. Vol. 1, 2.


8FJ-T42 "L'Histoire de la monarchie de Juillet' est sévère pour cette monarchie. C'est, non pour la forme qui est pleine d'attrait, et pour l'exposition qui est constamment intéressante, mais pour le fond des idées et pour les conclusions, une œuvre morose et attristée. Un seul caractère supérieur, Casimir Périer. A part Guizot et le duc de Broglie, qui sont étudiés avec sympathie et équité, à Laffitte qui n'est pas trop sévèrement condamné, les autres personnages sont trop diminués. Il ne faut point monter en ballon pour mesurer les hommes. En eux-memes et par rapport à l'archetype de l'homme d'Etat idéal, les gouvernants de 1830 à 1836 peuvent sembler médiocres; comparés à la moyenne des ministres de tous les temps, ils restent parmi les plus estimables et les plus distingues."— Revue critique,

23 mars.

Le partie libéral sous la Restauration. 1876. 8FI-T42 "Bien piquant, mordant même par endroits." Rev. critique, 23 mars.

Tucker, E. W. Five months in Labrador and Newfoundland, 1838. :B4L11 T Turgenev, I. S. Annals of a sportsman; tr. by F. P. Abbott. (Leisure hour ser.) VBG T84A "It is more than twenty years since Turgenieff wrote his Recit d'un chasseur. In 1851 the work was translated into French under the title Tres mémoires d'un seigneur russe.' ... It would seem as if, even in those early days the deep gloom of the Russian life weighed too heavily on Turgenieff's heart to allow of one reliev ing touch." Lit. world, July 11. Vasili, P., Count. The world of London (La société de Londres. Harper's handy ser.)

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AEL85 V44 Vicars, J: The quintessence of crvelty; or, Masterpiece of treachery, the Popish powder-plot. 1641. VEP V66 Viollet-le Duc, E. M. Description du Château de Coucy. 6e éd., augm. 1883. Vogué, E. M., vic. de. Histoires d'hiver. VFF V86

"Ces histoires tristes ont une saveur vraiment toute particulière. Si vous aimez la couleur locale, soyez contents. Lisez donc ces Histoires d'hiver, intéressantes par les côtés dramatiques, instructives par les aperçus qu'elles ouvrent sur l'état moral des peuples qui passent brusquement de l'enfance à l'âge mûr; lisez-les enfin parce qu'elles sont d'un style trés brillant et de haute alfure." Rev. pol. et lit., 28 mars.

Wallace, A. R. Narratives of travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro; with an account of the native tribes, etc. 1883. BKAM-W15-2 VFF W219P

Warden, F. A prince of darkness.

Waring, G: E., Jr. How to drain a house; practical information for householders.

White, Mrs. E. G. H. Sketches from the life of Paul. 1883.

Williams, H: W. Practical guide to the study of the diseases of the eye. 1862. Wood, Rev. J: G: Half hours in field and forest; chapters in natural history. IW.W85H Young, W: T. Sketch of the life and public services of Gen. Lewis Cass; with the pamphlet on the right of search and some of his speeches. 1853. 65-c275x

Published by the Boston Athenæum, Beacon St., Boston, Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Office, Boston, Mass., as second class matter.

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