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Martel, Mme. la comtesse de (pseud. Gyp). Elles et lui. 14e éd. Meignan, V. From Paris to Pekin over Siberian snows; narrative of a journey by sledge over the snows of European Russia and Siberia, etc.; ed. from the French by W: Conn. A0Z M47 "The story is lucid, and never tedious, but seldom rises above the ordinary level. ... There are some interesting remarks upon the future possibly of a revolu tion in Eastern Siberia, where a sense of the great nat ural advantages of the country tends to encourage in the inhabitants a desire for independence." - Contemporary rev., Feb.

Mendelssohn, M. Jerusalem; a treatise on eccles. authority, etc.; tr. by M. Samuels. 1838. 2 v.

Mendès, C. Lila et Colette; illust. de Gambard et Roy. )VFF•M52 Metcalf, Capt. H: Cost of manufactures, etc. Methods of changing the constitutions of the States, especially that of Rhode Island. TE958 M56 Michiewicz, A. Master Thaddeus; or, the last foray in Lithuania; tr. by M. A. Biggs; with pref. by W. R. Morfill, and notes by the trans., etc. 2 v. VMPP M58M

Middleton, L. H: Ancient Rome in 1885.

"Perhaps the most valuable part of the book is the chapter in which he describes the house of the Vestal Virgins, and the discoveries which have been lately made there. ... Very few mistakes are to be found in this book, and many most remarkable facts in Roman architecture and topography are brought into prominent notice." Athenæum, Feb. 13.

Monk, W: H: Hymns, ancient and modern, with accomp. tunes. [1861.] TUP 9M74 Monnier, M. Histoire de la littérature moderne; la renaissance, de Dante à Luther. XVIR M75 Morgan, Mrs. M. J. Catalogue of the art collection [of] Mrs. M. J. Morgan.

Mouëzy, A. Fiamma.


"Récit très romanesque et assez distingué." - Rev. pol. el lit., 30 mai. Munroe, K. Wakulla; a story of adventure in Florida. VM923 W Names of persons who subscribed towards the defence of this country at the time of the Spanish Armada, 1588, etc., with hist. introd. by T. C. Noble. R3E6-6N1

New Godiva, The; studies in social questions.

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Newman, Card. J: H: The dream of Gerontius. VEP F46D

Norman, H: The broken shaft; tales in mid-ocean. V9N78

O'Donoghue, N. P. Unfairly won; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

Olcott, H: S. Theosophy, religion, and occult sci

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Patterson, J: S. Class interests; their relation to each other and to government, etc. Cô5.P27 Reforms; their difficulties and possibilities.

COR P27 Patteson, Mme. B. Chips from Tunis; a glimpse of Arab life. ATU P27 Pears, E. The fall of Constantinople; the story of the fourth crusade. 7X P31 "An excellent history of one of the most important events in the annals of Constantinople- the capture of the city by the Crusaders in 1204."- - Nation, Jan. 21. Pendleton, Rev. A. M. Method, philosophy, and

results of revivals; sermon, Feb. 8, 1885. ¶ Phelps, Rev. A. Men and books; or, studies in homiletics; lectures introductory to the theory of preaching.

Pimblett, W. M. English political history, 188085.


Poggio Bracciolini, G. F. Les bains de Bade au 15e siècle, [Lat. et Fr.]; tr. par A. Méray. 1876. AGB14 P7 VFF P92G

Pressensé, Mme. E. de. Geneviève.

"L'auteur s'est moins préoccupée de la vraisemblance des faits que de la vérité des caractères et des milieux sociaux qu'elle dépeint. Elle a concentré dans cette peinture toute son observation, toute l'expérience acquise pendant une longue vie de dévouement." - Bibl. univ.,


Progressive Orthodoxy, etc., by the editors of "The Andover review."

Reinach, T. Histoire des Israélites depuis l'époque

de leur dispersion jusqu'à nos jours. [1884.] "M. Théodore Reinach s'est lancé avec beaucoup de bravoure dans une entreprise fort épineuse et il s'en est tiré très honorablement. Un aperçu, à la fois suffisamment exact et vivant, de l'histoire du judaïsme dans la dispersion manquait à nos bibliothèques : cette lacune est aujourd'hui comblée."- M. Vernes in Revue critique, 19


Reissmann, A: Life and works of R. Schumann; tr. from the 3d ed. by A. L. Alger. Tв SCH8R Renan, J. E. Le prêtre de Nemi, drame philosophique en cinq actes. Richardson, H. W.

VFD R29P The standard dollar. 1884.

(Econ. tracts.) Robertson, G: C. Hobbes.

Eng. readers.)


(Philos. class. for


Rollins, Mrs. A. W. The story of a ranch. B95 R65 "The Kansas is delightful, indeed, and more particularly its cordium, Ellsworth County, chronicled in many colors in this bright and chatty volume." — Critic, Jan.


Rothan, G. L'Allemagne et l'Italie, 1870-71. 2 v. (Sonvenirs diplom.) 8FM1-R74 Royle, C: The Egyptian campaigns, 1882-85, and events which led to them; illust. by maps and plans. 8UD R81 Saddle-horse, The; a complete guide for riding and training. 1881. SK SAL Sandwich Island gazette and journal of commerce. Vol. 1-3. 1836-39. 3 v.

Scherer, W:

Sankey, C: Spartan and Theban supremacies with maps. (Epochs of ancient history.) 8P1.SA5 History of German literature; tr. from 3d Germ. ed. by Mrs. F. C. Connybeare; ed. by F. M. Müller. 2 v. xvG SCH2.E Schmidt, A. Paris pendant la Révolution, d'après les rapports de la police secrète 1789-1800, tr. française, accompagnée d'une préf. par Paul Viollet. Vol. 2.

"On connait l'importance de cette publication faite d'après des archives qui ont disparu pendant les incen. dies de la Commune.' Publisher in Feuilleton, 2 jna. Schmidt, C: Social results of early Christianity;

c95 SCH6

tr. by Mrs. Thorpe; with essay by R. W. Dale. Schoenhof, J. The industrial situation and the question of wages; a study in social physiology. (Questions of the day.) Schumacher, G. Across the Jordan; an exploration and survey of part of Hauran and Jaulan; with add. by L. Oliphant and G. Le Strange. A8W.SCH8 Schwatka, F: Along Alaska's great river; a popular account of the travels of the Alaska Exploring Expedition of 1883, along the great Yukon river. BB1 SCH9

"He clears up many points in Alaskan geography, and gives one a distinct impression of the country scenically, though hardly of its resources." — Atlantic monthly, Mar.

Scott, Rev. J. M. The martyrs of Angus and Mearns, etc.

Shakespeare, W: The merry wives of Windsor; ed. with notes from the coll. of J: F: Stanford, by H: B. Wheatley. VE S5M4.4 Othello; the 2d quarto, 1630, a facsimile from the British Museum copy, by C: Praetorius; with introd. by H. A. Evans. VE $50.2 Plays and poems; according to the text of E. Malone, with life, notes, etc., illust.; ed. by A. J. Valpy. 1842. 15 v. VE 81842 Plays and poems from the text of copies left by Johnson, Steevens, [and others], with notes, Johnson's preface, life of [S.], by Chalmers, Shakespeare's will, etc. 1833.



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Shepard, E: M. The competitive test and the civil service of states and cities. 1884. (Econ. tracts.) c55.8sol

The work of a social teacher; mem. of R: L c55.8sol Dugdale. 1884. (Econ. tracts,)

Sime, W: Cradle and spade; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

Smith, J. T. The parish; its powers and obligations at law, etc. 2d ed. with add. 1857. Snow, E. One year in Scandinavia. 1851. Solon, L. M. The art of the old English potter. Somerset, H: C: F., Duke of Beaufort, and Watson, A. E. T. Badminton library of sports and pastimes. 3 v. Namely. Vol. 1.

Somerset, H: C: F., and Morris, M. Hunting. 2, 3. Pennell, H. C. Fishing.

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"The most practical book on hunting as a science that has been written since Peter Beckford's Thoughts' ap. peared more than a century ago. Setting before it as its aim an encyclopædic treatment of every subject connected with the horse, the hound, the expenses of the sport, its best enconium is that it has very fairly suc ceeded in its purpose." - M. G. Watkins in the Acad emy, Oct. 24.

Sophocles. Edipus tyrannus. Harvard University, Sander's Theatre, May 17, 19, 20, 1881; [tr. by L. Campbell]. (Gr. and Eng.) VP 850T EC

Spear, W. F. History of North Adams, Mass.,


1964N81 SP ✓ SP33R

Speight, T. W. A barren title.
Spencer, H. Ecclesiastical institutions; being pt.
6 of the Principles of sociology.
Story, W: W. Fiammetta; a summer idyl.

[blocks in formation]

Tanner, H: S. Georgia and Alabama; [map].

1846. Tinseau, L. de. VFFT49A Tissot, N:, and Amero, C. Escaped from Siberia; the adventures of three distressed fugitives; [tr.] by H: Firth. VFG-152 Tolstoi, Count L. N. My religion; tr. from the French.

L'attelage de la marquise, etc.

"One-sidedness is a term hardly adequate to describe its advocacy of non-resistance and poverty as the essential features of Jesus's religion. It offers a very simple solution of intricate problems - doubtless too simple to be sound, but simplicity is pleasant to the vexed mind. Corresponding to this is the 'naiveté,' joined with straightforward earnestness, which marks the style." Critic, Jan. 16.

Verga, G. Eva. 7a ed. 1883.

Novelle. Nuova ed. 1880.

Viollet-Le-Duc, E. E.


Compositions et dessins,

publiés sous le patronage du Comité de l'œuvre du maitre. 1884.

Visit to Nahant, A; by a lady. 1847. Walford, Maj. N. L. Parliamentary generals of the great civil war. (Milit. biog.) R3E9 W14 Wapler, R. Wallensteins letzte Tage. 1884. 5G W153w Webb, T: E. Veil of Isis; essays on idealism. (Dublin Univ. ser.)

Wilkins, G: The growth of the Homeric poems; a discussion of their origin and authorship. VP H8⚫YW

[blocks in formation]


American Baptist Publication Society. History, 1824-56, by J: N. Brown. [1856?] Ami du roi, L'; journal politique, lit., etc., par M. Desquiron de St, Aignan, etc. No. 1-21 avr. 1-22. [1814.] EAFH 7AM Antietam National Cemetery. History of the Antietam National Cemetery, incl. list of soldiers buried there, etc. 1869. 9546 AN8 Bakin. A captive of love; founded upon [his] romance Kumono Tayema Ama yo No Tsuki by E: Greey. V20⚫B17

"The time is five hundred years ago. The descriptions of superstition give insight into the methods of Japanese thought. Illustrated by Japanese pictures." Banville, T. F. de. Contes bourgeois; avec un dessin par G: Rochegrosse. (Scènes de la vie.) VFF B22C Barton, B: H., and Castle, T: The British flora medica; a history of the medicinal plants of Gr. Britain. New ed., rev., etc., by J: R. Jackson. 1877. JX B28 Baxter, W: E: England and Russia in Asia. (The Imperial parliament.)

EA 19.B33

"Mr. Baxter eloquently expounds the viciousness of Russo-phobia." Arthur F. Leach in the Academy, Jan. 9.

Bèraldi, H: Les graveurs du 19e siècle; guide de l'amateur d'estampes modernes. Vol. 1-3. 3 v. Béranger, P. J: de. Songs, in English; with life [by R. W. G.]. 1844. VFN B45 E Bird, J. and H. Singing school companion, etc. 1853. TS.9B53

[blocks in formation]

Nouveaux essais de psychologie conXVFV B66N Contents. Alexandre Dumas fils. — Leconte de Lisle. - E. et J. de Goncourt. — Tourgueniev. — Amiel.

"On the whole, the best and most seems to us to be that on M. Leconte de rev., Jan. 30.

valuable essay Lisle." - Sat.

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Buchanan, R. The master of the mine. VB85MA "Undoubtedly inferior to any other of Mr. Buchanan's romances.' W: Sharp in the Academy, Nov. 7. Butler, C:, and Southard, L. H. The school bell, etc. 1857. TS.9B97 Caine, W. S., and others. rial parliament.)

Local option. (ImpeD97 c12 "The strongest and perhaps the best written of the series. The arguments, both a priori' and from experience in favour of local option, apart from the result aimed at, are overwhelming." -Arthur F. Leach in the Academy, Jan. 9.

Canfield, J. H. Taxation; a plain talk for plain people. 1883. (Econ. tracts.) c55.8sol Cogniard, J: H., and Burat, E: Byron à l'école d'Harrow. [1834?] ¶VFD C65 Coignet, Mme. C. du 16e siècle.

François ; portraits et récits 8F9K c66 "L'histoire a 'le costume' avec Mme. Coignet. Voulez-vous voir revivre Francois ler, le chevalier, et aussi Charles Quint, le politique, et les seigneurs de la cour de France, et les belles dames, et les poètes? Voulez-vous assister aux sombres entretiens des jours de cap. tivité, puis à la brilliante entrevue du Camp du Drap d'Or! Voulez-vouz enfin vivre quelques heures de la vie du 16e siècle? Lisez le livre de Mme. Coignet."-Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 11 juillet. Colombi, la marchesa. Il tramonto d'un ideale. 1882. VIF C71T "The lady who writes under the nom de plume' of 'La marchesa Colombi' is making for herself a name among the younger Italian novelists. The scene of the tale is laid in a North Italian village, and the book affords charming glimpses of the lives of the peasants and landed proprietors." - Athenæum, Apr. 21, 1883. Conover, G: S. Early history of Geneva, formerly Kanadesaga. [1880]. ¶967G28.c

Cook, R. H. Historical notes of Nantucket, and tourists' guide. 1871. T964N1.C Croll, J. Discussions on climate and cosmology. ICY C87D

"The author avails himself of the newest research in substantiating his views. The contest is conducted with great ability, and large stores of fact of the most interesting kind are placed before the reader. But the critics who have been thought worthy of special reply, by no means exhaust the arguments which have to be met before Dr. Croll's views can claim to be an integral portion of correct science." Westminster rev., Jan.

Didon, H. Indissolubilité et divorce, avec préf. et épilogue. 1880.

Dilke, Mrs. A., and Woodall, W: Women's suf.. frage. (Imperial parliament.)

"Mrs. Ashton Dilke writes clearly and pleasantly, with vigour, but without exaggeration." -Arthur F. Leach in the Academy, Jan. 9.

Dumas, A. fils. Une visite de noces; comédie. 1872.

[blocks in formation]

Fitger, A.


Von Gottes Gnaden; Trauerspiel.

Forbes, Rev. E. Family book. 1801.
Ford, W. C. The standard silver dollar and the
coinage law, 1878. 1884. (Econ. tracts.)

c55.8sol Forlani, F. Ore di ozio; saggi letterari. 1871.

¶VI-F76 Foster, G: E. Se-quo-yah, the American Cadmus ; a complete biography of the greatest red men; illust. by Miss C. S. Robbins.

"Se-quo- yah was the first Indian who ever achieved fame as an inventor. Interesting from the first page to the last, and a most acceptable contribution to the historic literature of America." — Magazine of Amer. hist., Feb.

[blocks in formation]


Frère, T: Morphy's games of chess, and Frère's problem tournament. 1859. Garrisson, G. Le suicide dans l'antiquité et dans les temps modernes.

"Il retrace l'histoire de toutes les législations et dans les temps antiques et dans les temps modernes. Très savante monographie. Les faits curieux, les détails intéressantes et pittoresques abondent." Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 18 juillet. Gilbert, W: Modern wonders of the world; or, The new Sinbad. [18-] VG37MO Gillow, J. Literary and biographical history; or, Bibliographical dictionary of English Catholics, 1534 to the present time. 2 v.

"A careful examination of Mr. Gillow's volumes induces the belief that the names of but very few authors have been omitted." E: Peacock in the Academy, Sept. 19.

Goodwin, Rev. E. S. Sermons; with memoir.

1834. Gordon, R.

Childe Archie's pilgrimage. 1873. ¶VEP-G65 Gosse, E. W. Firdausi in exile; and other poems. VEP G69F "It is pleasant to turn from the ambitious but unsatisfactory poems to others of less pretention and greater merit. Two or three of the sonnets may be said to be perfect. There have been great poets who have written indifferent sonnets, but nobody who is not a genuine poet can write a good sonnet. His powers of observation are wide, keen, and sympathetic; he has facility and grace of expression, undoubted cleverness, a refined taste, a cultivated and scholarly mind; but all these do not make up genius.." — G: Cotterell in the Academy, Dec. 12.

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Henfrey, H: W: Guide to the study and arrangement of English coins. 1870. Heywood, T: A marriage triumphe; epithalamium. 1884. (Aungervyle Soc.)


Hill, I: Biography of Isaac Hill of N. H., with app. compr. selections from his speeches and miscel. writings. 1835.


[blocks in formation]

Humphrey, J. Address before the New Eng. Soc. of Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 1848. 96-9w7 Humphreys, H: N. The butterfly vivarium; or,

Insect home; account of a new method of observing the metamorphoses of some of our native insects. 1858. KZU H88 Ireland, W: W. The blot upon the brain; studies in history and psychology.

"The papers deal chiefly with hallucinations and the The phenomena of insanity continuous with them. author has collected information from a wide range of authorities. On the whole he shows himself more anxious to give the facts copiously than to come to definate conclusions as to their causes." - Mind, Jan. Jack the giant queller, or Prince Juan. 1820.

¶VEP-J12 Kapp, F: Friedrich der Grosse und die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. 1871. 8GzPA⚫K14 Keepsake of friendship, The; a Christmas and New Year's annual, 1853; ed. by G. S. Munroe. 1853. W52 K25 Kehoe, S. D. The Indian club exercise; illust. 1867. SZ+K26 Ladies' monthly museum; or, Polite repository of amusement and instruction. Vol. 11-19.

1820-24. 9 v. Lafontaine, H. Les bons camarades. VFF.1.137B "Les bons camarades' m'a reporté au temps de ma blonde jeunesse, alors que les romanciers tiraient leurs héros de leur imagination et les jetaient dans telles aventures qu'il plaisait à leur caprice d'inventer." Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 11 juillet.

Lamb, C: The art of the stage as set out in [his] dramatic essays, with a commentary by P. Fitzgerald.

T.1.16 "We suspect that all the critical writings of 'Elia, owe more to their form than to their substance. In any case, his paradoxical though brilliant lubrications form but a flimsy text for Mr. Fitzgerald's somewhat matterof fact commentaries." Westminster review, Jan. Lang, K: H:, Ritter von. Geschichte des vorletzten Markgrafen von Brandenburg-Ansbach. 1848. La Ronce, J. Les Tubeuf; mœurs provinciales. VFF L32T "Une étude très fouillée, très attentive, des mœurs provinciales. C'est de l'observation attentive, minutieuse et inquiète." - Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 15 août. Lavelaye, V: L: E. de.

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Mrs. Thorpe.

5G K14L

Letters from Italy; tr. by

AI 138 E

Lawrence, J. H: The Empire of the Nairs. [2d ed.] 1811. 4 v. $VL43 Lübke, W: W: Lübke u. E: Hanslick über R: Wagner. 1869. ¶TB W12L Luiken, J: and K. Spiegel van het menselyk bedryf, vertoonende honderd verscheiden ambachten, etc. 1749.

Lunn, H: C. Musings of a musician; popular sketches illust. of musical matters and musical people. 1854. TA L97 Maginn, W: Miscellanies: prose and verse; with a memoir; ed. by R. W. Montagu. 2 v.

VE M274M

"If only as one of the early fathers of magazine literliterature, he deserves some recognition from a genera tion which has seen that class of literature attain its present enormous development. Interest, too, cannot fail to be awakened in all lovers of Thackeray, by a closer acquaintance with the man to whom the great novelist, eighteen years his junior, was indebted not only for at least one character, but for a good deal of his method, and for many a favourite allusion and quo tation." Athenæum, Dec. 5.

Map of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.


Marblehead, Mass. Abbot Public Library. Catalogue. 1878. :XN5 AB2 Mason, E. V. Popular life of Gen. R. E: Lee; illust. 1872. 65.1516M Mason, L. Boston Handel and Haydn Society collection of church music. 12th ed. with add. 1832. TUP 9M38H2 Carmina sacra; or, Boston coll. of church music. 1857. TUP 9M38C and Webb, G: J. The glee hive, etc.; rev. and enl. ed. [1853.] TSG 9M38

Masque of patriotism and truth; or The

[blocks in formation]

court fool.

VEP 9P81 1869. VEP-M38

[blocks in formation]

Moreton, Hon. A. H. Civilization; or, A brief analysis of the natural laws that regulate the numbers and condition of mankind. 1836. C4E M81 Mulhall, M. G. History of prices since 1850.


"Mr. Mulhall's little volume has called for infinite labour on the part of the author, and deserves careful study from the reader. He establishes (1) that prices in Great Britain showed a steady rise from 1850 to 1864, but have since almost continually declined; (2) that world prices reached their highest point in 1866, and have since declined to 5 per cent. below the 1850 prices; (3) that this decline arises from a fall of 25 per cent. in manufactured goods, agricultural produce still standing 11 per cent. higher than at the beginning of the period.". - II: Avray Tipping in the Academy, Jan. 16. New Eng. Soc. in N. Y. Dinner, with speeches of Grinnell, [and others], Dec. 28, 1850. 96-9w7 Report of the annual dinner, 1851. 1852.


Newbery, R.

96-9w7 Gleanings from ornamental art, from examples in the British and other museums, etc.; 100 plates. 1868.

Nicolas de Troyes. Le grand parangon des nouvelles; pub. par E. Mabille. 1869. (Bibl. elzév.) ) VFF N51G Nicolet, T. Tribulations d'un précepteur en Russie et ailleurs. AB N51 "Il est gaie, d'une gaité honnête."- Bibl. univ., nov. O'Connor, T: Impartial and correct history of the war between the U. S. and Gr. Brit. 1815. 9534 oc5 VEP 9P81

On poetry; a rhapsody. [17-). Overton, J. H. Life in the English Church, 16601714.

"No doubt the worst, and more than the worst, has been said about the clergy of the Restoration period of ten enough; and it is pleasant to have their apology presented with force and authority. The work is the result of untiring research and excessive labour." Athenæum, Nov. 28.

Passion flower, The; a Christmas and New Year's gift. [18-] W5.9P26 Patterson, R. The errors of evolution. Pt. 1-4. 1883-84. 4 pts. (Anti-infidel lib.) Pendleton, E. A conventional Bohemian. VP37c

"The many characters are of the non-working class, with plenty of means. They run to and fro from Europe, with little side trips to Mexico, seaside and mountain resorts, with total disregard to money or home duties. The conversation is often very good."

Perry, W: The only sure guide to the English tongue; new pronouncing spelling-book; added, moral lessons and fables. 1818. YEJ P42

Phelps, Rev. A. My study and other essays. Plaistow, N. H. Cong. Church. Sesquicentennial of the Cong. Church in Plaistow, N. H., and N. Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 4, 1880. 1881. ¶ Poggio Bracciolini, G. F. Les contes de Pogge, florentin; avec introd. et notes par P. Ristelhuber. 1867. )VIFN-P75 Pratt, O. Divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon. No. 1-6. [1851.]

Prinsep, C: C. Record of services of the honourable East India Co's civil servants in the Madras presidency, 1741-1858. 55.5P

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