Slike stranica

Prinsep, H: T. Tibet, Tartary, and Mongolia, etc.


:Al P93 Proclus. Fragments of the lost writings of Proclus surnamed The Platonic Successor; tr. from the Greek by T: Taylor. 1825.


Golden verses; tr. by N: Rowe.

Pythagoras. 1740. Ragonot, L. C.

VFP 9P81

Vocabulaire symbolique anglo:YF3+R12 français. [18-] Reed, Mrs. H. V. The Bible triumphant, etc. 1883. (Anti-infidel lib.)

Rétif de la Bretonne, N: E. Le Palais-Royal. 1791. 3 v. ) VFF R31P Richardson, J. Sermon in two parts, June 28, 1856.

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1839. 4 v.

Service almanac for the army, navy, etc., 1882. Shelley. P. B. Poetical works by Mrs. Shelley. VEP SHA Sheppard, J, H. Memoir of S: G. Drake. 1863. ¶65-D78 Smith, Rev. I: G. Characteristics of Christian morality; [Bampton] lectures, 1873. 1876. Smith, I. W. History of the town of Hampstead, N. H., for 100 years. 1884. ¶962H1 SM Smith, J. The pearl of great price, etc. 1851. Smyth, G: L. Biographical illustrations of St. Paul's and Wesminster Abbey. 1843.

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5E-90SM9 The only way to be saved; explan. of the principles of the Latter-day saints. 1851.

Somerset, H: C: F., Duke of Beaufort, and others. Hunting; illust. by J. Sturgess, and J. Charlton. (Badminton lib.) SB.B38 Sumario de los reyes de España, [713-1431]; pub. par E. de Llaguno Amirola. 1781. 5HX+N62 Sunshine and sea; a yachting visit to the Channel Islands and coast of Brittany; by a country doctor. AEC36'SU7

"The most ascetic reader can hardly escape the influof the major's' rollicking good humour."— Westminster rev., Jan.

Storrs, R: S., Jr. The puritan scheme of national growth; oration before the New Eng. Soc. in N. Y., 1857. 96-9w7 Tanner, H: S. Map of North and South Carolina. 1848.

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"Contains, besides a general discussion of the scope of the Renaissance, chapters on French mediæval literature and learning, the early annals of the Paris press, and a tincture of political history. A fair firsthand study of the beginnings of the French Renais sance." C. H. Herford in the Academy, Aug. 29. Tolstoi, Graf. L. Christ's Christianity; tr. from

the Russian.

"Count Tolstoï has fully understood and sympathised with the difficulties which modern science and modern historical criticism place in the way of the believer of Christianity; so that his solution of these difficulties, such as it is, is a solution of facts. His experiences throw a flood of light on the condition of religion and speculative thought in Russia, by showing us that influences we have long felt and known in England are at work there also. The basis of the treatise is the code which Count Tolstoï draws from the sermon on the mount." Ronald Bayne in the Academy, Jan. 23. Upham, C: W. Oration before the New Eng. Soc. in N. Y., Dec. 22, 1846. 96-9w7 Upham, T: C. Elements of intellectual philosophy.


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Urrea, J. J. de. Dialogo de la verdadera honra militar, etc. 1642. Vaux, L. Catechisme or Christian doctrine; with mem. of the author by T: G. Law. (Chetham Soc.)

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65 w72w Wolfram, L: Deutsches Echo; a faithful mirror of German conversation, with a vocabulary by H. Skelton. 2d rev. ed. 1858. :x64 w83 York, Eng. Corporation. York plays; with introd. by L. T. Smith, and glossary.


Abbot, E.

Notes on Serivener's "Plain introd. to the criticism of the New Testament." 3d ed., with add. from Professors Harris and Warfield and C. R. Gregory; ed. by J. H: Thayer. (Crit. app. to the Andover rev., v. 3.) Abbott, C: C. Upland and meadow. IZ68 AB2 "An entertaining and instructive ronicle of a naturalist's rambles in a quiet neighborhood in New Jersey, and of the marvelous number and variety of animals and plants which revealed themselves there to his pa tient and practiced eye."


Allen, C: G. B. For Mamie's sake; a tale of love and dynamite. VAL523F

"The moral confusion of this remarkable story is well enhanced by a counterplot in which Nihilism and dynamite. poisoned cigarettes, drowning and burning, afford horrors of physical nature, and is crowned by a Roman death on Sydney's part, which evokes the warmest praise from all his emancipated' friends." Athenæum, Feb. 27.

Ball, R. S. Story of the heavens. 1885. HQ B218

"One of the most masterly and successful attempts to popularize science which has been made in our day. We do not forget the essays of Sir John Herschel, the writings of Pritchard, the various volumes of Mr. R. A. Proctor, or the volumes of Roscoe and others on spec. trum analysis. But in all these there was no attempt at exhaustive system combined with popular style. He has striven to gain simplicity of statement, and has attained it, even when he is dealing with the most abstract calculations, and with the most complicated problems." -British quarterly rev., Jan.

Bizio, L. Poesie spagnuole ed inglesi; tr. 1872. ¶YOP-9B Bode, W. von. Kaiserliche Gemälde-Galerie der Eremitage in St. Petersburg; [Text. 188384.] Boisgelin, le comte de, (pseud. J: de Beaurain). Histoire militaire de Flandre [s], 1690-94. 1756. 5 v. R3HV/B63 Contents. Vol. 1. 1690-91. 1, 2d ed. 1691. 2. 1691-93. 3. 1693. 4. 1693.

Bomboy, E., and Gilbrin, H: Traité pratique

de l'extradition suivi des instructions ministérielles, des conventions d'extradition, et des déclarations de réciprocité actuellement en vigueur. Boston. View of Boston, 1788; Callender sculp. 1884.

Bourke, Capt. J: G. An Apache campaign in the Sierra Madre; illust.

"Has especial interest just now in view of army move. ments against the Chiricahua Apaches, who have been committing atrocities' in Arizona and New Mexico. Captain Bourke has rightly thought that the story of an expedition led by Gen. Crook in 1883 against the same Savages might have a present value. Rightly viewed, the story is very painful, but it was worth the telling." -American, Mar. 6.

Bowditch, W: I. Woman suffrage a right, not a privilege. 1882. ་ Bruce, W: N. Life of Gen. Sir Charles Napier.

5E N164B

Burke, O. J. Anecdotes of the Connaught Circuit from its foundation in 1604 to close upon the present time.

"A much more valuable book than its title might lead one to suppose. The early chapters are mainly historical, containing interesting information about the state of society in Connaught between the 13th and 16th centu ries. In the last hundred pages readers will find no lack of droll, romantic, and exciting incidents alternating with more serious matter illustrative of Irish history." -Athenæum, Dec. 26.

Burnett, Mrs. F. H. Lindsay's luck. [1878.1

"Mr. Bruce has done his work of selection well; and with a rare modesty and good sense he allows Sir Charles Napier,or his brother and biographer,to tell nearly every detail of an eminently noble and valiant life. Ꭺ plain unvarnished account of a man who took up his sword at eleven years old, and only sheathed it at sev enty-two, after striking many a memorable blow for England."

B932P Miss Crespigny. [1879.] VB932TH2 Busken-Huet, P: De l'authenticité des écrits Johanniques, d'après Antonie Niemeyer, 1r-3e article. [1856.]


Cahun, L. La vie juive; préf. de Zadok-Kahn; illust. d'A. Lévy. 7B8/c11

"Peindre consciencieusement, en un conte gai et bien fait, tous les mœurs civiles et religieuses de la Vie Juive en Alsace au bon vieux temps des communautés israélites, tel est le but de M. Léon Cahun."- Bibl. de la France Feulleton, 5 déc.

Call, R. E. Quaternary and recent mollusca of the great basin; [with] sketch of the quatenary lakes by G. K. Gilbert. 1884.

IK5+UN3B Canler, ancien chef du service de sureté. Mémoires. [1862]. EGPFP.Cl "Très curieux récits."- Bibl. univ., mars.

Carlyle, T: Correspondence [with] R. W. Emerson, 1834-72; suppl. letters, VE5 C192 Cervantes Saavedra, M. History of the ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha; tr. by P. A. Motteux. 1879-84. 4 v. VHXG+C33D8 Cicero, pseud. History of the international contest between Heenan and Sayers, etc. [1860.] 36.c48

Clarke, J. F. Every-day religion. Cooke, G: W. The dial. (Pages 225-260, 322-323 corrigenda) of the Journal of speculative philosophy, v. 19, no. 3.)

Cosmopolite, pseud. Concise treatise on the wealth, power, and resources of Great Brit. 1833. C8E C82 Cruchley, G: F. New travelling map of England, part of Scotland and Ireland and a portion of France and the Netherlands, etc. 1827. Cruikshank, G: A discovery concerning ghosts,

etc.; illust. 1863.

Cruz, J: de la. Compendio annual de los sucessos de la Europa [1700]-01. 1702. :8A7-c88 Dana, E: S. A crystallographic study of the thinolite of Lake Lahontan. 1884. IK5+UN3B Dana, R: H: The idle man. 1821-22.

Vol. 1.

$VE2-ID trans. and

Dante Alighieri. Paradise;

ed., with notes, by A. J: Butler. 1885. VIP D2N EB "Excellent student's edition. His ambition, he frankly tells us, is limited to the production of a good 'crib,' and he has accordingly suffered his zeal for literal accuracy to tempt him upon occasion into imitations of the Italian idiom too close to be correct English. Still, as a 'crib' the version is excellent. The verbal renderings are often felicitous; and the notes and elucidations are chosen with judgment from the profuse commentaries of Philalethes,' and other recognized authorities." - St. James's budget, Jan. 9.

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Daudet, A. Tartarin sur les Alpes; nouveaux exploits du héros Tarasconnais; illust. d'aquarelles, par Aranda, de Beaumont, etc. VD26TA

"Plaçons le second Tartarin d'Alphonse Daudet tout près des Aventures de Pickwick,' au coin de la cave aux livres, là où sont les liqueurs rafraichissantes et les breuvages qui rendent la santé." — II: Lajol in Les lettres et les arts, jan.

Davidson, J. W. The correspondent. X15 D28 De Lancey, E: F. The capture of Mount Washington, Nov. 16, 1776, the result of treason. 1877. ¶967M86 D Delesdernier, E. P. Fannie St. John. 1874.


DePeyster, F: A biographical sketch of Robert R. Livingston. 1876. ¶65+176 Dudevant, Mme. A. L. A. D. (pseud. G: Sand). Letters; tr. and ed. by R. L. de Beaufort, with pref. and biog. sketch; illust. with 6 portraits. 3 v. VFO SAOL

"Even in English, and very bad English, the Letters of George Sand may be read with pleasure. Nothing can be finer than the serenity of her letters to Flaubert. Her life was a life of kindness. She spent it in giving away hard earned money, and in trying to help authors." St. James's budget, Feb. 20.

Dunning, C.. Cabin and gondola.



handy ser.)


"It is entirely to finish of form, and an engaging del icacy of style that these stories owe their charm, for there is nothing strikingly original, new, or distinctive about them. One finds one's self wondering, when the volume is put aside, what there was in it that interested him; but the interest is there, nevertheless." Nation, Feb. 4.

Ellis, G: E. Memoir of Nathaniel Thayer.

65 T334E Emerson, W: Piety and arms; sermon at the request of the Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co., Boston, June 3, 1799.

Fargus, F: J: (pseud. H. Conway). A cardinal sin. (Leisure hour ser.) VF22CA Farrow, E: S. Military encyclopædia; illust. with maps, and engravings. 1885. Fergusson, A. The Laird of Lag; a life-sketch.


5DS G87

"Readers of Scott are familiar with him as Sir Robert Redgauntlet in Wandering Willie's tale,' esteemed a masterpiece of narrative fiction by Mr. Ruskin. Colonel Fergusson has collected sundry scraps of information concerning Lag and strung them into a volume which is readable for the light it throws on the domestic manners of the time." - Pall Mall budget, Jan. 28.

Field, M. The father's tragedy; William Rufus; Loyalty or love? VED F45 "Better results ought to come of natural powers which are, perhaps, as great as those of any of our younger poets." J. W. Mackail in the Academy, July 18.

Fisher, Maj. P. The tombs, monuments, etc. visible in St. Pauls Cathedral and St. Faith's beneath it previous to 1666; ed. by G. B. Moig in. Fishermen's own book, The; list of men and vessels lost from Gloucester, Mass., 1874 - Apr. 1, 1882, and a table of losses from 1830; with statistics of the fisheries, etc. 1882. Fishwick, H: History of the parish of Poultonle-Fylde, Co. of Lancaster. (Chetham Soc.)

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Garlick, Dr. T. Biography of E. Kirby. 1883. 975-8w52 Gilliéron, J. Romania; table analytique des dix premiers volumes, 1872-81. XVR-7K66 Gilman, S. Monody on the victims by the conflagration in Richmond, Va. 1812.

196TR41 G Glover, R. London; or, The progress of commerce. 1737. VEP 9P81 Gneist, Dr. R. History of the English constitution; tr. by P. A. Ashworth. 2 v. SEX G53 "A monument of German patience and industry, and like other great works it requires in the reader some share of the qualities which have gone to its production. He is a sort of Schlieman of the English constitu tion, and penetrates to its foundations. Very fairly translated. It occupies a period of a thousand years. It abounds in valuable material, not sufficiently animated by continuous thought to give it the highest historic or political or philosophical worth. The history is inorganic. Dr. Gneist is not wanting in political sagacity, and many of his reflections are worth heeding." - Sat. rev., Feb. 27.


Goodrich, S: G. Peter Parley's book of anecdotes; illust. 1848.

Gower, G. G. L. Despatches; added, despatches Mr. Lindsay and Mr. Munro, and the diary of Viscount Palmerston, 1791; ed. [with introd, and notes] by O. Browning. Grimm, H. Literature. XV.G88.E Gryphius, A. Lyrische Gedichte; hrsg. von H. Palm. 1884. (Stuttg. Lit. Verein.) VA-8ST Guarini, B., and others. Kisses; fragm., etc. 1884. (Aungervyle Soc.) VE-AU5 Halleck, F. G. Alnwick castle, with other poems. 1836. W5P-H153A

Hartzenbusch, J: E. Obras escogidas. Nueva ed., corr. VHXH25 2


2 v.

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"A distinguished statesman has said that only those who have occasion to search among public documents know that their present multiplicity produces almost the same effect as their absence in former days. All who have hitherto had occasion to look into the vast collec tion of international acts which bear the somewhat misleading, and to many, discouraging title of Commercial treaties,' are well aware how almost hopeless is the task of finding the objects of their search amid the indigesta moles' of treaties, conventions, agreements, orders in council, etc., which govern the commercial relations of Great Britain with other countries of the globe. This valuable work appears to be a model of accuracy." -Athenæum, Dec. 26.


Hewitt, M.. E. The memorial; written by friends of Mrs. Osgood, and ed. by M. E. Hewitt; illust. 1851. w5-9н49 Houssaye, A. Confessions; souvenirs d'un demisiècle. 1830-80. 4 v. 5FH813

"Si quelqu'un s'imaginait qu'il trouvera, dans ses souvenirs d'un demi-siècle, des jugements à la Tacite, etc. Des pastels charmants, des esquisses adorables, des croquis ravissants, des scènes plaisantes et très plaisantes parfois même d'un haut comique, de l'imprévu, de la fantaisie, de l'esprit à foison, des feux d'artifice, et encore de la rocaille, des bibelots rares, des bijoux de va. leur, des bijoux indiscrets parfois. Si l'impression morale n'est pas très profonde, si l'idéal fait trop souvent dé faut, etc."- Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 15 août.

How to be happy though married; a handbook to marriage.

The Murray of matrimony and the Bædeker of bliss."


Howells, W: D. Indian summer. Hubbard, J: N. An account of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha; or Red Jacket and his people. (Munsell's hist. ser.) International Meridian Conference, Washington.

Protocols of proceedings. 1884. Jackson, Mrs. A. M., formerly Mrs. Hunt. Zeph; a posthumous story.


VJ13z "The scene is Pendar Basin, one of those rapidly evolved Colorado towns. The characters are thoroughly prosaic, and not one of them would seem adapted to the needs of the modern novelist. But love and pain, anger, patience, and forgiveness, are factors which in all ages can stand for themselves, and make up the tragic elements of story without aid from scenery or philosophy, and Zeph has the constraining charm of vi tal human interest." - Literary world, Feb. 20.

Jacob Schuyler's millions; a novel. "A not uninteresting story. Bergen County, New Jersey, in the year 1850.” — Nation, Mar. 4.

VJ15 The scene is laid in


Jameson, Rev. E. O. Historical discourse, 162d anniv. of the First Church of Christ, Medway, Mass. 1877. 65.1D2

King, E: The golden spike; fantaise in prose.


"The grand excursion across the continent to celebrate the completion of the Northern Pacific railroad, to which a number of the English nobility were invited, is the central incident. ... The main object seems to be to show the impression our cities and vast western possessions make upon Englishmen."- Literary news, Feb. Kitton, F: G. Dickensiana; a bibliography of the literature relating to Charles Dickens and his writings. XTEl DoбK Lawless, Hon. E. Hurrish; a study. (Harper's


handy ser.)

"The characters in this powerful book are few, but very strongly indicated." - Spectator, Jan. 30. Lives of illustrious British seamen. 1764. 5E 9RL7 Lopez Bravo, M. Arte de reynar y como ha de saber reynar el rey. Impr. en latin en Madrid, 1627, trad. en castellano, 1650. Ms. Lübke, W:, and Lützow, C: von. Denkmäler der Kunst zur Übersicht ihres Entwickelungsganges, u.s.w. 4e Aufl. 1884. Medical critic and psychological journal; ed. by F. Winslow. 1861-63. 3 v.

Minutes of a conspiracy against the liberties of America. 1865. 952+M66 Monroe, J. View of the conduct of the executive in the foreign affairs of the U. S. connected with the mission to the French Republic, 1794-96. 1798. EB53-M75 Morison, J: H. The great poets as religious teachteachers. XV0P M82

"His desciptions are generally good, and analyses are suggestive, if seldom thorough or profound. But his individual interpretation of language or character is sometimes more curious than probable." Literary world, Feb. 6.

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¶TS R67

Root, G: F. The bugle-call. [1863.]
Rothschild, rabbi. Spinoza; zur Rechtfertigung
seiner Philosophie u. Zeit. 1877. 5HS SP4R
Russell, J. Reminisences of Yarrow, with pref. by

C. Fraser.

"Include some interesting details about the social and rural life of bygone days, and anecdotes of Scott, Hogg, Wordsworth, and other celebrities who either resided in the locality or visited it." — Mar. Contemporary rev., Sanborn, F. B: Life and genius of Goethe; lectures at the Concord School of Philosophy. XVG1.655 Contents. Introduction, etc. White, H. S. Goethe's youth. Albee, J: Goethe's self culture.-Davidson, T: Goethe's Titanism. Bartol, C. A. Goethe and Schiller. Hedge, F: H: Goethe's märchen. - Sanborn, F. B. Goethe's relation to English literature. Partridge, W. O. Goethe as a playwright. Cheney, M. E. D. Das Ewig-Weibliche Emery, S. H., Jr. Elective affinities. - Sherman, Mrs. C. K. Child-life as portrayed by Goethe. - Snider, D. J. History of the Faust poem. Howe, Mr. J. W. Goethe's women. — Harris, W: T. Goethe's Faust.

"Not equal as a whole to that which can be had from Grimm and Lewis; but marked throughout by reverence and a wholesome appreciation. It is a serious objection to a good part of these essays that they are written from the point of view of a special philosophy, and that they have not the universality of view which was Goethe's own."- Critic, Mar. 6.

Schmidt, O. The mammalia in their relation to primeval times; [illust.[. (Internat. sci. ser.)


"The object which the late Professor Sehmidt set be. fore himself was so admirable that of explaining how palæontology and zoology interpenetrate and correlate with each other'-- and the special subject - that of the history of mammalia- is so particularly interesting that we regret to see so extremely unsatisfactory a result. His work has been most carelessly translated by one who must be ignorant both of English and of anatomy." Athenæum, Feb. 27.

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Sherwood, A. The geology of Potter County; Report on the coal fields, by F. Platt. 1880. IK69-P38S Sparks, J. Life and treason of B. Arnold. 1835. 65.AR62S Stevenson, R. L. Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

VST498 "For his marvels, space and time are as naught. No bounding line of circumstance refuses to yield to his bidding. Yet it is by the simplest of straight-forward truth-telling that he brings us under his spell. His readers all know the houses, the streets he describes, the solemn butler, the tidy maid. Each detail verifies the fact that all the story happened, if not in the next It is no square, then in one that everybody knows. concern of his to account for anything. It happened so, and that is enough. In form it is but a simple tale of magical transformations, yet few sermons could pronounce more awful warning against a sinful life." Nation, Mar. 4.

Stow, J: The survey of London, etc., begunne first by J. Stow in 1598; enl. by Anthony] M[unday] in 1618, finished by Anthony Munday] and others. 1632. :AEL84/ST Sumner, W: H. Some recollections of Washington's visit to Boston; repr. from the N. E. hist. and geneal. register, 1860.


Texas almanac and emigrant's guide, 1859, 61, 6870, 73. 1859-73. 6 v. Théâtre des dames. [18-]. Theophilus, M. G. W:, pseud. The looking glass. ; true history of the early years of an artist. Fac-simile reprint of orig. ed., with app. by F. G. Stephens.

True relation conc. the estate of New England as it was presented to His Majestie. ¶R6-T76 ¶TS.T77 Trumpet of freedom. 1864. Universal songster; or, Museum of mirth; [illust.] by G: and R. Cruikshank. 1826. 3 v. VEN 9UN3 Vaticinium votivum; or, Palæmon's prophetick prayer; with several elegies. (Spencer Soc. Pub.) Whittlesey, Col. C: Address: State of Ohio 975-8w52 sources of her strength. 1881. Archæological frauds. 1876.


Discovery of the Ohio River by R. C. de La Salle. [1877.] 975-8w52 Inscribed stones, Licking Co., Ohio. 1881. 975-8w52 Williams, A., Jr. Gold and silver conversion tables. 1883. IKO UX3B Williams, H. English letters and letter writers of the 18th cent. with notes. 1st ser. Swift and Pope. VEб 9W67 "There is probably no other book that in so compact a form contains so much information, and so much of it at first hand, respecting these two great writers." -H. Sargent in the Academy, Feb. 27.

Willis, N. P. Al'abri; or, The tent pitched. 1839. H69SU W Winthrop, B: R. The Washington chair presented to the Mass. Hist. Soc. by B. R. Winthrop. [1856.] Worthington, T:, and others. Autograph letters. 975-8w52 Young, A. W. History of Chautauqua Co., N. Y., with portraits. 1875. 967c392-Y

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