Slike stranica
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"A story of tragic interest. The scene is laid in Scotland. The mystery of the story holds the interest throughout."

Meilhac, H: La duchesse Martin; comédie. 1884. VFD M47D

Meredith, G: The adventures of Harry Richmond.


Vм54H Michel, E. Rembrandt. (Les artistes célèbres.) Michel, L.. Mémoires. T. 1. 5E M58 "Ecrits pendant sa captivité à Saint Lazare." -Bibl. de la France, Feuilleton, 6 fév. Montet, E: Histoire littéraire des Vaudois du PieXVIQW1 M Montrosier, E. Les artistes modernes; biog., dessins, et photogravure[s]. 1881-82. 3 v. Moore, F. Songs and ballads of the southern people, 1861-65. WбP 98CMS Morgan, Lady S. O. O'Donnel. [1846.] VM820 Morse, J. H. Summer haven songs. W5P M836s

"It is a book to carry with you into the woods as fittest companion for sylvan solitude, and none the less a book to have by you if you cannot go into the woods to make yourself half believe that you are there." — Critic, May 1.

Narjoux, E. Les écoles publiques, construction et

installation. 1877-79. 3 v.

VFF N221

Contents. [Vol. 1] France et Angleterre. [2.] Belgique et Hollande. [3.] Suisse. Navery, M.. de S. Les idoles. 1878. Nelson, H. Letters and despatches; sel. and arr. by J: K. Laughton.

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"Selections from letters and despatches, illustrated by quotations from other men. Mr. Laughton has on the whole chosen well. He suppresses repetitions, gives his dates carefully, and here and there puts in an explanatory note which clears up an obscure point or joins one selected passage on to the next. Still, it is neither an artistically constructed biography nor a full collection of original materials. There is no doubt one purpose which Mr. Laughton's selection may serve. It may be a handy cram-book for naval officers who have to learn something directly about Nelson, and who want industry or leisure to read Nicolas." - Sat. rev., May 8.

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Newton, R. H. Right and wrong uses of the Bible. [1883.]

Noel, R. Essays on poetry and poets. XVEP N68


"The subject of the excellent first chapter, the poetic interpretation of nature, is developed particularly in the essays on Shelley, Keats, Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Whitman. The essay on Chatterton is not the hapThe sixty pages or so on Byron, piest in the book. however, are valuable and timely matter. Next in interest, are the studies in contemporaries - Tennyson, Browning, and Walt Whitman. The space devoted to Victor Hugo is full of good things. The Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keat's essays seem slighter.” — P. A. Barnett in the Academy, May 1.


O'Connor, E. M. Myrtilla Miner; a memoir.


"Miss Miner was a native of New York. She edu. cated herself with the greatest resolution and the greatest difficulty, both on account of her poverty and of her frail physique, and began to teach, first, at the North, and afterward at the South, where she imbibed a horror

of slavery. An interval of seventeen years elapsed between her return from Mississippi and her first steps towards setting up a school in 1851 in the District of Columbia for free colored children. In 1863 the school was made an incorporated institution, and is now the flourishing Miner Norinal School, a part of the colored school system of the District." Nation, Feb. 11. Pailleron, E: Discours académiques. VF6 P15

"In answering M. Halévy he draws a really masterly sketch of the foibles and contradictions of the French character a sketch which will most assuredly live. To say that the whole book is full of that French of the best kind which is getting rarer every day is only to say that it is M. Pailleron's."- Sat. rev., Apr. 3. Portraits. Collection of portraits. 1837?] Pouyat, E:, and Ménétrier, C: Caliban, par deux ermites de Ménilmontant rentrés dans le monde. 1833. 2 v. :VFFP86 Premiéres illustrées, Les; notes et croquis, saison théâtrale, 1884-85; texte par R. Toché.


T8F+7P Prentice, G: D. Prenticeana; or, Wit and humor in paragraphs; with biog. sketch by G. W. Griffin. 1871. Princeton review. Essays. 2d ser. 1847. Pure, M. de, l'abbé. La prétieuse, ou Le mystère de la ruelle. 1656-58. 3 v. :VFF P97 Reform and progress in India, etc., by an optimist. 1885. HA594 R

Regnier, Mme. (pseud. D. Darc). Revanche posthume; étude conjugale. 1878. VFF D24R Reid, A. Ireland; a book of light on the Irish problem, contrib. by leading Irishmen and Englishmen. Rétif de la Bretonne, N: E. Histoire des compagnes de Maria, ou Episodes de la vie d'une ) VFFR31H jolie femme. 1811. 3 v.


Les veillées du Marais, etc. 1785. 2 v.

)FVFR31v Richards, E. H. Food materials and their adulterations.

Robinson, A. M.. F. An Italian garden; a book of songs. W5P R56

"Nowhere marked by excessive individuality, they are yet markedly tender, musical, and distinct in their way as the golden flash of an oriole wing." - Critic, Apr. 24. Roxbury. 1st Universalist Church. Semi-centennial memorial. 1871.


Rye, W. The murder of Amy Robsart. ¶5E-R574R Sala, G: A: The strange adventures of Captain Dangerous. (Franklin Sq. lib.) Saunders, J: Portraits and memoirs of eminent living political reformers. 1840. Savile, Sir G:, 1st Marq. of Halifax. Miscellanies. :VE SA9 Schuyler, E. American diplomacy, and the furtherance of commerce. Seeley, J: R. Short history of Napoleon the first. 8FHR SE3 "Professor Seeley seeks to show what in Napoleon's abnormal career is to be ascribed to circumstances, what to his own personality, how far his ascendancy was bene ficial or otherwise, and what place is to be assigned to him in history."- Bertha M. Gardiner in the Academy, Mar. 13.

Serang, marquis de. Les prisonniers français en Russie; mémoires et souvenirs, rec. et pub. par M. de Puisbusque. 1837. 2 v.


Sforzosi, L. Teatro comico moderno. 1836.


Shaw, F. L. Colonel Cheswick's campaign.


"It is not so much that Colonel Cheswick's campaign' is out of the common way, as that it is very good indeed in the common way." -Academy.

Sibbes, R: The bruised reed and smoking flax; A fountain sealed; A description of Christ. 1838. Simms, W: G. Life of Francis Marion. 1844.

65 M3368 Statesman's year book; by F. Martin. 1886. Stephen, Sir J. F. Letters on the Ilbert Bill; reprint. from the "Times." 1883. TEAE ST4 Stephens, H: M. History of the French Revolution. Vol. 1.

8FG ST44

"The diligent use Mr. Stephens has made of all that he has been able to find on the Revolution as it affected the provinces invests the first volume of this History with a peculiar, though by no means with its only value. He has given us the results of an independant laborious examination of a mass of special and original authorities. He has done good service in bringing to. gether and putting into a connected form many incidents of considerable importance that the ordinary stu dent had previously little or no chance of becoming acquainted with.". Saturday review, May 5.


Stevenson, R. L:

Prince Otto; a romance.

VST49P "Mr. Stevenson's new book is so plainly an essay in pure literature that to the average reader it may be a disappointment. It has none of the qualities of an ordinary novel. Means, atmosphere, characters, effects everything is peculiar. It is plainly the work of a man who writes, not for the public of Mudie, but with a constant respect for the principles of art, and an unalterable sense of the excellence of beauty in life and literature alike." Athenæum, Nov. 21.

Stoughton, J: A forme of wholesome words; or,

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"Période interessante de nos mœurs et de notre his toire que Mme. Mary Summer a tenté de fixer sur la toile. Elle a pris un petit cadre et fait un tableau de genre. Le roman et l'histoire s'y marient agréablement par-devant la Fantaisie." — Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 6 fév.

Testa, C. Le droit public international maritime; principes généraux; régles pratiques, tr. par A. Boutiron.

Theobald, L: Shakespeare restored, etc. 1726.

Things as they are; or, Notes of a traveller through some of the Middle and Northern states. 1834.

Thompson, Sir H: (pseud. P. Oliver).

Kingston's aunt.

B5 T34 Charley VOL44C

"The only fault of this book may be stated under one head there is not enough of it. Never since the Burns of Eastern England (Robert Bloomfield) gave us his genuine recollections of peasantry among whom his boyhood was passed have we seen the true Suffolk speech put into black and white." - Athenæum, May 16. Thonissen, J: J. La constitution belge annotée, etc. 1879.

Titcomb, S.. E.. Mind-cure on a material basis.

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"A long, intricate, and crowded novel of Russian life. It must have taken some resolution to translate this book, and some courage to publish it; and the reading of it by some persons will be a work which requires perseverance and application. But it is large an strong; we remember nothing with which to compare it since Elizabeth De Ville's Johannes Olaf' of 1873. Critic, Apr. 17. Traité des anc. cérémonies; cont. leur naissance, etc., leur entrée en l'Eglise, etc. 1673. Trelawney, E: J: Adventures of a younger son. VT71A2 Tuttle, C: R. On north land; account of the CaB4-T88 nadian north-west. etc.; illust. Uncle Daniel's story of Tom" Anderson and 20 great battles; by an officer of the Union Army. VUN1 Uzanne, O. La Française du siècle; illust. de A. Lynch.


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"Ah! les jolis dessins à la plume! Il y joint des illustrations très artistiques; mais, en vérité, c'est du luxe, car M. Uzanne décrit avec tant de précision qu'en le lisant nous voyons toutes les Parisiennes du siècle comme si elles étaient là sous nos jeux.” — Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 19 déc.

Vacher, S. Fifteenth century Italian ornament. Vachon, M. Jacques Callot. (Les artistes célèbres.)

Valmiki, The Iliad of the East; a selection of legends from [his] Ramayana, by F. Richardson. 1870. V5SAP V24 ER Vandervynckt, L. J: J. Histoire des troubles des Pays-Bas sous Philippe 11. 1822. 4 v. :8H4.V28

Vigil, F. de P. G. Compendio de la defensa de la autoridad de los gobiernos contra las pretensiones de la Curia Romana. 1852. Vincent de Paul, St. Lettre au cardinal de La Rochefoucauld sur l'état de dépravation de l'abbaye de Longchamps. 1827. གྭ Walsh, R., Jr. The Jackson wreath; a national tribute cont. biog. sketch of J. with contin. by Dr. J. McHenry. 1829. 65.J134WB Washington Irving Assoc. Washington Irving; commemoration of the 100th anniv. of his birth, 1883; addr. by N: Davis, [and others]. 65.1R84W


Webbe, J. An appeale to truth in the controversie betweene art and use about the best course in language, etc. 1622. :Y 1w38 Webster, D. Beauties of D. Webster, sel. with a crit. essay by James Rees. 2d ed., with portrait and add. 1839. w56 w39B Wheatley, II: B. How to form a library. XG W56 Whitefield, E. The homes of our forefathers; a

selection of the oldest and most interesting historical houses and most noted places in Maine, N. H., and Vermont.

Wilson, II. Clara Gazul; or, Honi soit qui mal y pense. 1830. 2 v. Vw69c Winter, J: S. Cavalry life; or, sketches and stories in barracks and out. (Harper's handy ser.) Vw731c

"A collection of remarkably good stories, full of miltary spirit." Critic, May 1. Yonge, C.. M.. Chantry House.

Yriarte, C: E.


Fortuny. (Les artistes célèbres.)

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"An exceedingly concise and clearly-written guide to the study of a subject interesting to many. A word of praise should be said in praise of Miss Horsley's quaint illustrations." Sat. rev., Apr. 10. Alvarez, A. Progress and intelligence of Ameri

cans, etc., founded upon the normal servi-
tude of inferior animates to mankind, etc.;
tr. 1865.
D945 AL8

Amicis, E. de. Gli amici. 1883. 2 v.
Anderson, W: Pictorial arts of Japan. Pt. 1, 2.

"Promises to be the most complete and authoritative account as yet produced of that strange and delightful manifestation of human sentiment and the human mind which is known as Japanese art. The illustrations include some eighty plates, in photogravure and chromolithography, and in etching and wood engraving by native craftsmen. Mr. Anderson has the immense advantage over all those who have preceded him in the consideration of his subject of having studied it on the spot, and of knowing it with a knowledge personally sought and acquired. It is something of a feat to summarize the history of a thousand years of art in the compass of sixty-four folio pages; and this feat Mr. Anderson has accomplished in the letter-press of his first issue. His narrative, while necessarily in outline, is remarkable for its clearness and continuity." Sat. rev., Jan. 30.


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"Really two stories, one, the shorter, of an American family in London, the second, of an English family trav elling in America. If the object of the Anglo-American novel is to amuse, Miss Baylor has succeeded." - Lit. world, May 15.

Blake, Rev. J: L. First book in astronomy. Ster. ed. with add. 1833. HQ B58

Blanc, Mme. T.. (pseud. T. Bentzon). Une conversion; Exotique; La dot de Katel.

[blocks in formation]

Boston book, The; specimens of metropolitan literature. 1836. w5.99B65 Bowditch, J. I. Useful tables. 1856. H4L-6B67.2 Brooks, H: M. The olden time series; gleanings from old newspapers, etc. Vol. 3: NewEngland Sunday. 7CB.9B

Brown, J. D. Biographical dictionary of musicians; with a bibliography of English writings on music. TB-5B81 Bryant, W: C. The flood of years; [illust. by W. J. Linton]. 1878.

W5P B842F Burn, R. S. Mechanics and mechanism; essays for schools, etc.; illust. 1858.


Burnett, Mrs. F. H. Jarl's daughter; and other novelettes. 1883.

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Kathleen Mavourneen. [1878.]

Pretty Polly Pemberton. 1878.




A quiet life; and the tide on the moaning bar.

[blocks in formation]

"Nearly every page is crowded with facts. ... It should especially be read by those who are accustomed to fix their eyes upon the defects of American institutions and manners, while ignorantly extolling the supposed superiority of something across the sea." - Rossiter Johnson, in the Dial, May. Clark, L: H. Military history of Wayne Co., N.Y., the county in the civil war. 1883. 967w36.c Columbia College. Columbian Peithologian Soc. Academic recreations. Vol 1. 1815. :w5.c72 Craik, Mrs. D. M. M. King Arthur. VM91K Cuvier, G: L. C. F: D., baron. Discours sur les révolutions de la surface du globe, etc. 1880. 14.098

Dante Alighieri. Il sepolcro di Dante. 1883.


Davis, D., Jr. Manual of magnetism. 1848.

HC D29

Day, W: Reminiscences of the turf; with anecdotes, etc., of its principal celebrities during SKR D33 the present reign.

"The family of the Days have been great horse-masters for some generations, the author of this book having followed in the footsteps, not only of his father, but of his mother. The author here describes the most famous owners with whom he has been associated, together with the horses from which they derived their fame, and races in which the animals took part." — Sat. rev., Mar. 27.

Deutsche Matutin u. Vesper in abgekürzt. Form, nebst Psalmen, u.s.w. 1875.

[blocks in formation]

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, etc. 1765. VD855PM Du Boisgobey, F. Porte close. 2 v. Dudevant, Mme. A. L. A. D. (pseud. G: Sand). Mauprat; [illust.] par Le Blant. VFF SA5мн3 Dunn, J. P., Jr. Massacres of the mountains; a history of the Indian wars of the far West; illust. 927.D92


"The completest work we have on the subject. He begins by taking the ground that at the time of the discovery of America by Columbus, instead of there being millions of Indian inhabitants, there were probably only about five hundred thousand. If this be true then the present Indian population consisting of 270,000, or a little over half that number, shows by no means as sensi ble a decrease during the progress of four centuries as most persons have been disposed to believe. The numerous facts, so carefully related, have exhausted much labor in compilation. The index is very full." Eyre, J: Christian spectator; journey from England to Ohio, etc. 1838. :B5 EY6 European stranger in America. 1839. :B5 EY6 Fargus, F: J: Living or dead; a novel. (Leisure hour ser.) VF22L Farnese, L. Proposta di un codice di diritto internazionale. Vol. 1. 1873. Fresenius, C: R. Elementary instruction in chemical analysis, with pref. by Liebig; ed. by J. L. Bullock. 1844. HL F89 Gage of the two civilizations; shall Christendom waver? inquiry into the causes of the rupture of the Eng. and French treaties of TienTsin, etc. 1860.


George, H: Protection or free trade; an examination of the tariff question with especial regard to the interests of labor. CX.G29 "He appears as the champion of free-trade, in which he thoroughly believes. He calls for an unrestricted opportunity for production as the sort of free-trade which labor now stands in need of, and which cannot be had by the free-trade methods of the Cobden school. His theory does not include the equal distribution of land, or anything which is distinctly socialistic in its character." Critic, May 8.

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Gilbert Gurney. 1850.

Gurney married. 1842.

Maxwell; rev. corr., etc. 1849.

The parson's daughter 1852.






The widow and the marquiss. 1842. Vн764w Hopkins, G. M. Atlas of Cambridge, Mass. Horn, A., alias A. Hellman. Confession of H. convicted of the murder of his wife, summary of trial and sentence of death. 1843. Horsford, E. N. The Indian names of Boston and their meaning. ¶YEB/H78 -John Cabot's landfall, 1497, and the site of Norumbega; letter to Chief-Justice Daly. ¶B64N8/H Hunchback of Notre Dame; tr. with sketch of the life, etc. of [H.]; by F: Shoberl. 1849. VFG•H87H Hull, J: T. Siege and capture of Fort Loyall destruction of Falmouth, [with map.] 1690. ¶961F77.H Independent Whig, The; a defence of primitive Christianity and of our eccles. establishment, etc. 1st Amer. from 6th Lond. ed. 1816. 2 v. Irving, W. The Crayon reading book; selections. W5.1R85CR

Hugo, V: M.., comte.



Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle, gent.; with a biog. notice. 1824.


Sketch book; rev. ed., with designs by F. O.

C. Darley. 1849.


Same. Artist's ed. 1865.




Voyages and discoveries of the companions of
Columbus. 1831.

Jefferies, R. The open air.

"Sketches, unearthed from the various magazines and journals in which they first appeared. A wet day in London' illustrates the dreary side of the metropolitan struggle for existence better than a whole vol. ume by M. Taine. But there is not a weak page in this book." Spectator, Jan. 23.

Jordan, T. F. Leighton genealogy; account of the descendants of Capt. W: Leighton of Kit65.9YL53 tery, Me., etc. Laveleye, E. Le parti clérical en Belgique. 1874.

[blocks in formation]

Legouvé, G. J: B. E. W. Soixante ans de souve

nirs. le pte: Ma jeunesse.

5F 1524 "The most interesting volume of its kind published since M. Maxime's du Camps, while it deals with mat ters much remoter and much less generally known than the subjects of that pleasant book. He has kept himself somewhat modestly in the background, arrang. ing his book rather as a succession of portraits of the interesting persons he has known than as an account of his own life."- Saturday rev., Apr. 10. Lesquereux, I.. Description of the coal flora of the carboniferous formation in Pennsylavania and throughout the U. S. 1880-84. 3 v.

IK69.P38S Lewis, H. C. Report on the terminal moraine in Pennsylvania and western New York, etc. IK69 P388 America. 5HX L38


Life of Gregory Lopez; a hermit in


[blocks in formation]


Macqueen, J.


14.198M The war; who's to blame? etc. EA19.M24

Maltby, E., Bp. of Durham. New and complete Greek gradus; or, Poetical lexicon of the Greek language, etc. 1850. :YPD M29 Mant, R. Appeal to the Gospel; or, An inquiry into the justice of the charge alleged by Methodists, etc. 1812.

Mapleson, T. W. G. Lays of the western world; illuminated. [185-.] $w5+9M32 Marcou, J. Geological map of the U. S., and the British Provinces of N. Amer. with explan. text, etc. 1853. 2 v. IK5 M33 Maudsley, H: Natural causes and supernatural seemings.

"Dr. Maudsley's book is amusing from end to end. His comments on some of the popular delusions both of our own day and of the past are bright and trenchant. A great mass of interesting information is scattered among the pages of his book. Few men will be able honestly to say that they are never the victims of any one of the causes of error which he describes. The genesis of many a superstition, of many a prejudice, of many a political fallacy, of many a 'psychical phenomena, and of many 'startling revelations,' may be understood more clearly than heretofore by the student of these pages.". - St. James's budget, May 1.

Miscellanea Dantesca. [1883.]


Moke, H: W: Histoire de la littérature française. [1849.] 4 v. XVF M72 Monfalcon, J: B. Manuel du bibliophile et de l'archéologie lyonnais. 1857.


Monk, J. H: Cambridge classical examinations.


[blocks in formation]


marionnettes. VFD M754D

Histoire du brigandage dans l'Italie méridio

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"The list and the other information contained in the book undoubtedly prove that allotments are much more common in most parts of England, and a few districts in Wales, than has been supposed by the public; but 248 landowners form a small proportion of the whole number, and 2,441,620 acres as the total area of land belonging to owners who are known to be in favour of the allotment system comprise but a small proportion of the 32,544,000 acres of land under cultivation in England and Wales."- Pall Mall budget, Mar. 18.

Paget, V. Baldwin; dialogues on views and aspirations.

"The most impressive of Baldwin's views is undoubt edly his contemptuous rejection of theism, and of course still more of Revelation, and his contention that ethics spring out of the self-preserving instincts of human society, which generate human morality, to use his own expressive phrase, as a sort of rule of the road' for man, the rule that each coachman must take a particu lar side of the street with reference to other coachmen.' The most earnest of his aspirations are his desire to give scientific men a substantial ground for condemning and repudiating the cruelties of vivisection, and his equally eager desire to make of art and literature beneficent agencies which may fix our thoughts and aims on what is noblest, without too much ignoring the conditions of our actual life." - Spectator, May 1. Paine, T: The religion of the sun; a posthumous poem; with a preface by the proprietor. 1826. WOP P16 Palustre, L. La renaissance en France; dessins et gravures sous la direction de E. Sadoux. 1879-81. 2 v.


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"An introduction occupying about a third of the volume treats of the archæological researches upon which the history is based, and the history itself is in effect a general introduction to the study of ancient history." Atlantic, May.

Raguenet, A. Matériaux et docs. d'architecture et de sculpture. [18—.]

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