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1834. 3 v.

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Antidot for the headache. 1612. $VEP B75
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cord, Erie Co., N. Y. 1883.
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:65 c35

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"Original, touching, and written in a higher strain, both of style and thought, than most books of the day." Sat. rev., Mar. 27.

Eaton, J: H: Life of A. Jackson, etc.; added a brief history of the Seminole war, etc. 1828.


Edwardes, Lady E. Memorials of the life and letters of Maj. Gen. Sir Herbert B. Edwardes. 2 v. 5E ED97 "Herbert Edwardes belonged to that peculiar school of Anglo-Indians which had so much fame and influence thirty years ago. Autre temps autres mœurs;' the knight's bones are dust, and their swords are rust; and the work that they did is done. The officers of the school fought and ruled with as sincere and efficacious a fanaticism as ever animated the Arabs of early Islam or the shoeless recruits of the French Revolution. Lady Edwardes has wisely left the task of telling the story mainly to her husband's resolute pen. It may be doubted how far a lady is the fittest biographer of a deceased public servant. Edwardes had heroic ele

ments of character which might have been better brought out by a military writer; and his claim to be considered a statesman might perhaps have been more impartially discussed." H. G. Keene in the Academy, May 29.

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VID G343V Contents. Vol. 1. Una partita a scacchi. Il trionfo d'amore. 2. Il marito amante della moglie. 3. Il fratello d'armi. 4. Il conte Rosso. 5. Luisa. Sorprese notturne. Girault, A. N. Vie de Washington, pris de l'anglais. 1839.

Gladstone, W. E., and others. The order of creation; the conflict between Genesis and geology.

Contents. Gladstone, W. E. Dawn of creation and of worship; Proem to Genesis; a plea for a fair trial. — Huxley, T. H. The interpreters of Genesis and of na. ture; Mr. Gladstone and Genesis. Müller, M. Postscript to Solar myths. Réville, A. Dawn of creation; answer to Mr. Gladstone. Linton, E. L. A protest and a plea.

[blocks in formation]

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"If Mr. Hardy's narrative is not thrilling, his descrip tive powers are as great as ever. Nothing can be better than his sketches of Casterbridge, the old Roman garrison town, overgrown rather than obliterated by an English urbs in rure.' His strongest point, however, is his capacity for portraying the average peasant, more especially the peasant who has passed middle age. ... The worst feature of the book is, that it does not contain a single character capable of arousing a passing interest in his or her welfare. Even the dramatis persona' with the exception of Lucetta, who conceives so sudden and violent à passion for Farfrae, are in doubt almost up the last moment whether they really care about anybody." - Saturday rev., May 29.

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2 v.

Hauff, W:

Prosaische u. poetische Werke. 1.-3., 7.-9. Bdchen. [18-.] 6 v.


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Rip Van Winkle; illust. 1864.






Wolfert's Roost; and other papers. 1866.


Jennings, H. One of the thirty; a strange history now for the first time told. [187-.] "This remarkable work gives the legendary history of one of the thirty pieces of silver for which Jesus Christ was sold." - Advertisement.

Johnson, C. Centennial history of Erie Co., N. Y. 967ER4.J


Kneeland, Rev. A. Funeral sermon on the death of Capt. A. Harding, Feb. 23. 1826. Lamb, C: Mrs. Leicester's school and other writings in prose and verse; with introd. and notes by A. Ainger. 1885. VEL163M Larkin, H: Carlyle and the open secret of his life. 5Ds c1985L "The open secret of Carlyle's life according to Mr. Larkin is this that His heart's desire was to make history, not merely to write about what others had made.'

It was not until 1850 that he resigned himself to the

task of writing history for its own sake, neither as a parable nor as a manifesto. Of Mr. Larkin's open secret' there is nothing to be said except that what is new in it is fanciful, what is true has never been a secret. In his general criticism there is much that is of value. His exegesis of 'Sartor resartus' is evidently an extended version of the summary which Carlyle himself praised. ... His chapters upon Carlyle's misinterpretations of Cromwell are curious and interesting. after all is said, his attempt to exhibit Carlyle's charac ter and motives in a new light suggests a hand-glass seeking to cast new light upon the sun."- Pall Mall budget, May 20.


Lediard, T: Life of J, Duke of Marlborough. 1736. 3 v.

5E M345L Leeson, M. A. Reminiscences of the FrancoIrish ambulance, etc. 1873. R3FZ IR Legrand, E. Bibliographie Hellénique; ouvrages publiés en grec par des Grecs aux 15e et 16e siècles. 1885. 2 v. :XTP+52 Lemaire, C. L. Histoire naturelle des oiseaux d'Europe; [illust.] par Pauquet. le pte. : Passereaux. [1837.] L9YA L54

Leroy, L: Les pensionnaires du Louvre;

de P. Renouard. 1880.


Linn, W: Life of T: Jefferson. 1834. 65.J356LI Logan, J: A. The great conspiracy; its origin and history.


954.182 "It is not a history. It is rather what might be called a narrative stump speech."- Nation, June 3. Lossing, B. J: The home of Washington; or, Mt. Vernon and its associations; illust. 1870. 96RM86.L

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B65N47.M Mathias, T: J. The pursuits of literature. 1799. VEP'M42P

Mitchell, J., and Dickie, J. Philosophy of witchcraft. 1839.

Moncrieff, W. T. The march of intellect; a comic poem; [illust. by R. Cruikshank]. 1830. $VEP M74 Old Booty! a serio-comic sailor's tale; illust. by R. Cruikshank. 1830. $VEP-M740

Montez, L., pseud. Lectures, includ. her autobiography. 1858.

VE3 M765

Montifaud, M: de, (pseud. for la comtesse de Q. de Montifaud). Racine et La Voisin. 1878. XVFV M764

Morley, J: On compromise.

"General, ultimate, and completed expediency is Mr. Morley's definition of morality; and this sentence is only a condensation of the proposition which is very fully developed, that the huckstering spirit of political life has permeated every department of life and thought in England. Has so clear-cut and forthright an essay ever been written upon a subject admitting so much casuistry? Naturally the larger part of the essay deals with theological compromise and religious conformity. Those who doubt that an agnostic can be a man of firm convictions, noble ideas, and generous endeavor, will find their account in this book."- Melville B. Anderson in the Dial, June.

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HN P39

Pepper, J: H: The playbook of metals; incl. personal narratives of visits to coal, lead, etc., mines, with experiments. 1861. Phillips, W: A. Labor, land, and law; a search for the missing wealth of the working poor. c55 P54

"Mr. Phillips finds that land monopoly is chiefly responsible for social ills and inequalities, and prescribes a scheme of graduated taxation which would render owership of land in large parcels impossible. He is evidently in earnest and sincere; but economics and book-making are out of his line."- Albert Shaw in the Dial, June.

Pope, A. Sober advice from Horace to the young gentlemen about town, with orig. text restored by R: Bentley. [1735?] VEP 9P81 Pope, A., Jr. Celebrated dogs of America, imLQ/P81 ported and native. [188-.] Prynne, W: Brief animadversions on and explanatory records to the 4th pt. of the institutes of the lawes of England concerning the jurisdiction of courts by Sir E: Cooke. 1669. Ramirez, S. Noticia historica de la riqueza minera de Mexico, etc. 1884. 19D R14

Renard the fox. History of Reynard the fox; tr. and printed by W: Caxton, 1481; ed. by E. Goldsmid. Vol. 1. 1884. (Bibl. curiosa.) VEL R33C Riverside magazine for young people; illust. Vol. 1-4. 1867-70. Robinson, F. Account of the organization of the army of the U. S., etc., with portraits. 1848. R25 R56

2 v.

Romilly, H. H. The western Pacific and New Guinea; notes on the native, Christian, and cannibal; with account of the old labour of trade. BT R66 "The most interesting and by far the most diverting account of wild peoples and half-discovered lands that we have read since the Pakeha Maori published 'Old New Zealand.'"- Saturday rev., Mar. 20.

Royce, J. California from the conquest in 1846 to the second Vigilance Committee in San Francisco; a study of American character. (Amer. commonwealths.) 5B7 R81

"The story of the conquest of California belongs more to national than to local annals. It is a study rather than a story, and as a study it is treated by Professor Royce. He is a graphic writer, and whether in narrative, the solution of mysteries, or in general criticism of affairs, his pages are of fascinating interest." Mag. of Amer. hist., June.

Sainthill, R: The old Countess of Desmond; did she seek redress at the court of Elizabeth, and did she ever sit for her portrait? 1861. 5E F5743 Schouten, W. Voyage aux Indes Orientales, 165895; tr. 1725. 2 v. :A5 SCH6

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Sheldon, W. D. The "Twenty-seventh;" a regimental history.


954c76 SH Simonde de Sismondi, J: C: L. De l'intérêt de la France à l'égard de la traite des nègres. 1814. D93F S15 Etudes sur les constitutions des peuples libres. El.815 Histoire de la chute de l'Empire Romain et du déclin de la civilisation de l'an 250 à l'an 1000. 1835. 2 v. 8J7.815 Histoire de la renaissance de la liberté en Italie, de ses progrès, de sa décadence, et de sa chute. 1832. 2 v. 816 $15 Julia Sévéra; ou l'an 492. 1822. 3 v.


Tableau de l'agriculture toscane. 1801. Skinner, Rev. J: Annals of Scottish episcopacy, 1788-1816, [with] biog. mem. [of Bp. Skinner]. 1818.

Smith, H. B. History of the church of Christ, in chronological tables, etc. 1885.

Sonnet, M. L: J. H. Dictionnaire des mathematiques appliquées. 1874. H2.580 Spiegel der vrowelyke onstandvastigheit, of Naaukeurig verhael der byzonderste liefde-gevallen eens franschen edelmans; vert. door J. Gentil, met kopere plaaten verciert. 1725. :VFF SP4 D Statistical Society. Jubilee volume, June 22-24, 1885. cl:7ST2 Stockdale, F: W. L. Excursions in the County of Cornwall; illust. 1824. AEC81 ST6 Thamin, R. Un problème moral dans l'antiquité, etc. 1884. Thompson, D. P. Centeola, and other tales. 1864. VT37c Traill, H: D. Shaftesbury; the first Earl. (Eng. worthies.) 5E SH14T

"Absolutely the first complete and judicial study of the character of a man who, as Mr. Traill contends, did more than anyone else to establish the English system of Parliamentary opposition and party tactics generally. The material is, indeed as Mr. Traill has often to confess, by no means so abundant as could be wished. The general political history of the period is covered with constant dark patches, and the actual life of Shaftsbury himself is, as far as its minor and domestic events are concerned, most scantily known. Mr. Traill has made the most of what information we have. It is the first really critical estimate of Shaftsbury." -Sat. rev., May 29. Tucker, G: Essays on various subjects.

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w53 T79 5E T834

Mr. Tupper's reputation as an author is not confined to Proverbial philosophy.' He has written a diary of travel; ... and some tales. This is not all. He has composed verses innumerable, and the autobiography is 'spotted with small poems.' While full of amusing


and characteristic anecdotes about its author, has no literary pretentions. It is a medley of narrative and opinion thrown together without much regard to form, and expressed in verse as well as prose." -Athenæum quoted in the Critic, June 5.

Turner, H: E. Settlers of Aquidneck and liberty of conscience, read before the R. I. Hist. Soc., Feb. 1880. 965AQ T Tyler, Rev. E: R. The doctrine of election; sermon. 1831.

Veredarius, O. Das Buch von der Weltpost. 1885. C10P/V58 Violette, J. M. H: Nouvelles manipulations chimiques simplifiées. 1840. THK V81 Virlet, T: Coup d'oeil gén. et statist. sur la métallurgie dans ses rapports avec l'industrie, etc. 1837. གླ Walcott, C: D. On the Cambrian faunas of N. America. 1884. IKB UN3B

Walford, E: Juvenal. 1880. (Ancient classics for Eng. readers.)

Walker, J., Pres. of Harvard College.


VJ.J8 YW The exclu

sive system; discourse at the installation of Rev. C: Robinson, Nov. 1, 1826. Walker, W. F: The Azores; or, Western Islands; a political, commercial, and geographical acAHZAZ W15 "It is now 44 years since Bullar's Winter in the Azores, and summer at the Baths of the Furnas' - the last work in our language purely descriptive of these delightful islands first appeared. The book is illus. trated and contains several specimens of Island melodies."- Trübner's monthly list, April.

Week, The; a Canadian journal of politics, society, and literature. Vol. 1. [1884.] Weekly magazine. Vol. 1, Feb. 3 - Apr. 28, with app. of state papers. 1798. Westhampton, Mass. Memorial of the reunion Sept. 5, 1866. 964w58 M

White, C: A. On mesozoic fossils. 1884. 1K5 UN3B Whitney, Rev. P: History the of Co. of Worces1793. 964w91-w Sermon, Jan. 18, 1829. Sermon on the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. 1829.

ter, Mass., etc. Whittemore, Rev. T:

Whittlesey, Col. C: Ancient earthworks, North

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Ohio. [1877.]


Gen. Wadsworth's division, war of 1812. 1879. 975-8w52 Grave Creek inscribed stone. 1879. 975-8w52 Ohio surveys. 1883. 975-8w52

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Williams, II: S. On the fossil faunas of the upper Devonian. 1884. IK5 UN3B Wither, G: Britain's remembrancer, cont. a narration of the plague, etc. 1628. VEP W77B Woods, J. C. Old and rare books; an elementary lecture at the Roy. Inst. of South Wales, Swansea, Mar. 2, 1885. XQ W86

Wright, T: Political songs of England from the reign of John to that of Edward 11. Vol. 1VEN W93

3. 1884. (Bibl. curiosa.) Wyld, G. How best to become a theophist; addr. Jan. 6, 1880.

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"The drama of the present day must be better than it is generally supposed to be, or it could scarcely have furnished Mr. Archer with subject-matter for such a thoughtful, well-written book as the one he has just put forth."- St. James's budget, July 3.

Aretino, P: Commedie, riv. e corr., agg. L'Orazia ; trag. 1875. (Bibl. class. econ.) VID AR32 Aubert, E: Trésor de l'abbaye de Saint-Maurice d'Agaune. 1872.

Augustinus, A., St., Bp. of Hippo. Confessiones, ed. C: H. Bruder. 1876.

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Meditationes, soliloquia, et manuale, access. Meditationes B. Anselmi, D. Bernardi, etc. 1871.

Barrili, A. G. Diana degli Embriaci. 1882.

VIF B27D Bassanville, A. L., la comtesse de. Code du cérémonial, etc. 1873.

Baur, S: Religiöse Betrachtungen u. Gebete am Morgen u. Abend, u.s.w. 1839. 2 v. Beauval, Mme. de. Trésor de la beauté, mille et un secrets de toilette, etc. [18-] Becquerel, A. C. Traité de physique considérée dans ses rapports avec la chimie, etc. 184244. 2 v. THA B38 Belleforest, F. de. L'ancienne et grande cité de Paris. 1882. Bennett, C: H. Proverbs with pictures. 1859.



Berni, F. Opere, e una giunta di poesie d'altri autori. 1874. (Bibl. class. econ.) VI.B45

Blake, W: Etchings from his works by W: B. Scott, with descr. text. 1878.

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The grave; a poem by R. Blair, illust. by 12 etchings, added a life of [Blair]. 1813. Illustrations of the book of Job, with descr. and a sketch of [B.'s] life and works by C: E. Norton. 1875.

Blakeman, R. A philosophical essay on credulity and superstition; and also on animal fascination, or charming. 1849. Bloxam, M. H. Die mittelalterliche KirchenBaukunst in England; übers. [Illust.] 1847. Blumenfeld, H. Englische Gedichte-übertr. 1868. VEP+9B62 Bodin, Mme. C. Rêveries dans les montagnes. 1837. 2 v. :VFF B63 Boethius, A. M. T. S. Philosophiae consolationis libri v., rec. R. Peiper. 1871. VJ BP 1871

Bon jardinier, Le; almanach horticole pour 1860.

2 v.

Bonghi, R. Leone XIII e l'Italia; seg. [da] 3 pastorali del Card. Pecci. 1878.

Ritratti contemp.; Cavour, Bismarck, Thiers.

Bonnefon, D. Les écrivains modernes de la France. [18-] XVFV B64 Bonnemaine, A. J: T: Chemises rouges; l'histoire du règne des anarchistes. [1799.] 2 v. :8FG B64 Boucharlat, J: L. Elementary treatise on mechanics, tr. by E: H. Courtenay. 1836. HB.C83 Bray, Mrs. A.. E. K. S. Traditions, legends, etc.,

of Devonshire on the borders of the Tamar and the Tavy. 1836. 3 v. AED49.B.2 Brockedon, W: Road-book from London to Naples; illust. by Stanfield, etc. 1835. :AI B78 Bussy-Castelnau, C: J. P., comte de. Mémoire à consulter et consultation, avec les lettres de B. et de Lally écrites dans l'Inde. 1766.

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Oil well records and levels. 1877. Carpenter, G: N. History of the 8th Regiment


Vt. Vols., 1861-65. Chance, H: M. Geology of Clarion County; with map. 1880. IK69-P38S Report on the mining methods and appliances used in the anthracite coal fields. Iк69 P388 Revision of the bituminous coal measures of Clearfield Co.; with map. 1884. IK69 P38s and others. Geology of Clinton County. 1880.

IK69 P38S Cholet, E. Remarques singulières de Paris. 1881. AFP2.9D8

Cleveland, C: D. Lyra sacra Americana; with notes and biog. sketches. 1868. Conestaggio, G. Dell' unione del regno di Portogallo alla Castiglia. 1592.


Cross, W. On hypersthene-andesite and on triclinic pyroxene in augitic rocks, with a geol, sketch of Buffalo Peaks, Col., by S. F. Emmons. 1883. IK5 UX3B

Cuisin, J. P. R. Les cabarets de Paris, etc. 1821. :AFP2C C

Curci, C: M. Il Vaticano regio tarlo superstite della Chiesa Cattolica. 1883.

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