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Hippel, T. G. v. A. bis Z. Houssaye, A. 1872. 2 v.

Kreuz- und Querzüge des Ritters
1860. 2 v.

Le chien perdu et la femme fusillée.

Howe, E. W. A moonlight boy.

VH8343M "Mr. Howe has risen above the narrow, though clever power of writing a good story of strong local color, and attained the power to write a fine story of the human nature of the world; and he has emerged from the doleful, doubtful, and useless tragedy of utterly hopeless representations of life, into a rendering of quite com. monplace material, so sunny, so genial, so mirth-provoking, and so tender, that the reader that is not quite hardened reads with mingled tears and smiles. The boy tells his own story; and clever, pathetic, unique, touching as it is, it never passes beyond what might be expected from an honest straightforward, ill-born and lowly-bred youth, the pathos of whose life is less that he is in every sense awkward, than in the fact that he has intelligence enough to know that he is awkward without power to become anything else." — Critic, July


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1881. 2 v.


"To this general rule of dullness there are a few brilliant exceptions -one so far as we are aware, entirely unknown in England, that of Frau M. Kantsky, whose novels albeit avowedly tendenz-romane' (the lady is an advanced Socialist), are well worth careful study from the student of literature."- Spectator, Oct. 24, 1884. Kerekgyártó, E., and Kemenczky, K. obvasókönyv. 1877. :VLH 9K31 Koch, K: H: E. Die Krim u. Odessa. 1854.


:ABC86 K81 Kurtz, C: M. National Academy notes and complete catalogue 61st Spring exhibition. 1886. Laboulaye, E: R. L. Histoire du droit de propriété foncière en Occident. 1839. CYTL11 La Fontaine, J: de. Fables; illust. par J. David, T. Johannot etc. [18-] :VFH L13.8

Lang, H. Das Leben Jesu u. die Kirche d. Zukunft. 1872.

Lavater, J: C. Worte des Herzens, hrsg. von C. W: Hufeland. 1866.

Lee, W: S. Sermon before the Charleston Union Presbytery, Nov. 17, 1840.

Léonard, N: G. Euvres diverses. 1777. :VF.L55 Loth, A. Le chant de la Marseillaise, son véritable auteur. XVF1.R75

Lucretius Carus, T. Della natura delle cose lib. VI, tr. da A. Marchetti, agg. gli argomenti del Blanchet, La scienza di L., per Č. Martha, ec. 1875. VJ.L9.IM.3 Lytton, E: G: E. L. B.,1st Baron Lytton. Die Zeitgenossen, ihre Schicksale, u.s.w. 1843.

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subject the best years of his life. The book is espe cially rich in critical notes and historical summaries of the fruits of recent investigations in physiological psy. chology and other fields of psychical research."- New Princeton review, July.

Macfarlane, A. R. Children of the earth. Vм163c "Belongs to the class of clever, carefully constructed novels, which interest for an hour, and are forgotten."Dial, July.

Malten, K: H: G. M. Handbuch für Rheinreisende, u.s.w.; [illust.] 1844. :AGR3.6M2 Martin, E.. G. Whom God hath joined; a novel. (Leisure hour ser.) VM3613W

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Chiefly interesting as a psychological study. Reli. gious discussion is the chief element in the composition of this novel. Of the story proper, little need be said, as it is devised solely for the illustration of the central idea. Its descriptive and dramatic passages are remarkably good. The earnestness of this book makes it acceptable in spite of its rather tedious religi. ous discussions." - Dial, July. Martin de Brettes, J: B. Les œuvres militaires de S. M. Napoléon III., avec planches. 1856. XVF1 M36 Massmann, H. F. Die Baseler Todtentänze in getreuen Abbildungen, sammt einem Anhange, Todtentanz des 15ten Jahrh. 1847. Mayer, Rev. L: History of the German Reformed Church, pref. a mem. of his life by Rev. E: Heiner. 1851.

Merriam, G: S. A living faith. Michiel, G. R. Origine delle feste veneziane, [Fr. e Ital.] 1817. 2 v.

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Milne, J: Earthquakes and other earth movements. (Intern. sci. ser.) "Gives a very clear, intelligible, and interesting summary of the facts, and the deductions from the facts concerning the shaking and trembling of the Earth. He gives in addition, the more important and probable theories concerning the causes of the motions, critici zing each theory with candor and acuteness.”—Literary world, July 10.

Möser, J. Patriotische Phantasien; mit Anleitung, von R. Zöllner. 1er Th. 1871. VG M724P Montaiglon, A. de C. de. Mémoires pour serv. à l'hist. de l'Académie Royale de peinture, etc., 1648-64. 1853. 2 v.

:VFF M86P :VGP M88

Mouhey, C: de F., chev. de. La paysanne parvenue.
1779. 2 v.
Müller, W: Griechenlieder. 1844.
Neny, le comte P. M. de.
Mémoires hist. et pol.
des Pays-Bas autrichiens. 1784. 2 v.

Nicholls, Mrs. C.. B. (pseud. C. Bell).
[übers.] von C: F. Grieb. 1851. 2 v.

:8H3⚫N34 Shirley,


Olivet, P: J. T., l'abbé, Remarques sur la langue
françoise. 1767.
Patuzzi, G. L. Perchè...
Petrarca, F. Le rime, col proemio di A.


:YF OL4 VIF P27P Marsand,

agg. le mem. sulla vita del poeta, i saggi de U. Foscolo, ec. 1847. VIP P44.7 Phelps, E. S. Burglars in Paradise. Pisemsky, A. F. Milles ames; tr. de V: Derély. [18-] 2 v.

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"Parmi les meilleurs écrivains de la Russie, Alexis Pisemsky est certainement les plus russe d'entre eux. Son génie autochtone n'est en effet altéré par aucune mélange de l'ésprit occidental." - · Bibl. de la France, Feuilleton, 17 avril.

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51.193 Rice, A. T. Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln; by distinguished men of his time. 65.1634RI "The gathering of such a mass of material is an excellent service, since it contributes to make Lincoln's memory personal instead of merely a great name, and hereafter, when it is sifted for his biography the usefulness of it will be better appreciated. There is a singular unanimity in the judgment of all these writers in respect to the qualities, motives, and purposes of Lincoln, and the transcendency of his character both in leadership, wisdom, and patriotic elevation above all other statesmen of the time." - Nation, July 15. Robert, J., chef d'office. La bonne cuisinière bourgeoise, etc. 1835.

Ruskin, J: "Our fathers have told us;" sketches of the history of Christendom for boys and girls. Pt. 1: The Bible of Amiens. 1884. Sanseverino, G. Bp. of Naples. Philosophia christiana cum antiqua et nova comparata. 1876.

2 v.

Sauley, L.: F. J. C. de. 1858.

Histoire de l'art judaïque.

Schöning, K. W. von. Der bayersche Erbfolgekrieg, nach der orig.-Correspondenz Friedrich des Grossen mit Prinzen Heinrich, u.s.w. 1854. :8GZB3 SCH :VGP SE3

Seeger, L: Der Sohn der Zeit. 1843.

Segar, Sir W: Original institutions of the princely Order of collars. 1823. 7K+SE3

Sézanne, F: Die drei Königinnen, übertr. von L: Fort. 1850. Z v. :VFF SE9 Sirven, A., and Leverdier, H: La fille de Nana. 1883.

VFF S17F Weltgeschichte in Biographien. 5e verb. u. fortgeführte Aufl.

Spiess, M., and Berlet, B.

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Van Dyke, T. S. Southern California; its valleys, hills, and streams; its animals, birds, and fishes; its gardens, farms, and climate.

BB7 V28 "The author disclaims at the outset any desire to cater to the morbid imaginings of that unhappiest of mortals, the seeker after an earthly paradise. The result is

a book in which the ideas and impressions of a true lover of nature, and a facile and graceful writer are expressed with sincerity and candor." — Literary world, July 10. Vasili, comte P. Société de Madrid; augm. de lettres inéd. AHXM2.V Vatican Council. Décrets et canons, en lat, fr.,

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"In her capacity of portrait painter, and also whilst instructor of drawing in the short-lived girls' school of Yéré Batan, Mrs. Walker made numerous friends amongst the Turkish ladies of Stamboul. She was a welcome guest in many of the harems, and thus had ample opportunity for studying the domestic life of the Turks. We know no better or more accurate description of the quiet everyday life of a Turkish family, which, in its simplicity and the monotonous routine of its home duties, differs so widely from our western notions of the indolent luxury of the daily life of a harem.


Mrs. Walker is equally at home in the streets of Constantinople, and gives a picturesque description of that motly crowd of street merchants and labourers whose varied costumes give so peculiar a character to the general aspect of the streets.” — Athenæum, July

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Yale College. Alumni. Yale College in 1886. ¶DVOY-4Y Zezas, S. G. Essai historique sur la législation d'Angleterre jusqu'au 12e siècle. 1863.

Albert Victor, Prince, and George, Prince. Cruise

of H. M. Ship" Bacchante," 1879-82; compiled from [their] private journals, etc., with add. by J: N. Dalton. 2 v. AO ALI "The Bacchante made two long voyages, being in commission from September 1879 till August 1882. The first and shorter cruise was in West Indian waters, and enabled the young voyagers to make acquaintance with Barbadoes, Trinidad, Jamaica, and other colonies.

The second cruise gave them much wider experi ence. Going first to La Plata and the Falkland Islands, they took Cape Town on their way to Australia, whence they passed up to Japan, and spent much time there, and on the Chinese coast before returning through the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal, with long halts in Egypt and Palestine on their way back to England.

The most brightly and naturally written portions of these volumes are those in which the young princes describe their sight-seeing in Australia, Japan, and China." Athenæum, June 5.

Algonquin Club, Boston. Charter, by-laws, list of officers and members, 1886. DZD64B AL Allen, C: G. B. Philistia. 1884. 3 v. VAL523P American Historical Association. Papers. Vol. 1, no. 1, 2. 1885.

7.8AM3 American Unitarian Assoc. Exec. Comm. Report on a union of churches for benevolent purposes. 1834.

Amory, T: C. Class memoir of G: Washington Warren; with letters, etc. 65.w252 Anderson, J. Scotland in Pagan times; the bronze and stone ages. Rhind lectures in archæology for 1882.

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"The general tenor of all these thirty chapters is decidedly to lower the estimate of English character, political and social. He is simply descriptive photographically, unsparingly, relentlessly descriptive; setting down everything just as he saw it, without respect of persons." Lit. world, July 24.

Bataille, A. Causes criminelles. 1885. Battersby, Col. J. C. The bridle bits; a treatise on horsemanship; illust.

Bible. O. T. Selections. Kleine Schul- u. HausBibel, von J. Auerbach. 1854-58. 2 v. Contents. Vol. 1. Biblische Geschichte. 2. Lesestücke aus d. Propheten u. Hagiographen.

Bishop, J. P. Look and think; strikes and their related questions. ¶CFB54

Blackburn, H: Grosvenor notes, 1886; an illust. catalogue of the summer exhibition. Blair, L. H. Unwise laws; a consideration of the operations of a protective tariff upon industry, commerce, and society. (Questions of the day.) CX.B57 Bona, G. C. (pseud. G. Basapopi). La gabbia dei matti; reform. ed illust. di annot. da L. Fortunato. 1766. Dictionnaire de l'argot graphes, etc. 1883. Boyesen, H. H. The story of Norway. the nations.)

Boutmy, E.


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:X7.5B (Story of


"He has devoted too much attention to the confused mythology and wierd hero legends of the Scandinavians, and in general, to various scenes more dramatic than im. portant, while giving little clear account of historic prog. ress." Lit. world, July 24.

Braintree, Mass. Records of the town, 1640-1793; ed. by S: A. Bates. 964B71.B Théâtre fran

Brette, Rev. P. H. E., and others.

çais moderne. 1st ser. 1867. VFD 9B75 Contents. Ponsard, F. Charlotte Corday. - Augier, G. V: E. Diane.- Wafflard, and Fulgence, Le voyage à Dieppe.

Broglie, A. C: L. V:, duc de. Souvenirs, 17851870. T. 1.


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Curci, C: M. Lo scandalo del "Vaticano regio," e.c. 1884.

Dantier, A. Les femmes dans la société chrétienne; illust. 1879. 2 v.

Dawson, W. J. Quest and vision; essays in life and literature. XVE D32 "In Quest andĮvision' Mr. Dawson discourses pleas antly and sensibly, though not without a touch of affectation, on Wordsworth, Shelley, George Elliot, and modern poets generally." Westminster rev., July. Dehn, C. Seeland u. die Seeländer. 1845.

:AC B63 Demos; a story of English socialism. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"An unusually good novel; a great variety of charac ters of all classes, and of both sexes, are admirably delineated. The plot, too, is good, the incidents naturally produced, the dénoument likely, and at the same time powerful and dramatic." Westminster rev., July. Derome, L. Le luxe des livres. 1879. XG D44 Dixon, W: H. Review of "An inquiry into the

genuineness of the ms. corrections in J. P. Collier's annot. Shakspere, folio, 1632" by N. E. S. A. Hamilton; also the reply of C. VE S67D64 to the "Inquiry." 1860. Douglas, W: W. Relief of Washington, North Carolina, by the 5th R. I. Vols. (Soldiers' and Sailors' Hist. Soc.) 965-8804 Drake, S: A. The making of New England, 1580– 1643. 9601.D78 Duchêne, Père. 68 nos., en séries: Lettres, etc. 1871. 8FM3-P41

Durrieu, P. Les archives angevines de Naples

[blocks in formation]

Forbes, R. B. Notes on ships of the past. 1885.

Forde, G. In the old Palazzo; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

"Italy, England, and South Africa are in turns made the background to a very pretty story." — Lit. news July. Furness, W: H: The story of the resurrection of

Jesus told once more; with remarks upon the character of Jesus and the hist. claims of the four Gospels, and a word upon prayer. New ed., with add.

Galérie théâtrale; coll. des portraits des acteurs, etc. [de] la scène franc. 1873. 2 v.

Gazzoletti, A. Poesie. 1861.


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Gould, S. B., and Gilman, A. The story of Ger

many. (The story of the nations.) 8G G73 "A series of beautifully told sketches of Teutonic heroes, and of the history of the Teutonic nation from its earliest invasion of Italy, in B.c. 113 to the present time. The topics, scenes, and persons described are most wisely selected to give a comprehensive knowledge of the German character, and of the leading or cardinal events in the history, which alone can be remembered by ordinary minds."- Lit. world, July 24. Gradi, T. Racconti. 1864.

Grant, R. A romantic young lady.
Guthrie, F. A. A fallen idol.

VIF G75 VG767R VG98F

Hallock, W: A. The venerable Mayhews and the aboriginal Indians of Martha's Vineyard; condensed from Rev. Experience Mayhew's History printed 1727, and brought down to the present century. [1874.]

Hardy, Lady M.. M. In sight of land; a novel.

3 v.

VH2211 "Powerful, but gratuitously painful story. — J. A. Noble in the Academy, Oct. 17, 1885.

Hart, J. M. Shakespeare in Germany of to-day. Pages 353-362 of Putnam's magazine, v. 6, VE 867D64 Oct. 1870. Harvard College. Memorial of John Harvard; ceremonies Oct. 15, 1884, with address by G: E: Ellis. 1884. ¶бE-H26 Haskins, D. G. Ralph W. Emerson; his mater¶65 EM37 nal ancestors, etc.

Hazlitt, W: C. Old cookery books and ancient cuisine.

Hemsterhuys, F. Alexis, oder Von dem goldenen Weltalter. 1787.

Hugo, V: M.., comte de. Die Meer-Arbeiter. [18-] VH87TG Hunt, E.. L. Memoir of Mrs. E. Livingstone; with letters hitherto unpublished. 65.17671 Invilliers, E. V. d'. Geology of Centre County. IK69-P38S History of Medway, Mass., 964M465+J VJ4138

1884. Jameson, Rev. E. O. 1713-1885. Jenkins, E: The secret of her life. "The author of Ginx's baby,' best known as a writer of social satires, has here attempted a novel. The effort is a most successful one." - Lit. news, July. Jerrold, W. B. The best of all good company. 1st ser. [1872.] XVE-J48

Contents. Dickens.- Lytton. - Thackeray. - Scott. Disraeli. Douglas Jerrold.

Jewett, S.. O. A white heron; and other stories. VJ553w Johnston, Gen. J. E. Report of his operations in the departments of Mississippi and East Louisiana. [1863.] 1954-364 Das Buch der Livreen. [18-] Klemm, H., Jr. Knighton, W: Struggles for life. C⚫K74 "The principal effect on the reader is the impression it leaves that the history of the human racefis a record of hideous cruelty and unspeakable suffering, unillumined by a single ray of anything noble or humane. With what result? Surely Mr. Knighton deceives himself when he answers; To learn first the causes of deteri oration and destruction, that we may obviate or remove them; and to discover the remedies, if possible, for imperfection, and misery.' The only effect it can have in our opinion, is to deepen the impression that man is altogether vile, and life a colossal blunder of nature." Westminster rev., July.

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"Exhibits literary excellence of a high order." — G. B. Smith in the Academy, Nov. 28.

"The author works on his old lines, drawing eccentric and epigrammatic men, subtle and epigrammatic women, and here and there adding a touch of dramatic vigor to keep the action from dragging. Not so good a story as 'Dear Lady Disdain,' or even Maid of Athens,' to which it is in part a sequel.”—Athenæum, Nov. 21, 85. Doom! an Atlantic episode. (Harper's handy ser.)


"A clever short story; painful and not very new in its machinery, but well treated. All the pleasant touches are darkened by the hideous nightmare of Ni. hilism, which sprawls all over the picture and overshadows everything." — Westminster rev., July.

Maffei, A. Gemme straniere, racc. dal cav. A. Maffei. 1860. VOP.9M Martini, F. Peccato e penitenza. 1873. VIF M36P May, P. Love; the reward; a novel. 3 v.


"The plot is interesting throughout. The book comprises a survey of the social condition of Russia very dexterously interspersed between the pages of pure and simple fiction, and by no means obtruding itself in a pedantic form. One of the best stories which have attempted to paint the vices and redeeming virtues of the Czar under the guise of a romance." Athenæum, July 25, 1885.

Memoirs of the life and writings of R-ch--d G-rdn-r, alias Dick Merry-Fellow. 1782. 5E.G163 Mexican National Railway Co. Map of the re

public of Mexico, compiled and drawn by M. C. Castro [and others]. 1881. Military journals of two private soldiers (L. Lyon and S: Haws), 1758, 1776. 1855. Miller, C. H. The destruction of Gotham. √м61DE

"A story of New York at the present time; illustrates the struggles and temptations of the poor and the grasp ing avarice of the unscrupulous rich. - Lit. news, July. Minot, J. A. Appréciation du cheval, des qualités de cet animal pour le travail et la réproduction, etc. 1853. LM M66 Molmenti, P. G. La vie privée à Venise, etc. 1882. 7BIV.M.F Montgomery, F. Transformed; or, Three weeks in a life-time. VM764TR Mystic voices of Heaven; or, The supernatural revealed in the natural science of the heavens, by an Oxford graduate.

Nicolini, G. Poesie, nuovamente ordin. e prec, da un discorso [da] D. Pallaveri. 1860. VIP N54

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"Mr. Norris is more than all else a faithful depicter of humanity as we see it about us everywhere; with fewer words than Trollope and Thackeray, with whom he has been compared, he has all the former's exactness' of detail and perfect naturalness. The charm lies rather in the brilliant execution than in the plot."Lit. world, July 24.

O'Connor, W: D. Hamlet's note-book. VE's77oc5 "Another of many wearisome and futile attempts to prove that Shakspeare's works were written, not by him, but by Bacon." Westminster rev., July. Ohlenschläger, A. G. St. Johannis-Abend-Spiel; Dichtung, übers. von H: Smidt. 1853.

[blocks in formation]


Pinturicchio, B., also called Il Sordicchio. Catharine of Alexandria pleading before her judges; from a fresco in one of the Appartamenti Borgia in the Vatican, Rome; copied by E: Kaiser. Chromolithograph. Pischedda, T: Canti popolari dei classici poeti sardi tr. ed illus. 1854.

VIQSAP+9P Platt, F. Special report on the coke manufacture of the Youghiogheny River valley in Fayette and Westmorland counties. 1876. IK69 P38S Ploetz, C: Auszug aus d. alten, mittleren, u. neueren Geschichte. 1869. :7T.P72 Poupin, T. Caractères phrénologiques et physiognomiques des contemp. les plus célèbres, etc. et portraits. 1837. Praed, Mrs. C. The head station; a novel of Australian life. (Harper's handy ser.) VP88H "A large cattle station in New South Wales is the scene of several studies in human nature. The scenes and customs of life at the Antipodes are vividly sketched; the story moves, and has plot and originality.” — Lit. news, July.

Prévost d'Exiles, A. F., l'abbé. Histoire du Ma

non Lescaut et du Chevalier des Grieux, [illust.], par P. Le Nain. 1881. ) VP92.2 Qualtrough, E: F. The boat sailer's manual.

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