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The best of its people are disagreeable, and the worst are intolerable.". Critic, Mar. 12. Francillon, R. E: Golden bells; a pearl in seven changes. (Harper's handy ser.) Fremont, Mrs. J. B. Souvenirs of my time.

"Mrs. Fremont in her day has seen so many interesting phases of life, and has gathered such a store of anecdotes by merely looking on at what was doing about her, that she makes reminiscence an unfailing source of entertainment. A really charming book of minor memoirs, for it is only of little things that Mrs. Fremont writes. There is more than one touching anecdote, or rapid, spirited vignette, or pleasant country scene. She has the art of brief narration, apparently as a gift of nature, and she knows what is the essential and living in her memories of the past. Her associates were the distinguished men of the older and the younger period, and her family interests were those of the nation in a broad sense. Hence the wide range, and the historic interest of these 'Souvenirs,' which, however, gain their best attraction from the author's character, and the womanly charm so unconciously exhib ited." - Nation, Mar. 10.

Friedrich II. und die neuere Geschichtsschreibung; ein Beitrag zur Widerlegung der Märchen über angeblichen Soldaten-Handel hessischer Fürsten. 1879.

Fullerton, Lady G. D. L. G. The Countess de
Bonneval; her life and letters. 1879.
The lilies of the valley; and The house of
Penarvan, from the French of J. Sandeau, by
Lady G: Fullerton, 1879.

Gem of the western world, 1851; ed. by M.. E.
Hewitt. [1851.]

Glareanus, H: L. In Titum Livium annotationes,

cum chronologia; ad hæc L. Vallæ de quibusdam apud L. locis indicium. 1542. Goodale, G: L. Physiological botany. Pt. 1, 2.

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2 v.

"Several hundreds for aught we know thousands - of ghost stories, good, bad, and indifferent." Sat. rev., Nov. 13.

"The massive result of an inquiry conducted with astonishing vigour and pertinacity. ... For all but an 'Introduction' and in volume 2 a Note on a suggested mode of psychical interaction' due to Mr. Myers, Mr. Gurney is solely responsible, though he has been helped throughout in the collection, examination and appraisal of evidence' by both of his associates, and has also ob. ligations to acknowledge to a number of other persons. The volumes are mainly taken up with a record and discussion of cases,' but besides the Introduction,' several chapters, especially chapter 4. General criticism of the evidence for spontaneous telepathy; (1: 114185) are occupied with questions of general principle.

These, it need hardly be said, are marked by no ordinary ability, while they display the fullest sense of the serious scientific issues involved in the inquiry.". Mind, Jan.

Harte, F. B. A millionaire of Rough-and-Ready; and Devil's Ford.

"Neither story has a great purpose, or shows extraordinary power."- Literary world, Mar. 5. Hastings, H. 14 nuts for skeptics to crack. (Antiinfidel lib.)

Havers, D.


Victims. (Leisure hour ser.) "A story full of life and movement, and with no lack of plot." Athenæum, Feb. 26. Heilprin, A. The geographical and geological distribution of animals.

"A handy encyclopædia of the more prominent facts concerning the distribution of animal species in space and time. Professor Heilprin follows Professor Wallace's well-known works to a great extent, while making use of all else that has been written on the subject.” — Literary world, Mar. 5. Höinghaus, R. Deutsches Reichs-Bankgesetz.



Holland, H: S. Creed and character; sermons. Horatius Flaccus, Q. Works, from the text of Orellius, with notes by J. Currie, with mem. by Rev. II: Thompson; illust. [1857.] Ingraham, Rev. J. H. The sunny South; or, southerner at home; 5 years' experience of a northern governess in the land of the sugar and the cotton. 1860. Johnson, N. Sententia Sociniana de sabbato et quarto præcepto inimica pietati, etc. 1659. Jones, C: C., Jr. Sepulture of Maj. Gen. N. Greene and of Brig. Gen. Count C. Pulaski. [1885.] Katchenovsky, D. I. Prize law; particularly

with reference to the duties and obligations of belligerents and neutrals; tr. by F: T: Pratt. 1867.

Kreuser, J. Wiederum christliche Kirchenbau; apostolische Baugesetze. 1868-69. 2 v. Lanman, C: Biographical annals of the government of the U. S. 2d ed. illust., enl. by J. M. Morrison.

Lapham, W: B. Centennial history of Norway, Oxford Co., Maine, 1786-1886. Laveleye, E. L: V: de. The Balkan Peninsula; tr. by Mrs. Thorpe; ed. and rev. by the author, with introd. chapter upon recent events, and a letter from Hon. W. E. Gladstone. "A reduced translation of the important book published just a year back. The reduction of the two volumes into one has been excellently done, under the advice of Mr. Henry Norman. M. de Lavelaye prefixes to the book a new chapter on recent events in Bulgaria, which is a mere summary, with acknowledgment, from Major von Huhn's work. This chapter is omitted in the translation, which is a very bad one.”— Athenæum, Mar. 5.

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Lester, C: E. The artists of America; biographical sketches; with portraits, etc. 1846. Lindsley, J: B. Military annals of Tennessee, confederate; 1st ser. embracing a review of military operations, regimental histories, and memorial rolls.

"One of those publications of which Macaulay said they might have been light reading before the Deluge. It contains 910 closely printed pages, the steel engrav. ings, of which there are about a score, not being included. The value to historians of this work is If Dr. Lindsley carries out his present plan in reference to the general history of Tennessee, he will supply a mass of historical data surpassing the 'Aunales Germaniæ.'"- Nation, Mar. 10. Löwenstein, W:, Prinz zu. Ausflug von Lissabon

very great.

nach Andalusien u. in den Norden von Ma-
rokko, 1845. 1846.

London. St. Mary Woolnoth and St. Mary
Woolchurch Haw. Transcript of [their]
registers, 1538-1760, pref., a short account
of both parishes, etc., by J. M. S. Brooke, and
A. W. C. Hallen.
Louyrette, W. H., and Croy, A. R. C. F. S. Louis
XI et le Plessis-lès-Tours. 1841.
McCalla, W: L. Adventures in Texas, 1840; with

a discussion of comparative character, political, religious, and moral; [with] app. 1841. Mackay, C: Through the long day; or, memorials of a literary life during half a century.

2 v.

"These volumes are more in the nature of an autobiography than were the two entitled Forty years' recollections,' which Dr. Mackay wrote in 1876; but as he says, I have rather chosen to consider my own personality as a mere shelf in a book case on which I might range the volumes of my experience,' than to indulge in aggressive or overweening egotism.' There is interesting matter in the book, and as it reminds the reader of the diverse and useful work done by the author in his prime, and of his relations with many famous people, its prolixity may well be excused."- Athenæum, Mar.


Mantegazza, P. Quadri della natura umana; feste ed ebbrezze. 1871. 2 v.

Mass. Historical Society. Index to the first 20 volumes of the proceedings of the Soc., 17911883; [by Mrs. A. C. Beckwith]. Mather, I. A disquisition conc. ecclesiastical councils, etc. 1870.

Matthews, J. B. Ballads of books.

"A collection of verse embodying the enthusiasm of those who are both authors and bibliophiles;' it is both pretty and well chosen," — Saturday review, Feb. 16. Maupassant, G. de. Contes et nouvelles; [illust.]

de Jeanniot. 1885.

Meriwether, L. A tramp trip; how to see Europe on 50 cents a day.


Mr. Meriwether seldom fails to be entertaining. He has a lively recollection, and perhaps an over lively imagination. He does not always impress us with his sincerity, and by his own confession was not always truthful. The trouble with this sort of a traveller and raconteur' is that we are not quite sure how far we may depend on him. His tabular reports on laborers' ways of living are valuable; his free-trade observations are more enthusiastic than convincing." Literary corld, Mar. 5.

Minucius Felix, M. Octavius; cum notis novaque recensione J. Ouzeli; acc. animad., insuper J: Meursii notæ et lib. J. Firmici Materni De errore profanarum religionum. 1672.

Muirhead, J. Historical introd. to the private law of Rome.

"Professor Muirhead has a singularly complete familiarity with recent competent writers, whether German, French, or Italian; and it matters not to him whether they write in separate treatises or in the scattered parts of a voluminous magazine. But he has also an independent mastery of his subject, and a faculty for clear and sensible exposition."-H. J. Roby in the Academy, Mar. 5.

Murray, J. O. George Ide Chace; a memorial. Mysterious murder of pretty Rose Ambler, The, and confession of J. Krantz. [1883.] Newburyport, Mass. Public Library. Dedicatory exercises of the Simpson annex, Apr. 28, 1882.

Newman, F. W: Life after death? Palinodia. Nicholas, Sir E: The Nicholas papers; correspondence, ed. by G: F. Warner. Vol. 1. 1641-52. (Camden Soc.)

Nuremburg. Bayrische Gewerbemuseum. Aus-
stellung von Arbeiten der vervielfältigenden
Künste. 1877.
Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W. Within the precincts.
1879. 3 v.

O'Meara, K. Mabel Stanhope; a story.
Paget, F. E: A tract upon tombstones, etc. 1847.
Palamède, Le; revue mensuelle des échecs par M.
M. de La Bourdonnais et Méry. 1836-37.

2 v.

Papendiek, Mrs. Court and private life in the time of Queen Charlotte; ed. by Mrs. V. D. Broughton. 2 v.

"Madame d'Arblay and others have occupied the ground pretty fully, and though here and there Mrs. Papendiek adds something of interest to what they have told, on the whole the subject matter of her recollections is of a kind hardly calculated to detain the reader for a longer space than two volumes. The political events of the time, stirring as they were both at home and abroad, seemed to have interested Mrs. Papendiek very little. In their place we have copious accounts of back. stairs intrigues, and squabbles, English and German, and pages full of descriptions showing pretty accurately what they ate, and wherewithal they were clothed.'" -Athenæum, Feb. 12.

Price, J: E: Descriptive account of the Guildhall of the city of London; its history and associations.

R., K. B. Festival poems; a collection for Christmas, the New Year, Easter. 1884. Reade, J: The literary faculty of the native races of America. 1884.

Richardson, C: F. American literature, 16071885. Vol. 1. The development of Ameri

can thought.

"He adopts in his narrative the order of history: (1) the records and diaries of the colonists; (2) the works of the theologians; (3) the writings of the statesmen and orators; and then, in a somewhat mingled array, Irving, Emerson, the critics, historians, humorists, ending inevitably in the 'miscellaneous.' The plan

is too large for the materials. The nations has not expressed its life in literature so fully that its organization and growth can be summed up in a history of its literature.... It is a valuable work; and in being less comprehensive than an avowed encyclopædia, and less exclusive than a history of pure literature, it fills its place as a useful larger manual. The present volume of fers a broad, sensible, and, scholarly view of American books which have won distinction in any field, and will be very helpful to the study of our literary past." -Nation, Feb. 24.

Richepin, J. Braves gens. 9e éd. Ridgway, R. A nomenclature of colors for naturalists, and compendium of useful knowledge for ornithologists.


"The very serious defects of the work leave it a littte more than an indication of what might have been done. But the idea and aim of the author are admirable, and his object of establishing a uniform system of color-nomenclature for naturalists may yet be at tained by the means he has endeavored to employ." Nation, Mar. 10.

Riordan, R. French etchers; examples of the etched work of Corôt, Jacquemart, [and others], with descr. text by R. 1884. Roberts, M. A child of the Revolution. (Harper's handy ser.)

"The author of The atelier du Lys,' and ' Mademoiselle Mori,' always writes with refinement and grace. Probably no English novelist is better acquainted with the home-life of the upper classes in France, especially the France of the sanguinary days of the Revolution." -W: Sharp in the Academy, Oct. 30. Roselly de Lorgues, A. F. F., comte.

Life of

Christopher Columbus; compiled from the
French by J. J. Barry, M. D. 1870.

Russ, K: In der freien Natur. [1865.]


Same. [1868.]

Sacher-Masoch, L., Ritter von. Der Hajdamak.


Saltus, E. The anatomy of negation.

"The author gives a sketch in which, as he points out, no attempt has been made to prove anything,' of anti-theism from Kapila to Leconte de Lisle,' The anti-theistic tendencies of England and America have been treated by other writers; in the present volume, therefore, that branch of the subject is not discussed." Mind, Jan.

Schramm, J: M. De vita et scriptis Julii Cæsaris Vanini, etc. 1715.

Schurig, R. Le Go, jeu national japonais, avec un damier et 362 pièces. [18-].

Seneca, I. A. Tragœdiæ, J: F: Gronovius recens.

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Steele, Mrs. E.. 1787. 6 v.

Stewart, A. T.

Memoir of Mrs. Sophia Baddeley.

Catalogue of the collection of paintings, sculptures, and other objects of art, to be sold at auction, Mar. 23-25, 28. Storer, Prof. F. H. Agriculture in some of its relations with chemistry. 2 v.

Sweet, H: The oldest English texts; ed. with introd. and glossary. 1885.

Thomann, G. The system of high licences, etc. 1885.

Tinseau, L. de. La meilleure part. 1885.

"Ouvrage couronné par l'Académie française." Tolstoi, Graf L. N. Dernières nouvelles; tr. par E. Tsakny.

Contents. La mort d'Ivan Ilütch. cheval. Un pauvre diable.



Le roman d'un

"In the first story the author shows his implacable realism, his pitiless satire, his subtle command of psychological analysis, his overwhelming sense of the van. ity and deceitfutness of a life lived for the senses, in a manner truly terrifying The Romance of a horse' is a daring venture, but wholly successful and startling in its originality." - Literary world, Feb. 19. Trumbull, T. The new Yankee Doodle; an account of the little difficulty in the family of Uncle Sam. 1868.

Vignon, L: Les colonies françaises.

Vita Sancti Kannechi a cod. in Bibliotheca Burgundiana transer., etc. 1853. W., F. S. Dame heraldry; illust. Weigel, V. Astrology theorized; the spiritual hermeneutics of astrology and holy writ; repr. from orig. of 1619, with pref. essay on the true method of interpreting Holy Scripture, by A. B. Kingsford.

Wilkins, W. J. Modern Hinduism; an account of the religion of the Hindus in northern India.

"A valuable contribution to the study of a very diffi cult subject. Mr. Wilkins, a member of the London Missionary Society, is naturally disposed to give full prominence to the practical evils that are the result of superstitious beliefs and practices. On the other hand he does not confound with the ordinary Kulin Brahman, or family gosain or guru, those disinterested and high minded teachers who so constantly revive and refresh the spiritual liberty that is the unfailing motive and aim of Indian religion. "With the Hindoo, religion regulates his whole life from before his birth until generations after his death. To treat, then, of the ordinary life of the Hindoo is to describe the Hindoo religion." St. James's budget, Feb. 26.

Williams, Mrs. E. Three years and a half in the army; or, History of the 2d Colorados. [1885.]

Willis, B. The lignites of the great Sioux Reservation, etc. 1885.

Wilson, Rev. C: T:, and Felkin, R. W. Uganda and the Egyptian Soudan. 1882. 2 v.

"R. W. Felkin, Member of the Anthropological Institute." Academy, Oct. 15.

Wright, T: Coup-d'œil sur les progrès, etc. de la littérature anglo-saxonne en Angleterre, tr. par M. de Larenaudière. 1836.

Wyse, Sir T: An excursion in the Peloponnesus, 1858; ed. by W. M. Wyse. 1865. 2 v. Zimmern, II.. Maria Edgeworth. 1884. (Famous women ser.)

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B-, G. Advantages of the Revolution illustrated by a view of the present state of Gr. Britain. 1753.

Bacon, G. W. Map of Liverpool. [18-.]
Badin, A. Marie Chassaing. 1875.
Ball, J: Notes of a naturalist in South America.

"Although embodying much information of general interest, the book is of course chiefly addressed to natu ralists, and more especially to students of botany and meteorology. On these two subjects it not only contains a surprising amount of accurate details, but also deals critically with some of the broad, and perhaps premature generalisations of modern science.” — A. H. Keane in the Academy, Mar. 12.

Bax, E. B. A handbook of the history of philosophy. Beach, J: N. History of the 40th Ohio Vol. Inf.

1884. Bell, Maj. E. The annexation of the Punjaub and the Maharajah Duleep Singh. 1882.

Bella, S. della. Collection of etchings; pref. a biog. memoir of [B.] by T: Dodd. 1818. Bergeret, G. Contes modernes.

Bescherelle, jeune. Dictionnaire grammatical et
usuel des participes français. 1861.
Bevan, G. P. Tourist's guide to the County of
Surrey. 1882.

Bigg, C: The Christian Platonists of Alexandria.
Birkhimer, Lieut. W: E. Historical sketch of the

organization, administration, matériel, and tactics of the artillery of the U. S. army. 1884.

Bishop, W: H: The golden justice. Black, A. and C: London and its environs; guide to the metropolis and its vicinity. 1862. Blackmore, R. D. Springhaven; a tale of the great war.

"Most characteristic of its author.... In description, and more especially description of action, he is always good. The present story contains plenty of action; one naval action in particular, in which an Eng. lish frigate captures two Frenchmen in full view of the English coast, is told in a fashion worthy of the great writers of a past generation." — Athenæum, Mar. 19. Bragge, W: Bibliotheca nicotiana; a catalogue of books about tobacco; with a catalogue of objects connected with the use of tobacco in all its forms. 1880.

Brassey, T: Naval annual, 1886. Brockett, Dr. L. P. Lights and shadows of the great rebellion; or, the camp, the battlefield, and hospital, etc. [1866.]

Buerstenbinder, E.. (pseud. E. Werner). St. Michael; tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wister.

C, J. Annals of the life and work of W: Shake


Calliat, P: V: Hotel de Ville de Paris, avec un histoire, etc. par Le Roux de Lincy. 184449. 2 v.

Campbell, G: D., 8th Duke of Argyll. Scotland as it was and as it is. 2 v.

"A pamphlet in two volumes, written in the style of a sermon, and here and there beautifully intoned, through whose chapters an increasing purpose runs to demonstrate that the exclusive use of land, whether by small groups or by individual men, has always been necessary for the production and enjoyment of even the simplest of its fruits.'"-W: Wallace in the Academy, Mar. 12.

Casgrain, P. B. Etude historique: Letellier de Saint-Just et son temps. 1885.

Cawley, W: The laws of Elizabeth, James, and Charles 1. concerning Jesuites, etc., and conc. the oaths of supremacy and allegiance explained, etc. 1680.

Chadwick, J: W. In Nazareth town; a Christ-
mas fantasy; and other poems. 1883.
Chaffin, W: L. History of Easton, Mass.
Charter-House School. Charter, acts of Parlia-

ment and Governors' statutes for the founda-
tion, etc. of the C. 1832.

Chasles, V: E. P. Etudes sur les hommes et les mœurs au 19e siècle. [1849.] Church of England. Daily services of the United Church of England and Ireland. 1860. Claretie, A. A., dit J. Journées de vacances. Clouston, W. A. Popular tales and fictions; their migrations and transformations. 2 v.

"Two pleasantly discursive volumes on the history of popular tales and jests. ... In outward aspect, a satis. factory book. As to the contents, they will interest the general reader by their flow of story, jest, and anecdote. The student will complain that he gets no forrarder.' Mr. Clouston appears as far as he has any fixed opinions about the origin and diffusion of popular tales, to think they arose in Asia and India. It may be so, and it is certain that many contes' did come, in a literary vehicle, from the India of the middle ages into mediaval Europe. But when the same plots and still more frequently the same incidents marshalled in various plois, are found in the remotest corners of the Earth, we do ask MM. Benfey,Cosquin, and Clouston for a critical and historical theory of the manner of transmission. Popular tales consist of various arrangements of a few incidents and ideas. These incidents and ideas, or many of them, might be invented anywhere. The source

of these things is in the human heart, not in India." Sat. rev., Mar. 5.

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gretted that the somewhat pretentious title here attached to a mere reprint of his collected papers was not reserved for such a work."- Nation, Feb. 10. Crockett, D: Col. Crockett's exploits and adven

tures in Texas; with a topographical, historical, and political view of Texas; written by himself. 1836.

Curtis, G: T. Life, character, and public services of Gen. G: B. McClellan; address, Dec. 4, 1886, at the request of the McClellan Memorial Assoc. of Phila.

Daniel, Rev. W: B. Rural sports. [1801.] 2 v. Daudet, A. La Belle-Nivernaise; histoire d'un vieux bateau et de son équipage; [illust. par Montégut].

Del Mar, A. Money and civilization; a history of the monetary laws and systems of various states, and their influence upon civilization. Document for the canvass; containing Fugitive slave law, 1850, Resolutions of the Baltimore Democratic Convention, etc. [1852.] Dreyfus, A. Jouons la comédie.

"Très piquante causerie sur le théâtre dans les salons." Maxime Gaucher in Rev. pol. et lit., 26 fév. Dumoncel, le comte T. A. I.: Du danger des grands

tiges de paratonnerre et de la nécessité d'appliquer le système dit Paratonnerre pour tous; préf. par W. de Fonville. 1884. Eckhart, J: G: von. Corpus historicum Medii Evi. 1723. 2 v.

Eden, Hon. E. Portraits of the princes and people of India. 1844.

Egleston, M. The land system of the New England colonies.

Elphinstone, Hon. M. Rise of the British power in the East; a contin. of his History of India in the Hindu and Mohametan periods;' ed. by Sir E: Colebrooke.

"A continuation of the well-known History of In dia,' by the same author. It is, however, at once differ ent in scope, and inferior in value.... An inadequate idea of the book would be given if one did not add that, with whatever limitations, it is a valuable record of a stirring time, penned by a man whose lightest opinion about Indian topics was once sought as an oracle, and is still superior to that of any other writer who has ap. proached the subject." — H. G. Keene in the Academy, Mar. 5.

Erle, Sir W: The law relating to trade unions.


Famille allemande, La. 1840.

Fisher, F. E. Miss Churchill; a study. Fleury, J. Histoire de l'imagerie populaire.

La Tour. (Artistes célèbres.)

France. Corps des Ingénieurs Géographes. Carte to

pographique de la France, commencé par le Corps des Ingén, Géog. contin. par le Corps d'Etat-Major. 1883-60. 4 v.

Frith, I. Life of Giordano Bruno, the Nolan; rev. by Prof. M. Carriere.

"There was quite room for a lengthier treatment of him in English than has yet been supplied; and Mr. Frith could hardly know of the lengthiest yet given, the chapter devoted to Bruno in the last instalment of Mr. Symond's Renaissance in Italy.' Bruno is interesting at the present day in four different ways to Eng. lishmen. He was a victim of Papal intolerence;' he was a very remarkable specimen of the blustering, selfconfident, slightly quackish scholar of the Renaissance; he was for no short time resident in England, and was

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Jess' deals with real life; nothing is narrated which might not be strictly, literally true. In ‘Jess'


we dwell in the Transvaal, and act over again the recent history of that debatable land. The altogether human Jess is to our mind Mr. Haggard's most charming creation." Athenæum, Mar. 19.

Hammond, W: On the Susquehanna; a novel. Hardie, J. The American remembrancer and tablet of memory, etc. 1795.

Harral, T: Henry VIII. and George Iv.; or, The case fairly stated. 1820.

Hartzenbusch, J: E. Eco de Madrid; curso práctico de la conversacion española, contin. por E. Lemming. 1870.

Harwood, T: Alumni Etonenses; catalogue of of Eton College, and King's College, 14431797.

Hatton, J. The old house at Sandwich.

"The characters are rather unreal, and savour more of the stage than of actual life. Sensational writing of a somewhat melo-dramatic kind.” — Athenæum, Feb. 12.

Hayes, H:, pseud. Sons and daughters.

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