Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]

Townsend, V. F. ambitions, 840. 876. Townshend, J:

Boston girl's Washington,

Bodies of the

dead, etc., 892. Traill, C. P. Canadian settler's guide, 888.

Traits of American Indian life, 888.

Trask, W: B. First Ch., Dorchester, 828.

Trautwine, J. C. New method of calculating, cubic contents of excavations, etc., 868.

Treat, J: H. Loyalty to the prayer book, 876. Truro baptisins, 824.

Tredgold, T: Strength of cast
iron, etc., 864.
Trevor, R. Britannia, 848.
Trollope, T: A. What I re-

member, 896.
True Briton, The, 868.
Trueba y Cosio, J. T. Mr. and
Mrs. Pringle, 896.
Trumbull, T. Yankee Doodle,


[blocks in formation]

Vanderburch, L: E. Le gamin, .821. (Bayard and Vanderburch.)

Van Rensselaer, M. Amer. etchers, 828.

Van Santvoord, C. J. C. F. Hoes, 880.

Vasili, P. La société de Rome, 876. La société de Paris, 896. Vatsyayana Kama Sutra, 828. Vauché, P: F. A ses concito. yens, 888. Vaughan, H. Silex scintillans, 856.

Veitch, J: Hamilton, 892. Nature in Scot. poetry, 876. Venn, H: Duty of man, 896. Vermont, E. De V. Amer. heraldica, 844.

Vernier, C: Au quartier latin,


[blocks in formation]

Urrestarazu, F. de A. de. Via
jes por Marruecos, 884.
Utrecht. Universiteit. Bibliot.
Catalogus, 844.
Uzanne, O. La relieure, 848.
V..d-t Vandeput]. Coll. of Vovchok, M. Maroussia, 828.

advertisements, 868. (T-- t. and Vd - t.) Valdés, A. P. Marquis of Pe. ñalta, 828. Mata y Maria, 840. Maximina, 892. Valée, L. Bibliographie des bibliographies, 876. Valentine, T: W. The Valentines in Amer., 860. Valresson, comtesse de. La bonne société, 888. Vambéry, A. Hungary, 821. Van Brocklin, W: W., etc. Reunion, sons and daughters of Pompey, 848.

Town talk, The, etc., 868.
Townsend, G: A. Katy of Ca. Vandegrift, M. Ways and
toetin, 832.

means, 828.

Vuillemin, A. Bassins des

grandes fleuves, Fr., 8.6. W., F. S. Dame heraldy, 852. Waddell, J. A. Augusta Co.

Va., 888. Wade, A. L. Graduating sys. tem of country schools, 832. Wagenseil, C. J. Ulrich v. Hütten, 880. Wagstaff, J: Witchcraft, 884. Waite, A. E. Magic, 840. Wakeman, H: O. Essays introd. Eng. constit. hist., 848. Walckenaer, C: A. Recherches géog., 884. Waldie, A. Circulating library,


Walker, F. A. Hist., 2d Army
Corps, 860.
Walker, G: H., & Co. Atlas,
Attleboro', Mass., 860.
Walker, J. H. Perils of wage
workers, 824.

Walker, P. Reception, Edin.,
kings, etc., of Scotland., 892.
Wall, A. Sordello's story, 824.
Wallcutt, T: Journal, 892.
Walpole, H. The Convention
vindicated, 824.
Walpole, R. Public funds, etc.

Walpole, S. England, 876.
Walther, B. Orationum ex Lat. syntagma,872.
Walton, J. Leicestershire and
Rutland, 868.
Wander, K. F. W.


derungs-Katechismus, 836. Ward & Lock's guide, Liverpool, 856.

Ward, T: R. Queen Victoria,888.
Warden, F. Scheherazade, 892.
Ware, E. F. Geneal. R. Ware,

Waring, C: State-purchase
railways, 880.
Waring, E. E: Williams, 880.
Warner, C: D. In the wilder.
Dess, 892.
Their pilgrimage,

Wars of Alexander, 884.
Washburne, E. B. Recollec-

tions, 888.

[blocks in formation]

Weigel, V. Astrology, 852.
Weise, A. Albrecht Dürer,876.
Biblioth. Germanica, 844.
Weiss, J: J. Au pays du Rhin,


Map of Gloucester

Welcker, A. Romer, King of
Norway, 868.
Weller, E:
shire, 860.
Wells, D: A. Mexico, 840.
Wells, K.. G. Miss Curtis, 896.
Wendell, B. Rankell's remain's

Werner, F: L: Z. The Temp.
lars, 840.
Wertheimber, L: A Muramasa
blade, 836.

West, W: Simboleography,892.
Westminster (Diocese) Dean
and Chapter. Marriage li-

cences, 844.
Wharton, F. U. S. Digest. in-
ternat. law, U. S., 876.
Wharton,T: Hannibal of N.Y.,

Whatley, R. Letter, 824.
Wheatley, H: B. Dedication
of books, 860.
Wheaton, H: Internat. law,860.
Wheelwright. J: T. A child
of the century, 860.
Whipple, E. P. Amer. litera-
ture, 864.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Williams, H.. M. France, 892.
Williams, R. F. The secret
passion; Shakespeare; Youth
of Shakespeare, 880.
Williams, S. E. Party and pa-
triotism, 844.
Willis, B. Signites, Sioux res-
ervation, 852.
Willis, R. Archit. hist. Univ.,
Cambridge, 828. Glastonbury
Abbey, 880.
Willoughby, H.
pictures, 826.
Wills, C. J. Persia, 828.
Wilson, A. Studies in life, 872.
White, A. Problems of a great Wilson, C: T: Uganda, 852.
city, 844.
Wilson, H: R. Russian refugee,
White, C: A. Fresh-water in-
vertebrates; Marine eocine;
Appleton's cyc.
Mesozoic and cenozoic paleon-
tology, Cal.: New cretaceous
fossils, 844.
Whitehead, P. Case, A. Mur.
ray, 832.
Whitelock, W:
Whitman, S.. W.
pictures, 824.

J: Jay. 884.
Making of

Marcus Aure- Whitmore, W: H:

lius Antonius, 828.
Watson, W: Confederate army,

Way, C. G. G: Way, 868.
Webb, A. B. Presence of the
Holy Spirit, 876.
Webb, M. Annotations of Dr.
D'Aubigne's Sketch of the
early Brit. Church, 860.
Webster, N. II. 150th anniv.,
Week away from time, A, 876.
Wegele, F. X. v. Geschichte
deutschen Historiographie,840.

The old

[blocks in formation]


China, 888.

Wilson, J. G.
lopædia, 844.
Wilson, J. H.
Wilson, M. B. Miss Mellon,
Duchess St. Albans, 868.
Winer, G: B. Grammatik, neu-
testamentlichen Sprachidioms,
u.8.10., 860.
Wingfield, L. The lovely Wang,
Winklemann, J: C: A: Ger-
son, Wicklefus, 876.
Winslow, C. M. R. Yesterdays
with actors, 872.
Winsor, J. The Mayflower
town, 888. Was Shakespeare
Shapleigh, 872.
Winspeare, G. Tourmente,860.
Winthrop, R. C. Winthrop
family, 888.
Wollheim, C. da F. A. E. Neue
Indiscretionen, 856.
Wood, C: W. Under northern
skies, 840.

Woodward, A: B. Presidency
of the U. S., 892.
Woolley, C. P. Love and the-
ology, 896.


Wordsworth, W: Yarrow re-
visited, 848.
Worsaae, J. J. A.
of the North, 844.
Worsley, R. Museo Worslejano,

Wright, J. M. Bricks from Ba-
bel, 872.

Wright, T: La lit. anglo-
Baxonne en Angleterre, 852.
Wyatt, M. D. Geometrical mo-
saics, 872;

Wyse,T: The Peloponnesus,852.
Ximenes, M. B. Sebastian of
Apparizio, 892.

Yaggy, L. W. Graphic record,

Yate, Lieut. A. C. Eng. and
Russia, 844.

Year-book of facts, 836.

Year book, socs. Gr. Brit. and
Ireland, 840.

Yonge, C.. M.. Last of the cav.
aliers; Under the storm, 892.
Victorian half century, 856.
Young, J. Demonology, 844.
Younger,J. Autobiography,844.
Yule, H: Hobson-Jobson, 836.
Zabel, E. Ivan Turgenjew, 836.
Zani, P: Enciclopedia del.le
belle arti, 864.
Zeggelen, J. W. v. Keer van
scherts, 844.
Zeisberger, D: Indian diction-
ary, 860.

Zeising, A. Neue Lehre, 884.
Zeller, J. 8. François I., 838.
Zimmermann, W. F. A. Die
Inseln, 880.

Zimmern, H.. M.Edgeworth,852.
Zola, E. Les Rougon-Mac-
quart, 836.

Zürn, A. B. Johann Huss, 880.


to nos. 221-234 (books received Jan. - Dec. 1888).

Words in parentheses after the page-numbers show the heading unler which the note referred to will be found.

[blocks in formation]

phy with emulsions, 949. Sil-
ver printing, 965.

Pioneers of the Alps, 925.
(Cunningham and Abney.)
About, E. F. V. Alsace, 945.
Le Décaméron du Salon, 957.
Histoire anc.; Nos gens; Nou.
velles et souvenirs; Quinze
journées; Retiré des affaires;
Salon, 1866, 945.
Adams, H. B. Seminary libra-
ries, 933.

Adams, H: C. The Jews, 961.
Adams, J: Government of U.
8., 945. Mém., les Seig-
neurs Etats-Gén. du Pays-Bas,


Adams, J:Q. Antwoord, 'Rech-

ten van den mensch' enz., 925.
Addison, J. Rosamond, 945.
Adshead, J. Wreck of the
Rothsay Castle, 913.

Agassiz, A. E. R. The "Blake,"

Alarcon y Mendoza, J. R. La
verdad sospechosa, 953.
Albertus Magnus. Super mis-
sus est, 945.
Alcan, M. L'industrie, ma-
tières textiles, 921.
Aldrich, T: B. The second
son, 923, 932. (Oliphant and

[blocks in formation]

Angell, G: T. Autobiographi-
cal sketches, 965.
Annexion de la Savoie, 961.
Anonymi Ravennatis Brit. cho-
rographia, 933.

Antas, M. d'. Les faux don Sé-
bastien, 917.
Antoninus, M. A. Meditations,

[blocks in formation]

Ap Richard. Marriage and di.
vorce, 965.
Apostles. Teaching of the
Apostles, 925.
Apprentices' Library, N. Y.
Finding list, 933.
Apthorp, W: F. Cyclopedia of
music, 965. (Champlin and
Archer, J. H: L. Orders of
chivalry, 941.
Arcoleo, G:

Il gabinetto nei
gov. parliamentari, 953.
Argles, M. The Hon. Mrs.
Vereker, 945. Marvel, 937.
Aristoteles. Politics, 929.
Armstrong, G:

Names in the


O. T., 921.
Armstrong, W. Sir J. E. Mil.
lais, 929.
Arnaud, F:
du pape, 965.
Arnold, E. Death and after,
933. Lotus and jewel, 913.
Arnold, E. L. England as she
seems, 957.
Arnold, M. Civilization, U. S.,
937. Essays in criticism, 965.
Arundel Soc. Chromolitho-
graphs. Allegorical figures;
Dante; The Primavera, 945.
S. George baptising Cleodo-
linda, 961. St. Jerome, 913.
Virgil, 945.

Ashbee, H. S. Tunisia, 934.
(Graham and Ashbee.)
Ashton, J: Century of ballads;
The Fleet, 925.
Asneries, Les, 949.
Assier, A. d.' Posthumous hu-
manity, 913.
Astronomical diary, 917.
Atkinson, D. H. Ralph Thor.
esby, 941.

Atkinson, W: P. Politics, 933.
Aubert de la Chenaye des Bois,
F. A. Dict. de la noblesse,

[blocks in formation]

Bailey, J. E. Inventories,
churches of Lancashire, 937.
Bailey, J: Agriculture, Co. of
Northumberland, 953.
Bailey, W: O. Michigan forest
fires, 933.
Bain, E. Merchant guilds, 917.
Baines, E: Lancaster, 957.
Bakeman, F. W. Disc., C: E:
Hamlin, 965.
Bakhuizen van den Brink. La
retraite de Charles Quint, 917.
Baldwin, J. Siegfried, 913.
Ballard, H. H. Three king.
doms, 945.
Ballou, M. M. Under the South-
ern cross, 917.
Balzac, H. de. The alkahest;
César Birotteau; The country
doctor; Cousin Pons, 941. La
cousine Bette, 917. The Duch-
esse de Langeais; Eugénie
Grandet; The magic skin;
Modeste Mignon; P'ére Goriot;
The two brothers, 941.
Bancroft, H. H. California in-
ter pocula, 961. California pas-
toral, 941.

Bancroft, S. B. and M.. W.
Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft, 941.
Banville, T. F. de. Les belles
poupées, 965.

Bar, J. C: Costumes, 925.
Barbé, L: A. Gowrie House,


Essais, 965.

Answer to a Cath-

Master of his
Remember the Al-

Barine, A.
Barlow, W.
olike, 925.
Barnes, E. R. Bellows family,
Walpole, N. H., 925.
Barr, A. E. H.
fate, 945.
amo, 957.
Barrie, J. M.
Barron, W: La fondation des
colonies des anc. répub., 933.
Barrows, E. A. Bradford Acad.
emy, 913.
Barrows, W: Indian's side of
the Indian question, 933. The
U. S. of yesterday, 929.
Barry, R. M. Bayreuth, 913.
Bartholomew, J. Gazetteer,
Brit. Isles, 925.

Auld Licht idylls,

Baschet, A. Mém., dépêches
des ambassadeurs vénitiens,

Bassett, F. S. Legends, 929.
Batavus, pseud. Aan den Heer
Parker, 925.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Berggrün, O. Cor:ège de Vienne,
Berkeley, H. Wealth and wel.
fare, 917.
Bernard, N:

Siege of Drog.

heda, 929.
Bersier, E. Coligny, 937.
Bertoux, G. Anecdotes espag.
noles, 917.

Besant, W. By Celia's arbour,
945. Dorothy Forster, 961. 50
years ago, 937. Jerusalem,965.
Katharine Regina, 953. Mr.
Lucraft, 949. "Twas in Tra-
falgar's Bay, 965. The world
went very well then, 961.
Besas de La Mégie, O. La no-
blesse de France, 945.
Bettany, G: T: C: Darwin,

[blocks in formation]

Binet, A. Animal magnetism,
Bingham, D. A. The Bastille,

Birch, W. de G. Domesday

book, 917. Seals in the Brit.
Museum, 933.
Birkhimer, W: E. Homing
pigeons, 929.

Birrell, A. C.. Brontë, 937.
Bisson, A. Le député de Bom.
bignac, 953.

Bittinger, J: Q. Haverhill, N.
H., 953.
Black, A. and C: New map of
Scotland, 933.

Black, W: Strange adventures
of a house-boat, 953.

Blackburn, H: New Gallery

notes, 949.

Blackie, J: S. Burns, 941.
Blades, W:
Enemies of books,


Blake, M.. E.. Mexico, 961.
Blake, W: P. Centenary, Ham.
den, Conn., 929.

Bliss, W: R. Colonial times,


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