Marco Polo

ABDO Publishing Company, 1. ruj 2010. - Broj stranica: 32
This biography introduces young readers to the life of Marco Polo. Readers learn about PoloÍs childhood in the busy port city of Venice, Italy, his education, and his family life. Readers discover that as a teenager, Polo traveled to present-day China with his father and uncle. A detailed map allows readers to follow this journey from Venice to Shangdu through Jerusalem and present-day Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, and Iran. Polo spent some time in Badakhshan in Afghanistan then crossed the Gobi Desert. The book discusses how Polo made friends with Emperor Kublai Khan and served as one of his ambassadors. Through engaging text, readers discover that as ambassador, Polo visited such places as Tibet, India, and present-day Myanmar. PoloÍs life upon returning to Venice is also covered. Readers learn that Venice was at war with the neighboring city of Genoa and that Polo joined the fight and was captured and imprisoned. Readers learn that during captivity Polo met writer Rustichello of Pisa, who helped him write a book about his journeys titled Description of the World. Full-color photos, an index, a timeline, discussion questions, bold glossary terms, and phonetics accompany easy-to-read text.

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Marco Polo
Early Years
Young Marco
New Adventure
Traveling On
New Sights
Life in Cathay
The Journeys of Marco Polo
Royal Journey
Return Home
Travel Writer
Saying It
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