A Catalogue of Authors Whose Works are Published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company: Prefaced by a Sketch of the Firm, and Followed by Lists of the Several Libraries, Series, and Periodicals

Riverside Press, 1899 - Broj stranica: 205

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Stranica 88 - The Reconstruction Of Europe : a Sketch of the Diplomatic and Military History of Continental Europe, from the Rise to the Fall of the Second French Empire.
Stranica 134 - Familiar Allusions: A Handbook of Miscellaneous Information ; including the Names of Celebrated Statues, Paintings, Palaces, Country Seats, Ruins, Churches, Ships, Streets, Clubs, Natural Curiosities, and the like. By WILLIAM A. WHEELER, Author of " Noted Names of Fiction ;
Stranica 134 - WHEELER'S Noted Names of Fiction, Dictionary of. Including also Familiar Pseudonyms, Surnames bestowed on Eminent Men, and Analogous Popular Appellations often referred to in Literature and Conversation. By WA Wheeler, MA 5*.
Stranica 20 - Representative Sonnets by American Poets. With an Essay on the Sonnet, its Nature and History, including many notable Sonnets of other Literatures; also. Biographical Notes, Indexes, etc., by CHARLES H.
Stranica 119 - The Origin and Growth of the English Constitution. An Historical Treatise in which is drawn out, by the Light of the most recent Researches, the gradual Development of the English Constitutional System, and the Growth out of that System of the Federal Republic of the United States.
Stranica 173 - A compact Itinerary of the British Isles, Belgium and Holland, Germany and the Rhine, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Italy.
Stranica 91 - Timothy Otis Paine, LL. D. SOLOMON'S TEMPLE AND CAPITOL, Ark of the Flood and Tabernacle ; or, The Holy Houses of the Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, Samaritan, Septuagint, Coptic, and Itala Scriptures, Josephus, Talmud, and Rabbis. With 42 full-page Plates and 120 TextCuts, from drawings by the author.
Stranica 148 - A library of thirty-four volumes, containing many of the best complete Stories, Essays, Sketches, and Poems in modern literature, including selections from the most celebrated authors of England and America, and translations of masterpieces by Continental writers. In several instances the selections from an author are accompanied by a biographical essay by another eminent author, an arrangement which...

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