The Annual American Catalogue 1886-1900: Being the Full Titles, with Descriptive Notes, of All Books Recorded in the Publishers' Weekly, 1886-1900 with Author, Title, and Subject Index, Publishers' Annual Lists, and Directory of Publishers

Publishers' weekly, 1890
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Stranica 86 - The Encyclopaedic Dictionary. A New and Original Work of Reference to all the Words in the English Language, with a Full Account of their Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation, and Use.
Stranica 126 - A Treatise on the Transmission and Modification of Motion and the Construction of Mechanical Movements. For the use of Draughtsmen, Machinists, and Students of Mechanical Engineering, in which the laws governing the motions and various parts of Mechanics, as affected by their forms and modes of connection are deduced by simple geometrical reasoning, and their application is illustrated by accurately constructed diagrams of the different mechanical combinations discussed.
Stranica 99 - WHEELER'S Noted Names of Fiction, Dictionary of. Including also Familiar Pseudonyms, Surnames bestowed on Eminent Men, and Analogous Popular Appellations often referred to in Literature and Conversation. By WA Wheeler, MA 5*.
Stranica 128 - LE VAN.— The Steam Engine and the Indicator : Their Origin and Progressive Development ; including the Most Recent Examples of Steam and Gas Motors, together with the Indicator, its Principles, its Utility, and its Application. By WILLIAM BARNET LE VAN.
Stranica 172 - THE present work treats the problem of the Origin of Species on the same general lines as were adopted by Darwin ; but from the standpoint reached after nearly thirty years of discussion, with an abundance of new facts and the advocacy of many new or old theories.
Stranica 126 - OLIPHANT. 3 vols. post 8vo, 25s. 6d. Scientific Religion ; or, Higher Possibilities of Life and Practice through the Operation of Natural Forces.
Stranica 136 - STRENGTH: How to get Strong and keep Strong, with Chapters on Rowing and Swimming, Fat, Age, and the Waist. With 9 Illus.
Stranica 85 - Edited by JAMES C. WILSON, MD, Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.
Stranica 128 - Questions and Answers; For Engineers and Firemen (Land and Marine) who desire to obtain a United States Government or State License. Pocket-book form, gilt edge ........ $1.50 POSSELT.

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