The Hidden Victims of Alzheimer's Disease: Families Under Stress

NYU Press, 1985 - Broj stranica: 218
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An invaluable resource guide for anyone working with persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease, this is the first book to present a step-by-step program to help families cope with the day-to-day problems arising from this disease. Using detailed case examples, the authors offer unique and effective strategies to help the family—and the patient—have enjoyable and more productive lives.
"Well written and eminently practical guide for families struggling with the burdens of Alzheimer's disease."
—Peter V. Rabins, M.D., John Hopkins University School of Medicine, author of Thirty-Six Hour Day
"An outstanding book dealing knowledgeably and sensitively with a painful disease affecting millions of American familes."
—Robert N. Butler, M.D., Brookdale Professor of Geriatrics and Adult Development, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

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