U.S.-Puerto Rico Political Status Act: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Native American & Insular Affairs of the Committee on Resources, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 3024, to Provide for a Process Leading to Full Self-government for Puerto Rico, March 23, 1996--San Juan, PI [i.e. PR].

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1996 - Broj stranica: 249
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Stranica 194 - Islands, and their children born subsequent thereto, shall be deemed and held to be citizens of the Philippine Islands and as such entitled to the protection of the United States, except such as shall have elected to preserve their allegiance to the Crown of Spain in accordance with the provisions of the treaty of peace between the United States and Spain signed at Paris December tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight.
Stranica 194 - In case they remain in the territory they may preserve their allegiance to the Crown of Spain by making, before a court of record, within a year from the date of the exchange of ratifications of this treaty, a declaration of their decision to preserve such allegiance; in default of which declaration they shall be held to have renounced it and to have adopted the nationality of the territory in which they may reside. The civil rights and political status of the native inhabitants of the territories...
Stranica 166 - All territory within the jurisdiction of the United States not included in any State must necessarily be governed by or under the authority of Congress. The Territories are but political subdivisions of the outlying dominion of the United States.
Stranica 164 - The United States are as much bound by their contracts as are individuals. If they repudiate their obligations, it is as much repudiation, with all the wrong and reproach that term implies, as it would be if the repudiator had been a State or a municipality or a citizen.
Stranica 133 - Nor can it be doubted that it is the inherent right of every independent nation to determine for itself, and according to its own Constitution and laws, what classes of persons shall be entitled to its citizenship.
Stranica 133 - The concept of dual citizenship recognizes that a person may have and exercise rights of nationality in two countries and be subject to the responsibilities of both.
Stranica 107 - I am authorized to say, on behalf of the President, that if at any time the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico adopts a resolution in favor of more complete or even absolute independence he will immediately thereafter recommend to Congress that such independence be granted.
Stranica 164 - The principle asserted is that one legislature is competent to repeal any act which a former legislature was competent to pass, and that one legislature cannot abridge the powers of a succeeding legislature. The correctness of this principle so far as respects general legislation can never be controverted.
Stranica 38 - It is important that the nature and general scope of S3336 be made absolutely clear. The bill under consideration would not change Puerto Rico's fundamental political, social, and economic relationship to the United States.
Stranica 164 - The United States cannot any more than a State interfere with private rights, except for legitimate governmental purposes. They are not included within the constitutional prohibition which prevents States from passing laws impairing the obligation of contracts, but equally with the States they are prohibited from depriving persons or corporations of property without due process of law.

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