Slike stranica
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"A medley of typical stories 'which are partly reminisences and partly traditions, rescued from the borderland of history and private biography. But the reader of these pleasant pages will not ransack them for historical materials. He will find them crammed with details of familiar, convivial, military, or diplomatic life, with incident and anecdote accumulating through a varied and eventful career, and will obtain no more than the kaleidoscopic view of men and things which the author undertakes to provide."- Athenæum, Mar. 15. Martel, Mme. la comtesse de, (pseud. Gyp). Bob à l'Exposition.

Bob au Salon de 1889. Manteuffel, U. Z. von. Seraphine. 1886. 2 v. Marx, A. Griechische Märchen von dankbaren Tieren und Verwandtes.

"De modestes et bonnes monographies de ce genre font plus avancer la science des contes (ou, en d'autres termés, l'histore de la littérature comparée) que bien des recueils de contes apportés au public en grande pompe par des auteurs qui rappellent certain personages de la fable porteur de reliques. Le travail de M. Marx montre en même temps la richesse si peu exploitée de l'antiquité grecque au point de vue de ces recherches, d'ordre assez divers, que l'on réunit aujourd'hui sous le nom de folk-lore." H. Gaidoz in Rev. critique, 16-23 sept.

Mellick, A. D., Jr. The story of an old farm; or, Life in New Jersey in the 18th century; with a genealogical appendix.

"This was begun simply as a genealogical compilation, and developed into one of the most interesting and readable books in New Jersey history ever published.

In following Johannes Moelich from Bendorf-on-the Rhine to his farm up in Bedminster township, Somerset county, and thence tracing his descendants through the Revolutionary War and down to the present day, the author discovered many scattered treasures. One chapter that is especially noteworthy is that in which Mr. Mellick treats of the Hessians."

Moore, J: M. New Zealand for the emigrant, invalid, and tourist.

"Dr. Murray Moore has much to urge in favor of the restorative value of the climate and mineral springs of New Zealand." Sat. rev., Mar. 1.

Müntz, E. La tapisserie.

"La collection de fac-similés qu'il a ainsi réunie, et qu'il a classé dans un mode absolument nouveau, fait de cet élégant volume un guide indispensable aux antiquaires, aux amateurs, aux gens du monde, dont les sa lons s'ouvrent de plus en plus aux merveilleuses productions de la haute et de la basse lisse." - Le livre, sept.

Pall Mall gazette "Extra," no. 50. Half holi

days at the National Gallery; incl. a com-plete catalogue and descriptive notes. Poole, S. L. The Barbary corsairs; with add. by Lieut. J. D. J. Kelley. (Story of the nations.)

"In his new book Mr. Lane Poole has seen a capital theme for a boys' book and has worked it to successful issues. Piracy has always been an attractive and exciting subject; and Moorish piracy with its thrilling adven tures, its long rakish-looking vessels, its many colored crews and Christian slaves, has moved Christendom from the times of Barbarossa and Lepanto to the times when American tars, and American diplomacy put an end to it forever in the War with Tripoli." Critic, May 3.

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Potter, V. M. To Europe on a stretcher.

"Her little sketch shows how much one may enjoy even as a helpless invalid. It also offers hope to the sufferer, as health was benefited by both trips.' Pynchon, W. Diary; a picture of Salem life social and political, a century ago; ed. by F. E: Oliver.

Reichenbach, M. von. Zwei Novellen. 1885. Spence, J. Anecdotes, observations, and characters of books and men; a selection, ed., with introd., etc., by J: Underhill. (Camelot ser.)

"Mr. Underhill has done his work extremely well. He has wisely restricted himself to those anecdotes which deal with English literature and English writers, and he has arranged his material much better than Ma lone. He has prefixed to his book an excellent introduction, and he has added a chronological table, brief biographies of the persons mentioned, and a number of useful notes. In these days when book-editing wavers between the immoderate and the imperfect, it is a pleas ure to meet with a volume which is content to be helpful and stimulating.". Saturday rev., Feb. 22. Spurgeon, Rev. C: H. Around the wicket gate; friendly talk with seekers concerning faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stael-Holstein, A.. L.. G. N., baronne de. Réflexions sur le procès de la reine; par une femme. 1793.

Stanley, H: M. The story of Emin's rescue as told in [his] letters; ed. by J. S. Keltie. "A connected and satisfactory account of the expedition is contained in these few letters."

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"Mr. Stebbing has done the very best he could for the famous,' the great' Lord Peterborough. He has stated the case as it appeared to him, and on the whole, fairly, often eloquently, and has deliberately left his readers to form their own opinion. It is not a eulogis. tic sketch, being shaded with many qualifications; but the author has a sneaking kindness for a hero, who, whatever, he might or might not have been, was never dull." Spectator, Mar. 22.

Stockton, F. R: The great war syndicate.
Tuttle, C: W. Captain Francis Champernowne;

The Dutch conquest of Acadie; and other historical papers; ed. by A. H. Hoyt, with hist. notes; with memoir by J: W. Dean. Vischer, F: T. Altes und Neues, Neue Folge.

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Weyman, S. J. The house of the wolf. (In Cornhill mag., 1888-89.)

"A brilliant affair; the ideal historical romance; in fact a type of literature but too rare. St. Bartholo mew's eve is the moment chosen, and is described with uncommon skill and energy. The general presentation of the old place in the country and its people is also excellent. Some of the situations are dramatic and moving, and the play of action and incident is spirited, quick, and clear. In a word, the rendering of epoch, speech, and locality is first rate. The style is marked by finish and lightness."- Athenæum, May 10.

Adams, J:, of the Inner Temple. Index' villaris; or, An exact register of all the cities, market-towns, parishes, villages, etc. of England and Wales. 1700.

Allou, C: N: Etudes sur les armes et armures du Moyen Age. [183-.]

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Audiger, La maison réglée, et l'art de diriger la maison d'un grand seigneur et autres,

avec la méthode de faire toutes sortes d'essences et de liqueurs, etc. 1692. Baddeley, M. J. B. The Highlands of Scotland; with descr. of the various routes from England, etc. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1883. (Thorough guide ser.)

Bary, A. de. Comparative anatomy of the vegetative organs of the phanerogams and ferns; tr. and annot. by F. O. Bower, and D. H. Scott. 1884.


Comparative morphology and biology of the fungi, mycetozoa, and bacteria; tr. by H: E. F. Garnsey; rev. by I: B. Balfour. 1887. Baumeister, A. Denkmäler des klassischen Alterthums. 1885-88. 3 v.

"It is simply marvellous that the student and amateur of antiquity can obtain such a gallery presenting him with the very cream and choice of all the museums of Europe in a style of reproduction the elegance of which is exceeded only by its faithfulness, at the ridiculous charge of one cent per cut, with the binding and two thousand pages of explanatory text by eminent specialists thrown in." Alfred Emerson in Amer. journ. of archaeology, Dec. 1888. Berlichingen, G. von. Lebensbeschreibung; Ab

druck der Original-Ausg. von Steigerwald, Nürnberg 1731. 1886.

Bowen, J. L. Massachusetts in the war, 1861-65; with introd. by Hon. H: L. Dawes. Brahm, O. Henrik Ibsen; ein Essay. 1887. Brandt, J: G: Alphabete und Schriftmuster aus Manuscripten und Druckwerken verschiedener Länder vom 12. bis 19. Jahrhundert. 1859.

Brunswick, Me. Celebration of the 150th anniv. of the incorporation of the town, June 13, 1889.

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Bynner, E. L. The Begum's daughter.
Caine, T. H. The bondman; a new saga.

"It would be going too far, perhaps, to assert that Mr. Hall Caine has by his latest novel placed himself on the shelf where the classics stand. But there is no doubt that he occupies a position far removed from that of the average story-teller. He is an acknowledged master of the art of rousing human passion; and this art is effectively displayed in the present work. is a splendid novel.”—J. Barrow Allen in the Academy, Mar. 1.


Canitz und Dallwitz, K: W: E., Freiherr von. Denkschriften; hrsg. von seinen Kindern. 1888. 2 v.

Catherwood, Mrs. M. H. The story of Tonty.

"It seems almost beyond belief that the name of Henry de Tonty, the Lieutenant of La Salle, is almost unknown to the American people. Though without him La Salle could not have succeeded in doing one half of the work of diplomacy and exploration which he accomplished, yet Tonty's name has been left almost wholly in shadow. Short but powerful story." - Critic, Mar. 1.

Chalmers, P. How James Chalmers saved the penny postage scheme; letter of the Dundee bankers and merchants to the Lords of Her Majesty's Treasury.

Champollion-Figeac, J: J. Le palais de Fontainebleau, ses origines, son histoire artistique et politique, son état actuel. 1866.

Chrestien de Troyes. Perceval le Gallois; ou, Le Conte du Graal; pub. d'après le mss. originaux, par C: Potvin. 1866-71. 6 v. Christyn, J: B. Les délices des Pays-Bas; ou, Description géographique et historique des 17 provinces belgiques. 6e éd., augm. 1769. 5 v.

Church, A. J., and Seeley, R. The hammer; a story of the Maccabean times.

"A vivid and interesting picture of Jewish life in the second century B.C. The leading personages of the tale are, of course, historical, and drawn from the Books of Maccabees, but the authors have filled up the bare outline by introducing fictitious minor characters, and have thus given completeness and interest to the story." Academy, Feb. 15.

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Clark, J: W. Cambridge; brief historical and descriptive notes.

Clément, J: P. La Police sous Louis XIV. 1866. Coquerel, A. I. C: Sermons. 1r-4e recueil. Nouv. éd. 1842, 38-43. 3 v.

Cunningham, W: The growth of English industry and commerce during the early and Middle Ages.

Dalloz, P. Musée National du Louvre, Galerie d'Apollon; le trésor artistique de la France. le sér. [1883.]

Dana, J. D. Characteristics of volcanoes; with contrib. of facts and principles from the Hawaiian Islands.

"Professor Dana has brought together all the Hawaiian volcanic memoranda attainable, the record dat ing back to the beginning of the century and becoming fuller and more exact as it approaches our own time. The accounts of many travellers and men of science are given in abstract or sufficiently copious citations and whenever possible graphic illustrations of the text have been added. The volume will be found highly interesting by the non-scientific reader as well as by the student."

Daniel, S: The complaynt of Rosamond. 1592, repr. 1887. (The bookworm's garner.) Decloux, and Doury, Histoire archéologique, descriptive, et graphique de la SainteChapelle du Palais. 1865.

Desmaze, C:

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Le Parlement de Paris; son organisation, etc.; avec une notice sur les autres parlements de France. 1859.

Deutsche Blätter. 1. Bd. No. 1-54. 1813. Donaldson, J: W: Complete Greek grammar; for the use of students. 3d ed enl. 1862. Doughty, H: M. Summer in Broadland; Gipsying in east Anglian waters. Dresden. Kon. Gemälde-Gallerie. Catalogue; by K: Woermann; tr. by B. S. Ward. 1887. Durand, J: New materials for the history of the American Revolution; tr. from documents in the French archives.

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Essenwein, A: Kunst- und kulturgeschichtliche Denkmale des germanischen National-Museums. [1877.]

Flammarion, C. Uranie. (Ed. de Figaro.)

"Ce livre est un des plus jolis présents qu'on puisse, déposer aux pieds d'une jeune fille de dix-huit ans, dont l'esprit a un tour sérieux. Je crois la voir, attentive, curieuse, étonnée, vaguement émue, penchée vers ces pages magiques, d'où s'envolent tant de pensées ardentes et graves, pures et charmantes, dont son imagination sera longtemps caressée." Revue bleue, 28 déc. Foote, Rev. H: W. H: Wilder Foote; memorial services in King's Chapel, June 9, Dec. 15, 1889.

Galdós, B. P. Torquemada en la Hoguera, etc.

"Galdós est hors de pair, et tout ce qui sort de sa plume porte sa marque, qui est la force et la perfection." Bibl. univ., août.

Gallery of fashion. Vol. 1-3, 1794-97. 3 v. Gibbons, J., Cardinal. Our Christian heritage. 4th ed.

Graesse, J: G: T. Das Grüne Gewölbe zu Dres

den; 100 Tafeln in Lichtdruck enthaltend gegen 300 Gegenstände aus den verschiedensten Zweigen der Kunst-Industrie; mit Erläuterungen.

Green, S. M. Crime; its nature, causes, treatment, and prevention.

Green, W: S.

Among the Selkirk glaciers; a rough survey in the Rocky Mt. regions of of Brit. Columbia.

"His field of exploration was confined to the limited area of a portion of the Selkirk range, but including some of the most difficult points within the region.

The riddle we had to solve was the structure of that section of the country lying immediately to the south of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and inclosed by the highest peaks of the Selkirks."

Guiral, L. Le Congo français du Gabon à Brazzaville.

"L'ouvrage nous fait connaître le basin du Congo, particulièrement le fleuve Ogooué, et des détails intéressants sont fournis à propos de Brazzaville sur le Congo. Avec ce livre nous possédons des renseignements exacts et complets sur les nombreuses tribus qui habitent les rives de l'Ogooué, sur leurs mœurs, leurs religions, leur commerce."- Bibl. univ., sept.

Haflidason, E. The life of Laurence, Bishop of Hólar, in Iceland, Laurentius Saga; tr. by O. Elton.

"A curious picture of Icelandic life.


This little volume is well worth studying." Spectator, Apr. 26. Havers, D.,now Mrs. Boulger, (pseud. Theo Gift). Not for the night-time.

Herodotus. History; tr. by G. C. Macaulay. 2 v.

"Nothing could be more praiseworthy than Mr. Macaulay's conception of a translator's duties. He has devoted much trouble to the matter of text, paying it, indeed, more attention than many editors think it nec

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Le Gonidec, J: F. M.. M. A. Dictionnaire bretonfrançais; préc. de sa Grammaire bretonne; et enrichi d'un avant-propos, etc., par T. H. de La Villemarqué. 1850.

Dictionnaire français-breton; enrichi d'additions et d'un essai sur l'histoire de la langue bretonne, par T. H. de La Villemarqué. 1847.

Lingg, H. Lyrisches; neue Gedichte. [1885.] (Salon Bibl.)

Loudun, E. B. Journal de Fidus; la révolution de septembre. 2 v.

Luchaire, A. Les communes françaises à l'époque des Capétiens directs.

"Dans son ouvrage M. Luchaire a résumé l'ensemble des leçons publiques qu'il a faites en Sorbonne ces der nières années. Ce livre s'addresse particulièrement aux étudiants et aux lecteurs curieux d'histoire et d'éru dition qui n'ont ni le loisir ni le goût d'approfondir des monographies trop savantes." - Revue bleue, 15 fév. Louis vi, le Gros; annales de sa vie et de son règne, 1081-1137; avec une introd. historique.

"Son nouveau livre est mieux encore qu'un bon travail; c'est un excellent instrument de travail. En analysant, en groupant sous leurs dates respectives les textes historiques et les chartes relatives à ce règne, il a fait une œuvre très différente de son Histoire des institutions,' mais non moins utile. En la lisant, on s'assurera que l'auteur n'a laisse à personne le soin de dégager des faits patiemment classés par lui la physionomie véritable de Louis VI, et qu'il a donné de ce règne décisif une formule définitive."" -Revue bleue, 22 fév.

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Luthmer, F. Der Schatz des Freiherrn K: von Rothschild; Meisterwerke alter Goldschmiede-kunst aus dem 14.-18. Jahrhundert. 1883-85. 2 v.

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"The sketches deal with the well-beaten tracks of tourists. The record of travel, however, is brightly written, and rendered admirably attractive by Mr. T. R. Macquoid's drawings." Saturday review, Apr. 19. Malebranche, N: de. Méditations métaphysiques,

et correspondance avec J. J. D. de Mairan sur des sujets de métaphysique. 1841. Mallevs quorvndam maleficarvm tam vetervm quam recentium autorvm, etc. [ed. L. Zetzner]. 1582. Mandat-Grancey, G. F. E., baron de. La Brèche aux Buffles.

"Le conteur a tellement de vie et d'entrain, une ma nière si gaie de narrer les moindres aventures, qu'une fois le livre ouvert on ne le quitte plus jusqu'à la dernière page."- Bibl. univ., sept.

Maulde, R. de. Les origines de la Révolution Française au commencement du 16e siècle. Maupassant, G. de. La vie errante.

The Italian coast, Sicily, Tunis, saw him; and he saw them, and describes them in his excellent style." Sat. rev., Mar. 22.

Miller, J. B. Trade organizations in politics; also Progress and robbery; an answer to H: George. 1887.

Molinier, E. Venise; ses arts décoratifs, ses musées, et ses collections.

"M. Molinier est un fanatique de Venise; il connaît à fond la célèbre ville et on peut se confier sans crainte à ce guide impeccable." -Gazette des beaux arts, 1 jan. Montgomery, D: H: Heroic ballads; with poems of war and patriotism; with notes. Moore, G: H. Memoranda concerning the Massachusetts laws of 1648.

Mougins de Roquefort, C: de. De la solution juridique des conflits internationaux; l'arbitrage international, histoire, fonctionnement, réformes; avec une préface de F: Passy.


Nelson, W. Five years at Panama; the transisthmian canal.

O'Brien, R. B. The home-rulers' manual.

"One of those odd results of Mr. Barry O'Brien's industry and honesty, any one of which is sufficient to make a reader an anti-Home Ruler at once." - Sat. rev., May 3.

Ollivier, E. 1789 et 1889.

"Brilliant as has always been the style of M. Emile Ollivier, he has in his new volume excelled himself in that respect, all important in his country; but we cannot praise the teachings of his volume as we are able to praise its form."- Athenæum, Dec. 28.

Orléans, F. P. L: C: H: J., duc d'. Récits de cam

pagne, 1833-41; pub. par ses fils le comte de Paris et le duc de Chartres. "Contains the journal of his Algerian campaigns and some letters relating to them. If there is no extraordinary literary merit and a certain amount of the piffile' thought to be incumbent on earnest young princes in our century, there is a complete absence of insincerity, a fresh and genuine interest in work and life, and many evidences of an honest, cheerful, amiable, and sensible disposition. In short, the book confirms as far as possible, the general idea that this Prince was the flower of the French Royal family for at least two centuries." Sat. rev., Feb. 1.

Pellet, M. Napoléon à l'Ile d'Elbe; mélanges historiques. 1888.

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"Le type constitutionnel de ces villes, très nettement déterminé par M. P. est fort simple et toujours le même. Créations essentiellement administratives, elles ont reçu un organisme tout fait, d'après un modèle inva riable. L'étude en est instructive parce qu'elle montre comment les princes territoriaux du 14e et du 15e siècles comprenaient les institutions municipales. ... L'édition très soignée que donne M. Pols n'en est pas moins une utile contribution à l'étude du droit et des institutions de la Holland."- Rev. critique, 29 juil. Powell, E. P. Liberty and life; discourses. Rame, L.. de la, (pseud. Ouida). Syrlin; or, Position.

Random recollections of courts and society; by a cosmopolitan.

"A most entertaining book.

These recollections

are far from being the idle notes of an idle man. The book, though vastly entertaining, contains more inform. ation than is to be met with in many works of more pretention." Academy, Apr. 22, 1888.

Rivington, Rev. L. Dependence; or, The insecurity of the Anglican position. Rochechouart, L: U: L., comte de. Souvenirs sur

la Révolution, l'Empire et la Restauration; mémoires inéd. pub. par son fils.

"Ce sont des mémoires curieux, à condition de passer légèrement sur le premier tiers, où l'auteur nous raconte sa jeunesse d'émigré et sa vie en Russie, au service du tsar. L'intérêt commence avec la campagne de Russie et se contient sans faiblir jusqu'à la Restauration, c'està dire presque jusqu'à la fins du volume. C'est alors une moisson d'anecdotes, à laquelle la retraite de Russie fournit naturellement sa gerbe.". Bibl. univ., sept. Russell, J. (pseud. Hancock). The whole truth, to the freemen of New England. 1808. Saint-Sauveur, J. G. de. Costumes des représentans du peuple, membres des deux conseils, du directoire exécutif, etc. [French and German. 1795].

Saporta, G. de, marq. Origine paléontologique des arbres cultivés ou utilisés par l'homme. 1888. "Le livre de M. Saporta montre éloquemment les admirables résultats auxquels la paléontologie végétale Bibl. est parvenue en moins de soixante-quinze ans." univ., 1 jan. Sauerwein, F: Portale u. Gitterwerke vom 15. bis 18. Jahrundert in Frankfurt am Main. 1881. Das Schloss zu Heidelberg; mit Text von M. Rosenberg. 1883.

Schenk, D. North Carolina, 1780-81; a history
of the invasion of the Carolinas by the Brit-
ish army under Lord Cornwallis.
Schmitt, J: Die Chronik von Morea; eine Unter-
suchung über das Verhältnis ihrer Hand-
schriften, etc.

Schottmüller, K. Der Untergang des Templer-
Ordens. 1887.
Schücking, K. L. L.
Der Erbe von Hornegg.

1878. 3 v.

Seidel, H: Gesammelte Schriften. 1888-90. 7 v.

Serapeum; Zeitschrift für Bibliothek wissenschaft,

Handschriftenkunde, und ältere Litteratur; hrsg. von Dr. R. Naumann. 1854-70. 9 v. Shedd, W: G. T. The proposed revision of the Westminster standards.

"The latest contribution to a vital question, which nominally Presbyterian, has a powerful influence upon all Christians. Of course, Dr. Shedd, with all his masterful clearness, beauty, and vigor of style, argues against the proposed revision.... It is probably the ablest statement from the conservative side." — Critic, Apr. 19.

Sigerson, G: Political prisoners at home and

abroad; with app. on dietaries; with introd. letter by J. Bryce.

Sir Charles Danvers; by the author of "The Danvers jewels." 2 v.

"Those who read the little sensational story called The Danvers jewels,' when it came out two years ago, must certainly have done so with pleasure, and will be prepared to renew their acquaintance with Charles Danvers. The author's somewhat dangerous experiment in continuing some of the threads of her first story has been entirely justified in its execution. The hero is at least as huniorous as ever, the heroine is also very sprightly and amusing; both the aunts are admir. able after different fashions.". Athenæum, Nov. 9. Smith, A. W. The beginnings of American nationality. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) Society of Sons of the Revolution. Constitution, by-laws, membership. Soulavie, J: L: G., l'abbé.

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Histoire de la déca

dence de la monarchie française et des progrès de l'autorité royale à Copenhague, etc., depuis l'époque où Louis XIV. fut surnommé le Grand, jusqu'à la mort de Louis xvI. 1803. 3 v.

South Place Institute. Religious systems of the world; national, Christian, and philosophic; addresses at [the] Institute, 1888-89; rev. and re-written.

Sudermann, H. Frau Sorge. 1888.
Geschwister; zwei Novellen. 1888.
Sybel, L: von.

Weltgeschichte der Kunst bis zur
Erbauung der Sophienkirche. 1888.
"The attempt to give a clear view of all contempo.
rary developments of art in East and West, to show
their relationships and distinctions, and to find a gen-
eral character in each one, has never really been at-
tempted as Von Sybel attempts it in this volume.
It is certainly an attempt most interesting, and accord-
ing to a method which should in future find many able
representatives, in which far more depends on the talent
of the author than in usual histories.
The illustra-



tions, numerous and of good size, are with few excep. tions executed according to the latest method of mechanically reproducing photographs. This is the first history of ancient art which makes use to any extent of a photographic process for illustration. The result is strikingly interesting. The style and arrangement are attractive, and the monuments chosen for illustra. tion and description are typical and well selected." A. L. F., Jr. in Amer. journ. of archæology, Dec. 1888. Thompson, S: Reminiscences of a Canadian pioneer for the last fifty years; autobiography. 1884.

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Valera, J. Cartas americanas.
Vedanta-Sutras, The; with the commentary by
Sankarâkârya; tr. by G: Thibaut. Pt. 1.
(Sacred books of the East.)

Vicaire, G. Bibliographie gastronomique; avec une préface de P. Ginisty.

"Très complet et très soigneusement rédigé." Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, A: Akëdysséril. 1886. "Masterpiece."- Athenæum, Oct. 9.

Viollet, P. Droit public; histoire des institutions politiques et administratives de la France. Tome 1.

"M. Viollet desires us to believe that the Frankish monarchies, after making allowance for the increase of dignity resulting from the victories of Clovis, still continued to be Germanic kingdoms of the primitive type.

So far as the Franks are concerned, it may be said, after considering both sides of the question so ably dis cussed, that in all that relates to the administration of justice and to the character of the laws we find a very strong Germanic element among the Franks of the Merovingian age. As regards the election of the king and the calling of popular assemblies, M. Viollet is right in calling attention to the surviving traces of German customs." Academy, May 3.

Vogüé, E. M., vicomte de. Remarques sur l'exposition du centenaire.

"N'allez pas vous figurer que vous tenez dans vos mains un recueil d'articles cousus ensemble par la brocheuse. Le fil dont ils sont liés est immatériel, invisible et, précisément à cause de cela, indéchirable. Ce ne sont pas des articles de revue dont on a fait un livre; c'est un livre dont les chapitres ont paru dans une revue." Revue bleue, 11 jan.

Vollständige Rangliste aller Generale und General-Adjutanten in den Armeen der französischen Republik, etc. 1796. Vuillermet, C: Le vieux Lausanne. Vullemin, E. Album officiel de la fête des vignerons, Vevey, 1889; d'après les costumes de P: Vallouy.

"Le charmant Album officiel' de la fête, dâ au spirituel et habile artiste M. E. Vulliemin, donne l'idée de la richesse, de la variété des costumes, et du goût parfait qui a présidé à leur composition." - Bibl. univ., sept. Washington, G:, pseud. The spurious letters attributed to Washington; with a bibliog. note by W. C. Ford. Webster, H.. L. Zur Gutturalfrage im Gotischen; Inaugural-Dissertation.

Wendel, F. C. H. History of Egypt. (History primers.)

"Written from the original sources monumental, Egyptian, Greek, and Hebrew and not abridged from more voluminous writers."

Whipple, B:, Bp. of Minnesota. Five sermons.
Whitney, J. L. Accents.

Whitney, W: D., and Edgern, A: H. German
and English dictionary. [1887.]
Wickes, C: Illustrations of the spires and towers
of the medieval churches of England; prec.
by obs. on the architecture of the Middle
Ages, and its spire-growth. 1853. 2 v.

Wilbrandt, A. Novellen. 1869.

Wolzogen, E. von. Die rote Franz. 1888.

Yriarte, C: E. Histoire de Paris; ses transformations successives. 1882.

Sculpture italienne, 15e siècle : Matteo Civitali; sa vie et son œuvre. 1886.

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