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Jevons, W: S. Pure logic; and other minor works; ed. by R. Adamson, and H. A. Jevons; with a preface by R. Adamson.

"Though called minor, these are scientifically Jevons' most important writings. As when they first appeared they impress us by their clearness of thought, but not with any great power.". Nation, July 3. Justinianus 1, F. A., Emp. of Rome. Juris civilis promptuarium ad usum praelectionum recens. E: Laboulaye. 1847.

Keats, J: Poetry and prose; fresh verses and new readings, essays, and letters lately found, and passages formerly suppressed; ed. by H. B. Forman; suppl. to the Library ed. of Keats's work.

"The chief point of interest brought out by this new matter is the decided dislike with which Keats, commencing at a date long prior to his death in 1821, viewed Leigh Hunt. This highly interesting volume is edited with all Mr. Forman's scrupulous care and exactness. ... A true literary service excellently performed." Athenæum, June 21.


Lankester, E. R. The advancement of science; occasional essays and addresses.

"These essays and lectures collectively illustrate with the author's usual clearness and vigour of statement the present outlook and practical tendencies of science." Sat. rev., July 19.

Larsen, A. Dictionary of the Dano-Norwegian and English languages. 1888.

Lavedan, H: Inconsolables.
Lilly, W: S. On right and wrong.

"Throughout the volume 'right' means what Mr. Lilly likes, and 'wrong' what he dislikes. There is, indeed, a great show of clear philosophical thinking, but it is merely a show. Amid the arbitrary assumptions, the reckless misstatements, the platitudes, the irrelevancies, the inconsistencies, the shrieks and gasps of rhetorical rage, that form the staple of these essays, it is difficult to trace any definite line of attack or defence." -Alfred W. Benn in the Academy, July 12.

Little, Rev. H: W: H: M. Stanley; his life, travels, and explorations.

Locke, Mrs. M. In far Dakota.

"Though put forth as one of a series of small books for settlers in the colonies and America, is really a short story, and one of a decidedly dramatic type. Brightly written, and interesting throughout."- Sat. rev., May 10.

Lynch, J. Egyptian sketches.

"Premising that these Egyptian sketches can sustain no claims to originality or profundity, we are glad to be able to add that they are sensible, brightly written, and occasionally entertaining."- Athenæum, June 7.

Marmottan, P. Notice historique et critique sur les peintres Louis et François Watteau. "Ce sont de trés petits peintres, surtout Louis; l'auteur des grands tableaux d'Avesnes, mais ce sont des anecdotiers charmants et singulièrement féconds, et qui au point de vue de l'histoire des mœurs et des cos. tumes de la fin du 18e siècle méritent d'ètre étudiés. C'est ce que fait M. Marmottan. Grâce aux recherches qu'il a entreprises et qu'il vient de reunir dans une élégant plaquette, nous connaissons maintenant ces aimables artistes."- Gaz. des beaux arts, fév. Marshall, E. Under Salisbury spire in the days of George Herbert; the recollections of Magdalene Wydville.

"Moderately improving reading for the girls of ordinary unliterary temperament, to whom it is addressed." Sat. rev., Jan. 18.

Martineau, J. The seat of authority in religion. "The present volume, though it forms a natural completion to the series of the author's works,appeals rather to that class of readers to whom his previous and more technical discussions would be unintelligible or distasteful, but who nevertheless, through the mere fact of breathing the atmosphere of the present day, are vaguely conscious that a transformation is being wrought in the sphere of religion, and would gladly avail themselves of any sure means, if such can be found, of estimating its extent and direction. It is impossible within the limits of a short review to do justice to a work like the present to its varied learning and its high enthusiasm for the cause of spiritual religion." Athenaeum, May


Maxwell, Mrs. M.. E.. B. The day will come; a novel. 3 v.

"The novel is so fascinating that it demands to be finished when once it has been begun." - Academy, Oct.


Moorehead, W. K. Fort Ancient; the great prehistoric earthwork of Warren County, Ohio; with an account of its mounds and graves, a topographical map, and surveying notes in


"It has been repeatedly described by American archæologists, including Atwater, Squire and Davis, Sheppard, Locke, and other well-known writers.

A thorough and minute survey and exploration has been in a large measure supplied by Mr. Moorehead of the Smithsonian Institute, whose volume on the subject presents us with by far the best description of this remarkable relic of our vanished predecessors that has yet been published." - Critic, Apr. 5. Mündler, O. Essai d'une analyse critique de la Notice des tableaux italiens du Musée National du Louvre; accompagné d'observations, etc., relatifs à ces mêmes tableaux. 1850.

"In many respects a model of art criticism." Giovanni Morelli.

Muir, A. Tumbledown Farm; a novel, 2 v.

"A really bright and enjoyable story, with that freshness of matter and handling which is one of the rarest of qualities in the novel of the period. It is good all through; it has passion, pathos, humour, literary skill, and interest which never flags."-Spectator, Sept.


Myers, E. Lord Althorp.



"A volume which is unfortunately marred by the intrusion into it of the asperities of the politics of the the present day. The excision from the work of some ten or twenty pages would make it an excellent record of the career of a statesman less known than he deserves to be, although remembered by his party with respect." Athenæum, May 10.

Nicolson, J., and Burn, R: History and antiq. of Westmorland and Cumberland. 1777. 2 v.

Nisard, C. Le poète Fortunat.

"Ce livre qui fut le dernier travail de M. Charles Nisard contient en tête une biographie charmante de ce savant."

Panton, J. E. Homes of taste; economical hints. "All the chapters abound with good sense, and useful hints. But we see nothing about a study or library. Perhaps Mrs. Panton thinks these lie outside the woman's province; but as they will meddle with them, why not some judicious advice, even if it did not go beyond the simple Leave them alone '?" - Spectator, July 5. Paris. Institut. Acad. des Sciences Morales et Poli

tiques, Séances et traveau. Table alphabétique et bibliographique des matières et des auteurs dans les volumes 1-130, du compte rendu; par H: Vergé, et P. de Boutarel. Patmore, C. K. D. The unknown Eros.

"Mr. Coventry Patmore has added so much to this edition of his poems, that it may be regarded as practically new. His early poems were distinguishable by soft surprises, and what defect they had was a too great sweetness. The unknown Eros' is very different. Its metre is irregular, but Mr. Patmore does not say too much for its vividness of effect, nor, indeed, for its exceeding grace and dignity. And it is especially well suited to most of his themes. A remarkable

volume of poems, a volume in which we believe that the truest critics will find Mr. Patmore's noblest verse." - Spectator, Apr. 12.

Paton, J. Scottish national memorials; a record of the historical and archæological collection in the Bishop's Castle, Glasgow, 1888. "It shows us modern Scotch archæology, typogra phy, and illustration at their very best, consisting of a series of elaborate and yet not dry-as-dust-ish disquisitions by the leading Scotch antiquarians of the day on the subjects with which they are specially familiar. This collection was admittedly the largest, the most important, and the most truly illustrative of Scotch life, history, and literature so far as these can be reflected in relics that has ever been made." - Spectator, May


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Philadelphia. Board of Education. Catalogue of the pedagogical library and books of reference in the office of the superintendent of public schools; by J. MacAlister. 1887. Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Assoc. History and proceedings. 1870-79. Vol. 1. Redgrave, R: and S: A century of painters of the English school. 2d ed., abr. and contin. Riffard, L. Contes et apologues; illust. par F: Régamey. 1886.

Sadi, Musli uddin. Gulistan; or, Flower-garden;

tr. with an essay, by J: Ross, and a note upon the translator by C: Sayle.

"Independent of the merits of Ross's rendering, which are not likely to become obsolete through the labours of others, the essay on the Persian poet is an admirable piece of work." Sat. rev., Apr. 26. Schumacher, G. Northern " Ajlûm; within the

Decapolis." (Palestine Explor. Fund.)

"Small as it is, this volume is one of the most valuable issued by the Palestine Exploration Fund. Mr. Schumacher is a careful explorer, and a good surveyor, whose thorough knowledge of Arabic, and acquaintance with the manners of the natives of Palestine give him exceptional advantages for acquiring information. His memoir contains an exhaustive account of the ancient Decapolis of Peraea as well as of the numerous Greek and Roman remains that still exist in it."-Acad. emy, June 28.

Shakespeare, W: Sonnets; ed. by E. Dowden. 1881.

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"Five tales. All good, the first and the last [Monsieur Caloche'] particularly so. I remember having read Monsieur Caloche' somewhere, but reperusal has not made that pathetic story lose any of its charm." Academy, Mar. 23.

Tavernier, A., and Alexandre, A. Le Guignol

des Champs-Elysées; préface de J. Claretie. "The French Punch-and-Judy show is not confined to one monotonous drama; it has a varied repertory. The plays in the present volume are a little literary, and less pantomimic than those actually acted in the best of the 'guignols' in the Champs-Elysees." Nation, Mar.


Thornton, L: Opposites; essays on the unpopular sides of popular questions.

"Lewis Thornton is far above the level of the plain man who has his doubts about official science in high places, and publishes a common-sense quadrature of the circle. On the contrary, he has been a hard and discursive reader, and he in undoubtedly a smart wri ter. And after all, it is possible that the exertions of the plain man prevent the growth of a kind of official dogmatism of specialists, which would be as injurious to the interests of true science as the most orthodox ecclesiastical tyranny." Athenæum, July 19. Wallace, E. R. Descriptive guide to the Adirondacks, Saratoga Springs, [etc.]. 1889. Warner, F. Course of lectures on the growth and means of training the mental faculty; delivered in the University of Cambridge. "This small book of only two hundred pages is, in its modest way, both remarkable and welcome. The examination of a few pages will come as a pleasant surprise, and the whole treatise will be read by practical teachers with profit." Academy, July 19. Wiethase, H: Der Dom zu Cöln; hrsg. mit his

torisch-beschreibenden Text nach den photographischen Aufnamen von A. Schmitz. Wiggin, K. D. The Birds' Christmas Carol. Wilson, Mrs. J. G. Themes and variations.

"There are distinct prettinesses in Mrs. Wilson's book, a certain faint charm, a certain amount of poetic sensibility, and there are some pleasant descriptions of New Zealand scenery."- Athenæum, Mar. 8. Wrangham, F. The British Plutarch; lives of the divines, patriots, etc., of Great Britain and Ireland, 1509-1816. 1816. 6 v.

Bax, E. B. The story of the French Revolution. "Allowing that he writes for the young Social Dem. ocrat and the ignorant Secularist, Mr. Bax offers readings of history that may prove too sickening for some among his audience." Sat. rev., July 19. Bertin, E. La société du Consulat et de l'Empire.

"Un mélange singulier de vigueur et de grâce, une élégance, une mélancolie, une intelligence de l'amour qui est du romancier plutôt que du critique, un charme indicible." Revue blene, 15 mar.

Besant, W. Armorel of Lyonesse; a romance of to-day.

"Armorel in the Archipelago of Scilly, with her unconventional family and her unconventional surroundings, is as breezy and as full of sunshine as Mr. Besant with all his great skill can make her." Harper's monthly, August.

Biré, E. Paris pendant la Terreur.

"Dans ce récit soigneusement documenté, l'auteur, avec un merveilleux souci de scrupuleuse exactitude, fait tour à tour passer sous nos yeux le club des Jacobius, le Tribunal révolutionnaire, les séances de la Convention, ainsi que le public et les mœurs des cafés, des restaurants, et des théâtres."- Le livre, mars. Björkman, C. G. Swensk engelsk ordbok. Britton, W. The civil war on the border; a nar

rative of operations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and the Indian Territory, 186162; based upon official reports. Bromley, G: W. and W. S. Atlas of the city of Boston; city proper, and Roxbury. Butler, E: A consideration of gentle ways, and other essays.

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Chaffanjon, J. L'Orénoque et le Caura; relation de voyages exécutés, 1886, 87.

Churchill, S.. J., Duchess of Marlborough, Opin

ions; pub. from original mss.; [ed. by Lord Hailes.] 1788.

Contades, G., comte de. Le comte d'Orsay; physiologie d'un roi de la mode.

"Cette biographie du roi des 'Lions,' le successeur et l'émule victorieux du beau Brummel, est un fort piquant chapitre de la petite' histoire de ce siècle." - Le livre, mars.

Damrell, C: L., and Upham, H: M. Map of Boston and the country adjacent.

Darmesteter, J. Chants populaires des Afghans. 1888-90.

"Cet ouvrage est le plus considérable, le plus digne d'attention à tous égards, de ceux que M. J. Darmesteter a rapportés de sa fructueuse mission dans l'Inde et l'Afghanistan britannique. Le littérateur, l'his torien, l'ethnographe, le folk-loriste savent ce qu'ils y trouveront de renseignements précieux et inédits ou d'exquises perles de poésie populaire; qu'il me soit donc permis -et pour cause de restreindre mon horizon et de me borner à mettre en lumière les données nouvelles, précises et sûres dont les travaux de M. J. D. ont enrichi la linguistique indo-européenne." — Revue critique, 31 mars.

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Deschanel, P. Figures littéraires.

"Je signalerai, comme les plus importants, dans les 'Figures littéraires,' les deux articles où M. Paul Deschanel a tracé le portrait intellectuel de Renan et de Paul Bouget." Revue bleue, 15 mars.

Orateurs et hommes d'Etat.

"Dans les Orateurs et hommes d'Etat,' l'étude sur Frédéric II et Bismarck, écrite à propos des récents ouvrages de M. le duc de Broglie, montre un grand sens critique, un patriotisme indépendant et réfléchi, et cette intelligence de l'Europe politique avant 1789, sans la. quelle il est impossible de comprendre l'Europe actuelle. Se venger sur Frédéric II, homme d'Etat et homme de guerre, des défaites que nous ont infligées la tactique de M. de Moltke et la diplomatie de M. de Bismarck n'était pas le meilleur moyen d'apprendre à vaincre la Prusse. M. Paul Deschanel l'a senti; il l'a respectuese. ment, mais fermement rappelé à son illustre devancier. En restituant la figure du grand Frédéric, il a rendu un service à la vérité historique et peut-être à la dignité française." Rev. bleue, 15 mars.

Dobson, G: Russia's railway advance into Central Asia; notes of a journey from St. Petersburg to Samarkand.

"Mr. Dobson is of opinion that prejudice and con. fusion of ideas about Russia are due in very great measure to purely political treatment,' and he has accordingly aimed at writing 'an impartial book of general character,' which shall supersede Mr. Eugene Schuyler's Turkestan.' He has rewritten and emended his letters on the Central Asian Railway published by the Times' in 1888, and has added several new chapters on later events the result being a volume which, if it does not quite realise the author's ideal, is a useful and timely addition to our knowledge of the subject."— Academy, July 5.

Drummond, H: The greatest thing in the world. "The greatest thing in the world is Love. This is the truth which Henry Drummond stated, illustrated, and enforced in his own terse, graphic, and straightfor ward way, in an address to a large body of students at Northfield, Mass.; and the original stenographer's report now published, has had an immense circulation in English already, and has found its way into several tongues. You may read the little book in half an hour, but it contains a lesson for a lifetime."- Andover review, July. Duquet, A. Froesch willer, Châlons, Sedan. 1882. Guerre de 1870-71: Les derniers jours de l'armée du Rhin. 1888.

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Guerre de 1870-71: Les grandes batailles de
Metz. 1888.

Guerre de 1870-71: Paris, le 4 sept., et Châtil-
lon, 2-19 sept.

M. Duquet n'avance rien qui ne soit appuyé par des notes nombreuses, et en le lisant, on peut à tout instant vérifier les sources, contrôler les dires et les ap. préciations de l'auteur: méthode excellente et fort précieuse pour tous ceux qui ne se contentent pas d'affirmations et qui veulent des preuves, des faits certains. Son volume est l'œuvre d'un érudit très consciencieux, très au courant, qui veut appliquer à l'histoire militaire contemporaine le méthode de M. M. Aubry et Rau dans leur Droit civil français' et joint à une immense lecture et à un habile arrangement de ses matériaux une franchise rare avec laquelle il ne craint pas de crier toutes les vérités.' A. Chuquet in Revue critique, 31 mars. Enault, L: Paris-Salon, 1890, par les procédés phototypiques de E. Bernard et Cie.

- Paris-Salon, Champ de Mars, 1890; par les procédés phototypiques de E. Bernard et Cie. Ewald, A. C: Paper and parchment; historical


"Most of them deal in a superficial way with various works of historical interest, and while there are few points on which the author has gone astray, he has scarcely put anything of his own into his articles that is worth reading.". - Sat. rev., Aug. 2.

Facts and documents rel. to the state of the controversy between America and Great Britain; by a friend of truth and honorable peace. Catherine d'Overmeire; étude;


Feydeau, E. A.

1888. Firth, J. C. Nation making; a story of New Zealand; savagism v. civilisation. "An exceptionally interesting volume. Its author possessed singular opportunities of studying the character of the Maories and obtaining a clear knowledge of the native question, for during thirty-five years he was in constant intercourse with them. The work is full of pathos and humour. The descriptions of native life, and of adventures by flood and field are written with vigour and effect. The anecdotes and stories Mr. Firth tells are the best part of his book." - Athenæum, Aug. 2. Frothingham, O. B. Boston Unitarianism, 182050; a study of the life and work of Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham.


Furniss, H. Royal Academy antics.

"Of course many of the reforms mentioned in this pamphlet as desirable are wished for by all lovers of art, and have been constantly urged upon the Academy by others and ourselves. Much had been done before Mr. Furniss began throwing mud at those who desire to do right as seriously as he can, and yet refuse to pursue it by the methods of Royal Academy antics.'"- Athenæum, June 21.

Fustel de Coulanges, N. D.

Histoire des insti

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"Mr. Scott has taken advantage of the recent enthu siasm for Ibsen to reprint Mr. Gosse's excellent Northern studies, the soundest work in the language on the subject of modern Scandinavian literature." Athe. næum, June 21. Gourdon de Genouillac, N: J. H: L'art héraldique. (Bibl. de l'Enseignement des Beaux Arts.)

Graham, D. Massage; kort framställning; be-
myndigad öfversättning af N. Posse.
Green, S: S. Public libraries of Worcester. [188-.]
Greswell, Rev. W: P. History of the Dominion of

Canada; under the auspices of the Royal Colonial Institute. (Clarendon press ser.) "It is mainly intended for the public schools, and has been supervised by the members of the Educa tional Committee of the Colonial Institute. Excellent; and is illustrated by good maps. The appendix is full of interesting things, but is not very well arranged." Athenaum, June 7.

Guadet, J. Les Girondins; leur vie privée, leur vie publique, leur proscription, et leur mort. Nouv. éd.

Hales, J: G. Map of Boston, 1814. 1879. Henley, W: E. Views and reviews; essays in appreciation; literature.

"It is well-informed, good tempered, restrained in both praise and blame, non-committal, modestly independent; the style is slightly artificial. It is without distinction either of style or thought." — Nation, July 24.

Hermant, A. Cœurs à part.


"Etudes psychologiques fort curieuses." — Le livre, Hervé-Bazin, F. Les grands ordres et congrégations de femmes.

"Au lendemain des expulsions des sœurs hospitalières de plusieurs hôpitaux de Paris M. Hervé-Bazin se sentit, frémir d'indignation, en songeant à l'ingratitude des hommes qui oubliaient seize siècles de bienfaits, et ne pouvant rien faire pour protéger les sœurs expulsées, il prit la resolution d'écrire leur histoire comme une sorte de protestation indirecte contre les attentats dont elles étaient les victimes. Dans une courte intro

duction, il trace à larges traits un tableau de la vie religieuse, depuis les premiers moments où la paix suc céda à l'ère des persécutions. En des pages saisissantes il montre les manifestations multiples de cette vie de sacrifice et d'abnégation à travers les siècles." — Polybiblion, pte. lit., fév.

Ibsen, H: Prose dramas.

Archer. Vol. 3.

Auth. Eng. ed. by W:

Contents. Lady Inger of Ostråt. The Vikings at Helgeland. The Pretenders.

Ingersoll, C: J. Recollections; historical, political biographical, and social from 1792 to the purchase of Louisiana in 1803. Vol. 1. 1861 [1886].

C'est en

Janet, P. A. R. La philosophie de Lamennais. "Une étude des plus intéressantes et des plus origi nales. Lamennais,après avoir fait beaucoup de bruit pendant sa vie, a été fort oublié après sa mort. suivant pas à pas les travaux et les écrits de Lamennais que M. Paul Janet a réussi à expliquer et à éclaircir cette révolution suprenante de la doctrine autoritaire à la doctrine libérale et même révolutionnaire, qui provoqua dans le temps un si vif scandale.”— Revue bleue, 5 avril.

Jourdan, A. J: L., and others. Recueil général des anciennes lois françaises depuis l'an 420 jusqu'à la Révolution; avec notes, table chronol., et table des matières. [1821]-33. 30 v.

Kerr, Rev. J: History of curling; and 50 years of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. (Royal Caled. Curl. Club.)

"Mr. Kerr's historical and literary introduction to the art he loves leaves nothing to be desired; while curlers will derive much benefit from his practical hints, and the most detailed information, not only as to the Royal Caledonian, and the Jockey Club of curlers, but as to every important association both within and 'furth of Scotland. The wide diffusion of the game will astonish many readers."— Athenæum, July 19. Kipling, R. Departmental ditties; and other verses. 4th ed.

"Mr. Kipling has something new both to say and sing. His verse is clever, as has been abundantly proved, but it is as a prose writer in our judgment that he will make his permanent reputation."- Athenæum, Apr. 26.

Larousse, P: Grand dictionnaire universel du 19e siècle. 2e supplément.

"Le supplément du Larousse a précisément pour ob. jet d'enregistrer les faits de tout ordre qui se sont produits depuis 1870. Il étudie chaque pays sous les rapports les plus divers, expose les lois, les traités et les faits de guerre, raconte les découvertes géographiques et les entreprises coloniales, décrit les grandes inventions, analyse et critique les ouvrages littéraires, artistiques ou scientifiques, fait une part à la chronique du palais et à la vie mondaine, rapporte les mortes historiques retrace les types sociaux créés par nos romanciers ét nos dramaturges, donne enfin la biographie des hommes qui ont joué un rôle de quelque importance dans le mouvement contemporain.". Revue bleue, fév.

La Trémoille, L: de. Archives d'un serviteur de Louis x1; documents et lettres, 1451-81. 1888.

"Le serviteur de Louis XI, est Georges de la Trémoille, seigneur de Craon, ne en 1430. Comme dans les autres publications du duc de la Trémoille, nous avons ici une table des noms de personnes et de lieux, accompagnés d'une foule de détails historiques et biographiques fort curieux, tirés de sources inédites.". Rev. des questions hist., jan.

Lawless, Hon. E. With Essex in Ireland; extracts from a diary kept in 1599 by Mr. H: Harvey; with a preface by J: O. Maddox.

"It is no slight achievement to have caught the fine quality of the language used by Essex, and Sir Philip Sydney; but it is a greater triumph to have, with profound and flexible sympathy, linked the nobler Eliza. bethan temper with our present nineteenth-century renaissance." Le livre, fév.

Lecoy de La Marche, A. Les sceaux. (Bibl. de l'Enseignement des Beaux-Arts.)

Avec M. Lecoy de la Marche, nous apprendrons à connaître les sceaux' dont on n'avait pas jusqu'ici, assez apprécié l'importance au point de vue des mœurs, usages, et costumes du moyen âge et dont les érudits tire. ront si bon parti pour l'étude historique proprement dite." Revue moderne, 10 fév. Leduc, H. Histoire des décorations en France; origine, historique, et description des ordres, croix, médailles, et insignes.

Legrelle, A. La diplomatie française et la succes

sion d'Espagne. T. 1: Le premier traité de partage, 1659-97. [1888.]

Lescure, M. F. A. de. La vraie Marie Antoinette; étude historique, politique, et morale; suivie de toutes les lettres de la reine, et de divers documents. 1867. Lyon-Caen, C, and Delalain, P. Lois sur la

propriété littéraire et artistique; suivies des conventions internationales conclues par la France pour la protection des œuvres de littérature et d'art. 2 v.

"Voici un ouvrage qui intéresse à la fois le légiste, l'historien, le diplomate, le commerçant. Pour le composer, il fallait beaucoup d'érudition, de patience; ajoutons de discernement et de tact.

Ces deux volumes renferment tout un monde de renseignements curieux qu'on ne savait auparavant où trouver. Il étaient disséminés partout: ils sont désormais classés méthodique. ment dans un ouvrage où rien ne manque, où tout est commenté, élucidé, jusque dans le moindre détail." Revue bleue, 15 mars.

Lytton, E: R., 2d Baron Lytton. The ring of Amasis; a romance.


"Ambitious, but unsatisfactory."- Athenæum, June

Macquoid, Mrs. K.. S. Cosette; a novel.

One of those studies in the ordinary life of French or French-speaking countries in which the author delights, and which she executes very well."- Academy, Mar. 29.

"Told with good taste and feeling. The story has very little incident, but much play of character, so that the men and women who act their parts in the comedy appear almost real." Athenæum, Feb. 15.

Marzials, F. T. Life of Léon Gambetta. (States

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pire' in '69, and how, as soon as it appeared that the gensdarmes would be allowed to give this time, the heroic man decided to remain quietly in Switzerland. If that incident was not in M. Daudet's mind when he wrote Numa Roumestan,' it has doubtless occurred to him more than once in the course of his labours on the life of Tartarin." Saturday review, July 19. Montaiglon, A. de, and Raynaud, G. Recueil général et complète des fabliaux des 13e et 14e siècles. Vol. 3-6. 1878-90. 4 v.

"Le Recueil général des Fabliaux' est le seul complet qui ait paru jusqu'à ce jour. Cette publication, qui a demandé des recherches de toutes sortes dans les grandes bibliothèques de l'Europe, représente un travail de dix années."

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Reid, Mrs. E.. Mayne Reid; a memoir of his life.

"This simple narrative, if it does not much alter our estimate of his place in literature, cannot fail to keep alive the general interest in a remarkably single-minded and warm-hearted man." - Athenæum, July 12. Rétif de la Bretonne, N: E. Mes inscriptions; journal intime, 1780-87; avec préface, notes et index par P. Cottin.

"M. Paul Cottin a fait mieux encore que de traduire les inextricable griffonnages de Restif, il les a éclaircis et commentés en des notes pleines d'une sûre érudition, grâce auxquelles vous pourrez lire avec autant de curiosité que d'intérêt les confidences, parfois bien étranges, que M. Nicolas compilait consciencieusement pour lui-même."- Le livre, avril.

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