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Palmer, A. H. Life and letters of S: Palmer; illust.

"Even if Palmer had not at last achieved fame, at least among those who know the true value of the word, and who have recognised him as one of our few really great English painters and etchers, the record of his extraordinary patience, his loving study of nature, his humility before this teacher, his kindliness of disposi tion, and his originality of thought would have made us give a hearty welcome to this Life, in spite of a few failures in its literary form, and its somewhat too great length."Spectator, Dec. 26.

Parke, T: H. My personal experiences in equatorial Africa as medical officer of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. 1891.

"We could congratulate Mr. Parke on several things in or about his book-its good temper, its good taste, its exact scientific details without pedantry, and its lively readableness without any attempt at literary art. He has, with much judgment, avoided controversial matter almost whelly. He is equally discreet, but perhaps to those who can see a church by daylight equally luminous, on the causes of Emin's breaking away from his rescuers;' and men of sense will be thankful to him, if lovers of tittle-tattle grumble. But the main subject of his book is the actual business of the expedition, and that large part of it which more directly concerned him as its medical officer. Mr. Stanley cannot be said to have passed lightly over the sufferings of himself and his men; but this present account, delivered without a touch of journalese or lecturese, without any exaggeration of any kind, and with abundant justifica tion of medical detail, is much more appalling."- Sat. rev., Nov. 14.

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Philip IV., the fair, of France.

Cérémonies des gages de bataille selon les constitutions du roi Philippe; suivies d'instructions sur la manière dont se doivent faire empereurs, rois, etc., avec les avisemens et ordonnances de guerre; pub. par G. A. Crapelet. 1830. Philips, F. C. More social vicissitudes. 1891. Picton, J. A. Sir James A. Picton; a biography.


"His interest centered in his native town. He worked earnestly for her advancement; and his ambition was for local honours. Although the present story will be read with particular interest by Liverpool men and women, it should prove both interesting and instructive to a wider circle. Success such as his is due as much to thriftiness with knowledge as to thriftiness with money."- Academy, Dec. 5.

Portal, G. H. My mission to Abyssinia.

Till now there has been no generally acceptable narrative of this important and interesting expedition. Mr. Portal describes his journey, his difficulties with the truculent Ras Alula, his reception by and his negotiations with the king, and his escape from Abyssinia,exceedingly well. We can safely recommend Mr. Portal's book to all classes of readers, and cannot imagine any one who will not be interested in it. He has much to tell, and he tells it well." - Academy, Dec. 19. Proctor, T: P.

Additional burdens upon street railways. 1891. Prou, M. Manuel de paléographie latine et française du 6e au 17e siècle; suivi d'un dictionnaire des abréviations, avec fac-similés. [1891.]

Manuel de paléographie; recueil de fac-similés d'écritures du 12e au 17e siècle.

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Rabbe, F. Shelley; sa vie et ses œuvres. 1887. Renan, J. E. Pages choisies, à l'usage des lycées, etc. 2e éd. 1890.

Roberts, M. Land-travel and sea-faring. 1891.

"A delightful book. It is one of those rare volumes of light travel and lively colonial adventure which we should lay by for future reading and enjoyment. Mr. Roberts tells us next to nothing that is new, but he has gone through exceptionally rough experiences, and he has the knack of describing them both realistically and dramatically."- Sat. rev., Dec. 26.

Robinson, F. M. Hovenden, V. C.; the destiny of

a man of action. [1891.]

"Miss Mabel Robinson has always been a pleasing writer, but her previous work has hardly prepared us for so strong a novel as Hovenden, V. Č.'" - Spectator, Dec. 26.

Ruskin, J: Poems; ed., in chron. order, with

notes, by W. G. Collingwood; with fac-similies and illust. 1891. 2 v.

"It is generally admitted that a personal interest is all that can be claimed for the first early literary output of a man of genius, and as regards the particular case before us there is little or nothing in these volumes to modify that opinion. ... The illustrations are exquisite reproductions of some of Mr. Ruskin's own sketches. They have been carefully chosen to show his hand 'at different pe riods, in different materials, and different styles;' and they greatly enhance the letterpress. ... One is almost tempted to wonder whether Mr. Ruskin might not have been the rival, instead of the mouthpiece, of Turner, had he devoted all his energies to painting. But what a master of prose the world would have lost!" -Athenaum, Dec. 26.

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2 v.

Thibaud, de Marly. Vers sur la mort; [avec Avertissement de D. M. Méon. 1826.]

Wiesener, L. Le régent, l'abbé Dubois, et les An

glais; d'après les sources britanniques. 1891. "Though only the first part of a projected work, has quite enough interest and completeness to make it worth reading for itself. Very great care and pains have evidently been spent upon it. M. Wiesener, if not a great historian, is one of those pioneers whose work is invaluable as a foundation for the work of other people. In a style which, though long and minute, is never tiresome, he brings before us pictures of the po litical state of France, England, and Holland, plainly showing how the Treaty and all that went before it were the result of circumstances. The character of Dubois, as studied in this book, and the extracts from his lively, excited letter, add life and flavour to the weary ins and outs of a long diplomatic struggle. We heartily recommend M. Weisener's book to all who care for the early eighteenth century, its politics, its manners, and its men."- Spectator, Nov. 7.

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Wiggin, Mrs. K. D. A summer in a cañon; a California story.

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"M. Barron passe en revue, sans vain étalage d'éru. dition, toutes les curiosités archéologiques qui méritent d'être connues; il signale, avec une rare science géographique et une extrême sûreté d'informations, les aspects si variés de chaque contrée, ses mœurs particu fières, ses ressources spéciales au point de vue industriel, agricole, et commercial." Revue bleue, 26 déc. Bazire, E. Manet; illust. 1884. Bingham, S. D. Early history of Michigan; with biographies of state officers, etc. 1888. Biquet, R. Le lai du cor; restitution critique par F. Wulff. [1888?]

Boyd, A. K. H.

Bonvalot, G. Across Thibet; a tr. of "De Paris au Tonkin," by C. B. Pitman. 1891. 2 v.

"To M. Gabriel Bonvalot belongs the credit of hav. ing traversed an extensive tract of new country in Thi bet and Western China and thus having helped to roll back the mist which still envelopes some highly interesting parts of Asia."— Athenæum, Jan. 30.

Twenty-five years of St. Andrews, 1865-90. Vol. 1.


"Here he is mellowed from his old Country parson days, quite as chatty as before, quite as capable of moralizing largely on small things, but every inch Pres. byterian Bishop of St. Andrews! It is of very great interest for the sketches it contains of well-known Scotchmen, Englishmen, and English women whom Dr. Boyd has naturally come across in St. Andrews." Spectator, Feb. 6.

Bruce, J: C. The Roman wall; a description of the mural barrier of the north of England. 3d ed. 1867.

Brücke, E. The human figure; its beauties and defects; with pref. by W: Anderson. 1891. "An attempt by study first of the antique and afterwards of nature, to fix a standard of what artists shall be allowed to find beautiful in the human figure. In the latter part of the book some concessions are made to individual taste, but in the first chapter, on the head, the Greek fetish is supreme, and Greek noses and Greek mouths are the only ones allowed as worthy of reproduction in serious art."

Burgon, J: W:, Dean of Chichester. J: W: Burgon; a biography; with extracts from his letters and early journals; by E: M. Goulburn. 2 v.

Buvat, J: Journal de la régence, 1715-23; préc. d'une introd. et accomp. de notes, etc., par E. Campardon. 1865. 2 v. Cambridge, A. (now Mrs. G. F. Cross). My guardian. 1879.


Campbell, J. G. E. H. D. S., Marquis of Lorne. Viscount Palmerston.

"Dean Goulburn is too sympathetic to be quite appreciative. For him Burgon was before all things the great Biblical theologian of the day, the champion of the infallibility of Scripture, the one man who could have answered Lux mundi." Academy, Jan. 23.

"There is a great deal of new material, unfortunately so mixed up with extracts from not very interesting speeches as to be rather difficult to find. So far as Lord Lorne lets himself speak at all, which is but little, he appears to take a just view of his hero's character." Athenæum, Jan. 30.

Chartier, A. La dama sanza mercede; version

italienne de La belle dame, etc.; pub. avec introd. et notes par Werner Sæderhjelm.


Chevreau, U. Chevræana. 1697-1700. 2 v. Clark, A. A dark place of the earth. 1891. "Quite the best book of adventure we have read for a long time; fresh, powerful, and extraordinarily vivid in presentment.". Athenæum, Dec. 26.

Clubs of Boston; a list of members and addresses.


Collingwood, W: G.

The art teaching of J: Rus

kin. 1891. "This volume is offered as a contribution to the better understanding of Mr. Ruskin's work by doing for his complex and multitudinous writings what other disciples have done for other masters, systematising where he scorns system, condensing into curt abstract what he has detailed in charming redundance of diction and illustration, collecting and comparing his scattered utterances on the various branches of his widespread subject, etc." — Academy, Oct. 17, 1891.

"As a reference book it will be of little value to any one; but as an index it will be of the greatest convenience."- Literary world, Jan. 16. Combat de trente Bretons contre trente Anglois, Le;

pub. par G: A. Crapelet, [avec Le combat des trente de Froissart, et Procès verbal de la pose de la première pierre du monument de Mi-Voie, 11 juillet, 1819.] 1835.

Conway, W: M. Dawn of art in the ancient world;

an archæological sketch. 1891.

"Dwells upon the historical meaning of ancient works of art rather than their aesthetic charm." · Literary world, Feb. 13. Corballis, L. H: 45 years of sport; ed. by Maj.

A. T. Fisher. 1891.


"Without espousing all his theories any one fond of these sports will not only be amused but almost certainly instructed by the author's narratives. The chap. ters on deer-stalking and fly-fishing are the best. For all relating to hunters, guns, and dogs this book must serve as a manual. The remarks on the most suitable dress for shooting and fishing deserve careful attention and the studies in natural history are of great interest." Academy, Jan. 23.

Cotolendi, C: Saint Evremoniana; recueil de pièces curieuses, pensées, etc., de M. St. Evremont. 1702.

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Emilio, L. F. History of the 54th Regiment of Mass. Volunteer Infantry. 1891. Fleury, F: G. Biographical chronicle of the English drama, 1559-1642. 1891. 2 v. "Contains some wild guesses and much tedious bickering, contains also more actual information on the ac tual subject than any book we know. He is admirable, almost indispensable for reference, and his ingenuity is so great, and his knowledge so wide, that it is never safe to neglect entirely even his wildest conjectures." Sat. rev., Mar. 5.

Galdós, B. P. El audáz; historia de un radical de Antaño. 4a ed. 1891.

Lo prohibido. 1885. 2 v.

Gilder, R: W. The new day; a poem in songs and sonnets. 4th ed. [1887.] Gosse, E. W: Gossip in a library, 1891.

Though Mr. Gosse deals with the personality of his authors to some extent, he deals with it much less than is sometimes observable in quite solemn and serious works of so-called criticism. Of criticism again, in its proper and serious sense, there is also very little here. Mr. Gosse talks, and talks very well for the most part, about the books which form his subjects. Many of them are very rare books, none are common, all are interesting." -Sat. rev., Jan. 9.

Gould, S. B. Urith. 1891. 2 v.

"Mr. Gould has been able to create a strong interest and to maintain it at a high pitch. There is no more careful or vigorous delineator of rough archaic types; and Urith' contains some of its author's best work in this respect. Its froward girls, violent boys, and tyranneous old men are wonderfully vivid. There is no placidity in their natures, and the narrative, as though to suit their wildness, is rugged and without repose. But its strength and effectiveness are undeniable." Athenæum, Feb. 28, 1891.

Guerre d'Igor, La; épopée russienne; tr. par F. de Barghon Port-Rion. 1878. Harrison, Rev. A. J. Problems of Christianity and skepticism; lessons from 20 years' expe rience in the field of Christian evidence. 1891. Hawthorne, J. Millicent and Rosalind; a love story. [1890.]

Heathcote, J: M., and Tebbutt, C: G. Skating; Figure-skating, T. M. Witham; Curling, J: Kerr; Tobogganing, O. Hake; Ice-sailing, H. A. Buck; Bandy, C.G. Tebbutt. (Badminton library.)

"It is astonishing to learn, as we do on the authority of Mr. T. Maxwell Witham, who contributes the most important chapters on skating, that Englishmen are the best skaters in the world. If the case be really as he states it the skaters of the world have abundant room for improvement. The poetry of motion, as seen on any ice in London on a crowded afternoon, inclines us to believe with Mr. Traill, that almost all the poets are 'minor. On this account the book before us is highly valuable.". Sat. rev., Jan. 23.

Henry, W: W. Patrick Henry; life, correspond

ence, and speeches. Vol. 1. 1891.

"With a love of order and sequence, a style at once lucid, concise, and engaging, the biographer has made an offering of the first value. His full task is to set forth the life, correspondence and speeches of this great champion of the people." - Critic, Jan. 16.

Hippeau, C. Les élections de 1789 en Normandie; documents inédits. 1869.

Hodgkin, T: Thedoric the Goth, the barbarian champion of civilisation. 1891. (Heroes of the nations.)

"No one of course has so good a claim as Mr. Hodg. kin to be reckoned an authority on Theoderic the Ostrogoth, and his present volume is not unworthy of his reputation. Written as a book of this kind should be, it enables the reader to grasp without difficulty the character of the period in which its hero lived, the manner of man that he was, and the part that he played in the history of his own nation and of the world at large." Sat. rev., Aug. 15, 1891.

Holmes, Judge O. W., Jr. Speeches. 1891.
Howells, W. D: The Albany Depot.

Hunter, J. New illustrations of the life, studies, and writings of Shakespeare. 1845. 2 v. Hurst, J. F. Indika; the country and people of

India and Ceylon. 1891.

"It is full of exactly the sort of information which we in the United States want to have. The style is excellent, and there is a wealth of wit, learning, and observation in the book." Literary world, Jan. 2. Ideville, H. A. Le L., comte d'. Gustave Courbet; notes et documents sur sa vie et son œuvre ; avec 8 eaux-fortes par A. P. Martial. 1878. Jackson, Mrs. M.. A.. M. Life and letters of Gen.

T: J. Jackson; with introd. by H: M. Field. "Does not portray so much the fighter or strategist as the man of strong and beautiful Christian character. Friend and foe alike will welcome this story of the inner and outer life of one of the most striking personalities of the war."— Literary world, Jan. 16.

James, H: The Aspern papers; Louisa Pallant;
The modern warning. 1888.
Jeaffreson, J; C. Olive Blake's good work; a
novel. 1864.

Jenkin, Mrs. C: "Once and again." 1865. 2 v.
Journal of design and manufactures; with fabric
patterns. Vol. 1-6. 1849-52. 6 v.
Junker, W: Travels in Africa, 1879-83; tr. by A.
H. Kenne. 1891.

"The present volume only comes down to the end of 1881; no intimation is given as to when the travels of 1882, 83 may be expected. The book abounds in interesting observations on natural history and is throughout agreeably written. The interest of the portion_now given is undeniably diminished by the lapse of ten years. Such vast changes have taken place in all por

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Meinhold, J: W: Sidonia the sorceress; the sup posed destroyer of the whole reigning ducal house of Pomerania. [18-]

Morris, M. Montrose. (English men of action.) "Of the known facts of Montrose's short and brilliant career Mr. Morris has given a most excellent summary. He seems rather by his silence than by his speech, to think a little less nobly of Montrose's literary work than we do; but this may be due merely to the fact that he is dealing with him as a 'man of action.' In his general remarks on the attempts which have some. times been made to belittle the Marquess's military value, the biographer is both judicious and happy. And he has spent on the final tragedy the efforts of an excellent vigour, restrained and kept in hand by a well-cultivated taste.". Sat. rev., Jan. 30.


Naudæana et Patiniana; ou singularitez marquables, prises des conversations de Mess. Naudé et Patin. 2e éd., augm. 1703. Nemec, Mme. B. P. The grandmother; a story of country life in Bohemia; tr., with biog. sketch, by F. Gregor. 1891.

"Bozena Nemec's not numerous writings are dear to the hearts of Bohemians. It is said that as a faithful delineator of Bohemian country life she has no equal, and certainly the present volume is a remarkably realistic account of the daily being,doing, suffering, and enjoying of an old peasant woman and her family and neighbors." Nation, Feb. 10.

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Norman, H: The real Japan; studies of contemporary manners, morals, and politics; illust. "There is a charm about the country and people which throws a glamour on the eyes of visitors and leads captive the senses of all who have tasted of the fascinations of Japan. Mr. Norman is no exception to the rule. He speaks in enthusiastic terms of the cour. tesy, good temper, and vivacity of the people, and more especially of the Japanese woman who is, he considers, the crown of the charm of Japan.' His chapters on Japanese journalism, justice, education, and art are excellent, and show that, though only a literary way. farer, he possesses in no small degree the faculty of observation and the power of description." - Sat. rev., Jan. 23.

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ure, and the novelty of the situation alone would make the story interesting. We commend it as a refreshing change from the ordinary novel." Literary world, Jan. 30.

"A clever, delicate, and artistic piece of work.". Academy, Feb. 27.

Mademoiselle. 1890.

"One of the pleasantest studies of family life that even this agreeable writer has published."- Spectator, Perley, S. Historic storms of New England;

with incidents and anecdotes. 1891. Pickering, W: H: Guide to the Mt. Washington range. 1882.

Pryce, R: Just impediment. 1890. 2 v.

"A rare example of the way in which a novel should be wrought. The dilemma upon which the plot of the story hangs is at once striking and suggestive. The reader, like the heroine, is all along conscious of an atmosphere charged with inevitable disaster, and is unaware almost as long as she is of the nature of the mys tery which surrounds her and her mother. Neverthe less the path which leads to the final crisis is full of pleasantness." - Athenæum, Feb. 28, 1891.

Prynne, W: Aurum reginæ; a chronolog, collec

tion of records in the Tower and court of exchequer, concerning queen-gold, etc. 1668. Prynne, W: A pleasant pvrge for a Roman Catholike; a century of polemicall epigrams [on the] errors and corruptions of the church of Rome. 1642.

Raffaello Santi or Sanzio? The hours, in outline; with the ceiling of the hall where they were painted; by M.. E. Williams. 1891. Reynolds, Sir J. Discourses: ed. with notes and historical and biographical introd. by E: G. Johnson; illust. 1891.

Roberts, M. Lilian and Lili. 1891.

"A capital study of a French girl sent over from Dieppe to spend the summer with an invalid cousin in an old sea-girt house in the North. Her practical qual ities, her good heart, and rather second-rate nature are amusingly brought out."- Sat. rev.

Rodd, R. Customs and lore of modern Greece. "Fresh and independent studies of a keen observer." Sat. rev., Dec. 28, 1891.

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"In this great work on Robert Morris and the financial methods of our fathers, Professor Sumner frankly acknowledges that while he has had heaps upon heaps of trustworthy data, yet he has not been able to prevail on the holder of Morris's diary as superintendent of finance to allow him the use of it. However, we do not seem to feel the omission."- Critic, Dec. 26. Trimouillat, P. Lettre-close; scène en vers. 1886. Upton, G: P. Woman in music. 2d ed. 1889. Villari, P. Life and times of Niccolò Machiavelli;

tr. by Mme. L. Villari. New ed. 2 v. "One of the most important contributions to Italian history which the last fifty years have seen. The reviewer confesses to have approached the task of reading with hesitancy and a certain apprehension of the terrors of two great volumes, but he can say with truth that he laid them aside, finished with real and almost sentimental regret that Machiavelli had not lived two centuries, provided Professor Villari might still have written of him."— Critic, Feb. 10.

Waraker, T: Naval warfare of the future; a consideration of the Declaration of Paris, 1856.

"The title a world too wide for the work. He should have called his treatise The declaration of Paris,' or Visitation and search.' His object, in fact, is to prove that this country made a gross mistake when it agreed to accept the modern continental doc triue that the flag covers the merchandise. dle of customs, usages, and compromises which have arisen in the intercourse of States." Sat. rev., Nor. 21, 1891.

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Ward, Mrs. M.. A. A. History of David Grieve. Warnke, K:, and Proescholdt, L: Pseudo-Shakespearean plays, no. 1-5. 1883-88.

Washington, G: Journal of my journey over the mountains while surveying for Lord T: Fairfax in the northern neck of Virginia, 174748; ed., with notes, by J. M. Toner. Wentworth, Sir T:, Earl of Straford. Letters and dispatches; with an essay towards his life by G: Radcliffe; [ed.] by W: Knowler. 1739. 2 v.

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