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Adams, F. A. F. Gesture and pantomimic action; illust. 2d ed. 1891.

"Based upon the system of Delsarte, and presented chiefly in the form of exercises in the use of the mus cles, in proper carriage of body in ordinary actions such as walking and sitting, and in the expression of emotion." Critic, Feb. 20.

Alden, W: L. The cruise of the "Ghost." [1881.] The moral pirates. [1880.]

Allen, G. (in full C: G. Blairfindie). The Duch

ess of Powysland.

"We are transported for three brief volumes to a new earth, where most strange notions prevail. Not that this is intentional; for we believe The Duchess of Powysland' is supposed to move in the everydayness of this 19th century by her distinguished author. Altogether the various theories, social, grammatical, and concerning good breeding, advanced in these volumes comprise some of the most astounding utterances in contemporary fiction."- Sat. rev., Mar. 26. Almanaque festivo ilustrado para 1890. Ancient playing cards; plates. Apocryphal gospels. Trois versions rimés de l'évangile de Nicodème, par Chrétien, André de Coutances, et un anonyme; pub. par G. Paris et A. Bos. 1885.

Amadas et Ydoine; poëme d'adventures, pub. par
C. Hippeau. 1863.
Badger, G: P.
English-Arabic lexicon. 1881.
Bancroft, H. H. Chronicles of the builders of the
commonwealth; historical character study.
Vol. 1, 2, 5, 6. 1891-92. 4 v.

Bayne, P: The testimony of Christ to Christianity.


Birch, T: Sons. Catalogue [of] a collection of Washington's letters, Washington relics, revolutionary doc. and works on American history; also Amer. port., maps, and views; to be sold Dec. 15-16, 1891. Blanchard, C. Guerre d'Amérique, 1780-83; journal de campagne. 1881. Boito, C. Il duomo di Milano, e i disegni per la sua facciata. [With an extensive pictorial accompaniment in lithography and photogravure, and a trial bibliography by F. Salveraglio.] 1889.

"Boito argues for the amalgamation of foreign and Italian design in the building, rejecting its deviation from Lombard architecture."- Nation, Aug. 1, 1889. Boston Athletic Association. Constitution, bylaws, house rules, athletic events, and list of officers and members, June 1890. Brunetière, F. Etudes critiques sur l'histoire de la littérature française. 4e sér. 1891.

"Le présent volume a toutes les qualités de ceux qui l'ont précédé. Particulièrement il contient deux études qui sont chefs-d'œuvre, quelques objections qu'ils puis sent soulever. Je veux parler de Jansénistes et Carté. siens et de la Philosophie de Molière. C'est dans ce qu'on peut appeler l'histoire des idées que M. Brune. tière est un maître incomparable."- Revue bleue, 7 nov. Burger, C. Ad Repertorium bibliographicum L. Hain indices. 1891.

Burton, M. E. Ruling the planets; a novel. "It is a story of mistaken or rather, substitutedidentity, very original in plot and execution." - Pub. weekly.

Caen. Société des Antiquaires de la Normandie. Mémoires, 1824-36. 10 v.

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"The articles are excellently written, and supply clear and intelligible accounts of the floating palaces of the present day." Athenæum, Jan. 30. Chantepie de la Saussaye, P. D. Manual of the science of religion; tr. from the Germ. by B. S. C.-Fergusson. 1891.

"The vastness of Professor de la Saussaye's subject prevents his work from appealing to a generation which likes knowledge made easy and entertaining. Manual is more agreeable reading, perhaps, but Prof. Saussaye's is more full and complete."- Sat. rev. Sept. 26, 1891.



Chevalier au Cygne. La chanson du Chevalier au Cygne et de Godefroid de Bouillon; pub. par C. Hippeau. 1874-77. 2 v.

Colombi, la marchesa (pseud. for M. Torelli-Viollier). La gente per bene. 15a ed. 1889. Corry, S. R: L.-, Earl of Belmore. History of the Corry family of Castlecoole. 1891. "We hear so much nowadays about the wealth and prosperity of the people of Protestant Ulster that an account of the rise and growth of one of the most wealthy and prosperous of its families cannot fail to be interesting." Sat. rev., Feb. 6. Crane, W. Flora's feast; a masque of flowers.


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Julian, J: Dictionary of hymnology.

"Gives us a somewhat melancholy feeling of labour The more or less disproportioned to its fruits. 400,000 hymns which have involved this labour are hardly worthy the energy and scholarship spent upon them. Of course, there are many very beautiful hymns amongst them. The great majority even of our better hymn-writers try to pitch their note higher than the human voice will reach when they write hymns of praise. If they do not dwell 'ad nauseum' on pearls and jaspers, and emeralds and sardonyx they indulge in endless interjections." — Spectator, Jan. 9. La Marche, O. de. Mémoires; avec les annot., etc., de J: L[autte] d[e] G[and]. 2e éd. 1566.

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Landor, W. S. Gebirus, poema. Lasteyire, R. de. Cartulaire général de Paris, ou recueil de documents rel. à l'hist. et à la topog. de Paris. 1887.

Lavater, J: C. Physiognomische Fragmente; verkürzt hrsg. von J: M. Armbruster. 17831830. 4 v.

Lavisse, E. General view of the political history of Europe; tr. by C: Gross. 1891.

"The power of compressing the essence of long pe riods of time into sentences which are both comprehensive and expressive has rarely been more strikingly illustrated. One hundred and seventy pages of large type suffice for this stupendous undertaking which would appall most historians even in fancy. But it must be confessed that to a certain extent the author has succeeded admirably. We fear, however, that the very comprehensiveness and generalization which we admire will render the book somewhat misleading for it gives the appearance of simplicity to what is in itself difficult. Few men would have the courage, and fewer the learning to attempt such a task, but as far as any man could do so Professor Lavisse has succeeded.”Critic, Jan. 16.

Laurence, S: C. Catalogue of [his] masonic li

brary, masonic medals, Washingtoniana, Anc. and Hon. Artill. sermons, regimental histories, and other literature rel. to the civil war. 1891.

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Livius Patavinus, T. Romische Historien, mit etlichen newẽ Translation. 1523. Lindau, P. Mayo; Erzählung. 5e Aufl. 1884. Livi, G. Napoleone all' isola d'Elba. 1888. Lorm, H. (pseud. for H: Landesmann). schöne Wienerin; Roman. 1886. Louandre, C. L. Les arts somptuaires; histoire du costume et de l'ameublement, et des arts et industries qui s'y rattachent; pub. sous la dir. de Hangard-Maugé. 1857-58. 2 v. text, 2 v. plates. Lucianus Samosatensis.

The Greek Gulliver; stories from Lucian, by A. J. Church. 1891. McCarthy, J. Maurice Tyrone; or, The fair Saxon; a novel. [1883.] Maeterlinck, M. La princess Maleine. 3e éd.


The Pall Mall gazette calls attention at second-hand to a new literary light:

"One day day last autumn it seems the Paris 'Figaro' announced to an astonished world that a new and greater Shakespeare had arisen in Belgium. The name of the Belgian Shakespeare was Maurice Maeterlinck; his Parisian discoverer and panegyrist was Octave Mirbeau; the play in which M. Mirbeau found 'things more beautiful than the most beautiful things in Shakespeare' was entitled La Princess Maleine;' and Mr. William Archer owns himself far from insensible to the weird and subtle beauties which have so inflamed M. Mir. beau's critical imagination. If instead of Shakespeare' M. Mirbeau had written Webster,' Mr. Archer would place him on the hither side extravagance. A Webster who has read Alfred de Musset' is Mr. Archer's own definition of M. Maeter linck. He tells us to expect something of Poe and Baudelaire, too. But the distinctive method of the Relgian is all his own. His matter is grisly; his style, at the first blush, seems childish."


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"C'est moins une œuvre de doctrine qu'il nous présente qu'un exposé des principes admis aujourd'hui dans la pratique." Bibl. univ., Oct.

Ongar, Parish of.

Registers. Parish registers.


Palgrave, W: G. A vision of life; Semblance and reality. 1891.

"Scholar, soldier, missionary, diplomatist, William Gifford Palgrave might fitly stand for a type of the English race. He sacrificed an Oxford reputation for an Indian cadetship, and abandoned a promising career in the army for the life of a Jesuit missionary relinquishing that in its turn for the service of the Queen in some of the unkindliests outposts of the Empire - his personality like that of awrence Oliphant was fascinating but energetic." Athenæum, Dec. 12, 1891.

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"The ambitious scheme of the poem, its seriousness of aim, its magnitude, its metre, and the conditions of its publication are all more or less peculiar. He was prepared for an epical range of flight not less extensive than that of Dante. He proposed to explore the shadowy world of life and death, passing through the intermediate region, where souls undergo purgation by a series of lustrations, and onward through the spirit-land with its seven kingdoms that correspond with the chief pursuits of man. An astonishing and interesting work, notwithstanding the obscurity and formlessness which no editorial supervision could eliminate." Sat. rev., Jan. 9.

Phillips, E. W. Watts Phillips; artist and playwright; with sketches and letters. 1891. "Without being called for, a life of Watts Phillips is welcome. The place taken by him in his lifetime was scarcely proportionate to his merits and without some record such as the present his name might in the course of time have been practically forgotten. From absolute oblivion his plays must have rescued him." -Sat. rev., Dec. 26, 1891.

Pryce, R: The quiet Mrs. Fleming.

"Not too long to be read at a sitting, and too interesting to be laid down by anyone who gets beyond the first page."- Academy, Mar. 28, 1891.

Rauwolff, L. Aigentliche Beschreibung der Raiss so er gegen Auffgang inn die Morgenländer, fürnemlich Syriam, Iudæam, etc., volbracht.

1582. Rembrandt als Erzieher; von einem Deutschen. 39 Aufl. 1891. Roberts, C. Adrift in adventure in the Roberts. 1891.

"Tired of the sea, without money or friends or any calling of much use to him on dry land, he roamed through the country from New York to Dakotah, southward to Texas and back again to New York, seldom in funds, often without food, and generally in rags. Farm laborer, cattle drover's cook, dish washer in a restaurant'a hash-house' is the technical term for it railway 'section hand,' odd man in a logging camp, firewood chopper, post-hole digger to a railway surveyor, firewood pedler, bar-keeper in a gambling house, 'stri ker' for a blacksmith, shepherd, sailorman on board a river steamboat, mule driver to a canal-boat, and a tramp in the intervals between the various callings-Mr. Rob. ert's experiences of the Great Republic were on the whole more varied than agreeable. But he tells of his fortunes and misfortunes with such engaging frankness, and in language so redolent of the soil, that it would be difficult to read a more entertaining narrative.” — Academy, Jan. 2.

America; or, Work and States; with app. by M.

Rod, E:


"Un très bon livre, très sensé, très juste, très mesuré et très pénétrant." - Revue bleue, nov. 21. Ryder, W. J. D.

Chronicles of Charter-House; by a Carthusian. 1847.

St. Petersburg. Musée Imp. de l'Ermitage. Catalogue du musée de sculpture antique [par B. Kohne?]. 1864.

Sedding, J: D. Garden-craft, old and new; with memorial notice by E: F. Russell. 1891.

"The author leans to the geometric designs of the renaissance period, and even boldly asserts his liking for the clipped yews and other curiosities of the topia. rian artists." Athenæum, Jan. 16.

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Staatsarchiv, Das; Sammlung von officiellen Actenstücke zur Geschichte der Gegenwart. 51. Bd. 1891.

Stables, W. G. Leaves from the log of a gentle

man gipsy in wayside, camp, and caravan. [1891.]

"Contains an account of his recent wanderings, and shows him every where enjoying himself thoroughly, making friends with everybody, and writing to the local papers. He is now planning the formation of a Gentleman-Gipsy Club to tour and camp in the lovliest parts of our own lovely land.' This undoubtedly proves his enthusiasm, but when one contemplates the possi bility of arriving at one of these lovely spots and finding it occupied by train of caravans with their attendant tricycles, one cannot honestly wish success to the scheme." Athenæum, Dec. 12.

Strangevage, W. Historie of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, to her escape from Loch Leven into England; [printed in] 1624. 1891. (Holyrood ser.)

Tacitus, C. C. Annalium ab excessu divi Augusti libri; ed. with introd. and notes by H: Fur1884-91. 2 v. (Clarendon press



Tasma (pseud. of Mme. Couvreur). The penance of Portia James. [1891.]

"Is marred by the presence on every page of tags of foreign tongues, the use of which is explained by the fact that she is, we believe, though of English race and Tasmanian or Victorian education, the wife of a foreigner of distinction and a permanent resident in a foreign cap ital. This disfigurement, which unpleasantly reminds the reader of Lady Blessington, and Lady Morgan, will prevent her book from being judged as it deserves. It is a powerful novel, with strong situations and excellent development of character."— Athenæum, Dec. 5. Thénaud, J: Le voyage d'outre-mer, Egypte, Mont

Sinay, Palestine,en 1511; suivi de la relation de l'ambassade de Domenico Trevisan auprès du Soudan d'Egypte. 1881.

Thoumas, C. A. Les grands cavaliers du Premier Empire; notice biographiques. le sér.


"On ne peut imaginer de notices plus exactes, plus complètes et plus remplies de détails instructifs, utiles, souvent peu connus."- Revue critique, 9 nov.

Turner, T: A. Argentina and the Argentines,


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Ad Burnham, Mrs. C. L... Miss Bagg's secretary; a

West Point romance.


A winter cruise in summer seas; "how found" health; diary of a voyage from Southampton, through the Brazils to Buenos Aires and back. 1891.

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"Shows how much a pleasant writer may make of small opportunities and scanty materials. He only went ashore while the vessel lay in the ports where she touched. But he managed to pick up much useful information, and he hits off amusingly the idiosyncracies and eccentricities of some of his fellow-travellers.". Sat. rev., Feb. 27.

Ball, Sir R. S. The cause of an ice age. 1891. (Modern science.)

"The late Dr. James Croll in his classic work' Climate and time,' published in 1875, accounted for the glacial epoch by the joint effect of a change in the eccentricity of the earth's orbit, and in the position of its axis. His arguments won many adherents but objections were made which were generally admitted to be formidable, and thought by some to be insuperable. The discussion of this forms the distinctive feature of Sir R. Ball's book. Though the mystery is not com. pletely solved, he has removed a great difficulty and made a long step in that direction. Sat. rev., Jan. 16. The yellow snake; a story of treasure. [1888.]

Bishop, W: H:

"A well-told story of Mexican life. The yellow snake is a stream of molten gold, which at stated periods flows from the sides of a mountainous abyss, but which being seen by the natives at a distance only, was deemed to be a living monster whose appearance boded ill." Critic, Jan. 23.

Bissell, M. T. Physical development and exercise for women. 1891. Boston Society.

Collections. Vol. 1, no. 2, 3.



Ailes d'alouette. 1891.

Bourdillon, F. W. "There are sixty pairs of verses in the collection. Fifty-nine of them are mostly pleasing, simple, and pretty; but the other one is the kind of lyric that makes a poet's reputation." Critic, Nov. 29, 1891.

Bowden, E. M. The imitation of Buddha; quotations for each day in the year; with pref. by Sir E. Arnold. 1891.

"Sir Edwin Arnold in his short preface, recommends the book without reserve as tending, he thinks, to make the reader a better man at the year's end than at the beginning. The compiler says that his aim has not been to expound Buddhism but to utilize it in teaching the highest morality." - Critic, Dec. 12, 1891.

Broughton, R., and Bisland, E. A widower in

deed. 1891.

"Miss Broughton has scarcely added to her reputation by her novel written in collaboration. There is hardly a trace of the light touch, the humorous descrip. tive power to which we are accustomed in her stories. The scene is laid in Oxford; but anything more unlike Oxford society, whether of dons, undergraduates, or residents, would be difficult to conceive." - Sat. rev., Jan. 23.

Browning, O. Dante; his life and writings. 1891.

Goethe; his life and writings.

"Both the Dante and Goethe are reprinted with alterations and additions from the articles in the last edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica." Burney, Capt. J. History of the Buccaneers of

America; repr. from the ed. of 1816. 1891.

"One of the freshest and most interesting little American stories. The description of a cadet's life in the Academy is so good as to impress army officers with the idea that the ms. in such particulars was corrected by one of their number." Critic, Apr. 16. Cambridge, A. (now Mrs. G. F. Cross). Not all

in vain.

"Has strength and excitement as well as the glamour of romance." - Athenæum, Mar. 12. Caumont, Nompar, Seigneur de. Voyaige d'oultremer en Jhérusalem, 1418; pub. par [A. E. I..] marquis de la La Grange. 1858. Charles vi., of France. Ordonnance [dite] Cabochienne, 26-27 mai 1413; pub. par A. Coville. 1891.

Corroyer, E. L'architecture gothique. [1891.]

"M. Corroyer is bitten with that unfortunate mania, too common with French architectural writers, for claiming Gothic,' its origin, its developments, and ev. erything as purely French. Nevertheless, there is much good matter in M. Corroyer."- Sat. rev., Mar. 5. Couperus, L: M.. A.. Eline Vere; tr. by J. T. Grein; with introd. by E. Cosse. fiction ser.) (Holland

"In so far as it represents the social life of the country, the book is of some interest; but as there is no plot or story to speak of, and no development of character properly so considered, it can hardly be deemed a novel at all. Frankly, the book is very tedious, and it would require a much stronger story and more and stronger incident to carry such a weight of commonplace words."- Sat. rev., Mar. 5.

Cust, R. N. Africa rediviva; or, The occupation of Africa by Christian missionaries. 1891. Cuthbert, St., Life of; in English verse, A. D. 1420;

[ed. by J.T. Fowler]. 1891. (Surtees Soc.) Davidson, G: Identification of Sir F. Drake's anchorage on the coast of California, 1579. 1890. (California Hist. Soc.) Dougall, L. Beggars all. 1891. 2 v.

"The story is no mere sordid narrative of poverty and crime, but a distinctly clever handling of sundry difficult subjects."— Athenæum, Sept. 26, 1891. Edwards, M. B. A north country comedy.

"The two simple and winning old maids who undertake a long and to them romantic journey to the North in quest of something to their advantage' will carry with them the sympathies of any readers." — Athenæum, Mar. 19.

Eglises, châteaux, beffrois, et hôtels-de-ville les

plus remarquables de la Picardie et de l'Artois. [Vol. 2, pts. 1, 6-14, 16.] 1847-62. Evening post annual, 1882, 83, 85; biographical sketches, with portraits, of state officers,etc., of Connecticut. 1882-85. 3 v.

Ferrero, C. B. Le banastre; roman social. 1889. Flügel, E. Thomas Carlyle's moral and religious development; a study; [tr.] by J. G. Tyler. 1891. Flürscheim, M. The real [1891.]

Forbes, A. The Afghan wars, 1839-42, 78-80. Eminently readable and spirited."- Sat. rev., Dec. 12, 1891.

Francis, Mrs. H. E. By land and sea; incidents of travel; with chats about history and legends; illust. 1891.

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Rent, interest, and wages; or, bearings of the land question.

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