Slike stranica

Fyfe, H. H. Annals of our time; a record of events, social and political. Vol. 3, pt. 1. 1891.

"The author's attempt has evidently been to make the volume very brief; but the result of his extreme brevity is that it is little except an index. It will help any one to find in the files of the papers the things he really wants."- Athenæum, Mar. 5

Garrett, E. H. Elizabethan songs in honour of love and beautie; with introd. by A. Lang; illust. 1891.

"Mr. Garrett has been at little trouble, the provision of material having been made for him by Mr. Bullen, in whose well-known collections most of the songs now reprinted, which are not the common property of anthologies, are to be found. Mr. Garrett is, however, responsible for the illustrations, and these are tasteful and appropriate. Some indulgence is necessary to the use of the word Elizabethan,' since the selection is made not only from writers of the Elizabethan epoch, but of the three following Stuart reigns."- Athenæum, Jan. 23.

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Gessi, R., Pasha. Seven years in the Soudan; explorations, adventures, and campaigns against the Arab slave hunters; coll. and ed. by F. Gessi.

"Few men ever undertook a more desperate duty, in appearance at least, than he did when he accepted from Gordon the commission of suppressing Suleiman Ze behr's revolt. Yet he managed to defeat Suleiman's troops over and over again, and to make the whole country from Niam-Niam to Darfur peaceful and apparently contented for a time." -Sat. rev., Feb. 20. Gissing, G:, (in full G: Robert). Denzil Quar


"Charmingly written in a clear, simple style. Throughout the book there is nothing to violate possibility, or even probability, and every where there is evidence, though unobtrusive evidence, of scholarly research, and of a mind well abreast of the time." - Sat. rev., Mar. 5. Goethe-Jahrbuch; hrsg. von L: Geiger. 1.-9. B. 1880-88. 9 v.

Goff, Capt. G. L. J. Historical records of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders, now the 1st Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1794-1881. 1891. "Though we have read more interesting regimental records Mr. Goff has written an interesting book, and even at this time a valuable one." - Sat. rev., Dec. 19, 1891.

Graf, A. Attraverso il Cinquecento. 1888.

"Essays on the Italian literature of the 16th century." - Il diavolo. 2a ed. 1889.


"Artero Graf est un vaillant et bon écrivain qui a fait sur sa majesté infernale une sérieuse étude. C'est avec une patience et une érudition de bénédictin qu'il nous montre le diable à l'œuvre depuis l'antiquité jusqu'à nos jours avec le caractère spécial que lui accorde la lé. gende à chaque étape de la civilisation. Il est fort bien écrit et très instructif."- Revue bleue, mai 17, 1890.

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"Mrs. Harris tells how it was discovered in the Library of St. Catherine, paints a delightful picture of the faith and practice of the early Church, and gives a good translation of the most important part of the Apology." Saturday rev., Mar. 5.

Harvard College. Astronom. Observatory. Cata

logue of 1213 stars observed with the meridian circle, 1870-79; by W: A. Rogers. 1884.

Hayes, Mrs. A. My leper friends; work among lepers, and their life in India; with a chapter on leprosy by Surg.-Maj. G. G. MacLaren.


"An account of the leper asylum at Calcutta, and the efforts made by the writer on behalf of the inmates of that institution. It is a woeful picture of a neglected charity that Mrs. Hayes gives as the result of her tirst visit, and called forth a good deal of criticism in the Indian papers."

Herpin, Mlle. (pseud. Lucien Perey). Un petit

neveu de Mazarin; Louis Mancini Mazarini, duc de Nivernais. 4e éd. 1891. Hibbert, F. A. Influence and development of

English gilds as illust. by the history of the craft gilds of Shrewsbury; Thirlwall dissertation, 1891. (Camb. hist. essays.) "Throws much light on the trade and customs of an ordinary provincial town, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries."- Nation, Apr. 21.

Hopkins, C: W. The home lots of early settlers of the Providence Plantations; with notes and plates. 1880.

Hughes, Mrs. M. W. Voice figures. [1891.]

"The voice figures are produced by directing the sing. ing-voice through a tube or cylinder constructed for the purpose, against an elastic membrane, upon which has been placed some powder or pigment, generally sus pended in a liquid vehicle which leaves it free to obey any impulse of movement which may be communicated to it. When the sound-waves of a sustained vocal note strike the membrane, they produce regular vibrations by which any finely divisible substance lying upon the membrane is distributed into the definite arrange. ments that constitute these figures, some of which are geometrical designs of frequent complexity, and unvarying symmetry, while others are wonderfully close reproductions of some of the most beautiful forms in nature, flowers, trees, and shells. What Mrs. Watts Hughes has to tell and to show us is as rich in fascinating suggestiveness as in positive interest and instruc tion." Spectator, Aug. 29, 1891.

King, Mrs. A.. Dr. Liddon's tour in Egypt and

Palestine in 1886; letters. 1891.

Lano, P: de. La cour de Napoléon 1. 5e éd.

"M. de Lano écrit d'une façon fort agréable en racontant un tas de faits scandaleux pris dans l'imagination de tant d'autres publicistes qui ont réussi à faire passer pour vrais des racontars n'ayant aucun fondement.' Revue des livres nouv., 15 jan.

La Ruelle, C. de. Discovrs des cérémonies, honnevrs, et pompe funèbre à l'enterrement du rince Charles III, duc de Calabre Lorraine, etc. 1609.

Lemaitre, J. Les contemporains; études et portraits littéraires. 5e sér., 2e éd.

"Par ses 'Contemporains' il a commencé son éclatante réputation. C'est bien tout à fait de contemporains, de contemporains de la dernière heure, que nous parle cette fois M. J. Lemaître. A lire ces articles, si justes, où l'impression du lecteur le plus sensible que je connaisse est si vive et si nette, on pourra donc se faire une idée des destinées qui attendent le roman français, en cette fin de siècle, et qui ont déjà commencé pour lui. Ou pourra surprendre et noter la décadence ou, si l'on veut, la défaillance du naturalisme comme on dit, ou du réalisme brutal, comme j'aime mieux dire." - Revue bleue, 2 jan.

"More than half of the book is given up to the delightful Billets du matins,' contributed to the "Temps' two years ago, and constituting a pleasant variation on the accepted form of the chronique. Easy, graceful, learned, charming, these billets give an impression of Parisian society quite different from that derived say from the Figaro' or the Vie parisienne.'" - Nation, Mar. 24.

Lemercier de Neuville, L: Histoire anecdotique des marionnettes modernes ; avec une préface de J. Claretie.

"M. de Neuville, with great modesty, only claims for the first part of his book the place of a postscript to C: Magnin's classical work on the History of Marionettes.' He is chiefly cencerned with the modern history of puppets. Not the least attractive portion of M. de Neuville's 'History,' where every page is a de. light, is the brilliant preface of M. Jules Claretie, director of Comédie Française." - Sat. rev., Mar. 5.

Le Rouillé, G. Recueil de l'antiqve préexcellence de Gavle et des Gavloys; [avec Epistre des rossignols du parc d'Alençon]. 1546. Lewis, J. G. Christopher Marlowe; outlines of his life and works. 1891.

M'Lennan, M. Muckle Jock; and other stories of peasant life in the north. 1891.

"Stories of Scottish life can hardly have been better told than in this collection. They picture the hard lives of unremitting toil which the peasants lead, in which the rough freedom of the men and women is united with a sense of honesty and with great, unconscious bravery in bearing every-day ills." - Literary world, Mar. 12. Maine, Sir H: J. S. Le droit international; la guerre; trad. de l'anglais. 1890.

Malcolm, J. P. Historical sketch of the art of caricaturing; with illust. 1813. Maudslay, A. Nature's weather warnings and natural phenomena. 1891.

Maxwell, J. R. The negro question; or, Hints for the physical improvement of the negro race; with special reference to West Africa. "An ably written treatise by an educated West Af rican, who is eager to help forward his countrymen, and who is himself a striking example of their capacity for advancement."- Athenaeum, Dec. 19.

Mercy-Argenteau, F. C., comte de. Correspon

dance secrète avec l'empereur Joseph 11 et le prince de Kaunitz; pub. par A. d'Arneth et J. Flammermont. 1889-91. 2 v.

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"Past eighty years of age, he reviews in lucid style and straightforward fashion the events of a busy life. The chief value of the book is its wonderfully minute and lively account of things and people in the Queen's Dominion. Exceedingly interesting also are the author's reminiscences of his early life in one of the public schools of England." - Critic, Jan. 9. Paléologue, M. Alfred de Vigny. 1891.

"Il a eu la bonne fortune de pouvoir consulter le journal manuscrit dans lequel Alfred de Vigny a consigné le secret de sa vie intérieure. Les fragments qu'il en cite sont si curieux, qu'on ne peut songer sans tristesse et colère au sort qui attend ces precieux souvenirs. Le poète les avait légués à un ami, en lui ordonnant de les détruire à une certain date, dont nous ne sommes plus, paraît-il, très éloignés. M. Paléologue a traité la partie biographique avec mesure et délicatesse. Il n'a pas été moins heureux dans la partie littéraire."- Bibl. univ., jan.

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"As a poet, though he is not always of the intoxicating sort, it is difficult to rank Vigny too high. But, still we must maintain, as against M. Paléologue, that his bulk and substance are not equal to his height. He is an 'aiguille' in the poetic mountain group, lofty, elegant, but narrow. We cannot in the least regret, from M. Paléologue specimens of them, his eighty-three 'cahiers' of private lamentations which it is said are doomed to destruction." Sat. rev., Dec. 5, 1891.

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Paris. Soc. Roy. des Antiq. de France. Mé

moires et dissertations sur les antiquités nationales et étrangères. 1817-34. 10 v.

Nouv. série. 1835-50. 10 v.

3e série. 1852-62. 6 v.

Perez, B. Le caractère de l'enfant à l'homme. Pyle, H. A modern Aladdin; or, The wonderful adventures of Oliver Munier, an extravaganza.

"The mysterious personage who wears in a crystal ball hung round his neck the charm that wards off old age and death, has flitted casually across the page of history and has long been the property of story-tellers. In Mr. Pyle's hands he has really the freshness of youth, he is as good as new; and has that polish, elegance, and unabashed wickedness which centuries of high society and moral irresponsibility should properly be. - Nation, Feb. 25.


Raczynski, A. N., comte. Les arts en Portugal; lettres adressées à la Société Artistique et Scientifique de Berlin. 1846.

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"The biographical sketch well portrays the man and his egotistic peculiarities. The analysis of the philo. sophical system is remarkably clear, and brings out the chief factors of the theory in a succinct and easily understood manner. This analysis is followed by a penetrating criticism, not the least forcible being the practical denial Schopenhauer gave to his own theory by his style of living. The reader may find it a convenience and an assistance to his study to have the philosophy and the criticism in the same book." - Westmins ter rev., Jan.

Sellar, W: Y. Roman poets of the Augustan age; Horace and the elegiac poets; with memoir by A. Lang.

"Mr. Sellar was as nearly a model critic as any one man could be. His author is always a real person to him in human as well as in literary qualities; and study of the man goes hand in hand with study of the poet, while kept so distinct from it as to avoid all topics of irrelevant prejudice. To this Mr. Sellar added the still more uncommon gift of indicating his own preferences, and yet leaving the case quite fairly to the reader." Sat. rev., Feb. 20.

Report on cholera in Europe

Shakespeare, E: O. and Asia. 1890.

Sinker, R. Library of Trinity College, Cambridge.


"Originally written some ten years ago, for Notes and queries. The first chapter deals with the history of the Library. Then follow chapters on the mss. in the Library, the incunabula, and the early English printed books; finally we have a record of the circumstances under which Thorwaldsen's statue of Byron came to Trinity. Altogether a very agreeable account of an historic place of pilgrimage for men of letters."Academy, Jan. 16.

Smart, W: Introduction to the theory of value;

on the lines of Menger, Wieser and BöhmBawerk. 1891.

"The work of the Austrian economists is of very considerable importance. Following the line marked out by Jevons, they have analyzed with great subtlety the psychological aspects of economic phenomena, and have reached conclusions that are, to say the least, instructive. Mr. Smart's little book is welcome because it summarizes a portion of their results in a manner convenient for English readers." Nation, Mar. 24. Stathan, H. H. My thoughts on music and musicians.

"The series of critical essays have an undoubted literary and artistic merit, but being only a result of careful analyses and patient compilation, contains noth ing that had not already been said about the great men therein discussed." Sat. rev., Jan. 2.

Stewart, H. F. Boethius; an essay.


"Contains much valuable matter, and gives evidence of no small amount of careful thought and research. The first chapter presents us with a sketch of the controversy concerning the Christianity of Boethius, with which, of course, the question as to the authorship of

the theological tracts attributed to him is closely connected. Most readers will find Mr. Stewart's account of the various translations of the 'Consolation' the pleasantest part of his book." —Sat. rev., Jan. 9.

Strutt, J. Regal and ecclesiastical antiquities of

England; representations of the English monarchs [1042-1509], and of persons eminent under their reigns; with suppl.; coll. from ancient illuminated mss. New ed., with notes, by J. R. Planché. 1842. Sturgis, H. Tim. 1891.

"A very able little study of boy life, which to some extent reminds us of Miss Montgomery's Misunder stood.'"Athenæum, Jan. 2.

Thomas, G. M. Diplomatarium Veneto-Levantinum sive acta et diplomata res venetas, Græcas, atque Levantis illust., 1300-50. 1880. Thornton, W. P. Heads and what they tell us; phrenological recollections; illust. 1891. Thurston, R. H. Robert Fulton, his life and its results. [1891.]

Tours, C. de. Vingt jours à Paris. [1891.] (Guidealbum du touriste.)

Vingt jours d'Etretat à Ostende; haute-Normandie, plages du nord. [1891.] (Guidealbum du touriste.)

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"La maison Quantin vient de re-éditer les charmants guides-albums de M. Constant de Tours, remis au courant des dernières transformations. Ce sont d'agréables compagnons de route avec lesquels on chemine gaiement; exempts de l'aridité pédantesque des guides ordinaires, ils ne s'attardent pas à énumérer les tableaux des musées, à disserter sur l'architecture des monuments; ils décrivent d'une main légère, sans dédaigner l'anecdote humoristique. M. Constant de Tours décrit, d'ailleurs, en véritable artiste, la charmante descente de la Basse-Seine de Rouen au Havre, l'amusante promenade le long des plages élégantes du Calvados, l'excursion à l'ile de Jersey, et la merveille du Mont-St. Michel. Les dessins sont charmants et très exacts." -Polybiblion, sept. 1891.

U. S. Signal Office. Charts showing average velocity and direction of the wind; from observations for 17 years. [1891.]

Vespucci, A. Von der new gefunnde Region die wol ein welt genennt mag werden. [1505]; reprint. [18-]

Welton, J. Manual of logic. Vol. 1. 1891. (Univ. Corr. Coll. Tutorial ser.) Whitman, W. Gems; selected by E. P. Gould.


Winchester, B. The Swiss republic. 1891.

"He writes in an easy and attractive way, and is evidently a lover of Switzerland and the Swiss, of the scenery, and of the ancient simplicity of the people, and shows his admiration and appreciation of them by hundreds of apt quotations from poets who have admired them both."- Critic, Feb. 20.

Winter, W: Ada Rehan; a study. 2d ed. 1891. Yonge, C.. M.. That stick.

The incidents of the tale, without outraging the probabilities of life, vary from garden parties to child stealing, and domestic happiness is flecked with passages of vexation and agony, as fidelity to the normal conditions of humanity requires."- Sat. rev., Mar. 12.

Anderson, Capt. L. Among typhoons and pirate craft. Arena. Arena portfolio of eminent personages. [1891.] Aristides, M. Apology on behalf of the Christians; with introd. and trans. by J. R. Harris; with app. cont. orig. Greek text. 1891.

"En faisant ses recherches sur la version latine de la passion de sainte Perpétue, M. Robinson fut frappé de l'analogie d'un des discours de la Vie de Balaam et Josaphat avec l'ouvrage d'Aristides. Un examen plus attentif lui permit de conclure à l'identité." Revue critique, 27 juil., 1891.

Beesly, E: S. Queen Elizabeth. (12 Eng. statesmen.)

"Clever and readable. Taken up with Elizabeth's foreign policy, if under that term we may include her relations with Mary of Scotland. Of Elizabeth as a woman, we hear little, and have no distinct sketch of her. Mr. Beesley has not failed to exhibit the work that she did in raising England from weakness to strength, in knitting together the hearts of her subjects, and inspiring them with a proud belief in the greatness of their country." Sat. rev., Feb. 27.

Blomfield, R., and Thomas, F.I. The formal garden in England; illust.

"The first and last chapters are a vigorous and wellreasoned protest against the modern landscape-gardener who professing to make nature the object of his wor ship,spends time and money in altering nature into what he thinks it ought to look like."- Sut. rev., Feb. 13. Brimmer, M., and Chapman, Mrs. J: J. Egypt; 3 essays on the history, religion, and art of ancient Egypt.

Burdett, H: C. Hospitals and asylums of the world; their history, construction, administration, etc. Vol. 1, 2. 1891. 2 v.

"Of special value to all those who are concerned with the care and treatment of the insane, as showing the high-water mark of our knowledge of the subject up to the present time." Sat. rev., Feb. 27. Butler, Gen. B: F.

Autobiography and personal reminiscences; Butler's book. Carrington, J. Y. Teufel the terrier; or, The life and adventures of an artist's dog; written by C: Morley.

Carter, F. Mark Hopkins. (Amer. relig, leaders.)

"No critical analyses of Dr. Hopkins's various books, no formal estimate of him as The teacher,''The administrator,''The theologian,' analyses and estimates more in the tone of an article than a biography, can make good the absence of the man himself. As a record of his external life nothing more could be asked; but as a biography it is certain to come to many as a pallid and etherialized representation of a thoroughly human personality."- Nation, Mar. 10.

Chaucer, G. Canterbury pilgrimage; epitomised

by W. Calder.

"Of all the so-called attempts to popularize the great poet with which we are acquainted Mr. Calder's is by far the worst."- Academy, Mar. 5.

Church, Rev. A. J. Callias; a tale of the fall of Athens. 1891.

Claretie, A. A. dit J. Peintres et sculpteurs con

2 v.

temporains. le, 2e sér. 1882-84. Contents. Vol. 1. Artistes décédés 1870-80. 2. Artistes vivants janv. 1881. Dedications of American churches; an enquiry

into the naming of churches in the U. S., etc.; by two laymen of Rhode Island. 1891.

Dixon, E: T. Essay on reasoning. 1891.
Doctor Lamar. [1891.]

"The agnostic Dr. Lamar administers poison to his first wife at her request, and in order to end her hope. less suffering. On the death of his second wife, the horror with which she regards the approach of that hereafter of nothingness in which he has taught her to believe upsets his scientific faith. The interest of the book depends on these two death-scenes, which are ef fectively, if rather crudely, contrasted. The fact that some people regard the prospect of annihilation with composure, others with terror, is here dramatically presented."- Critic, Oct. 24.

Dods, M. The parables of our Lord. 1890. 2 v. Doyle, A. C. The captain of the Pole-star; and other tales. 1891.

Elliot, F. The story of Sophia; a novel. 1891. Farjeon, B: L. For the defence. [1891.]

"A painful but vigorous short story."- Literary world, Mar. 12. Fernow, B. E. What is forestry? 1891. Field, D. D. History of Haddam and East Haddam. [Conn.] 1814, reprinted. 1891. Flower, W: H; The horse; study in natural history. 1891. (Modern sciences.)

"He treats of the horse, not as an isolated form, but as one link in a great chain, tracing its ancestry in the past, and the various steps of modification by which it has come to be the very singular and highly-specialized animal it now is. From this purely scientific standpoint Mr. Flower has produced a very interesting and admirably coherent study in natural history.". rev., Feb. 13. - Sat. Freeman, E: A. Historical essays. 4th ser.

"Does not illustrate any one great portion of history in the way that each of the former volumes did. We first have a series of essays which form an admirable supplement to the 'Historic towns' in the third series. Better guides to intelligent travellers, stronger stimulus to student and reader it would not be easy to find. The second part is thinner and less interesting. The vol ume ends as it began with more solid matter; such as the careful and useful bit of work on the Case of the Deanery of Exeter,' and the Encyclopædia Britannica article on Nobility.' The last essay is a long and elaborate one on the House of Lords." - Athenæum,

Mar. 26.

Fullerton, W: M. In Cairo. 1891.

"Contains a good deal of artistic commonplace, expressed in charming English, and occasionally an orig. inal penetrating thought.". Athenæum, Mar. 12. Gibson, W: H. Sharp eyes; a rambler's calendar of 52 weeks among insects, birds, and flowers; illust.

Glanville, E. The Fossicker; a romance of Mas

honaland. 2d ed. 1891.

"The story is preposterous throughout; but it is readable by reason of its descriptions of South African scenery and of South African types of people." — Nation, Dec. 17, 1891.

Godard, J: G: Poverty; its genesis and exodus; an inquiry into causes and the method of their removal.

Gregorius Turonensis. Histoire des Francs, livres 1-6; texte du ms. de Corbre; pub. par H: Omont. 1886.

Guelle, Capt. J. Précis des lois de la guerre sur terre; commentaire pratique; avec une préface par P. Pradier-Fodéré. 1884. 2 v. Gummere, F. B. Germanic origins; a study in

primitive culture.

"The Germania of Tacitus is Professor Gummere's chief authority, for it is of the founders of our race

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Hammerton, P. G. Present state of the fine arts

in France; illust.

"The most valuable portion of the book is the prefa. tory essay, in which, with his usual grace and ease of style, he notes certain characteristics of the French painting of the present day. Of the remainder of the volume, we are obliged to say that we have found it commonplace and desultory, seldom rising above the chatty instruction and description suitable to the columns of a daily newspaper. All this is good enough in its way, but hardly worth preserving with the honoured name of Mr. Hamerton attached to it." Sat. rev., Apr. 23. Hatcher, E. N. Last four weeks of the war. Hatton, J. Cigarette papers for after-dinner smoking.

"Light and pleasant recollections and impressions of authors and actors, and critics, interspersed with sketches of living celebrities, and not a few strange stories. An agreeable book for an idle hour, being amusing as well as easy reading." Sat. rev., Feb. 13. Hector, Mrs. A. F. Mammon.


"Mrs. Alexander has not been quite so successful as usual in Mammon. Detached scenes are powerful and the story as a whole is entertaining; but a good deal of it conveys the impression of having been written perfunctorily." Academy, Feb. 20.

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Hoppin, J. M. The early renaissance; and other essays on art subjects.

Horsford, E. N. The landfall of Leif Erikson, and the site of his houses in Vineland. Howells, W: D. The quality of mercy; a novel. "i," pseud. Letters to eminent hands. Imbert de Saint-Amand, A. L., baron. Les femmes des Tuileries; Marie Amélie et la cour de Palerme, 1806-14. 1891.

James, H: The lesson of the master. The marriages. The pupil. Brooksmith. - The solution. Sir Edmund Orme.

"In "The lesson of the master' the motive is the artistic passion and the dream of intellectual perfection sacrificed by their possessor to social success and worldly advancement. The 'Pupil,' and in its own way Brooksmith' seem to us far better. These stories are good as Mr. James's work sometimes is good, and that is saying much." Athenaeum, Mar. 19. Jenkins, G. C., and Dunbar, H. K. Hard life in the colonies; and other experiences by sea and land; comp. from private letters by C. C. Jenkyns. (Adventure ser.)

"We cannot say that any of their adventures were very striking, though they starved much and survived many evils. But whether they are literally true or only mythically true, the reader will find that they give a not bad picture of that type of restless, shifty, not very trustworthy Englishman who has done so much in the way of colonization, and who, unless be starves, or is shot too soon, generally contrives to fall on his legs at


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Kipling, J: L. Beast and man in India; animals in their relations with the people. 1891. "Every page is the result of keen, patient, and judi cious observation of the habits of domestic and wild animals, and the illustrations numbering nearly one hundred are truly graphic and admirable. That he should quote largely from the ballads of his son, and from live

ly descriptions of an Oriental tamasha' by the same hand, is natural and graceful. And here and there we have pithy sentences which Mr. Rudyard Kipling might himself have written.' "" ― Sat. rev., Jan. 9. Lambert, Rev. J. M. Two thousand years of gild life; or, Outline of the history of the gild system, with special ref. to trade and industry; with acct. of the gilds and trading companies of Kingston-upon-Hull, 14th-18th cent. 1891.

[blocks in formation]

Matthews, J. B. In the vestibule limited.
Mill, H. R. Realm of nature; an outline of phy-



"A compendium of all the natural sciences. shows the condition of each science at the latest date, and presents it in the most authentic and generally accepted form." Critic, Apr. 9. Molinari, G. de. Religion.

"L'Eglise libre dans l'état libre, telle est la conclusion de ce très remarquable ouvrage, où l'auteur étudie l'histoire des religions et examine le rôle qu'elles ont rempli dans le passé pour s'attacher ensuite à démontrer, en se plaçant au point de vue écomique de l'utile, que ce rôle ne sera pas moins considérable dans l'avenir." Nouvelle rev., avr.

Monteiro, Mrs. R. Delagoa Bay; its natives and natural history; illust. 1891.

"For the sake mainly of collecting insects, the author spent five years at Delagoa Bay with none but Ka. firs for her companions. According to her account, the attractions of her home could not have been very great even to an enthusiastic entomologist, for it was the abiding place of countless snakes, scorpions, centipedes, lizards, cockroaches, to say nothing of mosquitoes, spiders, flies, ants of all kinds, and swarms of fleas.' Nation, Dec. 5.

Morison, A. S., and Adams, H. B. Memorial of Nathaniel Holmes Morison, 1815-90; first provost of the Peabody Institute.

Mueller, F. M. Anthropological religion; Gifford

lectures, 1891.

"The present work is devoted to showing how the idea of the human soul originated. The author holds that this idea, if not innate, was at least inevitable, and resulted necessarily from the spectacle of death. The terms in which the author discusses his subject, coupled with his disbelief in miracles, and this disbelief com. bined with a rejection of the Darwinian doctrine, will doubtless lead to abundance of that style of scholarly controversy in which he delights.” . Critic, Mar. 26. New world; quarterly review of religion, ethics, and theology. Vol. 1, no. 1.

Nicaragua Canal Construction Company. Interoceanic canal of Nicaragua; its history, physical condition, plans, etc. 1891.

Nuttall, T: Popular handbook of the ornithology

of the United States and Canada; based on [his] Manual; by M. Chamberlain; illust. 1891. 2 v.

"That a new edition was called for is shown by the high prices recently paid for copies of the original work. Mr. Chamberlain has wisely refrained from changing his text to agree with the modern classifica

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