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Mallarmé, S. Villiers de l'Isle-Adam. 1892. Mallet, C: E: The French Revolution. (University extension manuals.)

Martin, A. P. Life and letters of R. Lowe, Vis-
count Sherbrooke; with a memoir of Sir J:
C. Sherbrooke. 2 v.
Masson, D. Edinburgh sketches and memoirs.


Contents. Queen Mary's Edinburgh. R. Rollock and the beginnings of Edinburgh University. - King James' farewell to Holyrood. - Proposed memorial to Drummond of Hawthornden. Allen Ramsay. - Lady Wardlaw and the Baroness Nairne. - Edinburgh through the Dundas despotism. The last years of Sir Walter Scott. - Carlyle's Edinburgh life. - R. K. Sharpe.J: H. Burton. - Dr. J: Brown. — Literary history of Edinburgh.

Mathews, J. M. Speech on the lawfulness of marrying a deceased wife's sister, delivered before the general synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, June 1843. Matson, S.. A.

St. George and the dragon. 2d

ed. Matthews, B. The story of a story; and other stories. Mention, L. Documents relatifs aux rapports du clergé avec la royauté, 1682-1705. Merriman, H. S. From one generation to another; [fiction]. Milton, J: Lyrics; L'allegro, Il penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas; ed. by L. M. Hodgkins. (Students ser. of Eng. classics.)

Mitre, B. The emancipation of South America; a condensed translation by W: Pilling of the History of San Martin.

* Monkhouse, W: C. Corn and poppies; [poems].


+ Momerie, Rev. A. W. The religion of the future; and other essays.

Morfill, W: R: The story of Poland. (Story of the nations.)

Morris, W: O. Napoleon, warrior and ruler; and the military supremacy of revolutionary France. (Heroes of the nations.) Morse, J: T., Jr. Abraham Lincoln. 2 v. (Amer. statesmen.)

Mulhall, M. G. and E: T. Handbook of the river Plate; comp. the Argentine Republic, Uruguay, and Paraguay. 6th ed. 1892. Murray, D: C. Bob Martin's little girl. New ed. Nash, J: T. Volunteering in India; narr. of the military services of the Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry during the Indian Mutiny and Sepoy War.

National cyclopædia of American biography; the history of the U. S. as illustrated in the lives of the founders, etc. Vol. 1, 2. 1892. 2 v.

Norman, P: London signs and inscriptions; with introd. by H: B. Wheatley. (Camden lib.) North, M. Some further recollections of a happy life; sel. from [her] journals, 1859-69; ed. by Mrs. J: A. Symonds.

Owen, Rev. J: The skeptics of the Italian Renais


Contents. General causes. - General causes and leaders: Dante; - Petrarca; - Boccaccio; - L: Pulci; Machiavelli; Guicciardini; - Pomponazzi. G. Bruno.- Vanini.


Paton, Rev. J. British history and Papal claims,

1066-1892. 2 v.

Peddie, A. Recollections of Dr. J: Brown; with a selection from his correspondence; illust. * Pellissier, G: Essais de littérature contemporaine.

Phelps, E.. S. (now Mrs. H. D. Ward). Donald Marcy.

Poinsard, L. Libre-échange et protection; la politique douanière de tous les pays expliquée par leur état social et économique. Pool, M. L.. Katharine North; a novel. Ponce de Leon, N. The Columbus gallery; historical description; the discoverer of the New World as represented in portraits, monuments, statues, medals, and paintings. Potapeêko, N. E. A father of six; and An occa sional holiday; tr. by W. Gaussen. (Unknown lib.)

Potter, J: H. Under cotton canvas; the Onward's last voyage; [round the world].

Q. (pseud. for A. T: Quiller-Couch). Green bays; verses and parodies. 2d ed.

Reed, E.. A. Persian literature, ancient and mod


* Roberts, C: G. R. Ave; ode for the centenary of the birth of P. B. Shelley. 1892.

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Shelley, P. B. The masque of anarchy; fac-simile repr. of original ed., pub. in 1832; ed. by T: J: Wise. 1892. (Shelley Soc. Pub.) Sienkiewicz, H: Without dogma; a novel of modern Poland; tr. by I. Young. Sloane, W: M. The French War and the Revolution. (Amer. hist. ser.)

Smith, A. H. Catalogue of sculpture in the department of Greek and Roman antiquities, British Museum. Vol. 1. 1892. * Souriau, P. La suggestion dans l'art. Stevenson, F. S. Historic personality.

"A brief survey of the various modes by which the personality of eminent men can be expressed and realized."

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Van Rensselaer, Mrs. M. G. Art out-of-doors; hints on good taste in gardening.

Vast, H: Les grands traités du règne de Louis XIV. Waller, E. Poems; ed. by G. T. Drury. (The muses lib.)

Ward, W. W: G: Ward and the Catholic revi


"On the historical side this book deals, as its title indicates, with one aspect of the great movement which this century has witnessed almost throughout Christendom, on behalf of those Catholic ideals against which the Reformation of the 16th century was in great part a protest. ... Mr. Ward represented in politics and theology the unqualified opposition to the extremes of Liberal Catholicism against which Pius IX.'s pontificate was a constant protest; and in philosophy his tendency was towards the fusion of Ultramontane loyalty, with a sympathetic assimilation of all that is valuable in contemporary thought, as the best means of purging it of what is dangerous. The remaining subject dealt with in this book is that of Mr. Ward's treatment of the more fundamental problems of religious belief which have been exercising the minds of Englishmen during the latter half of this century." — Preface. Watson, W: The eloping angels; a caprice.

Excursions in criticism; prose recreations of a rhymer.

Contents. Some literary idolatries. -The punishment of genius. - Keats and Mr. Colvin. The Lancashire laureate. Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles." Critics and their craft. Lowell as a critic.

Coleridge's supernaturalism.

The mystery of

style. R. H. Hutton. A. Dobson's "Hogarth."Ibsen's Prose dramas. - Meredith's poetry.- Dr. Johnson on modern poetry.

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"The compiler has been animated by a desire to ascertain whether it would be possible (1) to make a complete and orderly survey of any book; (2) to secure uniformity of plan in indices or surveys prepared by different persons; and (3) to provide an endowment for a general enterprise in this direction by making a digestindex attractive enough to be a readable, saleable book on its own merits, apart from its function as a key to another book." - Preface.

Wilkins, M.. E. Giles Corey, yeoman; a play. Woodgate, W. B. A modern layman's faith concerning the creed and breed of the "thoroughbred man."

The author believes in the existence of pre-Adamite man, and considers that the "raison d'être" of the histories and genealogies of the descendants of Adam in the Pentateuch is "the disclosure and record of what I may style colloquially the Almanac-de-Gotha of the Thorough-bred Man," the importance of this record being connected with the "expectation of a Redeemer or re-organizer, or Avenger of Caucasians, to be born from them or their descendants."

* Purchased by request. Received by gift.

Addis, W: E., and Arnold, T: Catholic dictionary; account of the doctrine, discipline, rites, etc., of the Catholic Church. New ed., rev. and enl. with assistance of T. B. Scannell. Allen, G. Blood royal; a novel. + Amory, T: C. Materials for the history of the family of J: Sullivan of Berwick, N. E., and of the O'Sullivans of Ardea, Ireland; with a pedigree of O'Sullivan Beare, by Sir J: B. Burke.

Anstey, F. (pseud. of F. A. Guthrie).


Punch's pocket Ibsen; the best known dramas condensed and re-arranged. Contents. Rosmershölm. - Nora; or, The bird-cage. Hedda Gabler. The wild duck. Pili doctor Her


La femme de mon fils.

Arthèz, D.
Backus, J. B.

Genealogical chart of the Chester family; with other lineal ancestors. Bacon, E. M. Boston illustrated; descriptions of the city and its suburbs, etc.; with historical allusions. New ed. [1892.]

Baedeker, K: The United States; with an excursion into Mexico; handbook for travellers. Ball, Sir R. S. In starry realms, 1892. Balmforth, R. (pseud. Laon Ramsey). The new reformation and its relation to moral and social problems.

Contents. Decay of Orthodox beliefs. Future development of religious life. - Sanctions of morality. New reformation and its relation to social problems. The true teachers of the working classes.

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+ Bartlett, T: E: The Bartletts; ancestral, genealogical, biographical, historical; with special reference to the descendants of J: Bartlett, of Weymouth and Cumberland. [1892.] Basse, W: Poetical works, 1602-53; coll. and ed. with introd. and notes by R. W. Bond. Bayne, P: The Free Church of Scotland; her origin, founders, and testimony.

Beraldi, H: Les graveurs du 19e siècle; guide de l'amateur d'estampes modernes. 1885-92.

12 v.

Berdoe, E. Origin and growth of the healing art; a popular history of medicine in all ages and countries.

Besant, W., and Rice, J. By Celia's arbour; a tale of Portsmouth town. 2 v. Bickersteth, M. Japan as we saw it; with pref. by the Bishop of Exeter.

Bindi, V. Monumenti storici ed artistici degli Abruzzi; studi; con pref. di F. Gregorius; illust. 1889.

Bishop, W: I: A house-hunter in Europe. Blake, W: Works, poetic, symbolic, and critical; ed.with lithographs of the "prophetic books," memoir, and interpretations, by E. J: Ellis and W: B. Yeats. 3 v.

Boston Architectural Club. Sketch book, 1890.


* Bourdillon, F. W. Sursum corda. Brackett, A. C. Woman and the higher educa


Contents. Bellamy, Mrs. B. W. General introd. — Brackett, A. C. Preface. Willard, Mrs. E. Plan for improving female education. - Embury, Mrs. E. C. Female education. Mitchell, M. Collegiate education of girls. - Runkle, Mrs. L. G. A new knock at an old door. - Palmer, Mrs. A. F. Review of the higher education of women. - Salmon, L. M. The teaching of history in academies and colleges. - Brackett, A. C. The private school for girls.

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Les Barthozouls. 2e éd. 1887. Manual of Roman law.

+ Caraguel, J. Chamier, D. Chapman, A., and Buck, W. J. Wild Spain; sport, natural history, and exploration; illust. Cherbuliez, V. Le secret du précepteur. 3e éd. Cheyne, T: K. Founders of Old Testament criticism; biographical, descriptive, and critical studies.

Contents. Warburton, Lowth, Geddes. Eichhorn and Ilgen. DeWette, Gesenius. Ewald. Hitzig, Hengstenberg, Vatke, Bleek. - Hupfeld, Delitzsch. Richm, Reuss, Lagarde, Kuenen. - Colenso, Kalisch, S. Davidson, R. Williams, Perowne, A. B. Davidson, R. Martineau. R. Smith, A. B. Davidson, Briggs, Toy, Schrader, Sayce, Kirkpatrick, Ryle, F. Brown, Moore, Whitehouse, G. A. Sinith, Duff, Fripp, Addis, Montefiore, Bevan. - Driver.

Claude, J: Cruel persecutions of the Protestants in France; 1st Amer. repr. of the tr. pub. in London, 1707, with biog. sketch by N. Cyr. Coleridge, S: T.

Poetical works; ed. with biog. introd. by J. D. Campbell. Collignon, M. Histoire de la sculpture grecque;

illust. Vol. 1. 1892.

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Compayré, G. Abelard, and the origin and early history of universities. (Great educators.) *Conway, K. E. A dream of lilies. [Poems.] Cook, Capt. J. Journal during his first voyage

round the world in H. M. bark "Endeavour," 1768-71; lit. transcrip. of the original mss.; with notes and introd.; ed. by Capt. W. J. L. Wharton.

+ Cooke, W. W. Report on bird migration in the Mississippi Valley in 1884, 85; ed. and rev. by C. H. Merriam. 1888.

Coppée, F. E: J. Longues et brèves; nouvelles.

Contents. Une faute de jeunesse. -L'enfant perdu. Pålotte. - Le pardon. La maison abandonnée. Le louis d'or.- Le portrait. - Une restitution. Morte en mer. En plein jour. — Vitrioleuse. - Merles parisiens. Le premier chapitre de mes mémoires. Paris.

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Crawford, F. M. Pietro Ghisleri. Creevey, C. A. Recreations in botany. Curtis, G: W: Other essays from the Easy Chair. Daft, R: Kings of cricket; reminiscences and anecdotes, with hints on the game; with introd. by A. Lang. Dante Alighieri. Comedy; rendered into English by Sir E: Sullivan. [Pt. 1:] Hell. *Darmesteter, Mme. A. M. F. R. Retrospect; and other poems. (Cameo series.) Delille, E: Some French writers.

Contents. M. Paul Bouget. Pierre Loti. - Baudelaire, the man. - Chez Pousset, a literary eve. - Guy de Maupassant. The poet Verlaine. - Card sharping in Paris. - M. Maurice Barrès.

[blocks in formation]

* Du Bose, J: W. Life and times of W: L. Yancey; a history of political parties in the U. S., 1834-64; especially as to the origin of the Confederate States. 1892.

Du Camp, M. Théophile Gautier; tr. by J. E. Gordon; pref. by A. Lang. (Great French writers.) Dyer, T: F. T. The ghost world. Ebers, G: M. The story of my life, from childhood to manhood; tr. by M. J. Safford. Edwords, C. E. Camp-fires of a naturalist; expeditions after N. A. mammals; from the field notes of L. L. Dyche.

"A description of the life of a naturalist-hunter and of the pleasures of camp life, with a naturalist's explanations of the habits of animals.". Preface.

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Godet, F. Studies on the Old Testament; ed. by W. H. Lyttelton. 6th ed. 1892.

Contents. Angels. The plan of the development of life on our earth. The six days of creation. - The four greater prophets. The Book of Job. The Song of songs. App. to essay 4. Studies on the New Testament; ed. by W. H. Lyttelton. 9th ed. 1890.

Contents. The origin of the four gospels. — Jesus Christ. -The work of Jesus Christ. The four princi. pal apostles. Essay upon the Apocalypse. Gordon, A. L.


Contents. Sea spray and smoke drift.- Bush ballads and galloping rhymes. -Miscellaneous poems. - Ashtaroth; a dramatic lyric. The roll of the Kettledrum. Gordon, E. A. "Clear round!" or, Seeds of story from other countries; a chronicle of links and rivets in this world's girdle.

+ Gourmont, R. de. Le fantôme.

*Gray, M. (pseud. of M. G. Tuttiett). The last




Greeley, H. On Lincoln; with letters to C: A. Dana and a lady friend, [and] Reminiscences of Greeley; ed. by J. Benton. Greene, F. V. General Greene. (Great commanders.) Greswell, W: P. Outlines of British colonisation; with introd. by Lord Brassey. Guizot, F. P: G:

Essay on the character and influence of Washington in the Revolution; tr. [by G: S. Hillard]. 2d ed. 1851. Gyp, pseud. Tante Joujou. 6e éd.

Hamburger, I. Real-Encyclopädie für Bibel und

Talmud. 3e Aufl. 1892.

Contents. Pt. 1. Biblische Artikel.

Purchased by request.

Received by gift.

Harrisse, H: Christophe Colomb devant l'histoire. 1892. Hart, A. B. Formation of the Union, 1750-1829. 2d ed. (Epochs of Amer. hist., v. 2.) Hart, E. Hypnotism, mesmerism, and the new witchcraft. Harvard College. Studies in classical philology. Vol. 1-4. 890-93. 4 V. Healy, J: The ancient Irish Church. 1892. Heilprin, A. The Arctic problem; and narrative of the Peary Relief Expedition of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Phila. Henderson, Mrs. E. E. A guide to palmistry. Higgens, E. Hebrew idolatry and superstition;

its place in folk-lore.

Hodder, E. History of South Australia to [1890]; with chron, summary of events. 2 v. Hoff, J. W. Two hundred miles on the Delaware River; a canoe cruise from its headwaters to the falls at Trenton; with hist. appendix. Columbian ed. Honcey, J: H.

Souffles nouveaux. 1892. Hone, A. M. Woman's enterprise and genius. Hope, R. C: Legendary lore of the holy wells of England; incl. rivers, lakes, fountains, and springs. Hull, E:

Volcanoes, past and present. 1892. (Contemp. sci. ser.) Hulme, F. E. The birth and development of orn


Hungerford, Mrs. M. H. A conquering heroine;

and "When in doubt."

Nora Creina; a novel. 2 v.

Hutton, L. Edwin Booth.

Huysmans, J. K. En rade. [2e éd.] 1887. Ibsen, H. The master-builder; a drama; tr. by J. W. Arctander.

Jean d'Oc, pseud. Marius Véha. 2e éd. 1892. Johnson's universal cyclopædia. New ed. Vol. 1. Jonson or Johnson, B. Ben Jonson; ed. by B. Nicholson; with an introd. by C: H. Herford. Vol. 1. (Mermaid ser.)

Kendall, H: C. Poems; ed. by A. Sutherland;

with pref. memoir. 1890.

Kielland, A. L. Garman and Worse; a Norwe

gian novel; tr. by W. W. Kettlewell. 1885. Skipper Worse; tr. by H: J:, Earl of Ducie. 1885.

King, Capt. C: Foes in ambush.
Kipling, R. Many inventions.

Lane, W: C., and Bolton, C: K. Notes on special
collections in American libraries. 1892.
Lemaitre, J. Les rois. 12e éd.
Leroy-Beaulieu, P: P. Le collectivisme; exa-
men critique du nouveau socialisme. 3e éd.;
augm. d'une préface.

* Letchworth, W: P. The insane in foreign countries; [an investigation of foreign lunatic asylums. 2d ed. 1889. How the codex was found; Lewis, Mrs. A. S. two visits to Sinai; from Mrs. Lewis's journals, 1892-93, by M. D. Gibson.

On the discovery in the convent on Mt. Sinai of an early and important codex of ancient Syriac gospels, as well as of three other valuable codices of later date.

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v. 1-9. 1891.

Marlowe, C. Christopher Marlowe; ed. by H. Ellis; with introd. on the English drama during the reign of Elizabeth and James 1., by J.A. Symonds. (Mermaid ser.) Marshall, E. In the service of Rachel, Lady Rus

sell; a story.

Massinger, P. Philip Massinger; ed., with introd. and notes, by A. Symons. 1887-89. 2 v. (Mermaid ser.) Maupassant, G. de. La paix du ménage; comédie en prose. 6e éd.

[blocks in formation]

Myers, F: W: H: Science and a future life; with

other essays.

Contents. Science and a future life. C: Darwin and agnosticism. The disenchantment of France. Tennyson as a prophet. Modern poets and cosmic law. - Leopold, Due of Albany; in memoriam.

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Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W. Thomas Chalmers, preacher, philosopher, and statesman. Orpen, A. E. The chronicles of the Sid; or, The life and travels of Adelia Gates. Parker, G., and others. Tavistock tales.

Contents. Parker, G. The march of the White Guard. Sharp, L. Sunshine Johnson, murderer. Falconer, L. The wrong prescription. Metcalfe,

R. Pensée. - Morrison, M. A. A Saul and David of the steppe. Burgin, G. B. The man from the Four Corners. Cameron, A. M. Feelers of love. - Guthrie-Smith, H. Tottie. - Atkinson, B. Miss Maloney's public house. Boyd, A. S. The white wand and the golden star. Cameron, A. M. A sprig of lavender. * Peard, F. M.. The blue dragon. [1889.] A story of the mystery plays in Chester in the reign of Henry VII. Philips, F. C.

Black and white.

Contents. Black and white. - A love story. - One never knows. A lucky young man. - Doctor Dulci. mer.- - Money makes the mare to go. The fortune of Festina lente. Unlucky in love, lucky at play.- The "Report" that was not read. glar and the judge. -Behind the scenes. ticular mode. — Marion Gray, spinster.


The bur



Purchased by request. Received by gift.


(Rulers of India.)

Poole, S. L-
Poore, G: V. Essays on rural hygiene.
Post, W. K. Harvard stories; sketches of the un-

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