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4 v.

Renard, J. Coquecigrues.
Ricard, J. Sœurs. 4e éd.

Ris Paquot, O. E. Dictionnaire encyclopédique
des marques et monogrammes, chiffres, let-
tres initiales, etc., conc. les aquafortistes, ar-
chitectes, armuriers, etc. 2 v.
Ryley, G: B. Scotland's Free Church; a histori-

cal retrospect [to 1843], and memorial of the disruption; with a summary of progress and finance, 1849-93; by J: M. McCandlish. Savage, Col. R: H: The masked Venus; a story of many lands. 2 v.


Schaff, P., and Jackson, S. M. Encyclopedia of living divines and Christian workers; suppl. to Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia of religious knowledge. 1890.

Schouler, J. Thomas Jefferson. (Makers of America.)

Scidmore, E. R. Appleton's guide-book to Alaska and the Northwest coast.

Scott, W: A. The repudiation of state debts; a study in the financial history of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia. Shakespeare, W: Works; ed. by W: A. Wright.

1891-93. 9 v.

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Spencer, H. Negative beneficence and positive be-
neficence; pts. 5, 6 of the Principles of
Spielmann, M. H. Henriette Ronner, painter of
cat life and character. New ed. 1892.
Spitzer, F: Catalogue des objets d'art antiques,
du Moyen Age, et de la Renaissance, compo-
sant l'importante collection Spitzer.

La collection Spitzer; antiquité, Moyen Age,
Renaissance. 1890-92. 6 v.

Statham, H. H. Form and design in music; outline of the æsthetic conditions of the art. Steel, Mrs. F. A. From the five rivers.

Contents. Gunesh Chund. The blue monkey. Shah Sujah's mouse. - Suttee. At a girl's school. — In a citron garden. Mir Jehan.- Shurfee the zaildar. - Songs of the people.

Stephens, J. B. Convict once; and other poems.

New ed. 1888.

Stiles, H: R. History and genealogies of ancient Windsor, Conn.; incl. East Windsor, South Windsor, Bloomfield, Windsor Locks, and Ellington, 1635-1891. 1891-92. 2 v. Contents. Vol. 1. History. 2. Genealogies and biographies.

Stories from Scribner; Stories of the South.


Contents. Page, T. N. No Haid Pawn. Robert-
son, H. How the Derby was won. Harris. J. C.
Aunt Fountain's prisoner. Davis, R. H. Tirar y

Sturgis, J. R. Count Julian; a Spanish tragedy.
Swinton, Mrs. B. A. G. de R. Sketch of the life of
Georgiana, Lady de Ros; with reminiscences
of her family and friends, incl. the Duke of
Symonds, J: A. Walt Whitman; a study.
Symons, A. Silhouettes. 1892.
Tabarant, A. L'aube; [roman].
Temple, Sir.R: James Thomason.
Tennyson, A., 1st Baron, and C.

Poems by two

Note. A repr. of the ed. of 1827, with "additional poems," from the ms. of 1827.

Theuriet, A. La chanoinesse; 1789-93.

*Thorne, W: H: Modern idols; studies in biography and criticism. 1887.

Contents. Matthew Arnold. Robert Browning. Ole Bull. Robert Burns. - T: Carlyle. George Eliot. George Sand.

*Tocqueville, A. C: H: C. de. Souvenirs, [184849]; pub. par le comte de Tocqueville. Tollemache, M. French Jansenists. Contents. Cornelius Jansen. J: Du Vergier de Hauranne, abbé de Saint Cyran. Jacqueline M.. Angélique Arnauld, Abbess of Port Royal. -Antoine Arnauld. L: I: Le Maître de Saci, P: Nicole. Blaise Pascal. L: Sebastien Le Nain de Tillemont. Pasquier Quesnel.

Toudouze, G. Tendresse de mère. 2e éd. Tout, T: F: Edward 1. (12 Eng. statesmen.) *Travers, G. Mona Maclean, medical student. 1892.

Trotter, Capt. L.J. The Earl of Auckland. (Rulers of India.) Vogt, G: La porcelaine.

*Westbrook, R: B. The eliminator; or, Skeleton keys to sacerdotal secrets. 1892.

The author considers the stories of the Old and New Testaments to be of a fabulous or mythical character. Wheatley, H: B: Literary blunders; a chapter in the " History of human error." (Booklover's lib.)

Wheeler, C. Columbia's emblem, Indian corn; a garland of tributes in prose and verse. Wheeler, Mrs. E. G. A Washington symphony. Whishaw, F: J Out of doors in Tsarland; the seeings and doings of a wanderer in Russia.

Wilson, G: R. Drunkenness.
Winter, W: George William Curtis; a eulogy,
Staten Island, Feb. 24.

Wordsworth, C., Bp. of St. Andrews. Annals of my life, 1847-56; ed. by W. E. Hodgson. Zahm, J. A. Sound and music. 1892.

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Andrews, W: Bygone Warwickshire.
Angot des Rotours, J. La morale du cœur;

étude d'âmes modernes, avec une préf. de F.

Contents. Préf. Introd. J. J. Rousseau. - A. Smith et les Ecossais. - F: H: Jacobi. -Mme. de Staël. -Maine de Biran. A. Schopenhauer. - A: Comte. J: S. Mill. R. W. Emerson.- H. Spencer. - Comte L. Tolstoï. Conclusion. Annual summaries; repr. from the Times. Vol. 1,

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Charles x.; illust.

The author keeps" to the historical and archeolog. ical rather than the architectural side of the churches." Bernays, J. Zwei Abhandlungen über die aristotelische Theorie des Drama. 1880. Bernstein, E: Ferdinand Lassalle as a social reformer; tr. by E. M. Aveling. Besant, W. The rebel queen; a novel. Bible. 0. T. Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha.

Enoch. The Book of Enoch; tr. from Prof. Dillmann's Ethiopic text; emended and rev.; with the Gizeh and other Greek and Latin fragments; ed. with introd., notes, etc., by R. H: Charles.

Biddle, N: History of the expedition under Lewis and Clark to the Missouri River, etc., 180406. New ed., with biog and bibliog. introd., maps, etc., by E. Coues. 4 v. Boulger, D. C: Short history of China; an account of an ancient empire and people. Bradley, A. G., and others. History of Marlborough College during fifty years from its foundation.

Bridges, R. Milton's prosody; an examination of the rules of the blank verse in [his] later poems; with the versification of Samson Agonistes, and notes.

Brown, C. History of Nottinghamshire. 1891. (Popular county hist.)

Buffen, F: F. Musical celebrities. 2d ser. Burdett-Coutts, A. G., Baroness. Woman's mis

sion; Congress papers on the philanthropic work of women; by eminent writers.

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The hous of fame, in three books; ed. by W.
W. Skeat. (Clarendon press ser.)

Chetham Society. General index to the Remains, historical and literary, vol. 31-114.

Claflin, Mrs. M.. B. Personal recollections of J: G. Whittier.

Clark, G: T: Medieval military architecture in England. 1884. 2 v.

Cosnac, G. J., cte. de. Mazarin et Colbert. 1892. 2 v. Costigan, A. W: Sketches of society and manners in Portugal; letters to his brother. Vol. 1. [1787.]

With bookplate of George Washington. Cruttwell, C: T: Literary history of early Christianity; incl. the fathers and the heretical writers of the Ante-Nicene period. 2 v.

* Curel, F. de. Les fossiles; pièce. 1892. L'invitée; comédie.


Dante Alighieri. La divina commedia; riveduta nel testo e commentata da G. A. Scartazzini. Ed. minore.

Dicey, A. V. A leap in the dark; or, Our new constitution.

"An examination into the leading principles of the [Home Rule] Bill with a view of establishing two conclusions; (1) that the Bill contains a New Constitution for the whole United Kingdom; (2) that this must work injury both to England and to Ireland."

Doyle, A. C. The refugees; a tale of two continents. 2 v.

Drake, S: A. Around the Hub; a boy's book about Boston. 1892.

+ Dreer, F. J.

Catalogue of [his] collection of autographs. 1890-93. 2 v.

Droysen, J: G. Outline of the principles of history, Grundriss der Historik; with biog. sketch; tr. by E. B. Andrews. Earwaker, J: P. Lancashire and Cheshire wills

and inventories, 1572-1696, at Chester; with app. of wills, etc., proved at York or Richmond, 1542-1649. (Chetham Soc.)

Ebner-Eschenbach, M.. von, Freiherrin. The two countesses; tr. by Mrs. Waugh. (Unknown library.)

*Purchased by request.

† Received by gift.

Elliot, F. Diary of an idle woman in Constantinople. Emerson, P: H: On English lagoons; voyage of two wherrymen on Norfolk and Suffolk rivers and broads; with app., the log of the wherry "Maid of the mist." Ermitage, L'; revue artistique et littéraire. 4e année, no. 1.

Freeman, E: A: History of federal government in Greece and Italy; ed. by J. B. Bury. 2d ed.

Galton, F. Supplementary chapter to " Finger prints"; decipherment of blurred finger prints; illust.

Gladstone, W. E. Mr. Gladstone; a life misspent ; letters to and on the above. 1892.

Glynne, Sir S. R: Notes on the churches of Lancashire; ed. by J. A. Atkinson. (Chetham


Godefroy de Bouillon. History of Godefrey of Boloyne and of the conquest of Jherusalem; [tr. by W: Caxton]. Kelmscott Press.

Gosse, E. W: Questions at issue.

Contents. The tyranny of the novel. The influence of democracy on literature. Has America produced a great poet? What is a poet? -Making a name in literature. - The limits of realism in fiction. Is verse in danger?Tennyson, and after. - - Shelley in 1892. Symbolism and S. Mallarmé. Two pastels: R. L: Stevenson as a poet; R: Kipling's short stories. An election at the English Academy. App. Gould, S. B. Mrs. Curgenven of Curgenven. *Grand, Mme. S. The heavenly twins. Grant, R. The opinions of a philosopher. Gregorovius, F. Geschichte der Stadt Athen im

Mittelalter, von der Zeit Justinian's bis zur türkischen Eroberung. 1889. 2 v. Grey, H: M. Lloyd's yesterday and to-day. + Gruel, L. Catalogue des reliures de style et objets artistiques en cuir ciselé.

Haferkorn, H: E. Handy list of books on fine arts and architecture; painting, sculpture,

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Registers. Vol. 1-17. 1877-91. 17 v. Haweis, H. R. Sir Morell Mackenzie, physician and operator; memoir compiled from private papers and personal reminiscences. Hazard, S: General index to the Colonial records, 16 v., and to the Pennsylvania archives, 12 v. 1860.

Hazlitt, W. Liber amoris; or, The new Pygmalion; with introd. by R: Le Gallienne. Helbig, W. Führer durch die öffentlichen Sammlungen klassicher Alterthümer in Rom. 1891. 2 v.

Henrique, L. Les colonies françaises; notices il

lustrées. [1890.] 6 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Colonies et protectorats de l'Océan Indien. 2. Colonies d'Amérique. 3. Colonies et protectorats d'Indo Chine. 4. Colonies et protectorats de l'Océan Pacifique. 5, 6. Colonies d'Afrique.

Herpin, L. (pseud. Lucien Perey). Le président Hénault et Mme. Du Deffand; la cour du régent, la cour de Louis xv et de Marie Leczinska. 4e éd.

Hobhouse, L. T. The labour movement; with
pref. by R. B. Haldane.
Hornung, E. W: Tiny Luttrell.
Howe, M. (now Mrs. J: Elliott). Art and handi-
craft in the woman's building of the World's
Columbian Exposition; with articles by
Mrs. Potter Palmer [and others].
Hugo, V: M.., comte. Alpes et Pyrénées. 1890.
France et Belgique. 1892.

James, H: Essays in London and elsewhere.

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und Pisidiens;

Lafargue-Decazes, G. L'hermine. [2e éd.] * Lanckoroński, K:, Graf. Städte Pamphyliens unter Mitwirkung von G: Niemann und E. Petersen. 1890-92. 2 v. Contents. Vol. 1. Pamphylien. 2. Pisidien. Langsdorff, G: H: von. Voyages and travels in various parts of the world, 1803-07. 1817. Laurent, P. M. Histoire de l'empereur Napoléon; illust. par H. Vernet. 1839. Leadman, A. D. H. Prolia Eboracensia; battles fought in Yorkshire, treated historically and topographically. 1891.

2 v.

Le Fèvre, R. Recuyell of the historyes of Troye; tr. by W: Caxton. Kelmscott Press, [1892]. Lenormant, C: Musée des antiquités égyptiennes, ou, Recueil des monuments égyp

tiens; architecture, statuaire, glyptique et peinture; accomp. d'un texte explicatif.


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Lepsius, K: R: Briefe aus Aegypten, Aethiopien, und der Halbinsel des Sinai, 1842-45. 1852. Leroy-Beaulieu, A. The empire of the Tzars and the Russians; tr. from the 3d French ed. by Z. A. Ragozin. Pt. 1. Lespinasse, R. de. Les métiers et corporations de la ville de Paris. Vol. 1. 1886.

+ Lesquereux, L. Flora of the Dakota group; ed. by F. H. Knowlton. 1891.

Letters from South Africa; repr. from the Times, July-Oct. 1892.

Lewis, Lieut. G: History of Battery E, First Regiment R. I. Light Artillery in the war of 1861-65. 1892.

Linn, T: The health resorts of Europe: a medical

guide to the mineral springs, climatic, mountain and seaside health resorts, milk, whey, grape, earth, mud, sand, and air cures; with introd. by T. M. Coan.

Lowell, J. R.

Conversations on some of the old poets; with introd. by R. E. Thompson. 3d ed. enl.

Mackail, J: W:, and others. Love's looking glass; a volume of poem. 1891. M'Crindle, J. W. The invasion of India by Alex

ander the Great as described by Arrian, Q. Curtius, Diodorus, Plutarch, and Justin; trans. of portions of [their] works; with introd. cont. a life of Alexander. Madison, J. Journal of the Federal Convention; repr. from ed. of 1840, ed. by E. H. Scott. Mariette, A: E: Dendérah; descr. gén, du grand

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Meyer, H. J. Konversations- Lexikon; ein Nachschlagewerk des allgemeinen Wissens. 5e Aufl. Vol. 1.

Michaelis, H. New dictionary of the Portuguese and English languages; based on a ms. of J. Cornet. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Portuguese-English. 2. Eng. lish-Portuguese.


Minto, W: Logic, inductive and deductive. Moloney, J. A. With Captain Stairs to Katanga. Moore, F. F. I forbid the bans;" the story of a comedy which was played seriously. 2 v. Moore, H. E. Back to the land. (Social questions of today.)

The writer is not only practically concerned in farming large areas, but has given much attention during the past few years to colonization and to the small holdings question. He therefore publishes the results of his experience, with certain suggestions and criticisms. Morelli, G. (pseud. I. Lermolieff). Die Galerie zu Berlin; nebst einem Lebensbilde G. Morelli's; hrsg. von G. Frizzoni.

Morris, W: News from nowhere; or, An epoch of rest; chapters from a Utopian romance. Kelmscott Press, [1892].

New Jersey. Documents relating to the colonial history of New Jersey; ed. by W: A. Whitehead, etc. Vol. 1-10, 13-17. 1631-1776. 1880-92. 15 v.

*Nordau, M. Gefühls-Komödie; roman. 1892. Normandie monumentale et pittoresque, La; édifices publics, églises, châteaux, etc.; héliogravures d'après les photographies de E. Letellier; texte par J. Adeline, etc.; avec une introd. par A. Dayot. [Vol. 1.]

Contents. Vol. 1. Seine-Inférieure. Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W. The sorceress; a novel.

[blocks in formation]

Paalzow, H. Godwie-Castle; aus den Papieren der Herzogin von Nottingham. 9e Aufl. [189-.]

Jakob van der Nees. [189-.]

Ste. Roche. 6e Aufl. [1884.]
Thomas Thyrnau. 7e Aufl. [1888.]

Page, J: L. W. The rivers of Devon from source to sea; with the towns and villages on their banks; illust.

Pepys, S: Diary; transcribed from ms. in the Pepysian Libr., Magdalene Coll., Camb., by M. Bright, with Lord Braybrooke's notes; ed. with add. by H: B: Wheatley. Vol. 1, 2. + Perkins, C: C. History of the Handel and Haydn Society. 1833-93.

Philippson, M. Histoire du règne de Marie Stuart.

1891-92. 3 v.

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33 v.

Schelling, F. E. Life and writings of G: Gascoigne; with three poems heretofore not repr.

Poetic and verse criticism of the reign of Elizabeth. 1891.

Scollard, C. Songs of sunrise lands. 1892. Smetham, J. Literary works; ed. by W: Davies. Contents. Essays; Sir Joshua Reynolds.- William Blake. Alexander Smith. - Gerhard Dow. - Poems.

Smith, G: B. The lite and enterprises of Ferdinand de Lesseps.

Smith, R. A. H. B. Greece under King George. Snell, F: J: Primer of Italian literature. (Clarenden press ser.)

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in

Foreign Parts. Classified digest of the records, 1701-1892.

+Southwick, S.. H. Reminiscences of early antislavery days,

Sparks, J. Life and writings; selections from his journals and correspondence; by H. B. Adams. 2 v.

Spitzer, D. Das Herrenrecht; eine Novelle in Briefen. 12e Aufl. 1883.

Stephen, J. K. Quo musa tendis? 1891. Stevenson, R. L: David Balfour; memoirs of his adventures at home and abroad; written by himself. 2d pt.

Note. Continuation of "Kidnapped."

Stübel, A., and Uhle, M. Die Ruinenstaette von Tiahuanaco, Peru; eine Kulturgeschichtliche Studie. 1892.

Thoumas, Gen. C: A. Paris, Tours, Bordeaux; souvenirs de la guerre de 1870-71. Thoyts, E. E. The key to the family chest; how to decipher and study old documents; a guide to the reading of ancient mss.; with introd. by C. T. Martin.

Trask, K. Under King Constantine. Tsurayuki, K: Log of a Japanese journey from Tosa to [Tokio, circa 935; the "Tosa nikki;" tr. by F. B. Harris]. 1891.

Tuckwell, W: The ancient ways; Winchester fifty years ago; illust.

Tupper, C: L. Our Indian protectorate; an introd. to the study of the relations between the British Government and its Indian feudatories.

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Virginia magazine of history and biography; pub. quarterly by the Virginia Hist. Soc. Vol. 1, no. 1, July 1893. Vogüé, E. M., vicomte de. Heures d'histoire. 2e éd.

Voragine, J. de The golden legend; [repr. of orig. ed. by W: Caxton, 1484; ed. by F: S. Ellis. Kelmscott Press, 1892.] 3 v.

* Waliszewski, K. Le roman d'une impératrice, Catherine II de Russie. 5e éd. Walker, G., Gov. of Derry. The siege of Londonderry in 1689; with notes; ed. by P. Dur

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