Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]

Adkins, W: R. D. Our county; sketches of representative men of Northamptonshire. Alcott, L. M., and Pratt, Mrs. A.. B. A.


tragedies; acted by the "Little women." Contents. A foreword, by Meg. - Norna; or, The witch's curse. The captive of Castile; or, The Moorish maiden's row. - The Greek slave. Ion. - Bianca; an operatic tragedy. The unloved wife; or, Woman's faith.

Aldrich, T: B. Two bites at a cherry; with other tales.

Contents. Two bites at a cherry. - "For bravery on the field of battle." The Chevalier de Resseguier. Goliath.- My cousin the Colonel. - A Christmas fantasy, with a moral. Her dying words.

*Angellier, A: Robert Burns. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. La vie. 2. Les œuvres.

† Appleton, W: S. Early wills illustrating the ancestry of Harriot Coffin; with genealogical and biographical notes.

Architectural review.

Vol. 1. 1891-92.

[blocks in formation]

Brown, T: E:

Old John; and other poems.

Brunetière, F. Conférences de l'Odéon; les époques du théâtre français, 1636-1850. Brunn, H: Griechische Kunstgeschichte.



Bryan, E. A. The mark in Europe and America; a review of the discussion on early land


Burnett, Mrs. F. H. The one I knew the best of all; a memory of the mind of a child. Calvert, S: Memoir of E: Calvert, artist; illust. Cambridge companion to the Bible; the structure, introductions, hist., antiq., concordance, etc.

Camp, W. Book of college sports.
Catherwood, Mrs. M.. H. The white islander.
Chabot, A. Un parvenu. 2e éd. 1892.

Note. Continuation of "Les fiancés de Radegonde," and concluded by "Le marquis de Saint-Etienne." Chapin, C: W. Sketches of the old inhabitants of old Springfield of the present century, and its historic mansions; illust.

Church, J. R. University football; play of each position by a college expert.

Cleaveland, G: A., and Campbell, R. E. American landmarks; pictures of our country's historic shrines, with text.

Cooke, C. J. B. British locomotives; their history, construction, and modern development. Crawford, F. M. Marion Darche; a story with

out comment.

Crowe, E. With Thackeray in America. Daniell, C. J: The industrial competition of Asia; inquiry into the influence of currency on the commerce of the empire in the east. 1890.

Denison, Rev. F. A chaplain's experience in the Union army.

Didier, C: 500 lieues sur le Nil. 1858. Dobson, A. Horace Walpole; a memoir; with app. of books printed at the Strawberry-Hill press; illust.

Dougall, L. What necessity knows; [a story]. Drachmann, H. Danish stories; The cruise of the "Wild duck," and other tales. (Pseudonym library.)

Contents. The cruise of the "Wild Duck." She died and was buried. The Church ship. A romance of the downs. Round Cape Horn. The pilot's mu

sical box.

Drake, S: A. Our colonial homes; illust. Dryden, J: Works; with notes and life of author, by Sir W. Scott, rev. by G: Saintsbury. 1882-93. 18 v.

Du Boisgobey, F. Le Chêne-Capitaine. [4e éd. 1891.]

Duff, E: G. Early printed books.
Earle, Mrs. A. M.

New England.

Customs and fashions in old

Eggleston, E: Duffels.

Contents. Sister Tabea. The redemptioner. A basement story. - Gunpowder plot. Story of a val entine. Huldah, the help. - New cashier. Priscilla. - Talking for life. -Periwinkle. — Christmas club.

[blocks in formation]

Ellis, A. B. History of the Gold Coast of West Africa.

* Farrington, M. V. Fra Lippo Lippi; a romance. 2d ed. 1892. Illust.

Ferrar, N: Nicholas Ferrar, his household and his friends; ed. by T: T. Carter. 2d ed. Flüggen, O. G. Biographisches Bühnen-Lex

ikon der deutschen Theater, von Beginn der deutschen Schauspielkunst. 1. Jhrg. 1892. Ford, C. Life and letters of Mme. de Krudener. Foster, J. Oxford men and their colleges; illust. Oxford men, 1880-92; with a record of their schools, honours, and degrees; illust. Fuller, H: B. The cliff-dwellers; a novel. Geikie, J. Fragments of earth lore; sketches and addresses geolog. and geographical.

Gilder, R: W. The great remembrance; and other poems.

+ Gilmore, E. L. Christ Church, Gardiner, Me.; antecedents and history.

Gray, A. Letters; ed. by J.. L. Gray. 2 v.
+ Great Britain. Commissioners for the Chicago
Exhibition, 1893. Official catalogue of the
British section. 1st ed.

Guiney, I... I. A roadside harp; a book of verses.
Gutteridge, J. Lights and shadows in the life of

an artisan; with preface by W: Jolly. Hale, E: E. For fifty years; verses written on occasion in the course of the 19th century Hamerton, P. G. Drawing and engraving;


brief exposition of technical principles and practice. 1892. Illust. Hardy, A. Théâtre; erster Neudruck, von E. Stengel. 1883-84. 5 v.

Harrison, Mrs. C. G. Sweet bells out of tune. Harrison, W. Memorable Paris houses; with illust. critical and anecdotal notices. Hawker, P: Diary, 1802-53; with introd. by Sir R. Payne-Gallwey. 2 v.

Hawker, R. S. Prose works; re-ed. with sketches never before published.

Hayes, M. H. The points of the horse; treatise on equine conformation; illust.

Hazard, C. Thomas Hazard, son of Robert, called College Tom; a study of life in Narragansett in the 18th century.

Climate of Chicago.

+ Hazen, H. A. Hazlitt, W: C. Coinage of the European continent; with catalogues of mints, denominations, and rulers; illust.

Henderson, T. F. Old-world Scotland; glimpses of its modes and manners.

Higginson, T. W., and Channing, E: English history for American readers.

Hill, G. History of English dress from the Saxon period to the present day. 2 v. Hodgkin, T: Italy and her invaders. 2d ed. Vol. 1, 2. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1, bk. 1. The Visigothic invasion; pt. 1,2. 2, bk. 2. The Hunnish invasion. Bk. 3. The Vandal invasion and the Herulian mutiny.

[blocks in formation]

Hunter, Sir W: W. The Indian empire; its people, history, and products. 3d ed.

Hutton, W: H. The Marquess Wellesley. (Rulers of India.)

Index to the periodical literature of the world, 1892; [pub. by] the Review of reviews. *Irving, W. Washington and his country; I.'s Life, abrgd., with introd. and outline of U. S. hist. to [1865], by J: Fiske. 1891. (Classics for children.)

Jacobs, J. The Jews of Angevin England; docs. and records from Latin and Hebrew sources. (Eng. hist. by contemp. writers.)

More English fairy tales.

James, H: The wheel of time; Collaboration; Owen Wingrave.

Janvier, T: A. An embassy to Provence. +Japan. Dept. of Education. Outlines of the modern education in Japan; tr.

† Bureau of Commerce and Industry. General view of commerce and industry in Japan. Jewett, S.. O. A native of Winby; and other tales.

Contents. A native of Winby. - Decoration Day. Jim's little woman. Failure of D: Berry. Passing of sister Barsett. Miss Esther's guest. - Flight of Betsey Lane. Between mass and vespers. - A little captive maid.

Johnson, C. The country school in New England. Illust.

Joyce, H. History of the [British] Post Office, from its establishment down to 1836. Joyce, P. W. Short history of Ireland, from earliest times to 1608.

King, G. Balcony stories.

Contents. The balcony.-A drama of three.-La grande demoiselle. - Mimi's marriage.-The miracle chapel.— Story of a day. -Anne Marie and Jeanne Marie. — A crippled hope. -"One of us." Little convent girl. -Grandmother's grandmother. The old lady's res toration. A delicate affair. — Pupasse.

Lang, A. The true story book.
Lehmann, H: Peintures murales de la Galerie des
Fêtes à l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris; reprod.
photographiques. 1854.

Lemon, I. A pair of lovers; and other tales, "The
short and simple annals of the poor."
Contents. A pair of lovers. -An artist of the pave-
ment. A sacrifice. - Jim. - Mary. Litt’la-iza. —
A glimpse of the country. A condition of marriage.

Levy, A. Napoléon intime. 6e éd.

Lexis, W:, and others. Die deutschen Universitaten; für die Universitätsausstellung in Chicago, 1893, hrsg. 2 v.

Liddon, H: P. Life of E: B. Pusey: ed. by J. 0. Johnston and R. J. Wilson. Vol. 1, 2. 2 v. Contents. Vol 1. 1800-36. 2. 1836-46.

Lloyd, E. W., and Hadcock, A. G: Artillery; its progress and present position.

Lowell, J. R. Letters; ed. by C: E. Norton. 2 v. Lowell, Mrs. J. S. Industrial arbitration and conciliation; chapters from the industrial hist. of the past 30 years. (Questions of the day.)

* Purchased by request.

† Received by gift.

Lummis, C: F. The land of poco tiempo [New



Repplier, A. Essays in idleness.

Contents. Agrippina. - The children's poets. praises of war. — Leisure. Words.- Ennui. and humor.

Lyall, E., pseud. Malleson, G: B. Margueritte, P. Mariette, A: E:

To right the wrong; a novel.
Lord Clive.
Ma Grande.
Voyage dans

(Rulers of India.)

[18e éd.] la Haute-Egypte;

Rice, J. M.

Riley, J. W.

Ritter, W:

avec vues photographiées d'après les monuments antiques entre le Caire et la première cataracte. 2e éd. 2 v.

Mars, A. Quand on conspire! opérette-bouffe ; avec chœurs et couplets. Nouv. éd. 1890. Martin, E: S. Windfalls of observation. Mathew, F. At the rising of the moon; Irish stories and studies.

Merriam, G: S. Noah Porter; a memorial by friends.

Monkhouse, W: C. Life of Leigh Hunt. (Great writers.)

+ Morse, E: S. A curious Aino toy.

Note. Repr. from Essex Inst. Bull., v. 25. Morse, Mrs. L. G. Rachel Stanwood; a story of the middle of the 19th century. Müller, F: M. Theosophy; or, Psychological religion; Gifford lectures before the Univ. of Glasgow, 1892.

Negri, A. Fatalità; [Italian poems]. 3a ed. Newberry, P. E. Beni Hasan; with plans and measurements of the tombs by G. W. Fraser. Pt. 1. Illust. (Egypt Exploration Fund.)

Newhall, C: S.

ica. Illust.

Shrubs of northeastern Amer

[blocks in formation]

Note. Not a trans. of Hues de Tabarie's Ordene de chevalerie, as stated by Graesse and others. Oudemans, A. C. The great sea-serpent; historical and critical treatise, with reports of 187 appearances, etc. 1892. Palgrave, R. H. I. Dictionary of political economy; and notices of deceased economists. Pt. 1-5. 1891.

Paulian, L: Paris qui mendie; [les vrais et les faux pauvres]; mal et remède. 4e éd.

Philips, G: Travels in North America. 1822. Piatt, D. General G: H: Thomas; a critical biography; with concluding chapters by H: V. Boynton.

Piggott, F. T.

The music and musical instruments of Japan; with notes by T. L. Southgate.

Placci, C: Un furto; romanzo.


Polland, A. W: Chaucer. (Literature primers.)
Pool, M. L.. The two Salomes; a novel.
Ramsay, W: M. The church in the Roman Em-

pire before A. D. 170.

Randoph. A. M. F. Trial of Sir John Falstaff; wherein the fat knight is permitted to answer for himself the charges laid against him.

Rawlinson, G: The story of Parthia. (Story of of the nations.)

Reibrach, J: Aller et retour.

Renton, W. Outlines of English literature. (Univ. extension manuals.)

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[blocks in formation]

Public school system of the U. S.

Poems here at home. Ames blanches.

Rivière, J. My musical life and recollections. Roberto, F: de. L'illusione; romanzo. 2a ed.


Roosevelt, T., and Grinnell, G: B. American biggame hunting; the book of the Boone and Crockett Club.

Ruskin, J: Poetry of architecture; or, The architecture of Europe considered in its associa

tion with natural scenery and national character. Illust.

Note. Reprinted from the Architectural magazine. Russell, A. P. Sub-Cœlum; a sky-built human world.

Salvini, T: Leaves from the autobiography of Salvini.

Scaife, W. B. Florentine life during the Renaissance. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies.) Schickler, F., baron de. Les églises du réfuge en Angleterre. 1892. 3 v.

Scotch-folk. 4th ed. 1886. Illust.

Seelye, E.. E. The story of Washington; ed. with an introd. by. E: Eggleston. (Delights

of history.)

Selous, F: C. Travel and adventure in south-east Africa: narrative of 11 years on the Zambesi; with acct. of the colonization of Mashunaland, and progress of the gold industry in that country.

Sienkiewicz, H: Yanko the musician; and other stories; tr. by J. Curtin.

Contents. Yanko the musician. - The light-house keeper of Aspinwall. From the diary of a tutor in Poznan.- - Comedy of errors. Bartek the victor. Simson, J. Eminent men of Kent. Skelton, J: Mary Stuart. Illust. Smith, A.C: The autobiography of an old passport; driving tours over the roads of western Eu

[blocks in formation]

Stone, W: L. Ballads and poems relating to the Burgoyne campaign; annotated. (Munsell's hist. ser.)

Story, A. T. William Blake; his life, character, and genius.

Sweet, H: New English grammar, logical and historical. Pt. 1. 1892. (Clarendon press ser.)

Symonds, J: A. Essays, speculative and suggestive. New ed.

Times annual, The, 1891. 1892.
Todd, A. Parliamentary government in England;

its origin, development, and practical opera-
tion. New ed., abrgd. and rev. by S. Wal-
pole. 1892. 2 v.

Toscanelli; notes et documents concernant les rapports entre l'Italie et l'Amérique. T. 1, no.


Tuckerman, B. William Jay and the constitu

tional movement for the abolition of slavery; with pref. by J: Jay.

Tyacke, Mrs. R. H. How I shot my bears; or, Two years' tent life in Kullu and Lahoul. Illust. Van Rensselaer, Mrs. M. G. English cathedrals; Canterbury, Peterborough, Durham, Salisbury, Lichfield, Lincoln, Ely, Wells, Winchester, Gloucester, York, London; illust. by J. Pennell. 1892.

Varigny, C: de. La femme aux Etats Unis. Vaux, C: M., baron de. Ecuyers et écuyères; hist.

des cirques d'Europe, 1680-1891, avec une étude sur l'équitation savante, par M. Gaussen; préf. par H: Meilhac, introd. par V. Franconi. 3e éd.

Veitch, J: History and poetry of the Scottish Border; their main features and relations. New and enl. ed. 2 v.

Villari, Signora L. Here and there in Italy, and over the border.

Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, P. A: M., comte de.

[blocks in formation]

Note. No more ever published.

Le nouveau-monde; drame en prose. 1880. La révolte; drame, en prose. 1870. Tribulat Bonhomet. [1887.] *Wagner, W: R: Gesammelte Schriften und Dichtungen. 2e Aufl. 1887-88. 10 v. Wallace, J. History of Illinois and Louisiana un

der the French rule, embracing a general view of the French dominion in N. Amer.; with some account of the Eng. occupation of Illinois.

Warner, C: D. As we go; [essays]. Illust. Washington, G: Accounts with the U. S., June 1775-June 1783; fac-simile copy. 1833.

[blocks in formation]

Weiss, J: J. Wendell, B.

Stelligeri; and other essays concerning America.

Contents. Stelligeri. -Four Amer. centuries.- Some neglected characteristics of the New England Puritans. Were the Salem witches guiltless?- American liter ature. J. G. Whittier. Mr. Lowell as a teacher. Wiley, W: H., and King, S. The Yosemite, Alaska, and the Yellowstone; repr. from "Engineering."

Williams, A. M. Sam Houston, and the war of independence in Texas.

Wilson, J. G. Memorial history of the city of
New York. 1892-93. 4 v.
Wilson, W. An old master; and other political

Contents. An old master [Adam Smith]. The study of politics.- Political sovereignty. Character of democracy in the U. S. Government under the Constitution.

Winchester (Diocese). Hampshire allegations for marriage licences, 1689-1837; extr. and ed. by W. J. C. Moens. Vol. 1. (Harleian Soc.)

Winter, W: Life and art of Edwin Booth.
Winthrop, J, Gov. of Mass., and Tyndal, M.
Some old Puritan love-letters, 1618-38; ed.
by J. H. Twichell.
Wishart, G:, Bp. of Edin. Memoirs of James,
Marquis of Montrose, 1639-50; tr., with
introd., notes, and the orig. Latin, by A. D.
Murdoch and H. F. M. Simpson.

Wissmann, H. von. My second journey through
equatorial Africa, from the Congo to the
Zambesi, 1886-87; tr. from German by M.
J. A. Bergmann. 1891.

+ Woodberry, G: E: Notices on the ms. volume of Shelley's poems in the library of Harvard College. 1889.

Xenophon Atheniensis. The art of horsemanship; tr., with chapters on the Greek riding-horse and notes, by M. H. Morgan.

Yale review; quarterly journal of history and political science. Vol. 1.

Young, A. Six weeks through the Southern counties of England and Wales; desc. state of agriculture, manufactures, etc.; letters. 2d ed, enl. 1769.

Young, C: A: Text-book of general astronomy for colleges and scientific schools.

Zola, E. Le docteur Pascal. (Les Rougon Macquart.)

* Purchased by request.

† Received by gift.

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