Slike stranica

Abbey, C: J: Religious thought,

Abel, C: Ein ægyptisch-semi-
tisch-indo-europ. Wurzelwör
terbuch, 1349.
Ache, C.d'. Carnet de chèques,
Centennial mile-

Adams, C: F.
stone, 1333.
Adams, F.

The Australians,

Addis, W: E. Catholic dic-
tionary, 1361.
Adkins, W: R. D. Our coun-
try, 1369.

Adler, F. Moral instruction of
children, 1341.
Eschylus. Lyrical dramas;
The Oresteia, 1353.
Aitchison, C: Lord Lawrence,

Alcott, L. M. Comicftrag.,1369.
Alden, E. K. Repr. assemblies,

Aldrich, T: B. Two bites at a
cherry, 1369.

Alexander, W: Primary convic-

tions, 1353.

Alexandre, R. Le musee de la
conversation, 1345.

Allan, W: Army of North Va.,



to nos. 320-329 (books received Jan. - Dec. 1893).

Words in parentheses after the page-numbers show the heading under which the note referred to will be found.

Allen, G. Blood royal, 1361.
Science in Arcady, 1345.
Amory, T: C. Family of J:

Sullivan, etc., 1361.
Andrews, W. Bygone England,
1341. Bygone Leicestershire,
1345. Bygone Warwickshire,


Angellier, A:

Robert Burns,
Angot des Rotours, J. La mo-
rale du cœur, 1365.
Annales d. sci. psychiques, 1341.
Annual summaries, 1365.
Anstey, F. Mr. Punch's pocket
Ibsen, 1361.
Appleton, W: S. Early wills,

Architectural review, 1369.
Archivio di pedagogia, 1349.
Ardel, H:
Coeur de sceptique,

Athens, 1353.
Armstrong, E:
religion, 1333.
Arnold, E. Adzuma, 1349.
Arnold, H. P. J. M. Warren,


Arnold, T: Catholic dictionary,
1361. (Addis and Arnold.)
Arrianus. Anabasis of Alex-
ander, 1365.
Arthèz, D. La femme de mon
fils, 1361.
Astronomy and astro-physics,

Audebrand, P.
19e siècle, 1345.
Austin, A.

Atkins, T. D. The Kelt, 1353.
Aubertin, J. J. Wanderings,
Petits mém.,
Fortunatus the

Constitution of
French wars of

pessimist, 1353.
Ayres, M. C. Phillips Brooks,

[blocks in formation]

man, 1365.

Bangs. J: K. Coffee and repar-
tee; Toppleton's client, 1365.
Banister, H: C. Musical analy-

sis, 1341.
Banks. G: N. France, 1341.
Barbara, C: L'assassinat du

Pont-Rouge, 1341.
Barbey d'Aurevilly, J. A.
Amaïdée, 1365. Dernières
polémiques, 1369. Goethe et
Diderot, 1365. Littérature
épistolaire, 1369. Une page
d'histoire, 1365. Pensées dé.
tachées; Polémiques d'hier;
Prophètes du passé; Quarante
méd. de l'Acad.; Théâtre con-
temporain, 1369. Vieille mai-
tresse, 1365.
Bardi, G. Della cosa notabili,
Venetia, 1333.
Barine, A.
Pierre, 1357.
Barker, E: H. Wanderings by

Bernardin de St.

southern waters, 1349.
Barlow, J.. Irish idylls, 1337.
Barnum, S: W. Eng. rhymes,


[blocks in formation]

Barry, A. Lights of science,
Barry, J: W. Corsica, 1349.
Bartlett, T: E: The Bartletts,
Barton, W: G.
ings, 1349.

Songs, saunter-
(Breed and Bar-

Poetical works,

In the bundle of
American ma.

Basse, W:
Bates, A.
time, 1345.
Bates, W: W.
rine, 1349.
Batiffol, R: Hist. du bréviaire
romain, 1349.
Bax, E. B. Reality, 1333.
Bayne, P: Free Church of Boston. Second Soc. of Univ.
Scotland, 1361.
75 anniv., 1357.
Bazán, E. P. Morriña,1369.
Beach, D. N. Newer religious
thinking, 1357.

Map showing terminal fa-
cilities, 1369.
Boston Archit. Club.
book, 1361.


Bouchor, M. Trois mystères,

Beale, S.S. Churches of Paris,

[blocks in formation]

Bent, J. T. Mashonaland,1333.
Bentley, A. F. The western
farmer, 1369.
Beraldi, II: Les graveurs, 19e

siècle, 1361.

Berdoe, E. The healing art,1361.
Bernays, J. Die aristotelische

Theorie des Drama, 1365.

Bernstein, E: Lassalle, 1365.
Bertrand, A. La Gaule, 1341.
Besant, W. By Celia's arbour,
1361. The rebel queen, 1365.
Betham, G. K. Story of a da-
coity, 1357.

Bible. O.T. Apoc. Enoch. The
book of Enoch, 1365.

Bridgman, M. F.
Manse, 1369.
Brightwen, E.

John Fisher,
Tales at the
Wild nature,
Brockhaus' Konversations-lexi-
kon, 1369.
Bromley, G: W. and W. S. At-
las of Brookline, 1361.
Brooke, S. A: Early Eng. liter-
ature, 1337.
Brookfield, C: H. E. Twilight
of love, 1361.
Brooklyn Ethical Assoc. Amer.
civilization, 1369. Evolution,
1333. Man and the state, 1337.
Brooks, A. Phillips Brooks,

N. T. Galatians; introd.
by J. B. Lightfoot, 1337.
Biblia, 1341.
Bickersteth, M. Japan, 1361.
Biddle, N: Exped., Lewis and
Clark, 1365.

Biddulph, C. E. In Persia,1353.
Bindi, V. Abruzzi, 1361.

Brooks, E. S. New York, 1357.
Binet, A. Altérations de la Brooks, P. Addresses, 1353.
personalité, 1357.
Biré, E. Victor Hugo, 1337.
Bishop, W: H: House-hunter
in Europe, 1361.
Black, A. Ohio, 1357.
Black, H.. C. Notable women
authors, 1341.
Black, W: Wolfenberg, 1345.
Blackburn, H: Artistic travel,

Blades, W:

Books in chains,


Blake, W: Works, 1361.
Bliss, W: R. Old Colony town,


Blissard, W. Usury and inter-
est. 1345.

Blunt, W. S. Esther, 1345.
Bolles, F. North of Bearcamp
water, 1349.

Bolton,C: K. Spec. coll., Amer.
lib., 1363. (Lane and Bolton.)
Bolton, H: C. Bibliog. of chem.,
Bolton, S. K. Eng. states., 1357.
Bonsal, S. Morocco, 1333.
Borderland, 1369.
Boston. Maps, 1341.



F. W. Sursum

Boulger, D.C: History of China,
corda, 1361.
Bourget, P. Cosmopolis, 1345.
La terre promise, 1345.
Boyesen, H. H. Golden calf,
1345. Social strugglers, 1357.
Brackett, A. C. Poetry for
home, 1353. Woman, 1361.
Bradley, A. G., etc. Marlbo-

rough College, 1365.
Breed, G. J. Songs, 1349.
Brémont, A.. D. Great compo-
sers; Great singers; Great
virtuosi, 1341.
Brett, R.B. Footprints of states-
men, 1345.

Bridge, H. N.Hawthorne,1357.
Bridges, R.
Milton's prosody,


Bridgett, T: E.

Sermons, 1369.

Broughton, R. Mrs. Bligh, 1333.
Broughton, T: D. Letters, 1353.
Brown, C. Nottinghamshire,

Brown, H. F.
Brown, J: C.
land, 1349.
Brown, J. M.
Brown, P. H.
1700, 1361.
Brown, R. H.
Brown, T: E:
Browne, A. E.
life, 1345.

Venice, 1353.
People of Fin-

Stray sport,1369.
Scotland before

Fayûm, 1345.
Old John, 1369.
Old New Eng.

Browne, M. H. A spray of lilac, 1361. Brownell, W. C. French art,


Bryan, E. A. The mark in Europe and Amer., 1369. Bryden, H. A. Gun and camera, So. Africa, 1361. Buck, W. J. Wild Spain, 1361. (Chapman and Buck.)


Brunetière, F. Conferences de Chabot, A. Les fiancés de Rade l'Odéon, 1369. dégonde, 1349. Un parvenu, Brunn, H. Griechische Kunst- 1369. Marquis de Saint geschichte, 1369. Etienne, 1394. Bryan, C. W. Carriage driving, Chadwick, J:W. G: W: Curtis,



Chamier, D. Roman law, 1361. Chamouin, J: B. M. Paris, 1341. Champollion, le jeune,J: F. Panthéon égyptien, 1365. Channing, E: Eng. hist. for Amer. readers, 1370. (Higginson and Channing.) Chapin, C: W. Old inhabitants of old Springfield, 1369. Chapman, A. Wild Spain,1361. Chaptal, J: A. Souvenirs sur Napoléon, 1365. Charity Organization Society. The feeble-minded, 1365. Chaucer, G. Autotypes; House of fame, 1365. Chauvin, V: Bibliog. des ou vrages arabes, 1357. Cheney, E.D. C.D. Rauch, 1346. Burnham, C. L. Dr. Latimer, Chennells, E. Recollections 1357. of an Egyptian princess, 1353. Burrows, M. Cherbuliez, V. Le secret du précepteur, 1361. Chester, E. Girls and women, 1357. The unmarried woman, 1341. Chetham Society. Index to the Remains, 1365.

Cheyne, T: K. Founders, O.T.
criticism, 1361.
Chittenden, L. E. Personal
reminiscences, 1353.
Chuquet, A.
Church, J. R.
ball, 1369.
Church of Eng. Book of com-
mon prayer, 1357.
Claflin, M.. B. J: G. Whittier,

Rousseau, 1342.
University foot-


Buffen, F: F. Musical celebrities, 1365.

Bunner, H: C. Rowen, 1345. Buonanni, F. Numismata pontif. Romanorum, 1333. Burdett-Coutts, A.G. Woman's mission, 1365. Burnaby, E. H: V. Land's End to Jolin O'Groats, 1357. Burnand, F. C. Robinson Cru

soe, 1357. Burnett, F. H. The one I knew

the best, 1369.


hist. of Eng., 1353. Burton, I. Life, R: F.Burton, 1361. Bushill, T. W. Profit-sharing, 1353.

Butler, J. E. G: Butler, 1333. Buxton, E: N. Short stalks,


Cagnat, R. L'armée romaine d'Afrique, 1349.

Caine, R. H. Love songs, 1357. Caird, E: Evolution of religion, 1365.

Calvert, S: Mem., E: Calvert, 1369.

Cambridge, A. A little minx,


Cambridge companion to the Bible, 1369. Cameron, H: L. Weak woman, 1345. Camp, W. College sports,1369. Campbell, G: Memoirs, 1357. Campbell, G: D. Irish nationalism, 1357. Unseen foundations of society, 1345. Campbell, R. E. Amer. landmarks, 1369. (Cleaveland and Campbell.) Canaan, E. Theories of production, 1365. Canning, A. S.G: Existing religions, 1357. Capers, H: D. C. G. Memmin. ger, 1861. Caraguel, J. Les Barthozouls, 1361. Cardella, G. ter, 1341.

A king's daugh

Carey, K. N. Sir Godfrey's grand-daughters, 1337.

Carnot, L. N: M. Correspondance, 1341.

Carpenter, E: From Adam's

Peak, 1341.

Cattermole, R. Catullus, Q. V. Ceccoperius, F.

Carter, T: War medals, 1357. Cartwright, J. Sacharissa,1337. Carus, P. Truth in fiction, 1394. Castle, E. Eng. book-plates,

Cartoons, 1333. Attis, 1337. Bibliotessera,

1345. Catherwood, M. H. Old Kas. kaskia, 1357. The white is. lander, 1369. Cathrein, V:

Clark, G: T: Mediæval mili. tary archit., 1365.

Clarke, II: B. Span. lit., 1357. Claude,J: Persecutions of Protestants in France, 1361. Cleaveland, G: A. Amer. land. marks, 1369. Clemens, S. L. £1,000,000 bank. note, 1357. Clerk, J: Memoirs, 1353. Clifford, L.L. Last touches,1337. A wild proxy, 1353. Clowes, A. A. C: Knight, 1337. Cobbleigh, T. Gentleman Up. cott's daughter, 1346. Cockayne], G.E. Peerage, 1333. Coleridge, C.R. Hanbury Mills,


Collignon, M. Hist., sculp
ture grecque, 1361.
Collingwood, W: G. Life, J:
Ruskin, 1357.
Collins, J: C.
Collum, R: S.
Corps, 1350.
Colomb, P. H. The great war,
189-,1342. Naval defence, 1353.
Colombo, C. Journal, 1492-93,
Colville, Z:

Round the black man's garden, 1361. Comba, E. Storia de Valdesi, 1361. Socialism, 1333. Compayré, G. Abelard, 1362.

Coleridge, S: T. Poet. works, 1361.

Jno. Swift, 1361. U. S. Marine

Compton, H. European milit. adven. of Hindustan, 1346. Connelly, E.M. Kentucky,1357. Conway, K. E. A dream of lilies, 1362.

Daft, R: Kings of cricket, 1362. Dall, C. W. H. Barbara Fritchie, 1333.

Cook, J. Journal, 1362.
Cooke, C. J. B. Brit. locomo-
tives, 1369.

Cooke, W.W. Bird migr., 1362.
Copeland, A. M. Hist. of Mur-
rayfield, 1350.
Copleston, R.S. Buddhism,1353.
Coppée, F. E: J. Longues et
brèves, 1362.
Corbin, C. F. Woman's philos.
of love, 1350.
Corelli, M. Thelma, 1346.
Corey, A. D. Memorial, 1342.
Cornell Univ. Inaug., J. G.
Schurman, 1350.

Corroyer, E: Gothic archit..1346.
Cosnac, G. J. Mazarin et Col.
bert, 1365.
Costigan, A. W: Portugal, 1365.
Cox, II. Coursing, 1342. Land
naturalization, 1333.
Cox, M. R. Cinderella, 1353.
Craik, H: Eng. prose selec-
tions, 1353.

18th cent. vignettes,1358. HI- r-
ace Walpole, 1369.

Dodd, A.. B. Three Norman ly inns, 1346.

Crawford, F. M. Children of the King,1350. Marion Darche, 1369. Don Orsino, 1333. The novel, 1357. Pietro Ghisleri, 1362.

Dodge, T. A. Great capt's, 1331 Dougall, L. What necessity knows, 1369.

Women adven


Doughty, H: M. Our wherry Creevey, C. A. Botany, 1362. in Wendish lands, 1346, Crepaz, A. Emancipation of Douglas, J. Boinbay, Western women, 1353. India, 1350. Crépieux-Jamin, J. Hand writ- Douglass, R. K. Chinese sto ing, 1342. ries, 1342. Crockett, S. R. The stickit Dowie, M. M. minister, 1357. turers, 1362. Crommelin, M. Mr. and Mrs. Dowling, R. A baffling quest, Herries, 1333. Cross, J: W. Dante, bimetall- Doyle, A.C. The great shadow ism, 1346. 1338. The refugees, 1362. Crosse, C. A. H. Red-letter Drachmann, II. Danish stories, days, 1337. 1369. Drack, M. mort, 1362. Drake, S: A. 1365. Our 1369. Dreer, F. J. Autographs, 1365. Droysen, J: G. History, 150 | Drummond, H: "First," 138 Druyfus, F. C. L'arbitrage international, 1354. Dryden, J: Aureng-Zebe, 13 Works, 1369.

L'amour dans la


Around the Hab
colonial hor.PA,

Crowe, E. With Thackeray in
America, 1369.
Cruttwell, C: T: History of
early Christianity, 1365.
Cumming, C. F. G. The blind
in China, 1342.
Cunliffe, J: W. Seneca, 1354.
Cunningham, W: Eng. indus.
try and commerce, 1333.
Curel, F. de. Les fossiles; L'in-
vitée, 1365.
Curtis, G: W:

Other essays from the Easy Chair, 1362. Cushing, M. Our Post-office,

Du Bled, V. Le prince de Ligne, 1362. La société française, 1338.


Dana, W: S. Wild flowers, 1354. Daniell, C. J. Industrial com

petition of Asia, 1369. Dante Alighieri. Comedy,1362. La divina commedia,1365. Pil. grim's progress, 1357. Danton, G: J. Œuvres, 1337. Dapper, O. L'Afrique, 1342. Dark, 1357. Darmesteter, A. M. F.R. Retrospect, 1362. Daudet, A. Euvres, 1350. Davidson, B. Syriac reading lessons, 1357.

Davis, A. M. Lady Mowlson scholarship, 1357. Davis, G. G. In Arctic seas, 1339. (Keeley and Davis.) Davis, R. H. Kent Hampden,


Dedham, Mass. Early records.


Deland, M. Mr. Tonimy Dove, 1357. Story of a child, 157. Delille, E: Some French an ters, 1362.

Denison, F. A chaplain's expe rience, 1369.

Dewar,J.C. Voy.of the Nyanza,


Dicey, A. V. Aleap in the dark,


Dickens, M. A. Cross currents, 1338. A mere cypher, 1550. Dickinson, G. L. Revoluca modern France, 1354. Didier, C: 500 lieues sur le Nil, 1369.

Diehl, C: Greece, 1362. Dieulafoy, M. A: L'Acropole de Suse, 1357. Divinity of Jesus Christ, 1358. Dixon, C: Migration of birūs, 1338.

Do the dead return, 1354. Dobson, A. Beau Brocade,1346

[blocks in formation]

East India Co. Register of letters, 1358.

Ebers, G: M. Story of my life,


Ebner-Eschenbach, M..v. The
two countesses, 1365.
Edwards, M. B. A dream of
millions, 1346.

Edwords, C. E. Camp-fires of
& naturalist, 1362.
Eggleston, E: Duffels, 1369.
Eliot, A. White birches, 1362.
Eliot, I. M. Poetry for home,
1353. (Brackett and Eliot.)
Elkins, M. v. German allied
troops, 1338.
Elliot, F. An idle woman in
Constantinople, 1350.
Ellis, A. B. Gold Coast, West
Africa, 1370.
Ellis, E. J. Fate in Arcadia,

Nationalization of

1333. Ellis, H. health, 1338. Elton, C:1: and M.. A. Great book collectors, 1354. Elvin, C: N. Orders of chivalry, 1362. Emerson, P: H:


Eminent persons, 1350.
Ermitage, I.', 1366.

Ernst, W. P. Dormer, 1362.
Espinasse, F. Voltaire, 1354.
Esterre, E. Orchardscroft, 1338.
Eudes de Saint-Maurles Fossés,
Vie de Bouchard, 1346.
Euthanasia, 1362.
Evans, G: G. U. S. Mint, 1334.
Everett, C: C. Gospel of Paul,

Eng. lagoons,

[blocks in formation]

Ford, I: N. Tropical America, 1358.

Forrester, Mrs. Dearest, 1362. Foster, J. Members of Parliament, Scotl., 1346. Men-atthe-bar, 1350. Oxford men and their colleges; Oxford men, 1880-92, 1370. Fowler, J.A. Old country life,


Fowler, W: W. City-state of the Greeks, 1354. Fragerolle, G: La marche à l'étoile, 1362. France, A. La rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque, 1362. Franklin, A. Le café, etc.; Les

chirurgiens, 1358. Fraser, W: Hic et ubique, 1362. Frederic, H. The new Exodus; Return of the O'Mahony,1334. Freeman, E: A: Sicily and Italy, 1366. Friswell, J. H. This wicked world, 1338. Fry, E. N. L. A Scots thistle, 1342. Frye, J. A. ters, 1346. Fuller, A.. Literary courtship, The cliff dwell

From headquar

1358. Fuller. H: B. ers, 1370. Fuller, J: M. Dict. of the Bi. ble, 1364. (Smith and Fuller.) Fuller, M. W. Address, 1362. Fullerton, W: M. Patriotism, science, 1358.

Fustel de Coulanges, N. D.
Questions historiques, 1350.
Gabillot, C. Les Hület, 1346.
Gallaudet, E. M. Education,
deaf children, 1338.
Galt, J: Ayreshire legatees,



Galton, F. Finger prints, 1342. Suppl. chap. to Finger prints." 1266. Gaye, S. The great world's farm, 1338. Gazier, A. Philippe, J: Baptiste de Champaigne, 1358. Geikie, J. Fragments of earth lore, 1370. Geoffroy de Grandmaison, C: A. L'ambassade fr. en Espagne, 1350. Gerardi, F. Intorno alla statua di Bolivar, 1342. Gerspach, E: Répertoire, tapisseries des Gobelins, 1358, Gibbons, B. Shorter working day, 1338. (Hadfield and Gibbons.) Gilbert, J: T: Documents rel. to Ireland, 1350. Gilder, R: W. The great remembrance, 1370. Gilman, W: P. Socialism,1358. Gilmore, E. L. Christ Church, Gardiner, Me., 1370. Gilmore, G. W. Koren, 1350. Gilmour, J. The Mongols, 1358. Gladstone, W: E. Mr. Glad. stone, 1366. Glanvilla, B. de. Medieval lore,

1358. Glazebrook, R: T. Laws of matter, 1358. Glynne, S. R: Churches of Lancashire, 1366. Godefroy, de Bouillon. Hist., Godefrey of Boloyne, 1366. Godet, F. N. Testament; Old Testament, 1362.

Gordon, A. Earl of Aberdeen, 1354. Poems, 1262. "Clear round,"

Gordon, A. L. Gordon, E. A. 1362.

Gosse, E. W: Questions at is. sue, 1366. Secret of Narcisse, 1342.

Gould, S.B-. In the roar of the sea, 1358. Mrs. Curgenven, 1366. Strange survivals; Tragedy of the Cæsars, 1346. Gourmont, R. de. Le fantôme, 1362. Sixtine, 1358. Gower, R. Joan of Arc, 1358. Gozzi, N: V.di. Del. republiche, sec. la mente di Aristotele, 1334.

Gracian, B. Worldly wisdom,


Grand, S. Heavenly twins,1366.
Grant, R. Opinions of a phi.
losopher, 1366.
Gray, A. Letters, 1370.
Gray M. The last sentence,1362.
Gr. Brit. Commis. Chicago
Exhib. Catal., British sec.
tion, 1365.

Greeley, H. On Lincoln, 1362.
Green, J: R: Hist. of Eng.
General Greene,

people, 1354, Greene, F. V. 1362.

Gregorovius, F.

telalter, 1366. Greswell, W: P. nisation, 1362. Grey, H: M. Lloyd's yesterday and today, 1366. Grinnell, G: B. Amer. biggame hunting, 1371. (Roosevelt and Grinnell.) Gruel, L. Cat. des reliures en cuir ciselé, 1366. Guilhermey, J: F. C. Notre Dame, 1334.


Guiney, L.. I. A roadside harp, Washington Gutteridge, J. Lights and shad

1370. Guizot, F. P: G: in the Rev., 1362.

ows, 1370.

Gyp, pseud. Monsieur le Duc, 1342. Tante Joujou, 1362. Hadcock, A. G: Artillery,1370. (Lloyd and Hadcock.) Hadfield, R. A. Shorter working day, 1338. Hadow, W: H: 1338.

Athen im Mit

British colo

Modern music, Haferkorn, H: E. Handy list of books on fine arts, 1366. Hague, A. Geology, Eureka District, Nevada, 1366. Hake, T: G. Memoirs, 1338. Hale, E: E. For fifty years, 1370. New England boyhood,


Hales, J: W. Folia litteraria, 1266. Ham, J: R. Bibliog., Dover, N. H., 1334. Hamburger, I. Real-Encycl., Bibel u. Talmud, 1362. Hamerton, P.G. Drawing and engraving, 1370. Man in art, 1350. Hamilton, D. [Sport in southern India, 1347. Hamilton, W. plates, 1347. Hamilton papers, 1354. Handbook, Syria and Palestine,

French book


Hardy, A. Théâtre, 1370. Hardy, W. J. Book-plates,1358.

Mission of the

Mary Washing

Hare, J. C: Comforter, 1334. Harland, M. ton, 1342. Harleian Society. Pub.; Reg. ister, 1366. Harper, C: G. Brighton Road,


Harris, W: T. A. Bronson Alcott,1360. (Sanborn and Harris.)

Harrison, C. G. Sweet bells out of tune, 1370. Harrison, F: Annals of an old manor-house, 1358. Harrison, W. Memorable Paris houses, 1370. Harrisse, H: Christophe Co. lomb. 1363.

Hart, A. B. Formation of the Union, 1363.

[blocks in formation]

Hodder, E. S. Australia, 1363.
Hodgkin, T: Italy and her in-
vaders, 1370.
Hoff, J. W. On the Delaware
River, 1363.

Hogan, J. F. Robert Lowe, 1358.
Hollingshead, J: Leicester
Square, 1347.
Holyoake, G: J.
Sixty years
of an agitator's life, 1334.
Honcey, J: H.
Souffles nou-

reaux, 63. Hone, A. M.

prise, 1363. Hope, R. C:

Legendary lore, holy wells of Eng., 1363. Hopkins, W: J. Telephone lines,



Jeaffreson, J: C. Victoria,1351. Woman's enter- Jean d'Oc. Marius Véha, 1363. Jefferies, J: R: Toilers of the field, 1339.

Jefferson, T: Writings, 1366.
Jephson, A. J: M. Stories, Af.
rican forest, 1334.
Jessopp, A. Studies by a re-
cluse, 1347.
Jewett, S.. O. A native of Win-
by, 1370.
Jewsbury, G. E. Letters, 1334.
Johnson, C. Country school,
New Eng., 1370.
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Beauties of na

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Speeches, etc.,

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Influence of sea

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Villiers de l'Isle

olution, 1359.

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