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Mars, A. Quand on conspire, 1871.

"The grasshop.

Marsh, A. E.W. Madeira, 1339. Marshall, E. In the service of Rachel, Lady Russell, 1363. Marston, P. B. Collected po. ems, 1335. Martin, A. P. R. Lowe, 1359. Martin, E: 8. Windfalls of observation, 1371. Martin, J: B. per," 1335. Masi, E. Le due mogli di Napoleone 1., 1367. Mason, G: C. Trinity Church of Newport, 1343. Massinger, P. Philip Massinger, 1363. Masson, D. Edinburgh sketches, 1359. Mathew, F. At the rising of the moon, 1371. Mathews, J. M. Lawfulness of marrying a deceased wife's sis. ter, 1359. Matson, S.. A. St. George and the dragon, 1359. Matthews, B. Cheap books, etc., 1343. The decision of the court, 1367. Story of a story, 1359.

Maupassant, G. de.

La paix du ménage, 1363. Maxwell, M.. E.. B. All along the river, 1367. Mention, L. Documents rel. aux rapports du clergé, 1359. Meredith, G: Jump to Glory Jane, 1351. Modern love,1343. Poems, 1339. Merriam, G: S.


Merriman, H. S.

Noah Porter, From one generation to another, 1359. Road, track, Konversations

Merwin, H. C.

stable, 1343. Meyer, H. J.

Lexikon, 1367.
Meynell, A. Poems; Rhythm
of life, 1343.
Michaelis, H. Dict., Portuguese
and English, 1367.
Milner, A. England in Egypt,

Milton, J: Lyrics, 1359.
Mines, J: F. New York, 1335.
Minet, W:
Hvgvenot family of

Minet, 1343.
Minto, W:

Logic, 1367.
Travellers guide,
U. S., 1335.
Mitford, R. 'Tween snow and
fire, 1355.
Mitre, B. Emancipation, S.

America, 1359. Mivart, St. G: Types, animal life, 1363. Mocles. Thousand and days, 1359. Molesworth, M.. L.. S. girls and I, 1335. Moloney, J. A. With Captain Stairs to Katanga, 1367. Momerie, A. W. Religion of the future, 1359. Monkhouse, W: C. Leigh Hunt, 1371. Corn and poppies, 1359. Monroe, H. Valeria, 1347. Montfaucon, B. de. spondance, 1335. and Montfaucon.) Montgomery,D: H:


Amer. hist., 1339. Moore, F. F.

Beginner's "I forbid the

bans," 1367.




Story of Po-
Dean Swift,
News from no-

Napoleon, 1359.
A. Windham,
A curious Aino
Abraham Lin-
Rachel Stanwood

Back to land, O'Neill, J:
Die Galerie zu
gods, 1367.
Order of chivalry, 1371.
Orpen, A. E. Chronicles of the
Sid, 1363.
Otéé, E. C. Scandinavian hist.,
Oudemans, A. C. The sea.
serpent, 1371.
Owen, J: Skeptics of the Ital.
Renaissance, 1359.
Owen, M.. A. Old rabbit, 1355.
Paalzow, H. God wie-Castle;
Jakob van der Ness; Ste.
Roche; Thyrnau, 1367.
Page, J: L. W. The rivers of
Pain, B.
Devon, 1367.
Stories, interludes,
Palgrave, F. T. Amenophis,
Palgrave, R. H. I. Dict., polit.
economy, 1371.
Parker, G.,etc. Tavistock tales,
Parkes, H: Australian hist.,

coln, 1359.
Morse, L. G.

Morton, E: A. Man or beast,

Mulhall, M.G., and F: T. Hand-
Müller, F: M. Theosophy,1371.
book, river Plate, 1359.
Munich. K. Acad. d. Wiss.
Hist. Comm. Die Chroniken
d. schwäbischen Städte, 1335.
Munkittrick, R.K. The moon
Bob Martin's
Time's re-

Paske, C. T. Myamma, 1343.
Pater, W. Plato, 1355.
Paton, J. Brit. history, papal
claims, 1359.
Paulian, L: Paris qui mendie,
Payn, J.
A stumble on the
threshold, 1343.
Peabody, J. R. A world of

Science, fu-
Volunteering in

Murray, D: C.
prince, 1335.
little girl, 1359.
venges, 1355.
Myers, F: W: H:
ture life, 1363.
Nash, J: T.
India, 1359.
The unfortunate trav-
Nat. Conf. on Univ. Extension.
eller, 1339.
Proceedings, 1339.
National cyclopædia of Amer.
biog., 1359.
Naville, E: Festival-hall of
Osorkon II, 1343.
Nayler, G:
IV., 1351.
Needell, J: H.
Passing the
New Jersey. Docs. rel. to colo-
love of women, 1335.

wonders, 1335.
Peard, F M. The blue dragon,
1363. Catherine, 1351.
Pearson, C: H. National life,

Coronation, Geo.

T. W. Rob

Newspaper cuttings, Civil war,
nial hist., 1367.

Peddie, A. Dr. J: Brown, 1359.
Pellew, G: Poems, 1339.
Pellissier, G: Littérature con.
temporaine, 1359.
Pemberton, T. E.
Peraté, A. L'archéol.chrétienne,
ertson, 1351.
Pepys, S: Diary, 1367.
Handel and
Gods of Olym-
Donald Marcy,
Marie Stuart,
Philips, F.C. Black and white,
1363. A doctor in difficulties,
1351. That wicked mad'moi-
selle, 1335.

Negri, A. Fatalita, 1371.
Newberry, P. E. Beni Hasan,
Newhall, C: S. Shrubs, north-
eastern America, 1371.
Noble, J. A. Sonnet in Eng-

Perkins, C: C.
Haydn Soc., 1367.
Petiscus, A. H.
pos, 1343.
Phelps, E.. S.

Philippson, M.


land, 1355.
Nordau, M. Gefühls-Komödie,


Philips, G: Travels, N. Amer.,
Philips, M. The making of a
Phillimore, W: P. W. Index
newspaper, 1367.
to wills, etc., 1367. London,
notebook, 1344.
Photographic fac-similes, Euro-
Philosophical review, 1355.
Piatt, D. Gen. G: H: Thomas,
pean archit., 1367.

Moore, H. E.

Morelli, G.

Berlin, 1367.
Morfill, W: R:
land, 1359.
Moriarty, G. P.

Morris, W:

where, 1367. Morris, W: O. Morrison, L. 1347.

Morse, E: S. toy, 1371. Morse, J: T.

Norman, P: London signs,1359.
Normand, C. Troie, 1343.
Normandie monumentale, 1367.
Norris, W: E: A deplorable
affair, 1355.
North, M. Further recollec-
tions of a happy life, 1359.
Northall, G. F: Eng. folk-
rhymes, 1335.
Obscura, C. Anglican preach.

ers, 1335.
O'Hagan, J:
Ohrwalder, J. Ten years' cap.
Joan of Arc, 1351.
tivity, 1335.

Old England forever, 1343.
Oliphant, M. O.W. The cuckoo
in the nest, 1339.
The sorce-
ress, 1367. Thos. Chalmers,
1363. Victorian age of Eng.
literature, 1343.
Ompteda, C. F: W: v. A Han-
O'Neill, H.C. Devonshire idyls,
overian-Eng. officer, 1367.


[Dec. 31, 1893

The night of the Pollock, W.H. King Zub,1347.
Ponce de Leon, N. The Colum-
bus gallery, 1359.

Pool, M. L.. Katharine North,
Poole, S. L.
The two Salomes, 1371.
Aurangzib, 1363.
Cairo, 1335.
Poore, G: V. Rural hygiene,

L.. M. Alcott,

Harvard stories,

Porter, M. S.
Post, W. K.
Potapeêko, N. E. A father of
Potter, J: H.
six, 1359.
Under cotton can-
Powell, B. F. S. B.
vas, 1359.
In savage
isles, 1339.
Powlett, C. L. W. 8.
Poynter, F.
Hauser, 1364.
An exquisite fool,
Comic trage.
dies,1369. (Alcott and Pratt.)
Present to youths, 1335.
Prestwick, J. Geology, 1355.
Prévost, M. L'automne d'une
Prideaux, S. T.
femme, 1367.


Pratt, A.. B. A.



Prime, W: C. Along New Eng.
roads, 1344.

Pringle, J. R. Gloucester, Mass,


Picot, E. Bibliog. cornélienne,

Piggott, F. T. Music of Japan,

Placci, C:
Plutarchus. The Roman ques.
Un furto, 1371.
Poinsard, L. Libre-échange et
tions, 1344.
Pollard, A. W: Chaucer, 1371.
protection, 1359.
Pollock, F. Leading cases, 1335.

Prisse d'Avennes, E.
ments égyptiens, 1367.
Proctor, E. D. Song of the
anc. people, 1347.
Proctor, R:A. Astronomy, 1347.
Pryce, R:
Time and the wo-
man, 1364.
Pryde, D:
Pleasant memories
of a busy life, 1367.
Putnam, M.L. A. Lincoln, 1335.
Quilter, H. Preferences in art,
Dead Man's Rock, 1364.
Green bays, 1359.
Question ouvrière, La, 1355.

Minor writings,

Rabelais, F.
Rae, W: F. Egypt, 1335.
Raine, J. York, 1355.
Ralph, J. Harper's Chicago,


Ramsay, W: M. The church
Randolph, A. M. F.
in the Rom. Emp., 1371.
Raunié, E. Epitaphier du vieux
John Falstaff, 1371.
Trial, Sir
Paris, 1367.

Rawlinson, G: The story of
Parthia, 1371.
Reed, E.. A.
Reibrach, J:
ture, 1359.
Reid, S:
bells, 1364.

Persian litera-
Aller et retou,
Pansies and folly-

Renan, E. Hist. du peuple d'Is-
rael, 1364. Religious hist.,

Renard the fox, 1367.
Renard, J. Coquecigrues, 1364.
Renton, W. Outlines, Eng. lit-
erature, 1371.
Revue diplomatique, 1368.
Repplier, A. Essays, 1335. Es-
says in idleness, 1371.
Reynolds, O. Mem., J. P. Joule,
Rhodes, J. F.

Hist. of U. S.,


Ricard, J. Sœurs, 1364.

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Roberto, F: de. L'illusione, 1371. Roberts, C: G. R. Ave, 1359. Robertson, J. M. Eight hours question, 1360. Robinet, J: F. E. 1789, 1340. 1344.

Centenaire, Danton émigré,

Robinson, E: F.



Robinson, J: R. The princely
Chandos, 1355.
Rod, F. La vie de Michel Tes-
sier, 1355.
Rodenberg, J.


Grundstück, 1368. Rodger, E. H. B. Aberdeen doctors, 1352. Rogers, C. K. B. Philosophy of singing, 1360. Rogers, T: L. Mexico, 1368. Roosevelt, T. Amer. big-game hunting, 1371. Ropes, J: C. Waterloo, 1352. Ross, M. In the vine country, 1356. (Somerville and Ross.) Through Connemara, 1338. (Herring and Ross.) Ross of Bladenburg, E. J. T: Marquis of Hastings, 1355. Route north of Boston, 1335. Ruprich-Robert, V: M. C. L'archit. normandie, 1355. Rushforth, G: M. Latin hist. inscriptions, 1368. Ruskin, J: Poetry of architecture, 1371. Works, 1368. Russell, A.P. Sub-Cœlum,1371. Russell, T. B. Current Americanisms, 1360.

Russell, W: C. List, ye lands. men, 1355.

Scotland's Free

Ryley, G: B.
Church, 1364.
Salisbury,E.E. and E. M. Fam-
ily-histories, etc., 1352.

Salt, H: S. Animal's rights.

Schickler, F. Les églises du
réfuge, 1371.
Schlesser, J. v. Schriftquellen,
Gesch. d. karolingischen
Kunst, 1336.
Schliemann, H:
phie, 1344.
Schlitter, H.
Papstes Pius

Schouler, J.
Schwob, M.

Jefferson, 1364.
Cœur double,1352.
Le roi au masque d'or, 1348.
Scidmore, E. K. Appleton's
guide book, Alaska.
Scollard, C. Songs of sunrise

lands, 1368. Scotch-folk, 1371. Scott, W: A. Repudiation of state debts, 1364. Scott, W: B. Autobiog. notes, 1344. A poet's harvest home, 1360.

SelbstbiograDie Reise des VI. nach Wien,

Scrap-book [cont., envelopes in use dur. the Civil War], 1352. Sedding, J. D. Art and handicraft, 1352.

Seelye, E.. E. Story of Wash-
ington, 1371.
Selden, J: Table-talk, 1356.
Selous, F: C. Travel, south-east
Africa, 1371.

Semisch, C: Justin Martyr,1336. Seventy years of life, 1356. Shakespeare, W: Works,1344.

Sonnets, 1356. Shaler, N. S. Interpretation of nature, 1352. Sharp, A. M. Upton Court, etc., 1340.

Sultan to sul

Shee, W: A. My contempora-
ries, 1364.
Sheldon, M. F.
tan, 1344.
Shelley, P. B. Complete poeti-
cal works, 1336. The masque
of anarchy, 1360.
Sherwood, M. E. W. Poems,
Shuttleworth, H. C. Music in
public worship, 1336.
Sienkiewicz, H: Yanco the
musician, 1371. Without dog-
ma, 1360.
Sigourney, L. H. Letters to
mothers, 1336.

Silvagni, D: Rome, 1352.
Simon, J. Notices, portraits,
1348. La théodicée de Platon,
etc., 1336.
Simson, J.
Kent, 1371.
Sinclair, A.
Skelton, J:
Sloane, W: M.
Revolution, 1360.
Smetham, J.

Literary works,


Eminent men of

Swimming, 1364. Mary Stuart, 1371. French war and


Salvini, T: Leaves from the autobiography of S., 1371. Sanborn, F. B: A. Bronson

Alcott, 1360. Sanders, D.C. The Indian wars, 1356.

Santley, C.

Student singer,
diarii, 1368.

Sanuto, M. I
Savage, R: H:
Venus, 1364.
Savary, J.

The masked
National library,

1344. Sawyer. A. R. Mining, 1336. Scaife, W. B. Florentine life. 1371. Schaff, P. America, 1344. Encyclopædia,living divines,etc., Schelling, F. C. G: Gascoigne, 1264. 1368. Poetic and verse criti- Smith, W: A. Shepherd" cism, 1368. Smith, 1348. Schem, A. J. Amer. year-book. Snead & Co. 1859, 1340. libraries, 1336.

Smith, W:

Book stack for

Smith, A. C: Autobiog. of an
old passport, 1371.
Smith, A.II. Cat.of sculpture,
British Museum, 1360.
Smith, G. Henry Martyn, 1336.
Bay leaves; The United States,


Smith, G: B. Eng. Parlia.,1348. Ferdinand de Lesseps, 1368. Smith, R. A. H. B. Greece,


Dict. of the Bible,

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Spence, H: D. M. Cloister life,


Spencer, H. Inductions of ethics, 1336. Negative beneficence, etc., 1364. Spielhagen, F: Gedichte,1336. Sonntagskind, 1371. Spielmann, M. H.

Henriette Ronner, 1364. Spitzer, D. Das Herrenrecht, 1368. Spitzer, F: antiques; 1364.

Form, design

Sprague, H: H. institution, 1371. Stanley, H: M. Slavery in Af rica, 1356. Statham, H. H. in music, 1364. Stead, R: Bygone Kent, 1352. Stearns, F. P. Real and ideal in literature, 1340. Stedman, E. C. Nature of poetry, 1336.


Steel, F. A. From the five riv. ers, 1364. Stephen, J. K. Quo musa tendis, 1368. Stephen, L. An agnostic's apol. ogy, 1352. Stephens, H: M. Europe, 17891815, 1371. Stephens, J. B. Convict once,

1364. Stevenson, F. S.

Historic per

sonality, 1360. Stevenson, R. L: David Bal four, 1368. Island nights' entertainments, 1356. Stewart, J. A.


ethics, 1344. Stiles, H: R. Windsor, Conn., 1364.

Storrs, R: S. Bernard of Clairvaux, 1348. Story, A. T. J: Linnell, 1336. Vagrom men, 1344. W: Blake, 1372.

Strong, E. H. In Paradise,1360. Stübel, A. Tiahuanaco, 1368. Sturgis, J. After twenty years,


Count Julian,

Homes in city,

Sturgis, J. R. 1364. Sturgis, R., etc. country, 1360. Sudermann, H. steg, 1336. Sullivan, T: R. Day and night

Der Katzen

stories. 1360.

Suttner, B. v. "Ground arms," 1360.

Sweet, H: New Eng, grammar, 1372. Sweetser, M. F. The Maritime provinces, 1360. Swinton, B. A. G. de R. Georgiana, Lady de Ros, 1364. Swymerton, C. Indian nights'

entertainment, 1348. Sydney, W: C. Social life, England, 1340.

Symonds, J. A. In the key of blue, 1352. Michelangelo, 1340. Walt Whitman, 1364. Essays, 1372. Symons, A. Silhouettes, 1364. Tabarant, A. L'aube, 1364. Tamura, N. Japanese bride, Cat., objets d'art 1360. La coll. Spitzer, Taube, F: engländ. An old Boston Tellet, R. 1336. Temple, R: J. Thomason,1364. Tennyson, A. and C. Poems,


Italian inde

La chanoinesse,

Thanet, O. Adventure in pho-
tography; Stories of a west-
ern town, 1360.
Thayer, W: R.
pendence, 1352.
Theuriet, A.
Thomas, E. F. Europe, 1352.
Thompson, G: E. Roman Cam-
pagna, 1348.
Thompson, H. M. Theory of
wages, 1348.
Thompson, M.. P. Landmarks,
Dover, N. H., 1356.
Thomson, J. P.
nen, 1940.
Thorne, W: H:
Thornely, J. L. Monumental
brasses, Lancashire, 1352.
Thoumas, C: A. Paris, Tours,
etc., 1368.

Brit. New Gui-
Modern idols,

Thoyts, E. E. The key to the
family chest, 1368.
Thwaites, R. G. Wisconsin,

W: Geschichte d. Handelschaft, 1536. Pastor and prelate,

Stillé, C: J. Maj.-Gen. Anthony
Wayne, 1360.
Stimson, F. J.

In the three

Times annual, 1372.
Timmins, H. T: Herefordshire,


1336. zones, 1352. Tire buck, Stock, S.. G. Uganda, 1336. W: Stockton, F. R: The watch. Gwen, 1360. maker's wife, 1371. Tirel, G. Viandier, 1356. Stoddard, R: H: Under the Tocqueville, A. C: H: C. de. evening lamp, 1340. Stone, J. M. unto death, 1336. Stone, W: L. Ballads, Burgoyne campaign, 1372. Stories from Scribner; of New York, 1360; of the South,1364. Of the railway, 1360.


Parliamentary gov't

Souvenirs, 1364.
Todd, A.
in Eng., 1372.
Tollemache, M. French Jansen-
ists, 1364.
Toner, J. M. Elevations of the
U. S.: Medical men of the
Revolution, 1344.


Torrens, W: T. M.
years in Parliament, 1352.
Toscanelli, 1372.
Toudouze, G. Tendresse de
mère, 1364.
Tout, T: F: Edward 1., 1364.
Townshend, R: and D. An of
ficer of the Long Parl., 1348.
Townsend, V. F. Our presi-
dents, 1344.

Trask, K. Under King Con-
stantine, 1368.

Travers, G. Mona Maclean, 1364.
Treanor, T. S. Heroes of the
Goodwin Sands, 1360.
Trenholm, W. L.

ple's money, 1356. Triggs, 0. L.

The peo-
Browning and

Whitman, 1356. Trotter, L.J. Earl of Auckland, 1364.

Tsurayuki, K. Log of a Ja-
panese journey, 1368.
Tucker, F. de L. B. Catherine
Booth, 1352.

Tuckerman, B. Peter Stuyve
sant, 1360. William Jay, 1372.
Tuckwell, W: The ancient
ways, 1568.

Tupper, C: L. Our Indian protectorate, 1368.

Turnbull, W: R. Othello, 1344. Turner, C. J. R. Shakespeare's land, 1368.

Tyacke, R. H. How I shot my
bears, 1372.

Tyndal, M. Some old Puritan
love-letters, 1372. (Winthrop
and Tyndal.)
Uhde, Č. Baudenkmaeler In
Grossbritannien, 1368.

Uhle, M. Die Ruinenstaette
von Tiahuanaco, 1368. (Stü-
bel and Uhle.)
Ullmann, A. Katalog. d. Waf.
fen-Sammlung, München,
14.8.10., 1336.

Under King Constantine, 1360. Underwood, F. H: The poet and the man, 1360. Quabbin, 1344.

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Voragine, J. de. The golden
legend, 1368.

Vuillier, G. Les iles oubliées,


Wagner, W: R: Gesammelte
Schriften, 1372.
Waldstein, C: Excavations at
the Heraion of Argos, 1352.
Waliszewski, K. Le roman |
d'une impératrice, 1368.
Walker, G: Londonderry,1368,
Walker, H. Scottish literature,
Wallace, G: R. Princeton
sketches, 1368.
Wallace, J. Illinois, Louisiana,

under French rule, 1372.
Wallace, L. The Prince of In-
dia, 1368.
Wallack, L.
years, 1368.
Waller, E. Poems, 1360.
Wallon, H: A. La rév., 31 mai,

Memories of fifty

Walpole, S. Land of home rule,


Ward, B. St. Edmund's Coll.,
Ward, J. H.

Bishop White,

Ward, W. W: G: Ward and
the Catholic revival, 1360.

Warner, C: D. As we go, 1372.
Washington Irving, 1368.
Warren, J: B. L. Poems, 1368.
Washingion, G: Accounts with
U.S.; Journal, 1372.
Watson, R. A. and E.. S. G:
Gilfillan, 1348.

Williams, M. M. Field farings,

1344. Williams, W. Appleton's N. and E. guide, 1340. Willink, A. The world of the unseen, 1368.

Wilson, D. The lost Atlantis, 1348.

Wilson, E. C. A royal hunt, 1336. Drunkenness,

Wilson, G: R.


Wilson, J. G. Memorial hist.. New York, 1372. Wilson, W. An old master, 1372. Division, reunion, 1356. Winchester (Diocese). Hampshire allegations for marriage licences, 1372. Winslow, W: C. A. B. Edwards, 1352. A propos de Winter, W: G: W: Curtis, 1364. Gray days and gold, 1336. Life, Edwin Booth, 1372. Winthrop, J: Some old Puritan love letters, 1372. Vishart, Mem., James, Marquis of Montrose, 1372. Wissmann, H. v. Second journey, equatorial Africa, 1372. Wister, O. Dragon of Wantley, 1340. Wolff, H: D. 1356. Wolff, H: W.

Notes of the past,

People's banks,


Watson, W: The eloping an
gels; Excursions in criti-
cisms, 1360. Lachrymæ mu.
sarum, 1336. Lyric love, 1348.
The Prince's quest, 1360.
Watt, J. C. John Inglis, 1372.
Webster, S. Misuse of legal
tender, 1372.
Wedmore, F.


Weeks, S. B. Church and state,
N. Carolina, 1372.
Weiss, B. Der Petrinische
Lehrbegriff, 1336.
Weiss, J. J.
théâtre, 1372.
Wells, J. Oxford, 1348.
Welsh, W: Sioux, 1344.
Wendell, B. Stelligeri, 1372.
West, A. F. Alcuin, 1340.
Westbrook. R: B. The elimin-

ator, 1364.
Wheatley, H: B. Literary blun-
ders, 1364.
Wheeler, C. Columbia's em-
blem, 1364.
Wheeler, E.G.


A Washington
symphony, 1364.
Wheeler, W:
Whishaw, F: J. In Tsarland,

The spectator,

Woodberry, G: E: Notices,ms. volume of Shelley's poems,


Whitby, B. In the suntime of
her youth, 1348.
White, E. W. Winterborough,

Annals of my

Java, 1356.
Introd. to O.

White's Club,
tory, 1336.
Whitfield, R. P. Gasteropoda,
etc., 1368.
Whitman, S. Realm of the
Hapsburgs, 1344.
Whittier, J. G. At sundown,

Woodgate, W. B. Modern lay.
man's faith, 1360.
Wordsworth, C.
life, 1364.
Worsfold, W. B.
Wright, C: H. H.
Testament, 1336.
Wright, E.
Wright, T. W: Cowper, 1340.
Wright & Swasey. Carica-
tures, Civil War, 1344.
Wynman, M. My flirtations,

Middlesex fells,

Les frères


Wiele, M. van de.
Van Ostade, 1368.
Wiggin, K. D. Cathedral court-
ship, 1356.
Wilde, J.. F. S. Social studies,
Wiley, W: H.
etc., 1372.
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1360. Jane Field, 1344.
Wilkinson, J. J: G. The Af
rican and true Chrislian relig.,

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d'Emmæus, 1356.
Xenophon Atheniensis. Horse-
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1368. An old woman's out-
look, 1344.

The Yosemite,

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La docteur Pascal,

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