Slike stranica

Number 331.]

Crosland, Mrs. N. Landmarks of a literary life,


+ Dall, Mrs. C. W. H. The story of an old house; [the home of the Otis family].


Dante Alighieri. The divine comedy; tr. into English verse by T: W. Parsons; with a pref. by C: E. Norton, and memorial sketch by L... I. Guiney.

Note. The Purgatory is incomplete, and of the Paradise only fragments are given.

Davis, J: C. B. Mr. Fish and the Alabama claims; a chapter in diplomatic history.

Davis, T: The patriot Parliament of 1689, with its statutes, votes, and proceedings; ed., with introd., by Sir C: G. Duffy. (New Irish library.)

Davis, W. J. History of political conventions in California, 1849-92.

"Biographical sketches of governors and register of officers of the state of California, 1849 -92," pp. 595664.

Deland, Mrs. M. The old garden, and other verses; decorated by Walter Crane.

Dennie, J. Rome of to-day and yesterday; the pagan centuries.

Detlef, K:, pseud. Musste es sein? Roman. 2e Aufl. 1875. 2 v.

* Dewey, J: Outlines of a critical theory of ethics. 1891.

Discourse of the common weal of this realm of England; first pr., 1581; ed. by E.. Lamond.

Note. Attributed to W: Stafford, and to J: Hales. D'Orsey, A. J. D. Portuguese discoveries, depen

dencies, and missions in Asia and Africa. Drake, S. A. Making of Virginia and the middle colonies, 1578-1701.

Duchesne, l'abbé I: Origines du culte chrétien; études sur la liturgie latine avant Charlemagne. 1889.

Du Fresne de Beaucourt, G. L: E., marquis de Captivité et derniers moments


de Louis XVI. 1892. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Récits originaux. 2. Documents officiels.

Dumas, A. D. Olympe de Clèves; romance of the court of Louis xv. 2 v.

*The page of the Duke of Savoy. 1891. 2 v. The regent's daughter. 1891.

Ebers, G: M. The Hellenic portraits from the

Fayum, at present in the collection of Herr Graf; with remarks on other works of this class.

Evans, Mrs. E.. E. G: Story of Louis XVII. of France [Eleazer Williams].

Fenollosa, E. F. East and West; The discovery of America; and other poems. Fielde, A. M. Chinese night's entertainments; stories in the romance of The strayed arrow. Illust.

Fielding, H: Works; ed. by G: Saintsbury. 12 v. Illust.

Finlayson, T: C. Essays, addresses, and lyrical translations; with a biog. sketch by A: S:

[Jan. 8, 1894

For the fourth time of asking; by the author of "Miss Toosey's mission," etc.

Franqueville, C:, comte de. Le système judiciaire de la Grande Bretagne. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Organisation judiciaire. 2. La procédure civile et criminelle. Frederic, H. The copperhead.

Fuller, E: The complaining millions of men; a novel.

Geographical journal; including the Proceedings

of the Royal Geographical Society. Vol. 1. Gibbins, H: de B. British commerce and colonies, from Elizabeth to Victoria. (Univ. extension ser.) Gothi, E. Les deux chefs-d'œuvre du théâtre russe Revisor, par N: Gogol; Trop d'esprit nuit, par A. S. Griboïedof. [2e éd.]

* Grabowski, S., Graf. Aus dem Officier leben; humoristische Bilder. 1863.

[blocks in formation]

Catalogue of the Graf collection of ancient
Greek portraits at the World's Columbian
Exposition, Chicago; [by F. H. Richter and
F. von Ostini].

Gréard, V. C. O. Nos adieux à la veille Sorbonne.

Greene, G. A. Italian lyrists of today; translations; with biog. notices.

Greenwood, J. Adventures surprenantes de trois

vieux marins; histoire de ce qui n'est jamais arrivé; tr. par P. Simon. [1890.] Illust. Contents. Aventures surprenantes de trois vieux marins. Périlleux voyages de Brass frères. La sorcière noire. Gundry, R. S. China and her neighbours: France in Indo-China; Russia and China; India and Thibet.

Haggard, H: R. Montezuma's daughter. *Hardy, T:, and others. Stories in black and white.

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* Purchased by request.

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Contents. Vol. 1. Historical. 2, 3. Genealogical. Hirth, G:, and Muther, R: Meister Holzschnitte aus vier Jahrhunderten; [charakteristische Beispiele].

Holmes, O. W. The autocrat of the breakfasttable; illust. by H. Pyle. 2 v.

Hope, A. A change of air.

Hoppin, E. H. From out of the past; the story of a meeting in Touraine.

Howard, B. D. Life with trans-Siberian savages [Ainos].

Howells, W: D. The coast of Bohemia; a novel. Hungerford, Mrs. M. H. A mad prank; and other stories.

Contents. A mad prank. A terrible mistake. Miss Saville of Thorby Hall. -"A lucky ghost hunt." + International American Conference. Reports of committees and discussions thereon, etc. 1890. 4 v.

Contents. Vol. 1, 2. Reports and discussions. 3. Narrative of the tour through the U. 8. 4. The Congress of 1826 at Panama, and [other American congresses].

Jarchow, H. N. Forest planting; a treatise on the care of timber lands and the restoration of denuded wood-lands. Illust. Jeaffreson, J: C. A book of recollections. 2 v. Jewett, S.. O. Deephaven. Illust. Lee, Mrs. S. P. D. D.

Memoirs of W: Nelson Pendleton,

Lees, G. R. Jerusalem illustrated; with preface by Bishop Blyth, and app. illust. the models of Von Shick, tr. by J. E. Hanauer. Le Fanu, W. R. Seventy years of Irish life; being anecdotes and reminiscences.

Leland, C: G. Memoirs. 2 v.

Lightfoot, J. B., Bp. of Durham.

Essays on the work entitled Supernatural religion. Note. Reprinted from the Contemporary review. McDermott, P. S. British East Africa or Ibea;

a history of the formation and work of the Imperial British East Africa Company; comp. from official documents. Illust. Mallarmé, S. Vers et prose; morceaux choisis. 2e éd. Mansfield, R. B. School-life at Winchester College; or, The reminiscences of a Winchester junior, 1835-40. 3d ed. Illust.

+ Margueritte, P. La mouche.

Contents. La mouche. - Pendant le bain. - Pata. gouya. - M. Blanc-Blanc. -Sonnette d'alarme. -Nouvelle-lune. Femme impure. Pluie d'orage. L'envie. L'omnibus. - La chaise persée. Minet. - L'attente. Le petit remède. - Premiers bourgeons. Le cigare. Un crise. Une mauvaise nuit. -Le petit Poucet. L'anon mort. - Finde Bohème. - Bonne mart. Le jardin enchanté.

[blocks in formation]

H. Foreground and vista at the Fair. -Smith, F. H.

Mitchell, S. W. Francis Drake; a tragedy of the


The mother; and other poems.

Mitford, M.. R. Our village; with introd. by A.
T. Ritchie, and illust. by H. Thomson.
Minerva; Jahrbuch der gelehrten Welt; hrsg. von
R. Kukula u. K. Trübner. 2er Jahrg., 1892-

Molloy, J. F. The life and adventures of Peg
Woffington. 2 v.
The galleries

Morelli, G. (pseud. I. Lermolieff).

of Munich and Dresden; tr. by C. J. Ffoulkes.

Morris, W:, and Bax, E. B. and outcome.

Moureau, A. Les Moreau. célèbres.)

Socialism, its growth

Illust. (Les artistes

tr. by W: Archer; Principles of political economy.

Nansen, F. Eskimo life;
Nicholson, J. S.
Vol. 1.

[blocks in formation]

Peary, Mrs. J. D. My Arctic journal; a year among ice-fields and Eskimos; with account of the great white journey across Greenland by Robert E. Peary.

Pease, A. E: Biskra and the oases and desert of the Zibans. Illust.

Perry, J. T. Chronology of medieval and Renaissance architecture, [306-1626]. Philips, F. C. "One never knows." 2 v. Pollard, A. W: Early illustrated books; history of the decoration and illustration of books in the 15th, 16th centuries.

Pomona; by the author of "Miss Toosey's mission," etc.

Popowski, J. The rival powers in Central Asia; or, The struggle between England and Russia in the East; tr. by A. B. Brabant; ed. by C: E. D. Black.


Purchased by request.


Port, C. La légende de Cathelineau, ses débuts,
son brevet de généralissime, son élection, sa
mort; mars-juillet 1793; avec docs. inèds.
* Preyer, W: Mental development in the child;
tr. by H. W. Brown. (Internat. educ. ser.)
Rankin, D. J. The Zambesi basin and Nyassaland;
Reimann, E: Abhandlungen zur Geschichte
Friedrichs des Grossen. 1892.

Renouvier, C: Victor Hugo, le poète.
Reynolds, M. T. Housing of the poor in Amer.
cities; prize essay of Assoc. for 1892. (Amer.
Econ. Assoc. Pub.)

Richebourg, E. Le million du père Raclot. 1889.

Riddle, A. G. Ansel's cave; a story of early life in the Western Reserve.

Robinson, P. Some country sights and sounds. Rocheblave, S: Les Cochin. (Les artistes célè


Roe, A., pseud. Pingot et moi; journal d'un officier d'artillerie. 2e éd.

Romanes, G: J: An examination of Weismannism.

Ruskin, J: Letters to William Ward; ed. by T: J. Wise. 2 v.

Three letters; and an essay [on literature];


Sanborn, K. A truthful woman in southern Cali


Saunière, P. Deux rivales. 1874.

L héritage d'Olga; suite et fin de "L'agence
Aubert." 1876.

Savage, R: H: Delilah of Harlem; a story of N.
York city of today. 2 v.

Schreiner, O. Dream life and real life, a little African story.

Contents. Dream life and real life. -The woman's rose. "The policy in favour of protection." Scott, Sir W. Familiar letters. 2 v.

+ Sears, J. H.. and Wells, B: W., Jr. The Chilean revolution of 1891.

Seeley, J: R. Goethe reviewed after sixty years.

Note. Reprinted from Contemporary review of 1884. Seymour or St. Maur, E: A., 12th Duke of Som

erset. Letters, remains, and memoirs; [with] extracts from his works on Christianity and democracy; ed. by W. H. Mallock and Lady G. Ramsden.

Sherard, R. H. Emile Zola; a biog. and critical study.

Sienkiewicz, H: Pan Michael; an historical novel

of Poland, the Ukraine, and Turkey; a sequel to With fire and sword," and "The deluge" tr. by J. Curtin.

Snow, F. Cases and opinions on international law; with notes and a syllabus.

Snowden, J. K. Tales of the Yorkshire wolds. Contents. Idyl of Wharfedale. Squire's lady. A tomboy as "Ďea ex Machina." — Lige Murgatroyd's trouble.- What the parson brought. Doase. A tale of shame. - Ghost slayer. - Angel barmaid. Heap of quartz. Dick Denholme. Ike Slowit's quarrel. The hero as poet. Sophocles. Tragedies; tr. into English prose from the text of Jebb by E: P. Coleridge.

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Stanley, H: M. My dark companions and their

strange stories.

Steel, Mrs. F. A. Miss Stuart's legacy.
Stevenson, R. L: Catriona; a sequel to "Kid-
napped;" memoirs of the further adventures
of David Balfour at home and abroad.
Note. Also published under title of "David Bal-
Stone, H. S. First editions of American authors;
manual for book lovers; with introd. by E.

Sullivan, T: R. Tom Sylvester; a novel.
+Sunset Club, Chicago. [Year book], 1891-92.
Target, P. L. Un avocat du 18e siècle [Gui J:
Baptiste Target].

Contents. Discours de M. P. Boulloche sur Target.Journal de Target, 1787; - Notes inédites sur l'état de la France, 1789-97.- Fac-similes d'autographes. Thompson, M. The ethics of literary art; the Carew lectures for 1893, Hartford Theological Seminary.

Poems. 1892.

Thwing, C: F. Within college walls.

Traill, H: D. Social England; a record of the progress of the people from the earliest times to the present day. Vol. 1. Traubel, H. L., and others. In re Walt Whitman. Twining, T: Travels in America 100 years ago, [1795-96]; being notes and reminiscences. (Harper's Black and white ser.)

Van Brunt, H: Greek lines; and other architectural essays. Illust.

Van Dyke, H: J. The Christ-child in art; a study of interpretation. Illust.

Vizetelly, H: Glances back through seventy years; autobiographical and other reminiscences.

2 v.

[blocks in formation]

Adams, F. The new Egypt; a social sketch. 1893. Allen, C. L. Bulbs and tuberous-rooted plants,

their history, description, methods of propagation and directions for their successful culture in the garden, etc. 1893. Illust. Ami des monuments, L'; revue illustrée; organe du Comité des Monuments Français; étude et protection des monuments d'art de la France dir. par C: Normand. Vol. 1-6. 1887-[92]. 1888-92. 6 v.

Ansted, A. The Riviera; etchings and vignettes; with notes.

Anstey, F. (pseud. of F. A. Guthrie).

The man from Blankley's and other sketches; repr. from "Punch". 1893. Illust.

Appuleius, L., Madaurensis. The golden ass; tr. by W: Adlington, 1566; with introduction by C: Whibley. (The Tudor trans.) Armstrong, G: Names and places in the Old and

New Testament and Apocrypha; with their modern identifications; rev. by Col. S: C. W. Wilson and Major Conder. 1889. (Palestine Exploration Fund.) Armstrong, I. J. Two roving English women in Greece. 1893. Illust. Around the world; [an illustrated magazine of travels and explorations]; ed. by A. Heilprin. Vol. 1, no. 1. 1893.

Aulard, F. A. Etudes et leçons sur la Révolution Française.

[blocks in formation]

Cuor di ferro e cuor d'oro; romanzo. 1891. 2 v.

La Donna di picche; romanzo.

* Barrows, J: H:

8a ed.

4a ed. 1893. World's Parliament of Religions; popular story of the world's first parliament of religions, held in connection with the Columbian Exposition, 1893. 2 v. Illust. Bazin, H. Nîmes gallo-romain; guide du touriste archéologue. 1892.

Vienne et Lyon gallo-romains. 1891. Beard, W: H. Action in art. [1893.] Illust. Bédier, J. Les fabliaux; études de littérature populaire et d'histoire littéraire du Moyen Age. 1893.

Beeching, H: C:, and others. Love in idleness; poems. 1883.

Bell, C: H: The bench and bar of New Hampshire; including notices of deceased judges of the highest court, and lawyers of the province and state, and a list of names of

[blocks in formation]

Bent. J. T. Early voyages and travels in the Levant; The diary of T: Dallam, 1599-1600; Extracts from the diaries of Dr. J: Covel, 1670-79. 1893. (Hakluyt Soc. Pub.) The sacred city of the Ethiopians; a record of travel and research in Abyssinia in 1893; with a chapter by H. D. Müller on the inscriptions from Yeha and Aksum, and app. on the morphological character of the Abyssinians by J. G. Garson. 1893. Illust. Bertram, J. G. Some memories of books, authors, and events. 1893.

Besant, Mrs. A. W. Autobiography. 1893. Besant, W. History of London. 1893. Bible. N. T. Greek and Eng. Interlinear literal translation of the Greek N. T.; with the authorized version in the margins, and the readings of the editions of Elzevir, etc. 1893. Bierce, A. Can such things be? [stories. 1893.] Bigarré, A. J. Mémoires, 1775-1813. [1893.] Birrell, A. Essays about men, women, and books. Björnson, B. Pastor Sang; being the Norwegian drama Over aevne; tr. into English for the author by W: Wilson. 1893. Illust. Black, R. Horse-racing in England; a synoptical review. 1893.

Blaney, H: R. 17 etchings of buildings of old

Boston. 1893.

* Blavatsky, Mme. H. P.

From the caves and jungles of Hindostan; tr. from the Russian. 1892.

Blennerhassett, R., and Sleeman, L. Adventures in Mashonaland; by two hospital nurses.


Blew, W: C: A. Brighton and its coaches; a history of the London and Brighton road Illust. Blunt, W. S. The love lyrics and songs of Proteus; with The love-sonnets of Proteus now reprinted in full. Kelmscott Press, 1892. Boaden, J. Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons; interspersed with anecdotes of authors and actors. 1893. Bolton, C: K. Saskia, the wife of Rembrandt.


*Bompas, W: C., Bp. Northern lights on the Bible; drawn from a Bishop's experience during 25 years in the great North-West. [1893.]

Bourgoin, J. Précis de l'art arabe et matériaux pour servir à l'histoire, à la théorie, et à la technique des arts de l'orient musulman. 1892. Illust.

* Purchased by request.

Bowley, A. L.

Short account of England's foreign trade in the 19th century; its economic and social results. 1893. (Social sci. ser.) Bowring, I.. H. Haidar Alí and Tipú Sultán, and

the struggle with the Musulman powers of the south. 1893. (Rulers of India.) Boyesen, H. H. Commentary on the writings of Henrik Ibsen.

* Bozérian, J. Etude sur la révision de la constitution de 1875. 1884.

+ Bradlee, C. D. Sermons for the church. 1893. Bricard, G. Un serviteur et compère de Louis XI, Jean Bourré, seigneur du Plessis, 1424-1506. 1893. Brink, B. ten. Shakspere; funf Vorlesungen. 1893. British Museum. Library. A subject index of the modern works added to the library of the British Museum in the years 1885-90; compiled by G. K. Fortescue. 1891. Bromley, G: W. and W. S. Atlas of the city of Cambridge.

Brook, Mrs. C. J. Six weeks in Egypt; fugitive sketches of eastern travel. 1893. Illust. Brooks, W: H: A sketch of the late Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks.

Brown, J. B. Stoics and saints; lectures on the later heathen moralists and on some aspects of the life of the mediæval church. 1893. Browne, E: G. A year amongst the Persians; impressions as to the life, character, and thought of the people; 1887-88. 1893.

Browning, O. Guelphs and Ghibellines; a short history of medieval Italy from 1250-1409.

[blocks in formation]

masque de fer; révélations de la correspondance chiffrée de Louis XIV; étude appuyée de documents inédits des archives du Dépôt de la Guerre; [to prove that it was V. L. de Bulonde]. 1893.

Burnham, Mrs. C. L. Dearly bought; a novel. 1893.

"No gentleman." 1893.

Burrell, W. S., and Cuthell, E. E. Indian mem

ories; [recollections of life in India]. 1893. Bury, J. B. History of the Roman Empire from foundation to death of Marcus Aurelius. 1893. (Student's Roman Empire.) Cambridge (Eng.) University. Fitzwilliam Mu

seum. Catalogue of the Egyptian collection, by E. A. W. Budge. 1893.

Cameron, H: H. H. Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and

his friends; a series of portraits in photogravure from the negatives of Mrs. J. M. Cameron and H: H. H. Cameron; Reminiscences by A. T. Ritchie. 1893. Campbell, J. D. Samuel Taylor Coleridge; a narrative of the events of his life. Carlsruhe. Badischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein.

Alte und neue Facher aus der Wettbewerbung und Ausstellung zu Karlsruhe, 1891; Vorwort von H. Götz, Text von M.. Rosen

[blocks in formation]

Contents. Sous-préfectures. Réforme administrative. -Libertés civiles. - Colonisation. -Cléricalisme, etc.

Castonnet-Desfosses, H. La perte d'une colonie ; la révolution de Saint-Domingue. 1893. Catullus, Q. (or C.) V. Catullus; with the Pervigilium Veneris; ed. by S. G. Owen. 1893. Illus.

Cave, H: W. Picturesque Ceylon; Colombo and the Kelani valley. 1893.

Charterhouse, London. Registers and monumental inscriptions of Charterhouse Chapel; ed. by F. Collins. 1892. (Harleian Soc.) Chicago. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893. Illustrations from the art gallery; ed. by C: M. Kurtz. [1893.]

Some minor arts as Illust.

Church, A. J. Pictures from Greek life and story. [1893] Church, A. H., and others. practised in England. Contents. Read, C. H. English work in impressed horn. - Fletcher, W. Y. English book-bindings. Church, A. H. Old English pottery; - Old English fruit trenchers. Hartshorne, A. English effigies in wood. Gardner, J. S. English enamels.

+ Clark, H: P. Record of the life and writings of Henry Grafton Clark.

Clouston, W: A. Hieroglyphic Bible; Old Testament stories. 1893.

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Hieroglyphic Bible; New Testament stories. 1893.

Coffin, C: C. Abraham Lincoln. 1893. Illust. Collinot, E., and Beaumont, A. de. Ornements de la Chine; recueil de dessins pour l'art et l'industrie. 1883.

[ocr errors]

Ornements du Japon; recueil de dessins pour l'art et l'industrie. 1883.

Ornements turcs; recueil de dessins pour l'art et l'industrie. 1883.

Ornements vénitiens, hindous, russes, etc.; recueil de dessins pour l'art et l'industrie. 1883.

Conder, C. R. The Tell Amarna tablets translated. 1893. (Palestine Expl. Fund.)

Conze, A., and others. Die attischen Grab-reliefs.
Lief. 1-4. 1890-93. 4 pts. Illust.
Corelli, M. Barabbas; a dream of the world's
tragedy. 1893. 2 v.

Cossa, L. Introduction to the study of political economy; tr. by L. Dyer. 1893.

+ Cowley, C: Memoir of Josiah Gardner Abbott; read before the Old Residents' Hist. Assoc. of Lowell, Nov. 24, 1891; with the proceedings of the Bar on the occasion of [his] death, and his address for the minority of the electoral commission of 1817. 1892. * Purchased by request.

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