Slike stranica

Cowper, H. S. Through Turkish Arabia; a journey from the Mediterranean to Bombay by the Euphrates and Tigris valleys and the Persian Gulf.

* Cram, R. A. The decadent; being the gospel of inaction, wherein are set forth in romance form certain reflections touching the curious characteristics of these ultimate years, and the causes thereof. 1893.

Cuming, E. D. In the shadow of the pagoda; sketches of Burmese life and character. 1893. Illust.

Curtius, E., and Kaupert, J. A. Karten von Attika; mit erläuterndem Text. Heft. 1-7. 1881-93.

Custance, H. Riding recollections and turf stories. * Dahn, F. Sind Götter? die Halfred Sigskaldsaga; ein nordischer Roman aus dem zehnten Jahrhundert. 6e Aufl. 1893.

Dale, J: Round the world by doctor's orders; a narrative of a year's travel in Japan, Ceylon, Australia, China, New Zealand, Canada, the U. S., etc. Illust.

Dall, G. La mère Angélique, abbesse de PortRoyal, d'après sa correspondance. 1893. Daudet, E. Les coulisses de la société parisienne. 6e éd. 1893.

Davidson,J: A random itinerary. * Davis, J: P. Union Pacific Railway; a study in railway politics, history, and economics. Davis, R: H. Rulers of the Mediterranean; [travels]. Illust.

Dawson, W: H. Germany and the Germans. 2 v. Delacroix, F. V: E. Journal; précédé d'une

étude sur le maître par P. Flat; notes et éclaircissements par P. Flat et R. Piot. Vol. 1,2. 1893. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. 1823-50. 2. 1850-54. Demarr, J. Adventures in Australia 50 years ago; record of an emigrant's wanderings through New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, 1839-44. 1893. Illust.

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Du Chaillu, P. B. Ivar the Viking; a romantic history based upon facts of the 3d and 4th centuries. 1893.

Dunlop, J: C:, and Hay, A. The book of old Edinburgh; with hist. accounts of the buildings, and anecdotes of the olden time. New ed. 1893. Illust. Dupriez, L..

Les ministres dans les principaux pays d'Europe et d'Amérique. 2e éd. 189293. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Les monarchies constitutionnelles. 2. Les républiques.

+ Eaton, A. W. H. The Olivestob Hamiltons. 1893. Edwards, M. B. The curb of honour. 1893. Elliot, R. H: Gold, sport, and coffee planting in Mysore; with chapters on coffee planting in Coorg, the Mysore Representative Assembly, the Indian Congress, caste, and the Indian silver question; the 38 years' experiences of a Mysore planter.

Ellis, A. B. The Yoruba-speaking peoples of the slave coast of West Africa; their religion, customs, language, etc., with app. cont. a comparison of the Tshi, Ga, Ewe and Yoruba languages.

Ellis, E: S. Indian wars of the United States, 1607-1891. [1892.] Illust.

Ellis, E. J: Seen in three days; [poems relating dreams]. 1893.

Espinasse, F. Literary recollections and sketches. 1893.

Fairbairn, J. Book of crests of the families of Gr. Britain and Ireland. New ed.; rev. by A. C: Fox-Davies. 1892. 2. v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Index of surnames, mottoes, etc. 2. Plates.

Famous adventures and prison escapes of the civil war. 1893. Illust.


Contents. War diary of a Union woman in the South; ed. by G: W. Cable. -Pittenger, W: Locomotive chase in Georgia.-Richards, A. E. Mosby's "Partizan Ran gers." Romance of Morgan's rough-riders. Duke, B. W. The raid. Wilcox, O. B. The capture. — Hines, T: H. The escape. Moran, E. B. Col. Rose's tunnel at Libby Prison. - Shelton, W. H. Hard road to travel out of Dixie. Wood, J. T. Escape of Gen. Breckenridge.

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Fane, P. A. W. P., Countess of Westmoreland. Letters of Lady Burghersh from Germany and France during the Campaign of 181314; ed. by her daughter, Lady Rose Weigall. 1893.

Farina, S. Mio figlio! 6a ed. [1892.] Farjeon, B: L. The last tenant. [1893.] Farrar, C: S. Art topics in the history of sculpture, painting and architecture; with reference to English works on art, 3d ed. 1890. Field, E. The holy cross; and other tales. 1893. Contents. The holy cross. The pagan seal-wife. The touch in the heart. thuselah.

The rose and the thrush. Flail, Trask, and Bisland. Daniel and the Devil. - MeFélice and Petit-Poulain. The river.Franz Abt. - Mistress Merciless.

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Purchased by request.

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Box of monkeys; and other
farce comedies. [1891.]
Contents. A box of monkeys. The Jack trust. -
The veneered savage. -Tulu.

Furtwängler, A. Meisterwerke der griechischen
Plastik; kunstgeschichtliche Untersuchun-
1893. Illust.

Gardner, J: S. Ironwork, from the earliest times to the end of the mediæval period. 1893. Illust.

Garland, H. Main-travelled roads; six stories of the Mississippi Valley; with introd. by W: D. Howells. 1893 [1891].

Under the

Contents. A branch road. - Up the Coulé. Among the corn-rows. The return of a private. lion's paw. - Mrs. Ripley's trip.

Prairie song; chants rhymed and unrhymed of the level lands of the great west. 1893. Illust.

Gasquet, F. A. The great pestilence, A.D. 1348-9, now commonly known as the black death. 1893.

Geikie, Sir A. Text-book of geology. 3d ed. 1893.

Genevay, A. Le style Louis XIV; Charles Le Brun, décorateur; ses œuvres, son influence, etc. 1886.

Genevois, H: Les derniers cartouches; janv., 1871; Villersexel, Héricourt, Pontarlier. 1893.

Les Du Cerceau; leur vie et leur œuvres. 1887. Illust. Giffen, R. The case against bimetalism. 2d ed. 1892.

Geymüller, H:, Baron von.

Gilbert, Sir J. Reproductions of [his] pictures

presented to the art gallery of the Corpora

tion of the city of London; with letterpress by A. G. Temple. 1893.

Godley, A. D. Aspects of modern Oxford; by a mere Don. Illust.

Gould, S. B-. Mrs. Curgenven of Curgenven.

1893. 3 v. Graham, P. A. All the year with nature. Grahame, K. Pagan papers.


Contents. Romance of the road.-Romance of the rail. -Non libri sed liberi. - Loafing. - Cheap knowledge. The rural Pan. Marginalia.- The eternal whither. -Deus terminus. Of smoking. An autumn encoun ter. The white poppy. - Bohemian in exile. - Justi fiable homicide. - Fairy wicket. - Aboard the galley. -The lost centaur. Orion. The Golden Age: The Olympians; A white-washed uncle; Finding of the pincase; Young Adam Cupid;"- Burglars;

Note. Reprinted from the National Observer.

* Grand, Mrs. S., pseud. Ideala. 1893. Grant, A. J. Greece in the age of Pericles. 1893. (Univ. exten. manuals.)

Graves, C., and others. Seven Chrismas eves; being the romance of a social evolution; by Clo Graves, B: L. Farjeon, F. Marryat, G: Manville Fenn, Mrs. Campbell Praed, J. H. McCarthy, C. Scott. [1893.]

Great Britain. Master of the Rolls. Calendar of the close rolls preserved in the Public Record Office. 1893.

Namely. Edward 11., 1313-18.

Griffiths, A. Secrets of the prison-house; or, Gaol studies and sketches. [1893.] 2 v. Illust.

Guerber, H. A. Myths of Greece and Rome, narrated with special reference to literature and art.

H., R. G.


Reminiscences of 70 years' life, travel' and adventure; by a retired officer of H.M.'s civil service. Vol. 1. 1893.

Contents. Vol. 1. Soldiering in India.

Hafiz, Muhammed Shams ad-din. Ghazels from the Divan of Hafiz; done into English by J. H. McCarthy. 1893.

Halliwell-Phillips, P. J. G. Outlines of the life

of Shakespeare. 8th ed. 1889. 2 v. Illust. Hamilton, J: Sixty years' experience as an Irish landlord; memoirs; ed., with introd., by Rev. H: C: White.

Hamley, Sir E: B. Lady Lee's widowhood. New ed. [1893.]

Hamlin, C. My life and times. 2d ed. [1893.] Hancock, A. U. History of Chile. 1893. (LatinAmerican republics.)

Hanotaux, G.

Histoire du cardinal de Richelieu. [Vol. 1.] 1893.

Contents. [Vol. 1.] La jeunesse de Richelieu, 15851614. La France en 1614.

Hare, A: J: C. Story of two noble lives; being memorials of Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford. 1893. 3 v. Illust.

Harraden, B. Ships that pass in the night. Harris, W. B. Journey through the Yemen; and remarks upon that country. 1893. Illust. Harte, F. B. A protégée of Jack Hamlin's; and other stories.

Contents. A protégée of Jack Hamlin's. - An ingénue of the Sierras. Reformation of James Reddy. Heir of the McHulishes. An episode of West Woodlands.- Home-coming of Jim Wilkes. Hector, Mrs. A. F. Heredia, J. M. de. Huysmans, J. K: Pitt, R. J. Tragedy of the Norse gods; [stories from the Eddas]. Illust.

A ward in chancery; a novel.
Les trophées. [10e éd.]
A rebours. 1892.

Poor, A. B. Brothers and strangers. Walters, J: C. Tennyson; poet, philosopher, idealist; studies of the life, work, and teaching of the poet laureate.

Watson, W. Epigrams of art, life, and nature.


† Received by gift.

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Forrest, G: W. Selections from the letters, des-
patches, etc., in the military department of
India, 1857-58. Vol. 1. 1893.
Gasparin, A. E., comte de.

Les perspectives du temps présent; discours prononcés à Genève. 5e éd. 1884.

Gosse, E. W: The Jacobean poets. (Univ. exten. manuals.) Gould, A. C, Modern American pistols and revolvers ; description, work accomplished

with these arms, rules governing pistol and revolver competitions. New rev. ed. Illust. Greenwood, F: Lover's lexicon; handbook for novelists, playwrights, philosophers, and minor poets; but especially for the enamoured. 1893.

+ Gresset, J: B. L: Vert-Vert; tr. from the French [by S. B. Harrison. 1893].

Hall, G. Allegretto [poems]; illust. by O. Her


Hamel, E. Histoire du Second Empire; faisant suite à l'Histoire de la seconde république ; déc., 1851 sept. 1870. Vol. 1. 1893. Handbook for travellers in Russia, Poland, and Finland; including the Crimea, Caucasus, Siberia, and Central Asia. 5th ed. 1893. Harper, C: G. From Paddington to Penzance; the

record of a summer tramp from London to Land's End. 1893. Illust. Harper's new monthly magazine; Index to vol. 185; 1850 Nov. 1892. 1893.

Harris, W. R. History of the early missions in western Canada. 1893.

Harrison, W. Memorable Edinburgh houses.


Hatton, J. Under the great seal. 1893. 3 v. *Heimburg, W. (pseud. for B. Behrens). Ein

armes Mädchen; Das Fräulein Pate. [1891.] Illust. (Gesamm. Romane, v. 4.)

Aus dem Leben meiner alten Freundin. [1891.] Illust. (Gesamm. Romane, v. 1.) Kloster Wendhusen; Ursula. [1891.] Illust. (Gesamm. Romane, v. 3.)

Lore von Tollen; Roman. [1893.] Illust.
(Gesamm. Romane, v. 8.)

Trudchens Heirat; Im Banne der Musen.
[1892.] Illust. (Gesamm. Romane, v. 5.)
Eine unbedeutende Frau; Roman. [1893.]
Illust. (Gesamm. Romane, v. 9.)

* Unter der Linde; Novellen. [1893.] Illust. (Gesamm. Romane, v. 10.) Contents. Am Abgrund. Unsere Hansglocke. Unser Männe. Jascha.- In der Webergasse.-Grossmütterchen. Nachbars Paul. Aus meinen vier Pfählen: Dorotheens Bild; - Onkel Leos Verlobungs. ring; - Flickdorchen; Grossvaters Stammbuch. Auf Schwankem Boden.

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Herbert, G: Life of George Herbert of Bemerton; pub. under the direction of the Tract com

Hickson, S. J: The fauna of the deep sea. Illust. (Modern science.)

Hill, F.

An autobiography of 50 years in times of reform; ed., with additions, by Constance Hill. 1893.

Hinsdale, B. A. How to study and teach history; with particular reference to the hist. of the U. S. (Internat. educ. ser.) Hittorff, J. I. Restitution du temple d'Empedocle à Selinonte; ou L'architecture polychrome chez les Grecs. 1851.

Hoffmann, Prof. (pseud. of A. J: Lewis). Puzzles old and new. 1893. Illust.

*Hoppus, M.. A. M. The locket; a tale of old Guernsey. 1889. 2 v.

Houssay, F: The industries of animals. 1893. (Contemporary science series.)

Houssaye, H. 1815; la première restauration, le retour de l'île d'Elbe, les cent jours. 11e éd. [1893.]

Hugo, V: M.., comte. Théâtre en liberté. 1888.
Contents. Prologue. La grand'mère. L'épée.
Mangeront-ils?- Sur la lisière d'un bois. Les gueux.
Etre aimé. La forêt mouillée. - Notes.

Toute la lyre; Dernière série. 3e éd. 1893.
La fin de Satan. 1888.

Humphrey, F. P. The Queen at Balmoral. 1893. Hungerford, Mrs. M. H. A mad prank; a novel. 1893.

Huson, T. Round about Snowdon, 30 plates; with notes by J: J. Hissey.

Hussein, Hamadàn. The Tárikh-i-Jadíd; or, New history of Mirzá 'Ali Muhammad the Bab; tr. from the Persian with introd., etc., by E: G. Browne. 1893.

Hustin, A. Constant Troyon. [1893.] Illust. Huxley, T: H: Darwiniana; essays. 1893. (Collected essays, v. 2.)

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Science and Hebrew tradition; essays. 1893. (Collected essays, v. 4.)

Hyperides. Orations against Athenogenes and Philippides; ed. with a translation, by F: G: Kenyon. 1893.

Ingelow, J. A motto changed; a novel. Inwards, R: Weather lore; a collection of proverbs, sayings, and rules, concerning the weather. 1893.

Jackson, T: G. Wadham College, Oxford; its foundation, architecture, and history; with an account of the family of Wadham and their seats in Somerset and Devon. 1893. Illust.

Jeaffreson, M. Marie Charlotte Anne de Corday; or, A hundred years after; a centenary monograph. 1893.

Jebb, R: C.

Growth and influence of classical Greek poetry; lectures del. 1892 [on the Percy Turnbull Memorial foundation] in the Johns Hopkins Univ. 1893.

Jekyll, J. Correspondence with Lady Gertrude Sloane Stanley, 1818-38; preceded by some letters to his father from France, 1775; ed., with brief memoir by Hon. A. Bourke. * Purchased by request.

Jerrold, W. Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1893. (Dilettante lib.)

Johnston, J. Reality versus romance in south cen

tral Africa; account of a journey across the continent from Benguella on the west, to the mouth of the Zambesi on the east coast. 1893. Illust. Jones, H. Dogs I have known. 1893. Keddie, H. War times; or, The lads of Craigross; [and In the canon's mouth] by S.. Tytler [pseud.]. 1893. Kenealy, A. J. Yacht races for the America's cup, 1851-93; an account of "America's" victory at Cowes in 1851, and subsequent contests for the trophy; also the international history of the Breton's Reef and Cape May cups, and the mission of "Navahoe" in 1893. Illust.

*Khedives, and Pashas; sketches of contemporary Egyptian rulers and statesmen; by one who knows them well. 1884.

King, Capt. C: Marion's faith. 1893.

Note. Sequel to the "Colonel's daughter."

Waring's peril.

Knight, J. Theatrical notes.

[Chronicles of the

London stage, 1874-79.]

Note. Repr. from the Athenæum.

Knight, W: Aspects of theism. 1893.

+ Koehler, S. R. White-line engraving for reliefprinting in the 15th and 16th centuries; from Rept. of Nat. Museum for 1890. 1892. Ladd, G: T. Psychology, descriptive and explanatory; a treatise of the phenomena, laws and development of human mental life.

Lamy, E. La République en 1883.

Note. Extrait de la Revue des Deux Mondes. Landor, A. H: S. Alone with the hairy Ainu; or,

3,800 miles on a pack saddle in Yezo; and a cruise to the Kurile Islands. 1893. Landreth, B. Market gardening and farm notes; experiences and observations of interest to the amateur gardener, trucker, and farmer. 1893. Lang, A. Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia; being the adventures of Prince Prigio's son. [1893.] Illust.

St. Andrews; with illustrations by T. Hodge.

Lansdell, H: Chinese Central Asia; a ride to
Little Thibet. 1893. 2 v. Illust.
Latimer, Mrs. E.. W. Russia and Turkey in
the 19th century. 1893.

Leavitt, E. W.

Henry Crane of Milton, Mass., 1864; and some of his descendants; comp. for Mr. Albert Crane. 1893.

Note. Repr. from N. E. hist. gen. register, v. 46, 47, with add.

Lee, F: G: Sights and shadows; being examples of the supernatural.

Lefort, P. La peinture espagnole. [1893.] Illust. Le Gallienne, R. Religion of a literary man, religio scriptoris. 1893.

Lemonnier, H: Etudes d'art et d'histoire: l'art français au temps de Richelieu et de Maza

Lemore, C. A covenant with the dead; a novel. [1892.] 3 v.

Leslie, G: D. Letters to Marco. 1893.

"Notes and observations on a few of the commoner objects of the Southern English counties which have from time to time come under my notice." Lessing, J. Holzschnitzereien des 15n und 16n Jahrhunderts im Kunstgewerbe-Museum zu Berlin. 1882.

Lethaby, W. R. Leadwork; old and ornamental and for the most part English. 1893. Illust.

Lewis, Sir G: C. An essay on the government of dependencies; ed. with an introd., by C: P.

[blocks in formation]

Linton, W: J. Life of John Greenleaf Whittier. 1893. (Great writers.)

Livre d'or du Salon d'architecture; dir. par C: Normand. [1892.] Illust.

Lockyer, J. N. Dawn of astronomy; a study of the temple-worship and mythology of the ancient Egyptians. Illust.

Loftie, W: J: Inigo Jones and Wren; or, The rise and decline of modern architecture in England. 1893. Illust.

Lugard, F: D. Rise of our East African empire; early efforts in Nyasaland and Uganda.

1893. 2v. Illust.

[blocks in formation]

Purchased by request.

Number 333.]

[blocks in formation]

Pastime papers; [chiefly

ethical]. New ed.; with introd. by W. Meynell. [1893.]

* Marc, F. de. La légitimité et la Révolution; étude sur le principe d'autorité. 1882. Marquardt, J. Le culte chez les Romains; tr. par [J.] Brissaud. 1889-90. 2 v.


De l'organisation financière chez les Romains; tr. par A. Vigié. 1888.

De l'organisation militaire chez les Romains; tr. par J. Brissaud. 1891.

Organisation de l'Empire romain; tr. sur la 2e éd. allemande par A. Weiss et P. LouisLucas. 1889-92. 2 v.

La vie privée des Romains; tr. sur la 2e éd. allemande par V: Henry. 1892-93. 2 v. Marshall, A. F. Comedy of English protestant

ism, in 3 acts; scene, Exeter Hall, London; time, the summer of 1893.

Marshall, E. A lily among thorns. 1893.

Penshurst Castle in the time of Sir Philip Sidney; [a story]. Illust.

Marshall, G: W: The genealogist's guide. [3d ed.] 1893.

Marshall, H: R. Pain, pleasure, and æsthetics; an essay concerning the psychology of pain and pleasure with special reference to æsthetics.

Martel, E. A. Les Cévennes et la région des Causses, Lozère, Aveyron, Hérault, Gard, Ardèche. 4e èd. 1893. Illust. Martin, T: C. Inventions, researches, and writings of Nikola Tesla, [electrician]. A liberal education. 1893. Martyn, Mrs. G: (Tavistock library.) Mason, J. The principles of chess in theory and practice.

Mathers, H.. (Mrs. H. Reeves). What the glass told; and A study of a woman. 1893. Maude, F. C. Memoirs of the Mutiny; with the personal narrative of J: W. Sherer. Illust.

2 v.

Maulde, R. de. La diplomatie au temps de Machiavel. 1892. 2 v.

Maxwell, Sir H.

Life and times of the Right Hon. W: H: Smith. 1893. 2 v.

Meinhold, J: W:

Sidonia the sorceress; tr. by Francesca Speranza, Lady Wilde.


Merson, O. Salon de 1893; Société des Artistes Français, et Société Nationale des BeauxArts. [1893.] Illust.

Milanesi, G. Les correspondants de Michel-Ange. 1890. Vol. 1.

Contents. Vol. 1. Sebastiano del Piombo. Mitchell, W: F. Reminiscences of the great mutiny, 1857-59; including the relief, siege and capture of Lucknow, and the campaigns in Rohilcund and Oude. 1893.

Mommsen, T: Le droit public romain; tr. sur la 3e éd. allemande par P. F: Girard. (Vol. 1, 2e éd.) 1889-93. Vol. 1-3, 6, 7.

Montague, C: strife.

Tales of a nomad; or, Sport and

Moore, A. W: Sodor and Man. 1893. (Diocesan histories.)

Moore, F. F. A gray eye or so.

Morris, M.O. Memini; or, A mingled yarn; [Irish sketches]. 1892.

Morris, W: The defence of Guenevere; and other poems. [Kelmscott Press, 1892.]

- A dream of John Ball; and a King's lesson. [Kelmscott Press, 1892.]

Morris, W. O. Moltke; a bíog. and critical study.


Moxom, P. S. The aim of life; plain talks to young men and women.

Mozoomdar, P. C. Heart-beats; with a biog. sketch of the author by S: J. Barrows. Spirit of God.

Müntz, E. Tapisseries, broderies, et dentelles; recueil de modèles anciens et modernes, précédé d'une indrod. 1890.

Murray, C: A., Earl of Dunmore. The Pamirs; narrative of a year's expedition through Kashmir, western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, and Russian Central Asia. 1893. 2 v. Illust. Murray, D: Story of Japan. (Story of the nations.)

Murray, D: C. In direst peril; a novel.

The making of a novelist; an experiment in autobiography.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Catalogue of

Greek, Etruscan, and Roman vases; by E:
Robinson. 1893. Illust.

Newman, J: H:, Card. Meditations and devotions. 2d ed. 1893.

Newton, W: W. The child and the Bishop; with certain memorabilia of the Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks; by an old friend.

Nicholson, J. S. Principles of political economy. Vol. 1. 1893.

Northumberland Co. History Committee. History of Northumberland. Vol. 1. 1893. Contents. Vol. 1. Bateson, E. The parish of Bamburgh.

Nottage, C: G. In search of a climate; [a journey round the world]. Illust.

+ Nourse, H. S. History of the town of Harvard, Mass., 1732-1893.

Nugent, Mrs. E. G. A land of mosques and Marabouts; [description of Algeria and Tunis].

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