Slike stranica

Oberholtzer, E. P. The referendum in America; a discussion of law-making by popular vote.


Ogle, A. The Marquis d'Argenson; a study in criticism; being the Stanhope essay, Oxford, 1893. Ohnefalsch-Richter, M. Kypros, the Bible and Homer; oriental civilization, art and religion; researches and excavations in Cyprus. 1893.

Old world lyrics; a little book of translations, [from the French]. 1893. (Bibelot series.) Oman, C: W: C. Europe, 476-918. 1893. (Periods of European history.) Oppert, G. On the original inhabitants of Bharatavarsa; or, India. 1893.

Orcutt, W: D. Good old Dorchester; a narrarative history, 1630-1893. Illust.

Owen, Mrs. J. A. Forest, field, and fell. 1893. With the woodlanders and by the tide; by a son of the marshes. 1893.


Within an hour of London town; among wild birds and their haunts; by a son of the marshes. 1892.

Owen, J: The skeptics of the French Renaissance. 1893.

[blocks in formation]

Experiences of a Prussian officer in the Russian service during the Turkish war of 1877-78; tr. by C. W. Bowdler. 1893.

Phelps, W: L. Beginnings of the English romantic movement; a study in 18th century lit erature. 1893.

Philips, F. C. Of course.


Contents. Of course. - Told by a diamond. - In the good old times.- Advice gratis. Reward of virtue.Man with the millions. The duke and his valet. A wife in need is a wife indeed. Tale of a kite.Practical wife. A man shouldn't marry a murderess. -The light that smouldered. Jessamy's gal. A mé. salliance. A little hard on me. - Lady Paddington. Philips, N. G: Views of the old halls of Lanca

shire and Cheshire, with descriptive letterpress by local contributors, also a brief memoir of the artist-engraver. 1893.

Phillips, C. Sir Joshua Reynolds. Illust. Piatt, J: J. Lost hunting-ground, etc.; little new world idyls, and other poems. 1893.

Piatt, Mrs. S. M. B.

An enchanted castle; and other poems; pictures, portraits, and people in Ireland. 1893.

Pingaud, L. Un agent secret sous le Révolution et l'Empire; le comte d'Antraigues. 1893. Platt, C: A. Italian gardens. Illust. Polk, W: M. Leonidas Polk, bishop and general. 1893. 2 v.

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Popular science monthly. Index, 1872-92, including vols. 1-40, and the 21 nos. of the supplement; by F: A.Fernald. 1893. Praed, Mrs. C. Christina Chard. Prentice, A. N.

Renaissance architecture and ornament in Spain, 1500-60; with descriptive text. [1893.]

Pressensé, F. de. La France; les partis et les élections. 1893.

Prothero, R. E., and Bradley, G: G. Life and correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley.

2 v. Putnam, G: H. Authors and their public in ancient times; a sketch of literary conditions and of their relations with the public of literary producers, from the earliest times to the invention of printing.

Rabany, C: Kotzebue; sa vie et son temps; ses œuvres dramatiques. 1893.

Rambaud, A. Recueil des instructions données

aux ambassadeurs et ministres de France depuis les traités de Westphalie jusqu'à la Révolution Française; Russie; avec une introd. et des notes. 1890. 2 v. Contents. 1748-89.

Vol. 1. Des origines jusqu'à 1748. 2.


Rand, S. T. Legends of the Micmacs. ley College Philological pub.) Reinach, J. Recueil des instructions données aux ambassadeurs et ministres de France depuis les traités de Westphalie jusqu'à la Révolution; Naples et Parme; avec une introd. et des notes.

Reminiscences of Australian early life; by a pioneer. 1893.

Richards, Mrs. L. E. H. When I was your age; [account of the early life of the children of Dr. S. G. Howe and Mrs. Julia Ward Howe]. Illust. Riva Palacio, V. México a través de los siglos; historia general desde la antigüedad más remota hasta la época actual. [1890-92.] 5 v. Roberto, C: G. D. Songs of the common day; and Ave, an ode for the Shelley centenary. 1893. Roberts, W:

Printers' marks; a chapter in the history of topography. 1893. Illust. Robinson, J: R. The last earls of Barrymore,


* Purchased by request. Received by gift.

Acland, Sir H: W., Bart., and Ruskin, J: The Oxford Museum; from original ed., 1859; with additions in 1893.

Adams. C. F. Antinomianism in the colony of Mass. Bay, 1636-38; including the Short story and other docs. (Prince Soc. Pub.) Age du romantisme, L'. Livr. 1-5. 1887. Illust. Contents. Burty, P. Célestin Nanteuil. neux, M. Gérard de Nerval. - Burty, P. Camille Rogier. Tourneux, M. Prosper Mérimée.

Note. No more was published.


Agnew, Sir A., 8th Bart. The hereditary sheriffs of Galloway, their "forebears" and friends; their courts, and customs of their times; with notes of the hist., legends, etc., of the province. [2d ed.] 1893. 2 v.

Alberoni, G., Card. Lettres intimes adressées au comte I. Rocca; pub. par E. Bourgeois.


Alexander, W. Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Austrians; illust. in 50 coloured engravings. 1814. Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Chinese; illust. in 50 coloured engravings, with descriptions. 1814. * Alger, J. G. Glimpses of the French Revolution; myths, ideals, and realities.

Allen, G. Post-prandial philosophy.

Note. Reprinted from the Westminster gazette. American yacht list for 1893; a complete register

of the yacht clubs; with list of owners, and [plates] of club-flags and privates ignals of owners. [1893.]

Aragon, C: de B.-P. de M., marquis d.' Un paladin au 18e siècle; le prince Charles de Nassau-Siegen, d'après sa correspondance, 178489. 1893.

Araujo, O. d'. L'idée républicaine au Brésil. 1893. Arbois de Jubainville, M. H. d'. Le cycle my- thologique irlandais et la mythologie celtique. 1884.

[blocks in formation]

Introduction à l'étude de la littérature celtique. 1883.

Les premiers habitants de l'Europe. 2e éd. 1889-94. 2 v.

and others. L'épopée celtique en Irlande. 1892. Vol. 1.

Architectural Association, London. Visit to the domed churches of Charente, France, 1875; pub. as a memorial to E. Sharpe; with hist. and descr. text. [188-.] Illust. *Arnold, E. M. Platonics; a study. Ashton, J. Varia.


Contents. Childhood's drama [marionnettes]. poor little prince [Queen Anne's son]. The most curious church in England [Greensted Church]. - Queen Dick [Richard Cromwell. -The Princess of Javasu [Mary Baker]. An extraordinary career, Benvenuto Cellini. Pepys and music.


Astor,J: J. A journey in other worlds; a romance of the future. Illust.

Ayres, A., pseud. The orthoëpist; a pronouncing manual cont. about 4500 words, including names of foreign authors, artists, etc. New ed. of 1894.

Baker, W: S. Early sketches of George Washington; reprinted with biog. and bibliographical notes.

Barbey d'Aurevilly, J. A. Mémoires historiques et littéraires. 1893.

Notice sur J. M. Audin; suivie de [son] Introduction à l'ouvrage intitulé La réforme contre la réforme. 1856.

Bardoux, A. Chateaubriand. 1893. Illust. * Barlow, J. Bog-land studies; [poems]. 2d ed. rev. and enl.

Barrett, C. R. B. Somersetshire; highways, byways, and waterways. Illust.

Barry, J. A. Steve Brown's bunyip; and other stories [of Australia]. 5th ed. 1893. Bartholomew, J. Constable's hand atlas of India. 1893.

Basile, G. B., Count of Torone. Il pentamerone; or, The tale of tales: tr. by Sir R. Burton. 1893. 2 v.

Battye, A. T. Pictures in prose of nature, wild sport and humble life. Baumann, A. A. Betterment, worsement, and recoupment; [and the improvements proposed by the London County Council]; with a note on betterment in America.

Bayard, Mrs. M. P. Journal, London, 1794-97; ed. by S. B. Dod.

Beale, T: W: Oriental biog. dictionary. New ed.; rev. and enl. by H: G: Keene. Beauvais, B. P. de. Mémoires inédits; pub. par la

comtesse de La Bouëre. 1893.

Becque, H: Théâtre complet. 1890. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Sardanapale. - L'enfant prodigue. Michel Pauper. La navette. 2. Les honnêtes femmes. Les corbeaux. La parisienne. Beddoes, T. L. Letters; ed., with notes, by E.


Beissel, S. Vaticanische Miniaturen; Quellen zur
Geschichte der Miniaturmalerei; [Germ, and
Fr.]; mit 30 Tafeln. 1893.

Benson, E. F. The Rubicon.
Berenson, B. The Venetian painters of the Renais
sance; with an index to their works. Illust.
Bertrandon de La Brocquière. Voyage d'outre-

mer; pub. et annoté par C: Schefer. 1892. Bianchi, A. G. Der Roman eines geborenen Verbrechers; Selbstbiographie des Strafgefangenen Antonino M...; mit einem psychiatrischen Gutachten von S. Venturi; deutsche Ubersetzung von F: Ramhorst. Bigelow, J., Jr.

Principles of strategy; illust. mainly from American campaigns. 2d ed., rev. and enl.

Birrell, A. Essays about men, women, and books. Blümner, H. The home life of the ancient Greeks; tr. by Alice Zimmern. 1893. Illust. Blum, H. Das Deutsche Reich zur Zeit Bismarcks; politische Geschichte von 1871 bis 1890. 1893.

Bode, W. Die italienische Plastik. 2e Aufl. 1893. Illust.

Boldrewood, R. (pseud. of T: A. Browne). A modern buccaneer.

Bonar, J. Philosophy and political economy in some of their historical relations. 1893. (Library of philosophy, 2d ser.)

Bonavia, E. The flora of the Assyrian monuments and its outcomes. Illust.

Contents. Flora of the Assyrian monuments of the British Museum, and others. - Sacred trees of Assyria. -The cone-fruit. The lotus. - The evil eye. — The trident. - Notes on some cylinders. - Conclusions. Bonwick, J. Irish druids and old Irish religions. Borlase, W: C. The age of the saints; a monograph of early Christianity in Cornwall; with legends of the Cornish saints, and introd. illust. of the ethnology of the district. [2d ed.] 1893. Bosanquet, B. The civilization of Christendom; and other studies. 1893. (The ethical lib.) Botume, E. H. First days amongst the contrabands; [experiences as teacher of a negro school in Beaufort, S. C.]. 1893. Boucher de Molandon,-.,and Beaucorps, A.,baron

de. L'armée anglaise vaincue par Jeanne D'Arc sous les murs d'Orléans; documents inéd. et plan. 1892.

Note. Extrait du tome 23 des Mémoires de la Soc. Arch. et Hist. de l'Orléanais.

Boulay de La Meurthe, A., comte de. Documents sur la négociation du concordat, et sur les autres rapports de la France avec le Saint Siège, 1800-01. 1892-93. 3 v.

* Boyd, A. K. H. Recreations of a country parson. [1st ser.] 3d ed. 1861.

Bradley, F. H. Appearance and reality; a metaphysical essay. 1893. (Library of philosophy, 3d ser.)

Bradshaw, J. Sir Thomas Munro and the British settlement of the Madras presidency. (Rulers of India.)

Brentano, L: J.

Hours and wages in relation to production; tr by Mrs. W: Arnold. Bridges, R. Overheard in Arcady. Illust.

Note. Imaginary conversations by characters in the books of Howells, James, Aldrich, Stockton, etc. Brink, B. ten. Geschichte der englischen Litteratur. 1877-93. 2 v.

Note. Vol. 2 ed. by A. Brandl.

Contents. Vol. 1. Bis zu Wiclifs Auftreten. 2. Bis zur Reformation.

Brinkburn, Eng., Priory. Chartulary; [ed. by W: Page]. 1893. (Surtees Soc. Pub.) Broc, H., vicomte de. Dix ans de la vie d'une femme pendant l'émigration; Adélaïde de Kerjean, marquise de Falaiseau, d'après des lettres inédites et des souvenirs de famille. 2e éd.

+ Brooks, J.G. Compulsory insurance in Germany; incl. an app. relating to compulsory insurance in other countries in Europe. 1893. Broughton, R. A beginner; a novel. Brown, H. F. Life on the lagoons. 2d ed. Illust. Browne, Sir T: Hydriotaphia, urn burial; with account of some urns found at Brampton in Norfolk; with introd. and notes by Sir J: Evans. 1893.

[blocks in formation]

Table générale, v.1-39. 1846-73. 4 v.

Note. Table for v. 1-20, by C: A: Auber; v. 21-39, by Renault.

Burckhardt, J. Le cicerone; guide de l'art antique et de l'art moderne en Italie; traduit par Auguste Gérard, sur la 5e éd.; revue et complétée par Wilhelm Bode. 1885-92. 2 v. Contents. Vol. 1. Art ancien. 1885. 2. Art moderne. 1892.

Gayet, A. L'art arabe. [1893.]

* Hudson, A. S. History of Sudbury, Mass.,16381889. Illust.

Jenks, E: Walpole; a study in politics.

Lintilhac, E. Lesage. 1893.

Maartens, M., pseud. The greater glory; a story

of high life.

* Rod, E: Scènes de la vie cosmopolite; Lilith; L'eau et le feu; L'idéal de M. Gindre; Le pardon; La dernière idylle; Noces d'or. 1890.

Rossetti, G. C: D. House of life; for the first time given in its full text.

Ruland, C. Leonardo da Vinci und die Apostel

köpfe zu seinem Abendmahl.

Ruskin, J: The nature of Gothic; a chapter of the Stones of Venice. [Kelmscott Press, 1892.]

Russell, W: C., and others.

The British seas; pic

turesque notes. Illust. The emigrant ship. [1893.]

S., R. George Chapman; a narrative of a devoted life; with a preface by A. Gurney. 1893. Salt, H: S. Richard Jefferies; a study. *Sanday, W: Inspiration; eight lectures on the early history and origin of the doctrine of Biblical inspiration. 1893. (Bampton lectures.) Sangermano, Father. The Burmese empire a hundred years ago; with introd. and notes by J: Jardine. 1893.

Saunders, T. Introduction to the Survey of western Palestine, its waterways, plains, and highlands. 1881. [Palestine Exploration Fund.) Social life among the Assyrians and Babylonians. 1893. (By-paths of Bible knowledge.)

Sayce, A. H:

Schmidt, W: Handzeichnungen alter Meister im Königlichen Kupferstich- Kabinet zu München. 1884-93. 8 Lief.

Schopenhauer, A. Schopenhauer-Briefe; Sammlung meist ungedruckter oder schwer zugänglicher Briefe von, an, und über Schopenhauer; mit Aumerkungen und biographischen Analekten; hrsg. von L. Schemann. 1893. Schwatka, F: In the land of cave and cliff dwellers [Northern Mexico. 1893.] Illust. Scott, Mrs. M.. M. H.-S. M. Abbotsford; the personal relics and antiquarian treasures of Sir Walter Scott. 1893. Illust.

Scott, Sir W.

Lyrics and ballads; ed., with an introd., by A. Lang. Illust. Scudéry, M. de. Almahide, ou, L'esclave reine; par M. de Scudéry. 1660-61. Pt. 1, 2. Serao, M. Conquista di Roma; romanzo. 1885. * Sextus, C. Hypnotism; its facts, theories, and related phenomena; with anecdotes, descriptions, etc. 1893. Illust. Shakespeare, W: Works; ed. by H: Irving and

F. A. Marshall; with notes and introductions. 1890. 8 v. Illust.

Poems printed after the original copies : Venus and Adonis, 1593; The rape of Lucrece, 1593; Sonnets, 1609; The lover's complaint. [Kelmscott Press, 1893.]

Shaw, F. L. Letters from South Africa; repr. from the Times, July-Oct. 1892. 1893.

Sidgwick, A. The process of argument; a contribution to logic. 1893.

Siemens, E. W. von. Personal recollections; tr. by W. C. Coupland. 1893.

Smith, G. The conversion of India, 193-1893. Smith, G: B. Women of renown; 19th century studies. 1893.

Smith, G. The rousing of Mrs. Potter, and other stories.

Contents. Rousing of Mrs. Potter. A lone old wo. wan. Weighed in the balance. A theft condemned. A hope deferred. On Pawnee prairie. - Colonel Paddington's nurse. Dan's little girl. -An only son. At the spring. - Gardi.

Smith, M. Autobiography; with letters from J.. W. Carlyle and T: Carlyle. 1892. Miscellaneous poems. 1892.

Solly, H. These eighty years;" or, The story of an unfinished life; [autobiog.] 1893. 2 v. Solvay, L. L'art espagnol; précédé d'une introduction sur l'Espagne et les Espagnols. 1887.

Songs of adieu; a little book of" Finalé and farewell." 1893. (Bibelot series.)

Sourches, L: F. du B., marquis de. Mémoires sur le règne de Louis XIV; pub. par le comte de Cosnac et A. Bertrand. 1882-93. 13 v.

Stirling, J. H. Darwinianism; workmen and


Stone, Mrs. L. B. Vexilla regis quotidie. 1893. Stories from Scribner; stories of Italy. 1893. Illust.

Contents. Smith, F. H. Espero Gorgoni, gondolier. -Sullivan, T. R. Anatomist of the heart.-A'Becket, J.J. Song of the comforter.-Channing, G.. E. House on the hill-top.

[blocks in formation]

Contents. Spears, J: R. Port of the missing ships. Blunt, M. Fate of the Georgiana. Carryl, C: E. Captain Black. Howe, 0: Last slave ship.

Story, W: W. A poet's portfolio; later readings. Story of my dictatorship.

Note. A sketch of society reconstituted on the basis of land nationalization.

Strabo. Selections [from his Geography, Greek]; with introd. by H: F. Tozer. 1893. Strahan, S. A. K. Suicide and insanity; a physiological and sociological study. 1893. Strassen, M. zur. Spitzen des 16. bis 19. Jahrhunderts aus den Sammlungen des Kunstgewerbe-Museums zu Leipzig. 2 pts. Sturges, J. The first supper, and other episodes; The moonlighters of County Clare; The brother; Three forms; Koznuishef. 1893. Sturgis, J. R. From books and papers of Russell Sturgis. [1893.]

Sutter,J. A colony of mercy; or, Social Christianity at work; [account of a colony for epileptics at Bielefeld, Westphalia].



Suttner, A. G. von. Der böse Geist; Roman. 1893. 2 v.

+ Swedenborg, E. Apocalypsis explicata secundum sensum spiritualem ubi revelantur arcana quae ibi praedicta et hactenus recondita fuerunt. 1885. 6 v.

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Apocalypsis revelata; in qua deteguntur arcana quae ibi praedita sunt et hactenus recondita latuerunt. 1881. 2 v.

Christiana religio; continens universam theologiam Novae Ecclesiae; canones Novae Ecclesiae; opus postumum. 1885.

+ Coronis; seu, Appendix ad Veram Christianam religionem; tum quoque Invitatio ad Novam Ecclesiam. 1884.

+ De caelo et ejus mirabilibus et de inferno; ex auditis et visis. 1890.

De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus doctrina caelesti; ex auditis e caelo. 1885.

+ Deliciae sapientiae de amore conjugiali; post quas sequuntur, Voluptates insaniae de amore scortatorio. 1889.

+ Quatuor doctrinae; de Domino, de Scriptura Sacra, de vita secumdum praecepta decalogi, de fide. [1889.] Swinburne, A. C: Grace Darling; [a poem].


Symonds, M. Days spent on a Doge's farm [at Vescovana, Italy]. 1893. Illust.

Taft, L. R. Greenhouse construction; complete manual on the building, heating, ventilating, and arrangement of greenhouses; and the construction of hotbeds, frames, and plant pits. Illust.

[blocks in formation]

Wawn, W: T. The South Sea islanders and the Queensland labour trade; a record of voyages and experiences in the western Pacific from 1875-91; [ed. by W. D. Hay]. 1893. Illust. Webster, A. Weiss, J: J.



Weston, Mass.

[blocks in formation]

Tozer, H: F. The Church and the Eastern Empire. 2d ed. 1893. (Epochs of church hist.) Trowbridge, W: R. H. Gossip of the Caribbees; sketches of Anglo-West-Indian life. [1893.] Tweedie, Mrs. E. B. H. A winter jaunt to Norway; with accounts of Nansen, Ibsen, Björnson, Brandes, and many others. Illust. Ullmann, A. Katalog [seiner] Waffen-Sammlung in München; Kriegs-u.-Jagdwaffen Rüstzeug, etc. [le]-2e Folge. 1888-91. 2 v. Uzanne, O. The book-hunter in Paris; studies among the book-stalls and the quays; with preface by Augustine Birrell. 1893. Vapereau, L: G. Dictionnaire universel des comtemporains. 6e éd. 1893.

3a ed. 1888.

Verga, G. I Malavoglia; romanzo.
Vincent, J. E. H. R. H. Duke of Clarence and

Avondale, [b. Jan. 8th] 1864, [d. Jan. 14th]
1892; a memoir. 1893.

Vincent, R. H. Elements of hypnotism; the induction of hypnosis, its phenomena, its dangers and value. 1893. Illust.

Vincent, W: T: Recollections of Fred Leslie; with introd. by C. Scott. 2 v. Illust. Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Euvres complètes. Nouv, éd.; avec notices, etc.; précédée de la Vie de Voltaire par Condorcet. 1877-1885. 52 v. Walker, G: H., & Co. Map of Connecticut. 1893. Watts, H: E: The Christian recovery of Spain;


the story of Spain from the Moorish conquest to the fall of Granada, 711-1492, A.D. Illust. Story of the nations.)

Purchased by request.

Selections from [her] verse. 1893. Autour de la Comédie Française.


Records of the first precinct, 1746-54, and of the town, 1754-1803. Weyman, S. J. A gentleman of France; being the memoirs of Gaston de Bonne, Sieur de Marsac. 1893.

Note. Story of the time of Henry of Navarre. White, G: W. Heart and songs of the Spanish Sierras. Illust.

White, G. Book-song; an anthology of poems of books and bookmen from modern authors. 1893. (Book-lover's lib.)

White, W: H. (pseud. M. Rutherford). Catharine Furze; ed. by R. Shapcott. 1893. * Wilde, O. F. O. W. The picture of Dorian Gray. [1891.]

Willard, F.. E.., and Livermore, Mrs. M. A. R. A woman of the century; biog. sketches of leading American women in all walks of life. 1893.

Winchester, Eng., Diocese of. Hampshire allegations for marriage licences, 1689-1837; extr. and ed. by W: J: C. Moens. 1893. 2 v. (Harleian Soc. Pub.) Windelband, W: History of philosophy; with especial reference to the formation and development of its problems and conceptions; tr. by J. H. Tufts. 1893. Winsor, J. Cartier to Frontenac; geog. discovery in the interior of North America in its hist. relations, 1534-1790, with full cartog. illust. from contemporary sources. Illust. *Winter, J: S. Aunt Johnnie; a novel. 1893.

2 v.

Wirgman, A: T. The church and the civil power; or, The relations of church and state, historically considered, with special reference to the restoration of primitive church principles in the constitution, etc., of the American, Irish, Scottish, and colonial churches. 1893.

Spirit of liberty; and other sermons, and addresses. 1893.

Woolson, C. F. Horace Chase; a novel. Wordsworth, E. Henry William Burrows; memorials; with introd. by the Bishop of Salisbury.

Wordsworth, W: Poetical works; ed., with memoir, by E: Dowden. [Aldine ed.] 189293. 7 v.

Wright, M. J. ers.) Yeats, W: B.

General Scott. (Great command

The Celtic twilight; men and women, dhouls and faeries. 1893. Illust.

Zangwill, I. Ghetto tragedies. [1893.]

Contents. Satan Mekatrig. Diary of a Meshumad. -"Incurable." The Sabbath-breaker.

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