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Solms-Laubach, H., Graf zu. Fossil botany;

being an introduction to palæophytology from the standpoint of the botanist; tr. by H. E. F. Garnsey, received by I. B. Balfour. 1891. Illust.


Southey, R. English seamen; Howard Clifford, Hawkins, Drake, Cavendish; ed., introd., by David Hannay. Squier, E. G., ed. Frank Leslie's pictorial history of the American civil war. Vol. 1. 1862. Stockton, F. R. The adventures of Captain Horn. Strange, E. F. Alphabets; a handbook of letter

ing with historical, critical and practical descriptions. (Ex libris series.) Sudermann, H. The wish; a novel, tr. by L. Henkel; with biographical introd. by E. Lee.

Sylvia, St. Pilgrimage to the holy places, circa 385 A. D.; tr. by J. H. Bernard; [Eng. and Lat.]. 1891. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. [Pub.]) Tegetmeier, W. B., and Sutherland, C. L. Horses asses, zebras, mules, and mule breeding. Illust.

Theodericus. Description of the holy places, circa 1172 A. D.; tr. by A. Stewart. 1891. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. [Pub.])

Theodosius,,diaconus. [On the topography of the Holy Land]; tr. by J. H. Bernard. 1893. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. [Pub.]) Thomson, J. Poetical works: The city of dreadful night, etc.; ed. by B. Dobell, with a memoir of the author. 2 v.

Thomson, W. B. Reminiscences of medical mis-
sionary work; with biog. chapters by J. C.
D., and preface by J. L. Maxwell.
Tolstoi, Graf L. N. Master and man; trans. by
A. H. Beaman; with an introd. by W. D.
Tummulillis, A. de.

Notabilia temporum; a cura

di Costantino Corvisieri.

Van der Smissen, E.


La population; les causes

de ses progrès et les obstacles qui en arrêtent l'essor. 1893.

Vazoff, I. Under the yoke; a novel; [tr.]. 1894. (Heinemann's internat. lib.)

Note. Bulgarian novel, notable as a work of art, and valuable as a record of the events preceding the deliverance of Bulgaria.

Vignati, C. Storia diplomatica della lega lombarda; con 25 documenti inediti. 1866.

Vöge, W. Eine deutsche Malerschule um die Wende des ersten Jahrtausend; kritische Studien zur Geschichte der Malerei in Deutschland im 10. und 11. Jahr. Pt. 1. 1891. Illust.

Walford, E. Complete peerage, baronetage, knightage, and House of Commons, 1877, 95. 1877-95. 2 v.

+ Warner, A. J. Prices on a gold basis; the last act in the monetary revolution begun in 1873, and its results: [with Going to a gold basis]; repr. from the N. Y. sun. [1894.] Warren, J. B. L., 3d Baron De Tabley. Poems, dramatic and lyrical. 2d ser. Watson, J. Comte, Mill and Spencer; an outline of philosophy.


Weston, J. A. Historic doubts as to the execution of Marshal Ney; [to prove that Peter Stuart Ney who died in South Carolina, 1846, was Marshal Ney].

Willibaldus, St. Bp. of Aichstadt. The hodoporicon of St. Willibald, circa 754 A. D.; with the Itinerary of St. Willibald; tr. by Canon Brownlow. 1891. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. [Pub.])

Note. A note on the Paris ms. of The hodœporicon states the author's name to have been Roswida. Withers, A. S. Chronicles of border warfare; or, A history of the settlement of north-western Virginia, and of the Indian wars, etc., with anecdotes, etc. New ed.; ed. and annoted by R. G. Thwaites; with memoir of the author and notes by L. C. Draper.

Wolff, H. W. Odd bits of history; short chapters to fill some blanks. 1894.

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Contents. The Pretender at Bar-le-Duc. Richard de la Pole, "White rose." -The early ancestors of our queen, [the Guelphs]. - About a portrait at Windsor [of Beatrix de Cusance, princesse de Cantecroix]. The remnant of a great race [the Wends].. Voltaire and King Stanislas. The Prince Consort's university days. Something about beer.

American Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings. Vol. 1. 1885-89. [1889.] Note. Continued in the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, London. Anthologia Graeca epigrammatum Palatina cum Planudea; [Greek]; ed. H. Stadtmueller. 1894. Vol. 1.

Contents. Vol. 1. Palatinae libr. I-VI, Planudeae libr. V-VI.

Aulard, F. A. La société des Jacobins; recueil
de docs. Vol. 1-4. 1889-92. 4 v.
Balzac, H. de. Ferragus, chief of the Dévorants;
The last incarnation of Vautrin; tr. by K.
P. Wormeley.

Barbé-Marbois, F., marquis de. Journal d'un déporté non jugé; ou, Déportation en violation des lois, decrétée le 18 fructidor an 5. 1835. 2 v.

Barlow, J. Maureen's fairing. Illust. (Iris


A cream-coloured cacA year and a day.

Contents. Maureen's fairing. tus. A formidable rival. Mac's luncheon.- Stopped by signal. - An escape. The Murphy's supper.

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Contents. Vol. 1. Ancien régime. 2. Directoire jusqu'au 18 fructidor. Barrett, C. R. B. Surrey; highways, by ways, and waterways. Illust. Barthélemy, le marq. F. de. Papiers de Barthé

lemy, ambassadeur de France en Suisse, 1792-97; pub. sous les auspices de la commission des Archives Diplomatiques, par J. Kaulek. Vol. 1-5. 1886-94. 5 v. Baudrillart, A. Les divinités de la victoire en

Grèce et en Italie; d'après les textes et les monuments figurés. 1894. Baudrillart, H. J. L. Gentilshommes ruraux de

la France; pub. par André Baudrillart; notice biographique par C: Benoist. [1894.] Bent, S. A. Why was Louisburg twice beseiged? paper before the Society of Colonial Wars in the Com. of Mass., Boston, Apr. 30, 1895. Bernardus, monachus francus. The itinerary of Bernard the wise, A. D. 870; How the city of Jerusalem is situated, circ. A. D. 1090; tr. by J. H. Bernard. 1893. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. [Pub.])

Biré, E. Legendes révolutionnaires. 1893.

Contents. Le pacte de famine. -La Bastille sons Louis XVI. — La vérité sur les Girondins. Le briga. dier Muscar. La légende de Leperdit. L'Institut de France. La Congrégation. Les bourgeois d'autrefois. L'enseignement avant 1789 et pendant la Révo

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• Björnson, B. The heritage of the Kurts; tr. from the Norwegian by C. Fairfax. [4th ed.] 1892. (Heinemann's internat, library.) + Bodley, Sir T. Life; written by himself. 1894.

Boeheim, W. Album hervorragender Gegenstände aus der Waffensammlung des allerhöchsten Kaiserhauses. 1894.

Boger, Mrs. C. G. A. Bygone Southwark. Illust. Bonar, M., ed. Reminiscences of Andrew A. Bonar, D. D.; [with his letters, sermons, addresses, etc.].

Bonnal, E. Carnot; après les archives nationales, le dépôt de la guerre, et les séances de la convention. 1888.

Boston. Maps. Map of Boston and vicinity, 1895. Bridges, R. Suppressed chapters; and other


Contents. Suppressed chapters.

Arcadian letters. - Novels that everybody reads. - The literary parti tion of Scotland. - Friends in Arcady. Arcadian opinions.

Bridges, R. S. The growth of love; [poem: with a brief and general consideration of his po ems by Lionel Johnson]. 1894.

Burke, U. R. History of Spain, from the earliest times to the death of Ferdinand the Catholic. 2 v.

Bushell, W. D., ed. Early charters; trans. into Eng.; [Lat. and Eng.] with notes. 1893. (Harrow octocentenary tracts.)

Contents. Council of Clovesho. Testamentary dis position by Werhard, priest, to Christ Church, Canterbury, of lands at Harrow, 830 for 832.- Exchange between Werhard, Abbot, and Werenberht the Thegn, of land at Hroces seat, or Roxeth, 845.

Caillard, E. M. Progressive revelation; or, Through nature to God.

Note. Repr. from Contemporary review, with excep. tion of introd.

Cairns, J. Life and letters; by A. R. Macewen. Cattaneo, R. L'architecture en Italie du 6e au 11e siècle; recherches historiques et critiques; tr. par M. Le Monnier. 1890. Illust. Cean Bermudez, J. A. Diccionario histórico de los más illustres profesores de las bellas artes en España. Adiciones; comp. par el conde de la Viñaza. 1889–94. 4 v. Contents. Vol. 1. Edad Media. 2-4. Siglos 16-18. Challamel, A. Les clubs contre- révolutionnaires, cercles, comités, sociétés, salons, cafés, restaurants et librairies.

Chalmers, R. History of currency in the British

colonies. [1893.]

Chauvot, H. Le barreau de Bordeaux de 1775 à 1815. 1856.

Chevremont, F. Jean Paul Marat, esprit politique; accompagné de sa vie scientifique, politique et privée. 1880. 2 v.

Clerc, M. Les métèques athéniens; étude sur la condition légale, la situation morale, et le rôle social et économique des étrangers domicilés à Athénes. 1893.

Cochrane, H. H. History of Monmouth and Wales, [Me.]. 1894. 2 v. Illust.

Coleridge, S. T.

2 v. Illust.

Letters; ed. by E. H. Coleridge.

+ Conditions of commercial success; what Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Hamburg, New York have done and are doing, what Boston can and should do. [1894.]

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Contents. Vol. 1. The Middle Ages: Influence of the Roman Empire; -The encyclopædic education of the church; -The feudal system. Creighton, M. Persecution and tolerance; being

the Hulsean lectures preached before the University of Cambridge in 1893-94. Curtin, J. Tales of the fairies and of the ghost world; coll. from oral tradition in southwest Munster.

Dana, C. A. The art of newspaper making; three lectures.

Contents. The modern American newspaper. - The profession of journalism. The making of a newspa

per man.

Davy, J. N. Les conventionnels de l'Eure: Buzot, Duroy, Lindet, à travers l'histoire. 1876. 2 v.

Dawson, E. W.

Madagascar, its capabilities and resources, proposed railways, piers and roads, etc. Illust.

Dent, R. K. The making of Birmingham; being a history of the rise and growth of the midland metropolis. 1894. Illust. Denver, Col. Public Library. Public library handbook, Denver; [ed. by the librarian, J. C. Dana]. Illust.

* Derrécagaix, V. B. Modern war; tr. by C. W. Foster. 1888-90. 2 v.

Contents. Pt. 1. Strategy. 2. Grand tactics. Atlas.

Desjardins, A.

Immunités des agents diplomatiques, exemption de la juridiction civile ; conclusions; arrêt de la cour, 19 janvier, 1891. [1891.]

Note. Extr. de la Gazette des tribunaux. Dickinson, E. Guide to the study of musical history and criticism.

Dougall, I.. The mermaid; a love tale. Drake, S. A. The watch fires of '76; [stories of the Revolution told by Revolutionary pensioners]. Illust.

Duerer, A. Schriftlicher Nachlass, auf Grund der

Originalhandschriften u. theilweise neu entdeckter alter Abschriften; hrsg. von K. Lange und F. Fuhse. 1893. Illust.

Early Venetian painting illustrated. Espinasse, F. Life of Ernest Renan; [with bibliography by J. P. Anderson]. (Great writers.)

Eugesippus. Description of the Holy Land; by] Fetellus, circa 1130 A. D.; tr. and annotated, by J. R. Macpherson. 1892. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. [Pub.])

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Fumagalli, G. Chi l'ha detto? repertorio di 1575 citazioni e frasi di origine lett. e storica, ital., greche, lat., francesi, ecc., che sono popolari in Italia; con tr., raffronti, ed. illust. Garnier, R. M. Annals of the British peasantry. Gayet, A. L'art persan. Illust. Geikie, C. The apostles; their lives and letters. Illust. (In his New Testament hours.) The Gospels; a companion to the life of our Lord. 1894. (In his New Testament hours.) George, T. The birth, boyhood, and younger days of Henry M. Stanley, the explorer; [asserting that he is Howell Jones of South Wales].

2d ed.

Gerard, F. A. Some celebrated Irish beauties of the last century.

Contents. Mary Molesworth, Countess of Belvedere. -Eleanor Ambrose, "the dangerous papist." — The Gunnings. Maria, Countess of Coventry. Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton and Argyll. Mrs. Travis and the other two daughters. General Gunning and the story of his daughter Gunilda. Peg Woffington. Dorothea Monroe. The three Miss Montgomerys. Elizabeth La Touche, Countess of Lanesborough. Annie Luttrell, Duchess of Cumberland. The ro mance of the Coghlans of Ardo. -Miss Farren, Coun tess of Derby.

Gotti, A. Quadri e ritratti dal risorgimento italiano. 1894. Iliust.

Graham, K. The golden age; [stories].

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Howells, W. D. My literary passions.
Jack, A. A. Thackeray; a study.
James, H. Terminations; The death of the lion,

The Coxon fund, The middle years, The al-
tar of the dead.

Jolly, T. Note book, 1671-93; extracts from the church book of Altham and Wymondhouses, 1649-1725; and an account of the Jolly family; ed. by H. Fishwick. 1894. Illust. (Chetham Soc.)

Jones, H. S., ed. Select passages from ancient writers illustrative of the history of Greek sculpture; with a translation and notes. Kathakoça; or, Treasury of stories; trans. by C. H. Tawney; with app. by E. Leumann. (Oriental Trans. Fund.) Kipling, R. The light that failed.

Note. "This is the story as it was originally conceived by the writer."

Knight errant, The; [a quarter-yearly review of the liberal arts]; being a magazine of appreciation. 1892. Vol. 1. Illust. Note. No more was published.

Kovalevski, S. Her recollections of childhood; trans. from the Russian by I. F. Hapgood; with a biography by A. C. Leffler, Duchess of Cajanello, trans. from Swedish by A. M. Clive Bayley and biog. note by L. Wolffsohn.

La Grasserie, R. de. De l'unification des législations de différents peuples.

Laveau, E. Histoire du droit canadien depuis les origines de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours. 1888-89. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Domination française. 2. Domination anglaise.

• Lavedan, H. Les marionnettes; [plays]. 6e éd. Leader, J. T. Life of Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Warwick, and Duke of Northumberland; with letters and documents hitherto inedited. Illust.

[blocks in formation]

Note. Completed by his Coll. of treaties" which forms a 3d volume. Lowe, E. J. Fern growing; fifty years' experience in crossing and cultivation; with a list of the most important varieties and a history of the discovery of multiple parentage, etc. Illust.

Lucas, E. Récréations mathématiques. (Vol. 1. 2e éd.) 1883-94. 4 v.

MacColl, M. Life here and hereafter; sermons preached in Ripon cathedral and elsewhere. 1894.

Marat, J. P. Placards de Marat, l'ami du peuple; [pub.] par F. Chevremont. 1877.

Une révelation historique; Marat l'ami du peuple, aux braves Parisiens; huitième placard; réédité pour la première fois par G. Pilotelle. 1892.

+ Marsh, D. W. Marsh genealogy; descendants of J. Marsh of Hartford, Ct., 1636-1895; also account of English Marshes, and a sketch of the Marsh Family Association of America.

Maulde, R. de. Louise de Savoie et François 1; trente ans de jeunesse, 1485-1515. Mérignhac, A. Traité théorique et pratique de l'arbitrage international.

Merlin de Thionville, A. C. Vie et correspondance; pub. par J. Reynaud. 1860. Miscellaneous collection of portraits, by Jode, Moncornet and others. 1600?]


141 steel engravings of illustrious personages of the 17th century. No pagination. Mitchell, S. W. Philip Vernon; a tale in prose

and verse.

[blocks in formation]

+ San Francisco, Cal. position., 1894.

Murray, C. F. Catalogue of the pictures [of] the Duke of Portland, at Welbeck Abbey and in London. 1894. Neuwirth, J. Geschichte der bildenden Kunst in Böhmen vom Tode Wenzels III. bis zu den Husitenkriegen; mit Unterstütz. der Gesellschaft zur Förderung Deutscher Wissenschaft, u.s.w., in Böhmen; [with "urkundliche Beilungen"]. Bd. 1. 1893. Illust. Contents. Vol. 1. Allgemeine Verhältnisse, Baubetieb und Baudenkmale.

† Newberry Library, Chicago. Memorial sketch of Dr. William Frederick Pool, 1821.

Note. From the minutes of the Board of Trustees.

Newman, C. L. N. Matabeleland and how we got it; with notes on the occupation of Mashunaland, and account of the 1893 campaign by the Brit. So. Africa Co., etc. Olaf 1., King of Norway. Saga of King Olaf Tryggwason, who reigned over Norway, 995 to 1000; tr. by J. Sephton.

Pape, A. A., ed. Road making as a branch of instruction in colleges; [letters of college presidents, etc.]. 1892.

Paris. Commune. Actes de la Commune de Paris pendant la Révolution; pub. par S. Lacroix. Vol 2.

Contents. Vol. 2. 2e Assemblée des reprèsantants de la Commune, Conseil de Ville, Bureau de Ville; 19 sept.-19 nov. 1789.

Patoux, A. Saint-Just et Mme. Thorin; Origines de la famille de St.-Just. 1878. Patton, W. W. President Lincoln and the Chicago memorial on emancipation; paper read before the Soc., Dec. 12, 1887. 1888. (Md. Hist. Soc. Fund-pub.)

Pfirshing, Mrs. M. C. Memories of Italian shores. Philo Judæus. About the contemplative life, or, The fourth book of the treatise concerning virtues; [Gr., Lat. and Armenian]; ed. by F. C. Conybeare.

Poggi, F. Usi nuziali nel centro della Sardegna.


* Prentice, C. The eye in its relation to health. Reynaud, J. Terre et ciel; [philosophie religieuse]. 6e éd. 1875.

Ricasoli, B., barone. Lettere e documenti; pubbli

cati per cura di M. Tabarrini e A. Gotti, 1887-95. 10 v.

Richardson, R. George Morland, painter, London, 1763-1804. Illust.

Riddle, A. G. Recollections of war times; reminiscences of men and events in Washington, 1860-65.

Roberts, Sir F. S., Bart. The rise of Wellington. (Pall Mall mag. library.)

Rosny, J. H. Renouveau.

Russell, W. C. The phantom death; and other stories.

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Midwinter Internat. Ex-
Official history of the Ex-

position; a descriptive record. 1894. Illust. Savage, P. H. First poems and fragments. Scott, Mrs. M. M. H. S. M. The tragedy of Fotheringay, founded on the journal of D. Bourgoing, and on ms. documents; [events of the last few months of Queen Mary's prison life].


Shaw, W. A. History of the currency, 1252an account of the gold and silver monies and monetary standards of Europe and America.

Sheldon, G. History of Deerfield, Mass., [Pocumtuck, 1636-1886]; with a study of the Indian wars in the Conn. Valley; with genealogies. Vol. 1.

Shoup, F. A. Mechanism and personality; an outline of philosophy in the light of the latest scientific research. 1891.

Sidgwick, Mrs. A. The grasshoppers; by Mrs. Andrew Dean [pseud.]. Illust.

Lesser's daughter; by Mrs. Andrew Dean [pseud.]. 1894. (Pseudonym library.) Signorelli, A. Vecchio e nuovo diritto internazionale; lettere ad E: Cimbali [a proposito del suo libro Lo stato secondo il diritto internazionale universale]. 1892.

Smith, S. F. Poems of home and country; also sacred and miscellaneous verse; ed. by H. B. Carrington.

Smith, W. Life and correspondence; with extracts from his writings; by H. W. Smith. 1879-80. 2 v.

Stanley, H. M. My early travels and adventures

in America and Asia. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Indian campaigns of 1867 in the West. 2. Suez Canal. - Up the Nile. - Jerusalem. Through Persia.

Stephens, W. R. W. Life and letters of Edward A. Freeman. 2 v.

Streit, G. L'affaire Zappa; conflit gréco-roumain; [as to the right of Greece to the Roumanian property of E. Zappa; willed by him to Greece]. 1894.

Tabb, J. B. Poems. 1894.

Taeggi, O. P. Le miniature nei codici cassinesi. [1888.]

Thode, H. Die Malerschule von Nürnberg im 14. und 15. Jahrhundert in ihrer Entwickelung bis auf Dürer. 1891.

Trowbridge, J. T. The three scouts. [1864-92.] Viñaza,, conde de la. Biblioteca histórica de la filología castellana. 1893.

Walker, F. Letters of a baritone. Warbury, A. Sandro Botticellis "Geburt der Venus" und "Frühling;" eine untersuchung über die Vorstellungen von der Antike in der italienischen Frührenaissance. 1893. Illust.

Wood, J. S. Yale yarns; sketches of life at Yale University. Illust.

Wright, M. O. Bird craft; a field book of two hundred song, game and water birds. Illust.

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