The Works of John Ruskin, Opseg 5

G. Allen, 1904

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Stranica 213 - woodlands drove thro' the air." " There has fallen a splendid tear From the passion-flower at the gate. The red rose cries, ' She is near, she is near ! ' And the white rose weeps, 'She is late.' The larkspur listens, ' I hear, I hear !' And the lily whispers, ' I wait.
Stranica 110 - While his most mighty father on a hill Stood smiling, to behold his lion's whelp Forage in blood of French nobility." * So a common idealist would have been rather alarmed at the thought of introducing the name of a street in Paris —Straw Street—Rue de Fouarre—into the midst of a description of the highest heavens.
Stranica 149 - it; and that so far as the mere fact of chiselling goes, the stone is ruined by the human touch. It is with it as with the stones of the Jewish altar: " If thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.
Stranica 306 - The reader will thank me for reminding him, though out of its proper order, of the exquisite passage of Scott which we have to compare with this: " As wreath of snow on mountain-breast Slides from the rock that gave it rest, Poor Ellen glided from her stay, And at the monarch's feet she lay.
Stranica 32 - supposed to be carried to its highest perfection :— " Qual di pennel fu maestro, e di stile, Che ritraesse 1' ombre ei tratti, ch' ivi Mirar farieno uno ingegno sottile ? Morti li morti, ei vivi parean vivi: Non vide me' di me, chi vide il vero, Quant' io calcai, fin che chinato givi." —DANTE, Purgatorio, canto xii. 1.
Stranica 357 - In such high hour Of visitation from the living God Thought was not." And he refers to the intense delight which he himself felt, and which he supposes other men feel, in nature, during
Stranica 333 - loud, St. Giles's mingling din ! Now, from the summit to the plain, Waves all the hill with yellow grain ; And on the landscape as I look, Naught do I see unchanged remain, Save the rude cliffs and chiming brook ; To me they make a heavy moan Of early friendships past and gone.
Stranica 285 - So also in Isa. xxxv. 7, the prevalence of righteousness and peace over all evil is thus foretold : " In the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass, with reedt and rushes.
Stranica xxxii - Where is Thy favour'd haunt, eternal Voice, The region of thy choice, Where, undisturb'd by sin and earth, the soul Owns Thine entire control ?— 'Tis on the mountain's summit dark and high, When storms are hurrying by : 'Tis mid the strong foundations of the earth, Where torrents have their birth.
Stranica 17 - of Historical painting; while he speaks of the works of the Italian School not as historical, but as poetical painting. His next sentence will farther manifest his meaning. "The Italian attends only to the invariable, the great and general ideas which are fixed and inherent in universal

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