Emergency Educational Aid for Government Reservations: Hearings Before the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Eightieth Congress, First Session...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1947
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Stranica 37 - local educational agency" means a board of education or other legally constituted local school authority having administrative control and direction of free public education in a county, township, independent, or other school district located within a State. Such term includes any State agency which directly operates and maintains facilities for providing free public education. (B) For purposes of title II, the term "local educational agency...
Stranica 22 - Secretary shall from time to time certify to the Secretary of the Treasury for payment to each State the sums payable to such State under this section.
Stranica 117 - In the administration of this Act, no department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States shall exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the personnel, curriculum, or program of instruction of any school or school system of any local or State educational agency.
Stranica 114 - Commission shall be guided by the policy of not making payments in excess of the taxes which would have been payable for such property in the condition in which it was acquired...
Stranica 170 - Without objection it is so ordered. (The matter referred to is as follows:) VETERANS REGULATION No.
Stranica 130 - Department and prior to audit or settlement by the General Accounting Office, pay in accordance with such certification.
Stranica 36 - There are hereby authorized to be appropriated for the fiscal years ending June 30, 1948, and June 30, 1949, sums sufficient to carry out the purposes of this title.
Stranica 145 - Persons who reside on lands purchased by or ceded to the United States for navy yards, forts, and arsenals, and where there is not other reservation of jurisdiction to the State than that of a right to serve civil and criminal process on such lands, are not entitled to the benefits of the common schools 'for their children in the towns in which the lands are situated...
Stranica 142 - The members of the board of education are elected by the people at regular annual meetings and they in turn elect the superintendent.
Stranica 13 - State educational agency" means, as the State legislature may determine, (A) the chief State school officer (such as the State superintendent of public instruction, commissioner of education, or similar officer), or (B) a board of education controlling the State department of education; except that in the District of Columbia it shall mean the Board of Education. (3) "Nonprofit private school...

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