Islam in Russia: The Four Seasons

St. Martin's Press, 2000 - Broj stranica: 334
Ravil Bukharaev's history of Islam in Russia is a fascinating story of spiritual survival. The special cultural and national reawakening that has accompanied the resurgence of Islam in Russia has contributed to the firm foundation of revival and renewal of Islamic thought throughout the Muslim world. Drawing on such diverse sources as the author's early experience of Kazan Tatar nationalism, and the writings of H.G. Wells and Edward Saïd, the author presents a sweeping analysis of the history, development and future prospects for Islam in Russia based on exhaustive research of the primary and secondary sources as well as how own personal experience. Islam in Russia is a unique contribution to our knowledge in both Islamic and Russian studies.

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O autoru (2000)

Ravil Bukharaev works at BBC World Service.

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