Monthly Bulletin of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Opseg 27

The Library, 1923
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Stranica 602 - Blair's Chronological and Historical Tables, from the Creation to the present time : With Additions and Corrections from the most authentic Writers ; including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exode to the Temple.
Stranica 559 - INTRODUCTION TO GEOLOGY. Intended to convey Practical Knowledge of the Science, and comprising the most important recent discoveries ; with explanations of the facts and phenomena which serve to confirm or invalidate various Geological Theories. By ROBERT BAKEWELL.
Stranica 213 - EDITOR'S PREFACE IN the autumn of 1914 when the scientific study of the effects of war upon modern life passed suddenly from theory to history, the Division of Economics and History of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace proposed to adjust the programme of its researches to the new and altered problems which the War presented. The existing programme, which had been prepared as the result of...
Stranica 503 - MONUMENTAL EFFIGIES OF GREAT BRITAIN. Selected from our Cathedrals and Churches, for the purpose of bringing together and preserving correct representations of the best Historical Illustrations extant, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Henry VIII.
Stranica 117 - The CONDENSED CHEMICAL DICTIONARY ; a reference volume for all requiring quick access to a large amount of essential data regarding chemicals, and other substances used in manufacturing and laboratory work.
Stranica 422 - Kiai-Tseu-Yuan Houa Tchouan. Les Enseignements de la Peinture du Jardin Grand comme un Grain de Moutarde.
Stranica 275 - Guide to the Study Of Insects, and a Treatise on those Injurious and Beneficial to Crops.
Stranica 446 - New York City during the American Revolution ; being a collection of original papers (now first published) from the manuscripts in the possession of the Mercantile Library Association of New York City.
Stranica 562 - The History of Lyme Regis," 8¿c. &c. 2 vols. post 8vo. with Portrait, Maps, and other Illustrations, 24s. cloth. ROBERTS. -AN ETYMOLOGICAL AND EXPLANATORY DICTIONARY of the Terms and Language of GEOLOGY; designed for the early Student, and those who have not made great progress in the Science. By G. ROBERTS. Fcp. 6s. cloth. ROBINSON.- GREEK AND ENGLISH LEXICON TO THE NEW TESTAMENT. By E. ROBINSON, DD Author of "Biblical Researches.
Stranica 397 - ALEXANDER (JH). Universal Dictionary of Weights and Measures, Ancient and Modern, reduced to the Standards of the United States of America.

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