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Robert and Jean Hollander’s verse translation with facing-page Italian offers the dual virtues of maximum fidelity to Dante’s text with the feeling necessary to give the English reader a sense of the work’s poetic greatness in Italian. And since Robert Hollander’s achievements as a Dante scholar are unsurpassed in the English-speaking world, the commentaries that accompany each canto offer superb guidance in comprehension and interpretation. This translation is also the text of the Princeton Dante Project Web site, an ambitious online project that offers a multimedia version of the Divine Comedy and links to other Dante Web sites. On every count, then, this edition of Paradiso is likely to be a touchstone for generations to come, and it completes one of the great projects of literary translation and scholarship of our time.

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ROBERT HOLLANDER (Princeton ’55) taught Dante's Divine Comedy to Princeton undergraduates for thirty years and is the author of some twenty-two books and seventy-five articles on Dante, Boccaccio, and other Italian authors. He recently retired from Princeton, where he was the chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature. He has received many awards, including the gold medal of the city of Florence in recognition of his work on Dante. JEAN HOLLANDER, his wife, is a poet, teacher, and director of the Writer's Conference at the College of New Jersey.

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