Slike stranica

MacDonald, George.

*Beautiful Thoughts. Selected and arranged for Every Day of the Year, with index and portrait of George MacDonald. Bound in white and gold. 16mo.

MacDuff, Rev. R. J.

Mind and Words of Jesus and the Faithful Promiser. 18mo. Plain Edition, round corners, cloth, extra, red edges.

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Mackay, Alexander, of Uganda.

T. Y. Crowell & Co.

By his Sister. With portrait and colored map. Crown 8vo.

McKenzie, Alexander, D.D.

I 50

A Door Opened. Crown 8vo.

I 50

Dr. McKenzie, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is widely known as an uncommonly interesting and effective preacher,

Mackenzie, Prof. W. Douglas, D.D.

*Christianity and the Progress of Man, as Illustrated by Modern Missions. 12mo, cloth, gilt top.

A study of contemporary evolution in connection with the work of modern missions.

McMillan, Hugh, D.D., LL.D.


I 25

*The Spring of the Day. Discourses in the Religious Interpretation of Nature. 12mo, cloth...

I 50

McNeill, Rev. John.

Sermons. Vols. I., II., III. Large 12mo. Each volume containing 26 ser

..Per vol.

I 50


Master's Guide for His Disciples, The.

Being a manual of all the recorded sayings of Jesus, arranged for easy consultation and systematic reading. 16mo, red top.

I 00

White and gold

I 25

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*The Psalmist and the Scientist; or, Modern Value of the Religious Sentiment. 8vo, cloth.

I 75

This and the two following books are new editions of Dr. Matheson's better known religious works.

*The Spiritual Development of St. Paul. 8vo, cloth....

I 75

*The Distinctive Messages of the Old Religious. 8vo, cloth.

I 75

Maturin, Rev. B. W.

Practical Studies on the Parables of Our Lord. Crown 8vo....

I 50

Mead, George Whitefield.

Modern Methods in Church Work. The Gospel Renaissance. With an introduction by Rev. Charles L. Thompson, D.D. 12mo..

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Papers on Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Mohammedanism, Brahmanism and Christianity by recognized authorities, reprinted from The Outlook.

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Paul: A Servant of Jesus Christ. 12mo.

Cheer for Life's Pilgrimage. 18mo...

Saved and Kept. Counsels to Young Believers. Long 16m0.

Miles, Alfred H.

*One Thousand and One Anecdotes, Illustrations, Incidents, Episodes, Yarns, Stories, Adventures, Practical Jokes, Witticisms, Epigrams, and Bon Mots, Gathered from All Sources, Old and New. Selected for Preachers and Public Speakers. Thick 12mo, cloth...

Miller, Emory, D.D., LL.D.

The Evolution of Love. Crown 8vo, gilt top.

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Miller, J. R., D.D.


*By the Still Waters. Illustrated Edition. 12mo.

Full leather.....

I 00

A delightful meditation on the 23rd Psalm by the Prince of devotional writers. See also "Dainty Small Gift Books,” etc.

Modern Reader's Bible, The.

A Series of Books from the Sacred Scriptures Presented in Modern
Library Form. Each number of the series edited, with an introduc-
tion, by Richard G. Moulton, M.A. 16m0.......

II Ezekiel.

.Per vol.



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*The Book of Private Devotion. A Series of Prayers and Meditations, with an introductory essay on prayer. Revised and enlarged. 16m0..

Mortimer, Rev. Alfred G., D.D.

*Jesus and the Resurrection. Thirty addresses for Good Friday and Easter. 12m0

Mott, John R.

Strategic Points in the World's Conquest. The Universities and Colleges as related to Christian Progress. With introductory letters from the Earl of Aberdeen, Mr. Gladstone, ex-President Harrison, Count Bernstorff and Prince Oscar Bernadotte; and a map, printed in two colors, showing route. 12mo.

Moxom, Rev. Philip S.


I 25

I 00

The Aim of Life. Plain Talk to Young Men and Women. 16mo...... From Jerusalem to Nicæa. The Church in the First Three Centuries (Lowell Lectures)

I 00

I 50

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Vol. II.-Essays on Mythology, Traditions, and Customs.

Vol. III.-Essays on Literature, Biography, and Antiquities.
Vol. IV. Comparative Philology, Mythology, etc.
Vol. V. Miscellaneous. Later Essays.

The Science of Thought. 2 vols., crown 8vo.....

The Science of Language. Founded on Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution. New Edition from New Plates, Largely Rewritten. vols., crown 8vo....

Lectures on the Science of Religion. With papers on Buddhism, and a translation of the Dhammapada, or Path of Virtue. Crown 8vo.... Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion, as illustrated by the Religions of India. (Hibbert Lectures for 1878.) Crown 8vo... Biographical Essays: Rammohun Roy; Kesbub Chunder Sen; Dayanada Sarasvati; Bunyiu Nanjio; Kenjiu Kasawara; Mohl; Kingsley. Crown 8vo

The German Classics. From the Fourth to the Nineteenth Century. With

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MULLER, F. MAX-Continued.

biographical notices, translations into modern German and notes.
New Edition, Revised, Enlarged. 2 vols.

Natural Religion. (Gifford Lectures, 1888.)..

Physical Religion. (Gifford Lectures, 1890.).

Anthropological Religion. (Gifford Lectures, 1891.).

Theosophy, or Psychological Religion. (Gifford Lectures, 1891.)
Three Lectures on the Vedanta Philosophy....

Contributions to the Science of Mythology. 2 vols., 8vo..
*Auld Lang Syne. Illustrated. 8vo....

Murray, Rev. Andrew.

Retail. A

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I 75

8 00

*The Ministry of Intercession. A Plea for More Prayer. 12mo, cloth.. *The With Christ Series. Comprising the six works in connection with which the author attained such world-wide favor as a writer of helpful and spiritual devotional works. 6 vols., 16mo, boxed, bound in white or colored cloth....

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2 00


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Being a Complete Manual of Devotion, with a Guide to Confirmation and Holy Communion. Revised American Edition. 48mo, cloth........ Newman, Cardinal.

Works. 12mo.

Apologia Pro Vita Sua.

Callista. A Tale of the Third

Loss and Gain. A Tale.

The Arians of the Fourth Century.
Historical Sketches. 3 vols.
Verses on Various Occasions.
Difficulties Felt by Anglicans in
Catholic Teaching Considered.
2 vols.

The Idea of a University Defined
and Illustrated.

Discussions and Arguments on
Various Subjects.

Grammar of Assent.

The Via Media of the Anglican
Church. 2 vols.

Nicoll, W. Robertson, LL.D.



Per vol. I 25

Essays. Critical and Historical.

2 vols.

An Essay on the Development of
Christian Doctrine.

Parochial and Plain Sermons. 8 vols.
Sermons on Subjects of the Day.

Discourses to Mixed Congregations.
Essays on Miracles.

Lectures on Justification.
Occasional Sermons.

Oxford Sermons.

Selections from Plain and Parochial

Present Position of Catholics in

Select Treatise on St. Athanasius.
2 vols.

*The Expositor's Greek Testament. Vol. I. containing the Synoptic Gospels by Prof. A. B. Bruce, D.D., and the Gospel of St. John by Prof. Marcus Dods, D.D. 8vo....

The Greek text is given with notes and full critical apparatus, and will extend to four volumes, the first of which has been published as above. Although the whole work will be completed in four years, the editor and publishers are unable to bind themselves to definite dates for the appearance of the separate volumes.

Nietzsche, Friedrich.

Other volumes to follow.

Works. Edited by Alexander Tille.


Vol. VIII. Thus Spake Zarathustra. A Book of All and None. Translated by Alexander Tille. Crown 8vo.....

2 50

Vol. X.-A Genealogy of Morals. Translated by William A. Haussman,


Vol. XI.-The Case of Wagner. The Twilight Idols. Nietzsche Contra
Wagner. Translated by Thomas Common.


Other Volumes in Preparation.

Orr, James, D.D.

*The "Ritschlian" Theology and the Evangelical Faith.

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Our Marriage Vow.

The Service and the Minister's Certificate. New Edition. 16mo, rubri


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Ecce Deus. Essays on the Life and Doctrine of Jesus Christ. With controversial notes on Ecce Homo. 16m0...

I 00

Parkhurst, Rev. Charles H.

Talks to Young Men. A book of friendly council, dealing with the training of young men and their choice of a career. 16mo.

I 00

Talks to Young Women. 16m0..

I 00

Paton, John G., D.D., Missionary to the New Hebrides.

An Autobiography, edited by his brother. With an introductory note by
Rev. A. T. Pierson, D.D. Popular Edition. 8vo..

I 50

Paton, Maggie Whitecross.

Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides. Edited by her brother-inlaw, Rev. James Paton. With portrait, map and 23 illustrations. Crown 8vo

Paulsen, Friedrich.

*Ethics. Transiated by Frank Thilly, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy in the University of the State of Missouri. 8vo.....

Peabody, Francis Greenwood.

I 75

.(In press)

*Afternoons in the College Chapel.


I 25

Dr. Peabody's new book contains brief addresses given by him at the Thursday Vesper services which have been so attractive a feature of college life at Harvard for several years. Peery, Rev. R. B.

The Gist of Japan. The Islands, Their People, and Missions. Illustrated. 8vo ..

I 25

Perce, Warren R.

12mo, cloth......

*Genesis and Modern Science. Illustrated with astronomical plates, maps, colored diagrams, etc.

I 50

Petrie, W. M. Flinders.

*Religion and Conscience in Ancient Egypt. 12mo.

I 00

*Plato, The Republic of.

With Studies for Teachers. By William Lowe Byran, Ph.D., Professor of
Philosophy in Indiana University, and Charlotte Lowe Byran, A.M.


*Polychrome Bible, The.

.net I 25

A new English version of the Old Testament, with the composite structure of the books exhibited in colors, with historical and explanatory notes and numerous illustrations from nature and. the monuments of Egypt and Assyria.

Prepared by eminent Biblical scholars of America and Europe under the editorship of Prof. Paul Haupt of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

*The Book of Judges. Translated by the Rev. G. F. Moore, D.D. Cloth,
*The Book of Psalms. Translated by Professor Julius Wellhausen, D.D.,
and Dr. Horace Howard Furness. Cloth.
*The Book of the Prophet Isaiah. Translated by the Rev. T. K. Cheyne,
D.D. Cloth

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*The Book of Leviticus. Translated by S. R. Driver, D.D 8vo, Cloth. (In press)

*The Book of Ezekiel. Translated by C. H. Toy. 8vo, cloth. . (In press)
*The Book of Joshua. Translated by W. H. Bennett, M.A..
..(In press)
*The Book of Deuteronomy. Translated by Prof. Geo. A.
*The Book of Genesis.

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