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*How to Plan the Home Grounds. Mr. Parsons gives practical directions for laying out the home grounds, and treats of village improvements, designed to elevate public taste as it concerns the highways, the school houses, the stations and the village outdoor life generally. Cloth

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I 00

Edited and revised by


*Model Houses for Little Money. There are given here plans for tasteful and substantial houses which can be built at a cost of from $1,000 to $4,500

Proctor, Richard A.

Other Worlds Than Ours. Illustrated.
The Expanse of Heaven. 12mo

Crown 8vo....

The Moon. Her Motions, Aspects, Scenery and Physical Condition.
With plates, charts, woodcuts and lunar photographs. Crown 8vo...
Our Place Among Infinities.

Universe of Stars. 8vo

I 50


I 25 2.00



I 75 3 50

Large Star Atlas. In 12 circular maps. With introduction and 2 index pages. Folio



New Star Atlas. In 12 circular maps, with 2 index plates. Crown 8vo...
The Great Pyramid.

I 75 2.00

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Old and New Astronomy. By Richard A. Proctor and A. Cowper Ran

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Richardson, Abby Sage.

Per vol. 3 00



I 50

I 00





Familiar Talks on English Literature. A Manual embracing the Great Epochs of English Literature from the English Conquest of Britain, 449, to the death of Walter Scott, 1832. A new and thoroughly revised edition. 12mo.

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Riverside Science Series.

Books Setting Forth the Applications of Science to the Conditions of Modern Life. With illustrations, diagrams, etc. In uniform volumes. 16mo.

A Century of Electricity. By T. C. Mendenhall.

The Physical Properties of Gases. By Arthur L. Kimball.
Heat as a Form of Energy. By Robert H. Thurston.

Geodesy. By J. Howard Gore, B.S., Ph.D.


.Per vol., I 25

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Mental Evolution in Man. Origin of Human Faculty. 8vo.
Jelly-Fish, Star-Fish and Sea Urchins.

An Examination of Weismannism



Darwinism Illustrated. (Reprint of Illustrations from Darwin and After
Darwin, Part I.) Wood engravings explanatory of the Theory of
Evolution, selected by and drawn under the direction of Professor
George J. Romanes. Paper..

I 75 3.00


I 75

I 00

I 00



Thoughts on Religion. Edited by Charles Gore, M.A., Canon of Westminster


I 25

I 75

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I 25

Darwin and After Darwin. An Exposition of the Darwinian Theory and
A Discussion of Post-Darwinian Questions.
The Darwinian Theory. Part I. 125 illustrations..
Post-Darwinian Questions. Part II. Edited by Professor C. Lloyd


I 50

I 00 2.00

Post-Darwinian Questions. Part III. Isolation and Physiological Selection. 12mo

Life and Letters of. New Edition..

Rose, N. Jonsson.

Lawns and Gardens.

How to Beautify the Home Lot, the Pleasure
Ground, and Garden. With 173 plans and illustrations by the author.
Large 8vo, gilt top

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Now complete;

Edited by Richard Lydekker, B.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S., etc.
3,456 pages of most interesting and instructive reading matter, with
complete indexes to volumes. Illustrated with 72 superb colored
plates, and 1,600 full-page and smaller engravings. 6 vols.
perial 8vo

Half morocco, library style..

Rural Science Series.

Edited by L. H. Bailey.

3 50

2. 00, 27 00 .net, 37 50

The Soil: Its Nature, Relations, and Fundamental Principles of Manage

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Edited by Prof. J. McKeen Cattell, M.A., Ph.D., and F. E. Beddard,
M.A., F.R.S.

*I The Study of Man. By Prof. A. C. Haddon, M.A., D.Sc., M.R.I.A.
Fully illustrated. 8vo.

*2 The Groundwork of Science. A Study of Epistemology. By St.
George Mivart, F.R.S. 8vo...

*3 Rivers of North America. A Reading Lesson for Students of
Geography and Geology. By Israel C. Russell, Prof. of Geology,
University of Michigan, author of "Lakes of North America,"
"Glaciers of North America," "Volcanoes of North America," etc.
With maps and illustrations. 8vo...
. (In Press)

Scott, W. E. D.

*Bird Studies. An Account of the Land Birds of Eastern North America. With illustrations from Original Photographs. 4to.....

Scudder, Samuel H.


I 75 5 00

Frail People of the Air. Excursions into the World of Butterflies. Illustrated. Crown 8vo....

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(In Press) The book here announced is not written for the scientific student, but for popular reading. It includes familiar accounts of sixty or more of the commonest butterflies taken in the order of the

I 50


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Domesticated Animals. The Dog, Beasts of Burden, The Horse, Birds, etc. With illustrations by Ch. Herrmann Leon, Edwin Lord Weeks, C. Delort, and Ernest E. Thompson. 8vo....... 2 50 American Highways. With a number of illustrations and diagrams. 12mo I 50 *Outlines of the Earth's History.

1 75

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Sheldon, Henry I.

The Macmillan Co.

Notes on the Nicaragua Canal. With maps and illustrations. 8vo...... I 25 The book is undoubtedly one of the most interesting ever written upon this subject. It is not filled with technicalities, but is a straightforward story of what one may expect to see if one goes to Nicaragua, the condition of the country, of the canal in its present form, and what one may expect if money enough is raised to complete it.-The Cincinnati Tribune.


Shorter, Clement K.

A History of the Literature of the Victorian Era. 8vo....

I 25

Sidis, Boris.

*The Psychology of Suggestion. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth......

I 75

[blocks in formation]

Principles of Ethics. 2 vols., 12mo.

4 00

Essays: Scientific, Political, and Speculative. 3 vols., 12mo.
Social Statics. Revised Edition.



2. 00

Study of Sociology. International Scientific Series. 12mo.
Education. 12mo

I 50

I 25

Philosophy of Style. 12mo.


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Along with a considerable variety of other matter, these "Fragments" include a number of replies to criticisms, among which will be found some of the best specimens of Mr. Spencer's controversial writings.

*Stories from American History.

Five volumes. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo.

Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors. Tales of 1812. Barnes.
Southern Soldier Stories. Eggleston.

[blocks in formation]

Tales of the Enchanted Isles of the Atlantic. Higginson.

De Soto and His Men in the Land of Florida. King.
Other volumes in preparation:

Explorers of Canada. Parker.

Tales of the Great Lakes. Roberts.

The Pioneer Period of the Cumberland Range. Murfree.
Californian History and Explorations. Shinn.

Story of the Nations, The.

Illustrated. 12mo..

Crusades. T. A. Archer.

Persia. S. G. W. Benjamin.

Goths. Henry Bradley.

Canada. J. G. Bourinot.

Norway. H. H. Boyesen.
Carthage. Alfred J. Church.

Early Britain. Alfred J. Church.
Tuscan Republics. Isabella Duffy.
British Rule in India. R. W. Frazer.
Sicily. E. A. Freeman.

Rome. A. Gilman.

Saracens. A. Gilman.

Germany. S. Baring-Gould.
Mexico. Susan Hale.

Spain. E. E. and Susan Hale.
Greece. Prof. J. A. Harrison.
Switzerland. Mrs. Arnold Hug.
Jews. Prof. James K. Hosmer.
*Modern Spain. A. S. Hume.
Normans. Sarah O. Jewett.
Ireland. Hon. Emily Lawless.
Modern France. Bon Le Andre.
Scotland. James Macintosh, LL.D.
Alexander's Empire. J. P. Mahaffy.
Mediæval France. Gustav Masson.
Bohemia. C. Edmund Maurice.
The Balkan States. William Miller.
Poland. W. K. Morfill.

Per vol.

1 50

[blocks in formation]

Moors in Spain. Stanley Lane-Poole.
Turkey. Stanley Lane-Poole.
Assyria. Chaldea. Z. A. Ragozin.
Media, Babylon and Persia. Z. A.

Vedic India. Z. A. Ragozin.

Ancient Egypt. George Rawlinson.
Parthia, Phoenicia. George Rawlinson.
Holland. Thorold Rogers.

The Story of the Franks. Lewis Ser-

Portugal. H. Morse Stephens.
*Building of the British Empire.
2 vols. A. T. Story.

South Africa. George M. Theal.
Australasia. Greville Tregarhen.
Hungary. Prof. A. Vambery.
Christian Recovery of Spain. H. E.

*Austria. A History of the Provinces
of the House of Hapsburg from
1282 to the present time. Sidney

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