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Bridal Souvenir.

Arranged by Rev. Samuel Cutler. White art cloth binding, design on front, cover printed in gold, gilt edges, in a box...

Brine, Mary. D.

Grandma's Attic Treasures. A story of old-time memories, in verse.
Containing, in addition to all other illustrations, 12 plates in color.
Bound in white vellum, with ornamented cover.

Brooks, Phillips.

*Christmas and Easter Carols. Beautifully illustrated in color and monotint

Browning, Robert.

The Ring and the Book. With introduction and notes by Charlotte Porter
and Helen A. Clarke. Illustrated with photogravure portrait and 16
full-page illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, gilt top..
Special Holiday Style, gilt top, boxed..


$0 75

I 50

2 00



Saul. Holiday Edition. With 20 illustrations by Frank O. Small. 8vo, gilt top....

I 50

[graphic][merged small]

Bryant, William Cullen.

Thanatopsis, and A Forest Hymn. With an introduction by Rev. John W. Chadwick. Illustrated, by 13 photogravures. Printed in red and black, and daintily bound in vellum cloth and silk, square 12mo, gilt, I 50

Bulwer (Lord Lytton).

Rienzi. The Last of the Roman Tribunes. Romanesque Edition. 2
vols., crown 8vo, embossed in gold, gilt tops....

The Last Days of Pompeii. Pompeiian Edition. With 50 photogravure
illustrations. In a magnificent Pompeiian binding, 2 vols., crown 8vo,
embossed in full gold....

The Last Days of Pompeii. With 35 full-page illustrations by Frank
Kirchbach and others. 8vo, cloth, design in gold..


6 00


Butler, T. E.

*English and French Alphabet. In color.....

Cable, George W.

Old Creole Days. With 8 full-page illustrations and 14 head and tail pieces by Albert Herter, all reproduced in photogravure, and with an original cover design by the same artist. 8vo....

*The Same. Limited Edition. Printed on Japan paper, only 204 copies made. Royal 8vo, vellum, gilt top....



.net 12 00

California Illustrated.

Including a trip through the Yellowstone Park. Edited by F. K. Warren, R.B.S., with numerous wood engravings by the best artists. Large quarto, cloth embossed in silver, gilt edges.

Cary, Elizabeth Luther.

*Alfred Tennyson. His Homes, his Friends, and his Work. With illus-
trations in photogravure, large 8vo, gilt top......
..(In press)

*"Chip's" Dogs.

A Collection of Humorous Drawings by the Late F. P. W. Bellew ("Chip"). Large quarto, on plate paper, handsomely bound.....

*"Chip's" Old Woodcuts.

Consisting of travesties on various topics of the day done after the curious manner of the old wood engraving. Large quarto, on plate paper, handsomely bound

*Christmas Poems.

Selected from many sources by Amy Neally. Illustrated, 16mo, cloth, gilt top


$1 50

I 00

I 00

I 00

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Clement, Clara Erskine.
The City of the Sultans; Or, Constantinople, the Sentinel of the Bos-
phorus. Handsomely illustrated with full-page photogravures from
original photographs. Small 8vo, cloth, with slip cover, in cloth case,
The Eternal City, Rome. Its religions, monuments, literature and art.
A concise account of the mistress of the ancient world, and her glories
of art and architecture from the dawn of civilization through the days
of the republic, etc. With 30 photogravure illustrations from views of
the most notable remains, numerous text and full-page woodcuts and a
series of accurate maps and plans from the latest explorations elucidat-
ing the historical portions of the text. Library edition, 2 vols., small
8vo, cloth, gilt top..

Holiday Edition, 2 vols., small 8vo, cloth, gilt top, handsome ornamental
cover design, slip covers, cloth box..

Naples, the City of Parthenope. And its Environs. Handsomely illus-
trated with 20 full-page plates in photogravure. Small 8vo, hand-
somely bound in extra cloth, with appropriate cover design, gilt top,
slip cover, in a neat cloth case.....

3 00

5 00

6 00

3 00

The Queen of the Adriatic; or, Venice, Medieval and Modern. Illustrated with 20 photogravures. Crown 8vo, vellum cloth, illuminated in gold and colors...

3 00

Craik, Dinah Mulock.

John Halifax, Gentleman. With colored frontispieces and 40 full-page half-tone illustrations and many text illustrations. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, gilt tops..

4 00

Crawford, F. Marion.


*Ave Roma Immortalis. Studies from the Chronicles of Rome. Illustrated with 28 full-page photogravure illustrations, maps and 100 illustrations in the text. 2 vols., cloth, crown 8vo..... Per set net $6.00

Curtis, George William.

Prue and I. With 100 fine illustrations by Albert E. Sterner. 8vo, silk.. 3 50 Dickens, Charles.

*A Child's History of England. Holiday Edition. With 48 full-page engravings, from photographs by Clifton Johnson. Crown 8vo, handsomely bound

Didier, Charles Peale.

Twixt Cupid and Croesus; Or, The Exhibits in an Attachment Suit.
Illustrated with 18 full-page pictures by the author. Oblong quarto.
Handsomely bound in white leatherette..

Facsimiles of telegrams. notes, letters and newspaper clippings tell a story
in which there are three characters, viz.: A handsome young woman
of Gotham, her intended husband, Jack Garnet, and F. Clarence
Bleaker, a millionaire, who is also in love with the girl.

Deland, Margaret.

The Old Garden and Other Verses. Holiday Edition. From new plates, in Old English type, with over 100 illustrations in color, from designs by Walter Crane. Bound in a unique style, after designs by Mr. Crane, crown 8vo.

Dennie, John.

2 50

I 50


*New Tourist's Edition. 8vo, full flexible leather, gilt top.

Rome of Today and Yesterday. The Pagan City. Third edition. With 5 maps and plans and 62 full-page illustrations from Roman photographs. 8vo.

4 00

4 50

Quarto with 12 full-page color plates, with selections from Dickens' writings

2. 00

Dickens, Pictures from.

Dore, Gustave.

The Bible Gallery. Illustrated with memoir of Dore, and descriptive letter press by T. W. Chambers, D.D. Quarto, cloth, gilt edges.... Dante's Inferno. Translated by the Rev. Henry Francis Carey, M.A., with Life of Dante. Illustrated with portrait and 75 full-page woodcuts from the original designs by Gustave Dore. Folio, bound in extra cloth, with elaborate side and back dies..



Dante's Purgatory and Paradise. With 60 full-page illustrations. Royal
quarto, fine English cloth, full gilt...


2 OC

Milton's Paradise Lost. With 50 superb full-page engravings. Quarto,
fine English cloth, full gilt....

Egypt Illustrated.

Large quarto, with hundreds of pictures illustrating the text. ing, with emblematic designs in colored inks and gold.

Eliot, George.

Cloth bind-
In a box..

I 50

2 vols.,

6 00

Romola. Estes Edition. With 60 fine photogravure illustrations.
crown 8vo, white vellum cloth, red and gold, gilt tops, with slip cover..
Coates' Edition. Beautifully illustrated with 60 photogravures. Taste-
fully bound, 2 vols., 8vo, with slip covers in the Italian style. In cloth

*Silas Marner. With 60 full-page illustrations by Reginald B. Birch.
Small 8vo, with decorated cover..
. (In Press)

England Illustrated.

Large quarto, with hundreds of pictures illustrating the text. Cloth binding, with emblematic designs in colored inks and gold. Each copy in a box Europe Illustrated.


I 50

Edited by F. K. Warren, R.B.S. With numerous wood engravings by the best artists. Large quarto, cloth, embossed in silver, gilt edges.. I 50

Famous Paintings of the World.

Over 300 half-tone plate photographs of Great Modern Masterpieces,
printed on coated paper. With an introduction by Gen. Lew Wallace.
The text under the editorial supervision of John Clark Ridpath.
Quarto (11x14 inches), cloth embossed.

Famous Plays Series.

An attractive and successful series of famous plays. Beautifully illustrated. 8vo, cloth cover in full gold, gilt edges.



.Per vol., 2 00

Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer. Illustrated by F. C. Gordon.
Tennyson's Becket. Illustrated by F. C. Gordon.

Sheridan's Rivals. Illustrated by Frank M. Gregory.

Sheridan's School for Scandal. Illustrated by Frank M. Gregory.

Goethe's Faust. Illustrated by Frank M. Gregory.

Bulwer Lytton's Richelieu. Illustrated by F. C. Gordon.
Shakespeare's Hamlet. Illustrated by H. C. Christy.

Farrar, Dean F. W., and others.

*The Cathedrals of England. By Dean Farrar, Canon Newbolt, and others. With 168 illustrations by Herbert Railton and others. Bound in royal purple and white vellum cloth, with the crests of the Sees of Canterbury and York artistically stamped thereon. Florentine wrappers (boxed). 2 vols., royal octavo. .Per set, 5 00

Fraser, Mrs. Hugh.

*Japan. Medium 8vo. Beautifully illustrated.....

...(In press)

As the wife of the British Minister to Japan, the author had exceptional opportunities to observe the people of Japan and their customs.

Ferry, William F.

Our Wedding Souvenir. Cloth binding with photogravure design by W.
St. John Harper, on side and back, each page mounted with guards..
Full padded American Seal.....

Watered Silk, or full white morocco.

Fisher, Sydney George.

Men, Women, and Manners in Colonial Times. Illustrated with 4 photo-
gravures and numerous head and tail sketches in each volume.
Satin, in a box...

Fiske, John.

The American Revolution. Illustrated Edition.

5 00

8 00

10 00

2 vols.

3 00

Containing 22 photo

gravures of portraits and paintings, 15 colored maps and plates, and
280 text cuts and maps. 2 vols., 8vo...

The Critical Period of American History (1783-1789). Illustrated Edi-
tion. With about 170 illustrations, comprising portraits, maps, fac-
similes, contemporary views, prints, and other historical materials.

*The Beginnings of New England; or, The Puritan Theocracy in Its Relations to Civil and Religious Liberty. Illustrated Edition. Containing portraits, maps, facsimiles, contemporary views, prints, and other historic material. I vol. 8vo...

Fitzgerald, Edward A., F. R. G. S.

*In the Highest Andes, including the Ascent of Mt. Aconcagua. With
60 full-page illustrations from photographs by the author, repro-
duced mostly in photogravure. Large 8vo..
(In press)

*Flowers of Song.

Selections from the poets, with 12 full-page color plates. Cloth, gilt quarto, *Forget-Me-Nots:

Beautifully illustrated with Forget-Me-Nots and bound in white cloth, gilt, 4to.....

Fothergill, Jessie.

8 00

4 00

4 00

2. 00

I 25

The First Violin. Illustrated with over 50 etchings and photogravures after wash drawings by George W. Brenneman, of the Salamagundi Club. The etchings by G. M. Deschamps, printed in the highest style of the art by G. W. H. Ritchie, on hand-made paper. 2 vols., 8vo. Covers in cloth, designed by H. L. Parkhurst. Gilt tops, uncut, in box...... 5 00


*Friendship's Memories.

An Autograph Album. Illustrated in color and monotint. Oblong. Cloth, gilt

Gaskell, Mrs.

Cranford. With an introduction by Rev. Brooke Herford. An entirely
new edition with 100 illustrations, including a color frontispiece from
an original drawing by Frank T. Merrill. Small quarto, fancy cloth,
gilt tops
*The Same. Introduction by Anne Thackeray Ritchie. 40 illustrations in
color and 60 pen drawings by Hugh Thompson. Crown 8vo....

Gems of Modern Art.

A collection of photographic reproductions of great modern paintings, embracing more than 130 of the finest specimens of art from the principal public galleries of America and Europe, with an introduction by Gen. Lew Wallace

Germany Illustrated.

Large quarto, with hundreds of pictures illustrating the text. Cloth binding, with emblematic designs in colored inks and gold. In a box....


I 50

2 00

2 00

I 50

[graphic][merged small][merged small]

Gibson, C. D.
London: As Seen by C. D. Gibson. Written and illustrated by Mr. Gib-
son. The illustrations present portraits of the most striking figures in
London life: Royalties, the celebrities of art, literature and the
army; social functions, the theaters, the Queen's Drawing-room; types
of street singers, flower girls, etc., etc. The first book in which the
artist's drawings have been accompanied by his own text. Large
Folio. Handsomely bound with charactertistic cover....
Drawings. Containing 84 of Mr. Gibson's best cartoons, beautifully
printed on heavy paper and handsomely bound, with a breezy figure of
the typical "American Girl" printed on Japan paper for the cover.
The People of Dickens. Six large photogravures and copper etchings
comprising many of the best-known characters from Dickens, por-
trayed in Mr. Gibson's happiest manner.

Pictures of People. Containing 85 of Mr. Gibson's latest drawings, in-
cluding the Studies of English society recently exhibited at the Fine
Art Society in London. Handsomely bound in white vellum and im-
perial Japan. Folio, in box...

*Sketches and Cartoons. Gibson's New Book of Drawings.

5 00

5 00

5 00

5 00 5 00

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