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Franklin, Benjamin, The True.

By Sydney George Fisher, author of "Men, Women, and Manners in Colonial Times," "The Making of Pennsylvania," etc. With numerous illustrations, portraits, and facsimiles. Crown octavo. Cloth........ Franklin, S. R., Rear Admiral United States Navy (Retired). Memories of a Rear-Admiral. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, ornamental,

deckel edges and gilt top.....

*French Volunteer of the War of Independence, A.
By the Chevalier de Pontgibaud. With portrait. 12mo, cloth..

French Writers, The Great.


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.Per vol.,


Translated by Prof. M. B. Anderson and others. 12mo, cloth. .Per vol.,
Half Morocco, gilt top.

Madame de Sevigne. By Gaston Boisser.

Victor Cousin. By Jules Simon.

Thiers. By Paul de Remusat.

George Sand. By E. Caro.

Montesquieu. By Albert Sorel.

Turgot. By Leon Say.

Madame de Stael. By Albert Sorel.

Bernardin de St. Pierre. By Arvede Barine. With a preface by Augustine

Surely these brilliant books, by setting forth such admirable examples of critical work, must have a potent effect on American criticism.- The Critic, New York.

Giddings, Joshua R., The Life of.

By George W. Julian. With an appendix, containing essays of "Pacificus" (Giddings), 2 portraits, and a complete index. 8vo, gilt top....

Gladstone, William Ewart.

By James Bryce. 12mo. With portrait...

Mr. Bryce has given a complete, frank and impartial analysis of Mr. Gladstone's character.

*Gladstone, William Ewart, A Literary and Critical Biography of. By David Williamson. With 16 illustrations, including many portraits of Mr. Gladstone and his family not hitherto published. 8vo, cloth...... A careful chronicle of his life work, not only as a politician and an author, but also in the fields of literature, theology, and philanthropy.

*Gladstone's Life, Story of.

New Edition. By Justin McCarthy, M.P. Author of "A History of Our Own Times." Chapters describing the last ten months of Mr. Gladstone's life at Cannes, Bournemouth and Hawarden, closing with an account of the imposing funeral scene at Westminster Abbey. Medium 8vo. Cloth

*Gladstone, Mr., Talks With.

By the Hon. Lionel A. Tollemache. With a photogravure portrait of Mr. Gladstone, reproduced from his latest photograph. 12mo, buckram, gilt top

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Grant, Ulysses S., Personal Memoirs.

A new and beautiful edition of this famous standard work, from new type and new plates, and printed on fine paper. The work revised and with annotations and copious notes by Colonel Frederick D. Grant. With index and a number of additional illustrations and revised maps. 2 vols., 8vo...

*Grant, General U. S., Life and Character of.

By Hamlin Garland. 12mo, linen ...

In addition to having access to all the material used by other biographers, the author has had the use of many unpublished letters.


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From "The Story of Gladstone's Life." Great Commanders Series.

The Macmillan Co.

A series of brief biographies of illustrious Americans. Edited by General
James Grant Wilson. 12mo, gilt top..

Admiral Farragut. By Captain A. T. Mahan, U. S. N.

General Taylor. By General O. O. Howard, U. S. A.

General Jackson. By James Parton.

General Greene. By Captain Francis V. Greene, U. S. A.

General J. E. Johnston. By Robert M. Hughes, of Virginia.

General Thomas. By Henry Copee, LL.D.

General Scott. By General Marcus J. Wright.

General Washington. By General Bradley T. Johnson.

General Lee. By General Fitzhugh Lee.

General Hancock. By General F. A. Walker.

General Sheridan. By General Henry E. Davies.

Per vol., I 50

General Grant. By General James Grant Wilson. With portrait, illus

trations, and Maps.

*Admiral Porter. By James Russell Soley.

Griswold, Hattie Tyng.

*Personal Sketches of Recent Authors. With portraits. 12mo. Home Life of Great Authors. 12mo.

Half calf or half morocco, gilt top..

These sketches embrace the names of twenty eminent writers, of whom some are yet alive. In most cases they present to us the whole individual-physique, manner, home, and social life, religious belief, etc. The volume is intended to furnish busy people with interesting information regarding the most popular writers of our own day, and it forms an admirable supplement to the author's "Home Life of Great Authors," already favorably known. It contains an excellent portrait of each author.

*Hancock, John, His Book.

By Abram English Brown. Cloth, gilt top...


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Lee & Shepard.

Biographical Essays. Being Memorial Sketches of Dean Stanley, Dean Alford, Mrs. Duncan Stewart, Paray Le Monial. Illustrated, with portraits, etc. Crown 8vo

2 50, 6 00

Gurneys of Earlham, The. With over fifty illustrations, 2 vols., Crown
The Story of My Life. Illustrated with 145 wood cuts and 18 photo-
gravures. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth...

7 50

*The Story of Two Noble Lives. Charlotte, Countess Canning, and Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford. 3 vols., with many 8 00

A supply of this book, which has been out of the market, has been imported, and bound uniform with the other works of this author.

For other works, see "Travel and Adventure."

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Memories of.

By his daughter, Rose Hawthorne Lathrop. With a new portrait of Hawthorne. Crown 8vo, gilt top...


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Washington and His Generals. 2 vols.
Napoleon and His Marshals. 2 vols.

A. C. McClurg & Co.

.Per vol.

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The Imperial Guard of Napoleon, from Marengo to Waterloo.

Life of Oliver Cromwell.

Healy, George P. A.

Reminiscences of a Portrait Painter.

original paintings by Mr. Healy.

Half calf or half morocco.

Heroes of the Nations.

With 21 half-tone illustrations after
12mo, gilt top.

I 50

A series of biographical studies of the lives and work of certain representative historical characters, about whom have gathered the great traditions of the nations to which they belonged, and who have been




accepted, in many instances, as types of the several national ideals. Each volume is provided with maps, and adequately illustrated according to the special requirements of the several subjects. Crown 8vo.. .Per vol., 1 50


From "Personal Sketches of Recent Authors."

A. C. McClurg & Co.
Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England. By W. Clark Russell.
Gustavus Adolphus and the Struggle of Protestantism for Existence. By
C. R. L. Fletcher, M.A.

Pericles and the Golden Age of Athens. By Evelyn Abbott.
Theodoric, the Goth, the Barbarian Champion of Civilization. By
Thomas Hodgkin.

Sir Philip Sidney, and the Chivalry of England. By H. R. Fox Bourne.
Julius Cæsar and the Organization of the Roman Empire. By W.
Warde Fowler, M.A.

Wyclif, and the Reformation of England. By Lewis Sergeant.
Henry of Navarre and the Huguenots in France. By P. F. Willert, M.A.
Cicero, and the Fall of the Roman Republic. By J. L. Strachan Davidson.
Napoleon, Warrior and Ruler, and the Military Supremacy of Revolution-
ary France. By W. O'Connor Morris.

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