Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation

Penguin Publishing Group, 1. velj 1997. - Broj stranica: 416
"The most authoritative account in English or any other language about how the war began."—The Washington Post Book World. "An essential resource for anyone of the conflict."—The New York Times Book Review.

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why you so interested in situation in ex yugoslavia.you will never know real true.all people here know just what they need to know.so is better if you dont pay attention to exyugoslaviabecause thats is one of the reason why is yugoslavia destroyed. Pročitajte cijelu recenziju

Izvješće korisnika/ca  - Overstock.com

This is quite possibly the best short treatment of the fall of Yugoslavia in print. This book gives the reader an understanding the Kosovo problem its manipulation to start the conflict and tragic positon at the end of the conflict. Pročitajte cijelu recenziju


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