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III (a) View of waterside and Demerara River

(b) The roofs and back gardens of old Georgetown

IV (a) Water Street, Georgetown


(b) Daily Chronicle offices, Georgetown

Main Street, Georgetown

VI (a) Agricola Village Co-operative Thrift and Credit Society, Ltd.

(b) Drawbridge at Diamond Village

VII (a) Excavating the Berbice-Canje Irrigation Canal (b) River defences for the Bartica Drainage and Irrigation Scheme

(c) Part of the Torani Canal

VIII (a) Street market, Rose Hall, Courantyne

(b) Cricket practice at No. 11 Village, Courantyne

IX (a) Burning 'trash' in sugar fields

before cutting

(b) A field inspection during cutting

between pages

72 and 73

X (a) East Indian cane-cutter at Plantation Uitvlugt (b) East Indian water-carrier

(c) Cane being fed into the crushing mill

(d) The carrier feeding cane into crushing rollers

XI (a) Taking cane to the factory in punts (b) Loading the punts by crane

(c) Boiling the sugar in vacuum pans

(d) Sugar flows into bags ready for shipping

XII Aerial photograph of La Bonne Intention Estate,
showing typical layout

XIII (a) East Indian rice-farmer at harvest time
(b) Dredging for gold in the Potaro River
(c) Mr. R. Tachon, Reduction Officer to British
Consolidated Goldfields, Ltd.

IV (a) Herd of cattle in the open ranges of the
Rupununi Savannas

(b) Loading bauxite at Mackenzie

XV (a) Hauling greenheart trees near Wineperu (b) Hewing greenheart logs

(c) The Houston Mill, near Georgetown

XVI (a) Sir Alfred Savage addressing the
Legislative Council when Governor
(b) The Legislative Council in Session
(c) Dr. Cheddi Jagan

(d) Mrs. Cheddi Jagan

(e) Mr. L. F. S. Burnham

XVII (a) James Street, Albouystown

(b) Yard off Hogg Street, Albouystown

XVIII (a) Family group outside flat on the Laing
Avenue Estate

(b) New houses on the Laing Avenue Estate

between pages

136 and 137

XIX (a) Amerindian children at Sand Creek School,

(b) Schools broadcasting in Broad Street Government
School, Georgetown

(c) Student at Government Technical Institute,

XX (a) Queen's College for Boys, Georgetown

(b) Education film being shown at mobile cinema
XXI (a) Spraying an Amerindian house with D.D.T.
(b) Serving Amerindian children with milk at
Sand Creek

(c) Mr. Roy Phang, a Chinese dental student from
British Guiana

XXII (a) Dr. C. R. Jones giving anti-tuberculosis injection
at Sand Creek

(b) Medical Ranger Nash Atkinson making his rounds in the Rupununi

XXIII (a) St. Francis Roman Catholic Mission Church,

Sand Creek

(b) Lutheran Church, Rose Hall, Courantyne
(c) St. George's Anglican Cathedral, Georgetown
(d) Mosque at No. 78 Village, Courantyne

XXIV (a) Akawaio Indian with blow-pipe
(b) Makushi girl at Sand Creek,


(c) The author on the Kamarang River in
Akawaio country

XXV (a) The East Coast Road

between pages

184 and 185

(b) Bed of the Rupununi River during dry season
(c) Lead boat pulls smaller boats on the Essequibo

XXVI (a) Grumman amphibian on the Potaro River
(b) Amerindian family crossing the Rupununi

XXVII (a) Amerindian woman winds wild cotton (b) Wapisiana woman on bullock

(c) Village of Sand Creek

XXVIII (a) Gold workings at Tumatumari Fall (b) Work on hydro-electric dam at Tumatumari Fall

(c) The Potaro River from the air

XXIX (a) Bauxite mining near Mackenzie

(b) Removing overburden before mining begins
(c) Main conveyor belt carrying washed bauxite to

XXX (a) The Mackenzie City School, maintained by

(b) Bauxite ore waiting to enter plant at Mackenzie XXXI (a) Mrs. Orella's ranch, Manari, in the Rupununi (b) The River Takatu at Lethem, Rupununi


Drawn for this volume by Denis Williams

Workers on a red brick road

Village houses on stilts

Blue and yellow macaw. Blue-crowned parrot

Feeding a manatee in the Botanic Gardens, Georgetown


Stabroek Market (Georgetown)








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